Poll Watch: Most Americans Lack Basic Holocaust Knowledge

What is your position on the Holocaust?

Times of Israel:

“Just over half of American adults are familiar with the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust, and even fewer know that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler came to power democratically, according to a survey on the state of Holocaust education released Tuesday.

The poll of 1,004 American adults, published by the American Jewish Committee days ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, found that only one in four — twenty-six percent — could correctly answer four basic questions about the Shoah. Thirty percent of respondents answered three questions correctly and another quarter knew two. …

“Lacking knowledge can open pathways to trivialization and denial of the Holocaust that also contribute to rising antisemitism,” AJC CEO Ted Deutch said in a statement. “It is imperative that Americans continue to learn about the most documented, planned genocide in modern history – the Nazi extermination of one-third of the Jewish people.”

My position has always been that I am simply not interested in the Holocaust or really studying that entire era of history. There are thousands of other historical topics and debates that I would rather pursue. I have studied at length, for example, the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In this sense, I am also a normie. My views on the Holocaust are mainstream. Most normies aren’t interested in the Holocaust. They don’t know much about it. They have “trivialized” the Holocaust by seeing it as historical trivia. They prefer to spend their time on their own interests.

Note: There are a lot of people in our camp who spend a lot of time trying to debunk the Holocaust. The issue is fading from view though as older generations die off.


  1. Like slavery and the slaughter of indigenous peoples, the Holocaust is used to induce White guilt and self-hatred, leading to White demoralization. A demoralized people are a conquered people without anyone firing a shot. White self-hatred is sick.

    Whether or not the Holocaust actually happened is irrelevant. It’s the Anti-White Holocaust narrative that matters.

  2. Hunter could I publish my unique view on “The 6 Million Gassed Je8s Holocaust” here on OD using another pen name, publish this before the expanded anti White, homo, Je*, Muslim, BLM Federal Hate Laws get passed?

    I’d like to use the pen name “Titus was Right” – Titus is the Roman General that put down the Je*ish revolt in then Roman ruled Palestine, I think he later became a Roman Emperor and he’s also one of the 3 greatest enemies of the Je*s in the Talmud along with Jesus Christ who is supposedly bowling in hot excrement in Hell.

    So could I publish my view on the 6 Million Gassed Je*s Holocaust – it’s an expansion of Jost Turner (NS Kindred)’s view and on one or two of my OD blogs I did many years ago.

    Thanks Hunter.

  3. The nature of the beast is predatory, the Jews are predators and what better way for the predator to hide himself by the cloak of victimhood.? I am an innocent lamb, just like you, says the wolf in sheeps clothing. No sale kykes. Your a racist, a racist, a vile morally repugnant racist for noticing the predatory natutre born in Jew blood, a racist I tell you. BAHA

  4. I went through high school and college and never once heard about it. That was up to 1980. It is all lies. As Jesus said, they are liars, children of the devil, who is the Father of Lies.

  5. The Holocaust certainly happened, my problem is that it has become not only a club to beat non Jews over the head, it’s also a kind of negative identity for many Jews, rather like slavery is for many blacks. Which is not a healthy way of interacting with the world. Many young people don’t care any more. It’s ancient history to them. Just one of many examples of human inhumanity. Not even necessarily the worst in history.

    • “The Holocaust certainly happened”

      But greatly exaggerated, maybe 100 to 1000 times exaggerated.

      Jwz are furious about Hitler’s ‘commissar order’, executing all commissars upon capture, most of whom were jwz. It destroyed much of their power in the USSR.

    • It did not happen. There was no coordinated extermination. 0 proof. The camps were unpleasant, but they simply were not death camps.

    • Shadowbass, like HELL it did. BULLSHIT from start to finish.

      1) God Almighty would NEVER accept a ‘whole burnt offering’ of such TRAIF….

    • You can’t “gas” millions of people with insecticide pellets dropped through a hole in the ceiling.

  6. “Most Americans Lack Basic Holocaust Knowledge”

    Why single this out?

    Most Americans have little idea of anything not at their front door.

    But, one thing all Americans ought know : what happened to Jews in Europe in the 1940s not only had a lot to do with Jewish behavior, over the previous decades and centuries, it was not in any way unusual, for every people have been, at one time of another, hunted down.

    It’s the way things are in this world – tribal and nasty.

    Doubt it – just look at The Jew England Yankee World Order forcing endless tens of thousands Ukrainians to their death, just so they can fail at getting at Russia.

    • “We” don’t single it out. It’s the jews who constantly bring it up and they use it to demonize Whites and a significant reason that unaware Whites defend and support the jews. It’s the jews who control the media, the history channel, Hollywood, and the overwhelming majority of historical information sources.

      • Thank you for your comment, Dear DiCarlo.

        For whatever it is worth, everyone at this site knows what you have said here.

        If you want to spread this information, talk with your neighbours and kinsmen – many of whom, i do not doubt, are in either complete ignorance of the fact or in denial.

        That said, my experience with most Americans is that they do not know about the history of the world, and that which surrounds them, because they do not want to know.

  7. It’s important to know the facts. My position is the gas chambers are a lie and most of the narrative is just War Propaganda.

    That being said I’ve learned from COUNTLESS debates with normies…it doesn’t matter if you can prove that the numbers are fabricated or that the gas chambers are BS. In their mind, Jews being killed (in a war…) is proof enough of a „Holocaust“.

    So now I just say basically what I said in the first paragraph, it was a brutal war and non-combatants were killed on both sides. Only if they press the issue will I go into more detail. Singling out the Jews as victims is a central part of the Post-War World Order and that’s why I push back against it. Whether we like it or not the WW2 Narrative is why we can’t question the „chosen people.“

    I don’t care what anyone says I am pro-NS and I support doing some of the things they did today, such as establishing a Pro-Natalist policy and Scientific approach to Racial/Biological questions….But you need to establish with your audience: „Are we debating history here or are we discussing what will work here and now?“ Getting the 2 mixed up causes too much confusion.

    • ” Jews being killed (in a war…) ”

      “It is common knowledge that jews are spies and saboteurs”….Col Gen Hoth

    • @White Kentucky…

      I defend your right to see things however you wish, but, I will say this – your disbelief in gas chambers goes against the evidence given, at numerous trials, by concentration camp commanders.

      If you want to see their testimony, go to YouTube and watch those trails.

      You can start with Obersturmbannfuhrer Hoess, who commanded Auschwitz.

      • And you’re absolutely sure NONE of those commanders were tortured, or promised shorter prison sentences?

        Sorry, not buying it. Thousands of witnesses don’t prove that Christ is real either.

        What matters to us is that Zyklon B pellets and diesel exhaust are NOT at all suitable for gas chambers, most especially not for silly “gas chambers” presented to us in Holocaust museums. How many experts need to tell you this?

        Neither does the logistics, mathematics, or common sense prevail when trying to present this story. What sense does it make, for instance, to shave people’s heads before exterminating them?

        What’s surprising is that there’s literally dozens of hours of documentaries debunking this silly sob story, which also address the so-called testimonies, and by the sounds of it, you haven’t even watched one hour of them.

        • Oh, don’t bother Ivan with details. People suffering from cognitive dissonance are extremely reluctant to change their minds, no matter how much evidence is provided. The Nuremberg kangaroo tribunal was exempted from having to prove the ‘Holocaust’ and the other accusations made by the victors of WWII. And the following Holocaust show trials were all based on the verdict of the Nuremberg show trial. So the ‘Holocaust’ was never requested to be proven. From day one, it was arbitrarily claimed to be true because told by the victors of the 2nd World War.

          Yes, let’s talk about the German commander at Auschwitz. The hoaxters like to point out the testimony of Germans themselves at the Nuremberg Trials, like those of Auschwitz Camp Commandant, Rudolf Höss, who admitted to exterminating jews, but what they don’t tell you is that much of the testimony has been “proven to be unreliable and grossly exaggerated”. So how can this even be offered as proof of anything?

          In Judgment at Nuremberg the International Military Tribunal quoted at length from the Rudolf Hoess Affidavit to support the extermination HOAX. Yet, Sergeant Bernard Clarke, British Intelligence, described how he and five other soldiers brutally tortured Hoess (4/5/46), former commandant of Auschwitz, to obtain his “confession”, in which Hoess states: JEWS were being exterminated as early as 1941 in three camps: Treblinka, Belsec and Wolzek; and 2.3 Million JEWS perished at Auschwitz.

          “Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and a half million JEWS. I could just as easily have said five million JEWS. There are certain methods by which any confession may be obtained, whether it is true or not.” — RUDOLF HOESS, NAZI, before he was hanged.

          More: “During the first interrogation they beat me to obtain evidence. I do not know what was in the transcript, or what I said, even though I signed it, because they gave me liquor and beat me with a whip. It was too much even for me to bear. The whip was my own. By chance it had found its way into my wife’s luggage. My horse had hardly ever been touched by it, much less the prisoners. Somehow one of the interrogators probably thought that I had used it to constantly whip the prisoners.”

          The contents of confessions such as those by Hoess are enough to simply throw them out as evidence. They contain internal contradictions, absurdities, and facts that are verifiably false. Nevertheless most high German officials who survived to be tried for losing the war the jews instigated, disputed the charge that the final solution to the jewish question involved the jews elimination through mass murder.

  8. You care about the JQ but have no interest in the holocaust? Strange. The holocaust is the modern proto victimhood racket, the GOAT victimhood racket that started all the rest, like reparations for blacks. The similarities between the holocaust stories/tactics, the money made, and the political leverage very much resemble modern victimhood rackets. Ignore the sob stories, even though they don’t add up either, and follow how it was used for monetary gain. The Germans did relocate the Jews to concentration camps after world jewry publicly declared war and for boycotts against Germany, pretty much the exact same thing the U.S. did to the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. It’s too long to go into every detail but the holocaust should be studied as one of the most prolific organized crimes ever known.

    • Their power lies primarily on the myth of the Holocaust, and humanity at large has begun to see through the nefarious charade. This, I think, has made them fearful, which has made them pull out all the stops on promoting their nasty war in Ukraine.

  9. Not at all surprising. I’m quite familiar with the hoax, but I realize that most of the population, sadly, accepts the lie, without really knowing anything about it.

  10. I agree it should be left to the real historians. That’s the problem with the Clown-World created by Jews and their stinking white step-n-fetchits though. They’ve purged all the real historians and replaced them with worthless shitbags pushing lies while refusing to leave the matter to history. They’re never going to stop repeating the ‘Greatest Story Evah Told’ and shoving it down your throat – not even in your church. Clown-World controls the whole issue.

    This is useful for them in that it distracts from the real issue going on right now – Clown World and its crimes against humanity. Thus you see WNs obsessing about the Austrian painter and playing their assigned role. The real objective here is on finding out ways to bring down Clown-World. Who are the weakest links in the Clown-World command and control? How can they be neutralized?

  11. Even if the Holocaust were true, given how callously Jews have historically treated non-Jews whenever they get the chance, I simply don’t care about their persecution in Germany or anywhere else. If Jews had learned from their mistakes, then they would be worthy of sympathy and the “Holocaust’ could be regarded as a tragedy. But they simply don’t learn from their mistakes. When they’re not being persecuted, they’re persecuting. So the “Holocaust” and other terrible things that befall them aren’t great tragedies but, instead, just misfortunes.

    Jews need to put away their arrogance, practice some honest introspection, learn from the misfortunes and start treating the rest of humanity with dignity and respect, instead of treating them as marks to be exploited for the benefit of Jews. Maybe then the rest of humanity will care about them.

  12. I never had much interest in politics. I had never had much interest in white advocacy. But there is a saying that politics comes and finds you.

    Politics did come and find me. I have been interested in white advocacy for over five years now. This is about the same duration of time I became interested in the holocaust. I fought viciously with Kyle and Sinead at Renegade over “obsessing” with the holocaust. At the time, I had become acutely aware of Jewish political power(the term I always use) and wanted to focus on the present.

    I ran into a road block, however. I was a small time investor who made bank shorting Wall St. listed finance related companies heading into 2008. Then they wiped me out when they banned shorting when I had an active position, a violation of the ex post facto legal principal. I’m getting technical, but I basically got fucked. It took a few years but when I discovered Jewish political power and called it out, I was called an anti semite. In the minds of most people an anti semite ultimately wants to kill Jews in the gas chamber, and being called an aspiring murderer because I got fucked over in Jewish economics infuriated me, adding insult to injury.

    I finally went over Renegade’s holocaust research. It is mostly sourced from older material. I read everything, and it is laborious. However, they were right. The gas chambers are a fraud. Do you own research, but the gas chamber monstrosity aka holocaust is something Jews use in the political arena ad nauseum to silence their opponents, and the myth must be debunked.

      • It happened in October, 2008, I believe. They eventually lifted the ban once digital credit creation rendered shorting a non threat.

  13. Isn’t that odd how the histories of WWII written by DeGaulle, Churchill, and others, never mentioned any holocaust.
    It started to be gaslit into culture in the late 1970’s with a Blitzkrieg of teevee movies and the Skokie march in Illinois which was led by an actor posing as Nazi Man.

  14. My view in the Holocaust is that “it didn’t happen, but if it did, so what?”

    -The 6 Million number is fabricated nonsense easily disproven by the presence of multiple newspaper clippings, pamphlets, posters, etc from before 1938 alleging the same threat, which is that “six million Jews are in danger of being exterminated.” The 6 million number is specifically evoked to fulfill a prophecy in the Talmud which says that 6 million Jews must perish in a mystical “shoah” right before Israel is established and the Jews take control of the governments of the world.

    -Gas chambers and showers in particular are manufactured lies. The concentration camps existed, and Jews died in them, and no, they probably didn’t have libraries and Olympic swimming pools, but the number of dead Jews was probably in the hundreds of thousands, not six million. And they tied if typhus and starvation, not sadism and torture porn shit. Jews have mastered the art of slave morality by getting the goyim to unironically believe those stories of sadism.

    -Hitler and the Nazis were 100% in the right to send them to the camps in the first place, because they were a hostile presence within Germany that refused to cooperate by Aryan norms and rules. The fact that a couple hundred thousand of them died therefore has no moral consequence beyond “shits tough everywhere in war.”

    The Holocaust doesn’t need to be disproven so much as it needs to be demystified. It should be shrugged off as an unfortunate event, like the Irish Potato Famine. Jews use the “horror” of the Holocaust as a cudgel to justify all their anti-white policies. The 1965 immigration act and the muddying of America are effectively justified by the Holocaust. Demystifying it would strip Jews of a great deal of their narrative power.

  15. I’d hope that white Americans are losing interest. It’s almost been 100 years. But, the stats may be skewed since roughly half the respondents are blacks and latinos who can’t locate major countries on a map, let alone know details about how Hitler rose to power.

    My position on the Holocaust is to do the opposite of what Jews want. De-emphasize it in schools. No new memorials. No international remembrances.

    • I know of children in my town who were bussed 2 hours to the Holocaust museum in Kansas City. American schools aren’t going to let this go.

  16. This article is ridiculous. I seriously doubt that there is a single American who doesn’t know about the Holocaust. I think that the big complaint is that Americans no longer view The Holocaust through the Jewish lens of regarding it as a unique genocide in the history of Man’s Inhumanity to Man.

    IOW the average American views The Holocaust through the same lens that got Whoopi Goldberg in trouble with various Jewish organizations.

    It’s no longer a 90 percent White European population that can be guilt-tripped over what their White European cousins across the pond allegedly did to a bunch of poor, innocent Jews. Whites are becoming a minority and the majority of the people coming in have their own grievances and agendas and racial solidarity and they don’t give a flying flip that the Nazis closed down Uncle Moishe’s pawn shop and sent his family to work in concentration camps.

    Moreover, like Whoopi, all these Non-Whites they have opened America’s floodgates to look at Jews as the most privileged of White people and simply roll their eyes when Jews whine about how persecuted they are. Moreover, the close proximity forced upon them by Jewish immigration policies now have the Whites rolling their eyes and dismissing the Holocaust as anything uniquely outstanding or awful.

    The only thing Whites need to do is work on that racial solidarity problem they still have. Though I believe that, that, too will happen eventually as they learn from their new neighbors what does or doesn’t work for racial empowerment.

    • > Moreover, like Whoopi, all these Non-Whites they have opened America’s floodgates to look at Jews as the most privileged of White people and simply roll their eyes when Jews whine about how persecuted they are. Moreover, the close proximity forced upon them by Jewish immigration policies now have the Whites rolling their eyes and dismissing the Holocaust as anything uniquely outstanding or awful.

      Yes, but look at what happens when they roll their eyes too loudly. The ADL going after Ye is really a good thing in the long run. The more their various dusky orc-golem roll their eyes at Schlomo and the more Schlomo screeches insanely the more white normies will start to wake up to what utterly demonic creatures Da Kosher Nosetra really are. Yes it’s taking way too damned long but that’s to be expected as the average IQ is brought down year after year by the mind-numbing ‘entertainment’ and ‘information’ they are fed every day by the Kosher Nosetra lie-machine. Yedolf (Murika’s most famous not-zee) actually did something shitlibs like to prattle on about endlessly – usually describing some shitlib step-n-fethchit for those really in charge: He spake truth to power. Who will the next POX-nazi be?

      • There is that old Biblical warning about falling into the pit you dig for your enemies.

        I know that the Jew would describe him as a Golem, but the Jew spent decades building up the Negro as a demi-god to rival Christ Jesus. They were so effective at it that they just can’t get away with crucifying the Negro like they did Jesus for speaking truth to power. Mainly, because they were so successful at generating the whole Blacketty-Blackness Cult, they have completely intimidated Whites from confronting Blacks in anyway, so they had to do their own dirty work. Couldn’t get any modern-day Roman equivalents to nail Mr. West for them.

        Yeah, even any companies owned by Gentiles cut business ties with Mr. West, but only after a very public pressure campaign that was basically guilt-tripping (the German shoe company), blackmail, extortion, and threats.

        Moreover, as David Cole, the famous gas-chamber de-bunker at Takimag noted, the one ‘N-Word” that enrages Blacks more than anything else is the word, “NO.” Jonathan Greenblatt made a serious, unforced error by going after the bipolar Kanye West rather than just ignoring his complaints (or even quietly assassinating him, because a lot of celebrities die in crashes or from drug overdoses).

        So, now you have a lot of Blacks smoldering with rage and hostility towards Jews and attacking any Hassidic Jew in a black frock coat or wearing a yarmulke when they can. WTG, Mr. Greenblatt. Not only that, but importing all these people from south of the border is going to add more people of color who see Jews as the most privileged of White people. And never forget, one village from a country south of the border expelled its community of Jews, ignoring any whining about Antisemitism.

        I truly though the Prophet Mohammed’s prediction of a world wide Jewish pogrom where Jews couldn’t even hide behind a rock without being given up was unlikely when I read that passage of the Quran back in my twenties, but that was before the floodgates of every White country under their control was opened to Asians, Arabs, dot Indians and Mestizos. Now I believe it.

        Now for the Holocaust Propaganda. Does that mean I don’t believe that the “Holocaust” happened? Of course not. Do I believe that it is an over-hyped narrative that was twisted in such a way to best benefit the Jews? Absolutely.

        Six million casualties? Maybe. Jewish publications were always fretting about six million missing even before HItler took power. WWI, the Communist Revolution, and WWII would make it very easy for even a close-knit ethnic group to lose track of each other. Especially since they didn’t have the mass communications network that they do now. It’s possible that many of them died over that span of time because war, starvation, and disease raises the death rate.

        Although in my own family, I was told that my Polish grandfather was the only survivor out of an extended family of forty cousins that had either been executed by the Nazis or the Soviets. But I was working a customer service job and I spoke to a client from Chicago who turned out to be one of them. They had emigrated there before WWII and there is another family member who settled in South Brazil.

        Last, but not least, if millions of Jews were murdered, I’d put my money not on Adolf Hitler but Josef Stalin. At the time he took power, different warring factions of Jewish Bolsheviks were vying for control and he played one group against the other killing many of them in the process.

        Stalin created the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Birobidzhan (bordering China). Allegedly, it had a harsh geography and the settlers would have to build their civilization from scratch, but the USSR allowed property ownership there as an incentive. However, the few Jews who moved there found it too hard and left, but many Gentiles settled there.

        After they were alerted to an alleged plot by Jewish doctors to murder Stalin and other top Soviet officials, per Nikita Krushkev, Stalin was going to use it to purge Jews from the Communist Party and eventually liquidate all the Jews in Russia. Four camps were allegedly being constructed in Siberia where the Jewish elite would be killed, followed by pure-blooded Jews, followed by the mischlings.

        In any case, whenever, I listen to a Jewish talk show host like Levin yammer about Hitler and the Nazis, it comes off more like hyperbole, more ranting by rote than real passion, but literally foams at the mouth over Stalin’s alleged antics in the Ukraine and libels the American Marxist Left as “Stalinesque” when their antics are more like those of the Jew, Bela Kun and his “Antifa,” the Lenin Boys who pushed mass collectivism, abolished private property and tried to install the same kind of CRT and sex education our public schools are pushing. The fed up Hungarians threw him out and Stalin later executed him for being a Trotskyite.

        So, yes. While I look at it as a serious mistake of shooting oneself in the foot by pushing the Hollowhoax Theory – as never happened at all – or keeping it elevated as a genocide that was unique and therefore more important than any other that occurred before or since, we need to remember history IS written by the victors and only the Jew won WWII.

        Again, I believe that Whites need to take control of the children’s education; pull them out of the public school system and teach them critical thinking skills where they will be immune to any Anti-White propaganda out there and refuse to allow our race to be scapegoated by the REAL privileged oppressors. Get them fluent in Spanish and even change their surnames if they have to so they can win and dominate the new landscape.

        • The so called Holocaust, NEVER HAPPENED. The Holocaust is a specific narrative made up by the jews claiming Hitler ordered their mass murder and 6 million jews were put to death in gas chambers. For this they have no evidence. No mass graves; no autopsies proving a deceased body was gassed, no evidence of homocidal gas chambers. The holocaust is not the fact that some jews died in prison camps during WW2. It’ is the former. So, NO! The holocaust NEVER HAPPENED unless one accepts the jews’ bullshit!

          The three bedrock principles of the mainstream that define the official Holocaust narrative are as follows. If you deviate even a fraction of an inch from total acceptance of these three inflexible dogmas, you are a thought criminal; you are a holocaust ‘denier’, who is subject to severe punishment in twenty countries, including imprisonment for several years:

          (1) The “Final Solution” of the Jewish Question was the mass extermination of the jews and Adolf Hitler was the man who gave the order to carry out the said premeditated extermination — though there is no physical evidence, no written document, that proves it.

          (2) The extermination of the jews was carried out mostly in various death camps in gas chambers, the chief of these being at Auschwitz — though there is no physical evidence of the existence of gas chambers. No gas chambers, no blueprints of gas chambers, nor records of those who were allegedly gassed.

          (3) The number of Jews exterminated amounted to six million, give or take a few hundred; this figure is sacrosanct and must on no account be diminished — though in the early 1990’s the Auschwitz authorities dropped their “official” number of deaths from four million, to 1.5 million, then dropping it further to 1.1 million. More simply illustrated:

          6 million minus 3 million = 6 million

  17. One good thing to point out is that the uS got into war with Germany to rescue Jews.

  18. The ‘holocaust’ is a hollow hoax, in all likelihood it never happened.
    See Cole in Auschwitz, and Cole’s subsequent ‘debate’ on Donahue.
    Cole spit nuttin’ but facts, and solid arguments rooted in fact, whereas all Cole’s debate opponent had were smears, blatant non-sequiturs, and moralizing.
    It reminded me of Philippe Rushton’s debate with David Suzuki.

    By and large these people, libtards, shitlibs, wokeheads or whatever, are part of a cult, and the hollow hoax is an integral part of their mythology, along with the idea that race is a social construct, and that black behavior has absolutely nothing to do with their lower socioeconomic status than Asians, whites and Hispanics.

    There is as much evidence for the hollow hoax as there is for the notion that math is racist, or that men can get pregnant, or that ‘covid’ or whatever constituted such a threat that we had to destroy millions of small-medium businesses, impoverish millions of people and retard the next generation’s development by masking, isolating and injecting them with experimental frankenshot gobbledigook.

    They just make shit up out of thin air these people, they are psychotic, but they have the backing of our oligarchs, so they get away with it.
    Every aspect of academia and MSM is infected with their disease.
    Democracy for them means, annihilating all dissent.
    It means you get to choose between strychnine flavored coke or arsenic flavored pepsi.
    They set the parameters.

    • “Democracy for them means, annihilating all dissent”

      Now you know the reason the Framers of the Constitution loathed democracy.

  19. The TRUTH is the greatest threat to jewish power, and for anti-jew pro-Whites advocating to silence themselves instead of exposing the most significant jew lie of the 20th century, jsut because the jews fight so furiously to silence those who would expose it, is totally counterproductive.

    ITZ not rocket science. The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the dumbest, most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. Only lies require censorship. Jews use their control of information to force people to accept a grotesque lie for the express purpose of completely demoralizing them, and therefore to convince them that all resistance is futile, exactly what they did as they slaughtered White Russians in Bolshevik Russia.

    Once you realize that a whole ethnicity, thousands of jews, got together to formulate a lie on this scale, the holocaust tale, with only the odd exceptional jewish witness telling the truth about some small part of it, it should become clear to all non-jews that none of these people can be trusted.

    This colossal lie is not just about the Germans or WW2, it’s about demonizing and vilifying all White people. The magnitude of this crime against the Germans, and all of us, as we see today, is incomprehensible — to falsely accuse an entire nation of a most horrific and horrendous genocide, such is the cruelty and unconsciousness of this lie, it is as alien to the White man’s consciousness as it would be for White people to even contemplate doing it. It has to be the greatest injustice of all time. There is nothing worse than someone pretending to be a victim in order to gain sympathy they used to extort billions of dollars from White nations they alleged committed these atrocities, especially when they are deliberately placing the blame on the real victim, the Germans, and by extension, all Whites. And we should just skip it?

    Exposing the jews collectively as a people has to start with the holohoax. Investigation of their other many and varied crimes all hinges on exposing the one that gives them their false ‘victim’ status. When I hear about miscarriages of justice and about people imprisoned on false evidence, just one person is bad enough, but a whole race of people are being punished here, White people, for something that never happened. This was not a mistake, but a carefully thought-out deception.

    There isn’t even a word capable of describing just how much of a crime the false accusation of the holocaust is. It’s like when an innocent man is accused of rape by a vindictive psycho-feminist, but literally “6 million” times worse. It should make everyone’s blood boil when they realize how their emotions have been manipulated into blaming an innocent party for imaginary gas chamber atrocities, how children have been shocked into being ashamed of their own flesh and blood, and generations have lived with the guilt of being descended from a people capable of such inhuman behavior.

    Once you get over the realization that an entire ethnic group could be so consumed with hatred for White people, vindictive and deceitful, you then discover that many of the crimes they accused the German people of actually parallel real crimes committed by the jewish Communists against the Christian Russians after they took control of Russia during and after the Boshevik Revolution. The jews projected their own vile nature onto the German people in order to transform themselves, in the public mind, from wicked murderers of the Russians into poor, innocent victims of the Germans. The faked holohoax shows everyone that jews operate as a unified group.

    It’s not just some jews, it’s ALL THE JEWS!

    • Exposing the jews collectively as a people has to start with the holohoax.

      It has to? No one’s ever become jwoke without it?

      Holocaust rev is a lot of pain for very little gain. Even on the odd occasion it pays off, it’s more like it backfires, because people are driven mad by the ‘conversion fever.’ They become monomaniacs and lose any ability they may have had to communicate with normies. (They become kinda like you, actually.)

      You’re never going to debunk the totality of it, anyway. As Greg Johnson says, even with any due revisions, there is still ‘holocaust enough’ for it to be wielded as a political weapon. That’s why it’s more profitable to criticize (or ‘expose’) the uses to which its put than the facticity of it.

      • I’m not surprised that you don’t think that exposing the holohoax is important, and I’m also not surprised you would agree with moderates like Greg Johnson. And you only found one point in my comment you don’t agree with?

        • @DICARLO:

          While I sympathize with your POV, Pro-Whites don’t control the media; the Jews do. Going full-tilt boogie against the Holocaust is counter-productive because, even if you can totally disprove the gas chambers rigged up like showers, the crematoriums, the human fat soaps, the skin lampshades, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum, there are still Jews that died of typhus and starvation in concentration camps set up by Nazi Germany (especially after Allied bombing of the railroads that supplied them with food and medicine) to uphold the narrative.

          Moreover, it once again raises up the Holocaust as something unique, something special and infinitely more tragic than any other genocide prior to or after the event. Why aren’t Holocaust Revisionists focusing on the Armenian Christian Genocide caused by the Young Turks who were composed of the Donmeh (Jews who were forcibly converted to Islam after their Messianic leader was threatened with beheading by the Caliph if he didn’t). Or the Ukraine Holodomor and White Christian Slavs from all over the USSR who were executed or worked to death in gulags run by the Bolshevik Jews of Russia? I’m suspicious.

          Would Jewish misdeeds work? Why, yes! Any time the Jews scream at the Blacks about Muh Holocaust, the Blacks scream back about Muh Slavery armed with those Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews books printed by the NOI. Then the Jews get all conciliatory about helping the Black fight White Supremacy (or bilk guilt-tripped Whites into variations of Muh Reparations). To get an idea of how effective Blacks have been against Jews, especially Hollywood Jews, I suggest you read David Cole’s articles at Takimag. They’re eye-opening.

          The most effective thing to do is kick back and wait for any lying liars who lie about how they were affected by the Holocaust to be caught in their lies. Just like so many other Anti-White Hate Hoaxes going on today. For example, there is mass hysteria because swastikas and “Anti-Semitic” death threats surface in Jewish neighborhoods. The police investigate, it turns out to be a Jew and the matter is quickly dropped. Except from this point forward, we don’t let the matter drop. We expose the liar who was caught in the lie and blast it all over hell’s half acre. Just the perpetrator who was caught and no one else. That opens the mind of the public to the question: If that one lied about this event, what else do the others lie about? Throwing the entire stool against a wall is highly unlikely to break the stool, but whittling away at one of its legs will eventually bring the whole thing crashing down.

          Last, but not least, it took the recovery of his body, the facial reconstruction taken from his skull to lovingly and respectfully lay King Richard III of England to rest by Britons who lined the roads as his casket was driven to his burial and reverently laid white roses on his coffin. British historians discovered he was a good and fair ruler. He was even exonerated for the murder of his two nephews in a trial by a jury. He died in August of 1485 and it was over five hundred years later that he and his record were both rehabilitated and this after only Shakespeare’s play demonizing him and paintings which gave him a hump, claw like fingers and distorted his face to something mean and sinister.

          In view of this, do you really believe that, with the people controlling today’s modern media and AI to get Holocaust Museum visitors to interact with the images of concentration camp survivors that we will see any balanced view rehabilitating Hitler in our lifetimes or even our grandchildren’s lifetimes? I look awesome in blue, but I’m not holding my breath.

          We must stop obsessing about stuff many of us weren’t alive to witness eighty years ago and focus on NOW. Assuming we don’t get nuked by Russia and/or China, Stagflation is going to take Weimerica down, the shit is about to hit the fan and sooner than we think. All our energy would be best used making sure our people survive the next decade or two or three. There is nothing like real hardship to right the thinking of even the most mush-brained White. Guaranteed, any Whites who survive will have racial solidarity and put Whites first in the future.

          • As I pointed out to Ivan in a comment above, it isn’t White activists who are obsessing over the holohoax, it’s the jews who bring it up constantly. Jews control the media? Say it isn’t so. 🙁


            White Nationalists can only react to these lies by explaining they are lies whenever the opportunity arises but some people want to not say anything about the holohoax. I’m vehemently against that. It’s just like anything that is pro-White. Speak up about what’s happening to Whites and who is responsible whenever possible. Who said anything about going “full, tilt, boogie”?

  20. Love the blog but I’d strongly pushback on this article. The HoloHoax isn’t fading away at all, in fact the forced education of students is law in half our states. Biden just named the first “antisemitism envoy” Deborah Lipstadt. 60 Minutes recently did a segment on how they’re using video recordings of elderly folks to create a library of their tales – so it never fades. Even using AI to allow dupes to have their own convos with them!

    The Hoax is the entire lynchpin on which the West’s political framework rests. It has been the primary driver of the Great Replacement, and a whole slew of anti-white anti-Christian laws. It also makes Jewish runaway kleptocracy possible. They steal with impunity sure, but don’t mention it or you’re another Hitler. And we need more troops in the Middle East cause “muh greatest ally”

    There is literally no way anybody can claim it is fading. It will never fade away, it’s like a vampire that needs a stake plunged into its heart. I’d remind you this is the very best time to question it, given the low levels of trust in our govt, media, education, and general society

  21. I think the attitude of moving on from the WWII era is about right. I think some on the right, especially the TRS crowd, believe that at some point the whole thing will be debunked and there will be a mass awakening that will topple the current ideology. That seems unlikely. More likely is slow motion change where so-called normies gradually become more realistic and radicalized. But the alt-msnbc right hates normal people as much if not more than genuine leftists do so it’s unlikely they’ll have realistic opinions for what is going to happen going forward. That part of the right is almost like a cult whose leaders have contempt for their followers.

  22. “and even fewer know that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler came to power democratically”

    But but but muh sacred cow!

  23. Herr Adolf came to power after serving time at Landsberg am Lech for the Munich Putsch attempt.
    The industrialists and militarists wanted war and thought they could control the Austrian corporal.
    Living in Vienna penniless after getting turned down for art school drove Hitler to hate the small hats as he saw the rootless cosmopolitan ways up close and personal.

  24. It is so long in the past that I view it as a historical curiosity.

    I find talk tales of a roller coaster Iof death at Aushvitz interesting.

    Also years ago in Poland they were running out of ideas for dances so they had a ‘holocaust themed skinny Jew’ rave. That makes me chuckle.

  25. “Tradition usually rests upon something which men did know; HISTORY IS OFTEN THE MANUFACTURE OF THE MERE LIAR.”
    –Jefferson Davis

    “Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late… IT MEANS THE HISTORY OF THIS HEROIC STRUGGLE WILL BE WRITTEN BY THE ENEMY; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books THEIR VERSION OF THE WAR; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision… It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.”
    — Confederate Maj. General Patrick R. Cleburne, CSA, January 1864

    Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. HISTORY HAS STOPPED. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
    — George Orwell, 1984

    And what happened in Charlottesville in 2017 — the history of this event is now being written by anti-South Communist Leftists many who were actually in Charlottesville helping to shutdown this permiited demonstration (that these Lefties had no permit for) with the help of all levels of society and law enforcement.

    Is the holocaust a lie, a war prize for beating Germany, a real money-maker victimization scam for the Jews, etc?

    BE HONEST!!!

  26. Judaism is a cult. Until people realize the fact that Judaism is a cult, nothing positive will happen for anyone.

  27. Q: What’s the difference between Auschwitz and a dairy cow?

    A: You can’t milk a dairy cow for 80 years.

  28. There was, of course, no planned extermination of the Jews by the German government as the establishment story goes. The only very small grain of truth in the entire hoax pertains to the in-the-field executions the Germans did in order to deal with partisans. There can be no doubt that there were some innocent, non-partisan Jews who were executed due simply to the very difficult situations that arise when dealing with partisans (guerrilla warfare). However, every ethnic group was caught up in these situations, including innocent German civilians (although by the Allied forces for them).

    I’m surprised, Brad, when you say younger generations don’t know about it. I was under the impression that grades 1 – 12 get an annual dose of Hoax propaganda via ADL provided classroom “resources” and trips to holocaust museums which every major city seems to have now. Since I don’t interface to any children or teens that age, I have to give you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps that’s the entire reason for this poll. It’s meant to pump up and fund a new round of classroom propaganda.

    I can attest growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, there was no mention of the holocaust in school. There may have been a sentence or two mention in a later grade when studying US history during WWII; that’s it. The big holocaust propaganda push in schools started in the late 70’s.

    • It was only after the threatened “Nazi” march in Skokie, Illinois (chock full of Jewish Holocaust survivors) on April 19, 1978 (fully backed by the ACLU) that the Mighty Wurlitzer started churning out its Holocaust Propaganda in earnest.

      The role of Der Fuhrer was played by Frank Collin AKA Francis Joseph Cohen. That Jew obviously really dug those Hugo Boss fashions they designed for the SS. He was eventually exposed, but not before all the damage was done.

      In any case, the march was called off but not before generating a lot of mass hysteria and many sob stories which resulted in a Holocaust television series and many, many more Holocaust Movies and built all these Holocaust Museums all over hell’s half acre.

      I suspect that the reason it was done was because it looked like the Jews were assimilating with many intermarrying with gentiles. So many, that the synagogues were trying their best to get the Gentile spouse to convert. I met one Gentile who was converting so she could marry her Jewish boyfriend when I was visiting a family member in Florida.

      The Jews in Germany were treated very well there and in the process of assimilating until WWI broke out and the Zionists got the British to give them Palestine in exchange for bringing the United States into the war on their side. Which caused the Holocaust and generated the six million alleged deaths.

      • @Clytemnestra,
        The Skokie nonsense was only 50% of it. I grew up and lived in the Chicago area for many years and remember the theater surrounding that incident very well. The other 50% came about when Professor Arthur Butz’s book, “The Hoax of the 20th Century” hit the headlines. As I recall, that was in 1977. Butz couldn’t get the book published in the USA, of course, and resorted to an obscure publisher in the UK, in 1976. That’s why it took a year to be “discovered”.

        I address him as “Professor” because he was indeed one of my professors when I was pursuing my engineering degree at Northwestern U (Evanston, IL) in the mid to late 70’s. He was always totally professional in his classes and never brought up any outside topics. He was strictly business and stuck to the topic of the particular class. I remember when the SHTF on campus regarding his book. In the student newspaper, most letters to the editor demanded his firing although there were a minority of students who supported his right to free speech. He couldn’t be fired, of course, because he had tenure.

        When I was approaching graduation and no longer had Professor Butz in any remaining classes, I called on him during his office hours and mentioned that I supported his right to free speech and asked how I could get a copy of his book. (I already had significant doubts about the hoax by that time, mainly from some German American publications.) I will always remain thankful to Professor Butz because he not only showed me how to get a copy of his book, but also pointed me to other sources such as “The Spotlight” newspaper, the Noontide press and the Institute for Historical Review. Through articles and other books, I was exposed to many new points of view and facts which were totally unavailable in conventional libraries.

        It’s probably hard to fathom for the young fellows here how difficult it was to find books and newspapers with White perspectives on current events and history. Chicago at the time had 3 daily newspapers and 5 – 7 TV channels, all in lockstep – something that hasn’t changed since even though the MSM sources have proliferated. Without the internet, the only way to find out about alternate media was via word of mouth. You needed a mailing address and annual subscription price in order to send in a check (no credit cards) and a subscription request. Or an address to mail in a request for a book catalog.

        Anyway, I digress. After the Skokie march and Butz book headlines, Hollywood worked fast and immediately rolled out a Holocaust TV mini-series. A movie would not do because not everyone would pay to see it while a TV series had a way larger audience. From that point, the propaganda only expanded and never took a rest.

        I see that Professor Butz will be 80 this year and is still teaching at Northwestern.

  29. The genocides of the 30s and 40s make verifiable sense when one gets beyond the maudlin stories one learns from .edu and Hollywood and breaks down what happened country by country.

    Consider Lithuania. After Russia in 1940 rolled in, they sent the entirety of Lithuania’s intellectual and creative class off to labor camps to die. Satan’s little helpers, ahem, random individuals, enthusiastically helped the Kremlin do this as if it was a good resume builder. Well, Fritz showed up a year later. No camps were needed. The Lithuanians just needed ammo and took care of the problem themselves. Over 95% of the random individuals died, the highest rate in Europe. Lithuanian Jews have some good people — The Three Stooges, William Shatner, etc. — so what caused this?

    To help calm and polite Englishmen understand that part of the world, just think of Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski and recall how he overreacts to even the smallest things. “I’m perfectly calm, dude.” Now, imagine entire countries filled with millions of Walter Sobchaks, where Walter Sobchak is not an unhinged rando, but represents the norm. Eastern Europeans just feel things more strongly than other whites, even Italians. If you delete one of their loved ones, many are going to retaliate by deleting your entire family, your dog, and even your goldfish. It’s just how that part of the world works.

  30. From the article

    The organization said that among the respondents, only 26% have visited a Holocaust museum or memorial, with that percentage rising among those who graduated college.

    I’m not sure whether to consider that horrific or reassuring, lol. “Horrific” in the sense that 26% is a lot of people to have roped into paying obeisances to your secular religion. “Reassuring” in that, despite their all out efforts to establish Holocaustianity as America’s official religion, “only” 26% of people have been marched off to the temple.

  31. The Right often gives out mixed takes on the holocaust. In one breath, they deny there was a holocaust, then in another, they believe Adolf Hitler was a great leader. The reality is, he killed enough jooo$ become an icon of the Right…….so it probably happened. If he didn’t kill them, he’d be virtually unknown to them.
    My argument is, Jews were killed and targeted because they were a pest, and a pest everywhere they were, throughout history.
    How many Bolsheviks were Jews? How many Russians did the Bolsheviks kill? At least ten times the number of Jews killed in the holocaust. The question isn’t did the holocaust happen or not. The question is why is it far more documented than other atrocities where whites were the victims?
    Same with slavery and colonisation:- only the ones carried out by whites are known.

    • Christ! You don’t know anything about it, do you? Of course, it’s more important to establish that it never happened to expose to normies that jews lie about everything. How many normies do you think understand that there is no scientific, physical, or forensic evidence that proves it happened. How many people on a jury do you think would convict the accused if there were no scientific, physical, or forensic evidence? The reason it is the more documented lie is because jews control the narrative and all information sources, and no one is allowed to discuss it. And it’s no wonder. It’s so easily debunked.

      • @DICARLO,
        I get your passion. Like with anything, if I wasn’t actually there, and it was decades before my lifetime, I’ll never know for sure.
        My question is this:- why is Hitler an icon of the Right, when the Right claims the holocaust never happened? Obviously, he did something to please them.

        • @Goose —

          OK, fair question, which, to me, shows you don’t understand that time period. Hitler is not an honored icon of the right because he is said to have ordered the murder of 6 million jews. He didn’t, of course. That’s the jews’ totally contrived bullshit. Admiring or revering Hitler’s life has absolutely nothing to do with the jews great hoax. The jews have been preaching the “Holocaust” as a cornerstone of modern jewish Identity for purposes of eliciting victim status — “those poor jews” while extorting 10s of billions of dollars in reparations. Yet educated people can easily reason their way through to the truth. One only has to look past a lifetime of what they’ve been told, over and over, and instead into the voluminous evidence to understand there was no “Holocaust”. The holocaust as narrated by the jews is a colossal lie.

          You don’t have to have been there. There is mountains of common sense evidence proves it never happened. All you have to do is look into it. There were NO gas chambers in any concentration camp run by the Germans during World War II, not even in Auschwitz. The evidence is overwhelming. But the jewsmedia has learned that if you tell a lie big enough, and often enough, the people eventually will believe it. And if anyone has the audacity to really investigate the matter, looking for the truth, they are called “anti-Semitic.””

          The constantly repeated lies of ‘millions’ slaughtered in the German concentration camps, that you have heard since your birth, has now been so well debunked, it’s laughable. In fact, the total dead claimed at Auschwitz FELL from 4.5 to 1.2 millions, after the fall of the Soviet Union, yet the figure of 6 million dead jews remains the same. That very same figure was first used and indeed published in the NY Times a number of times even before World War ONE.

          No one is saying that there weren’t work camps, and some people died as a result of disease, starvation after the ALL-LIED bombings of supply lines, or the harsh elements. But the so called “holocaust” is a specific narrative conjured up by the jews. It demands you believe 6 million jews were gassed. However, no physical, forensic, or scientific evidence of the 6 million, a truly massive number, or mass graves, exist. You must believe there were homocidal gas chambers. And no physical, forensic, or scientific evidence that gas chambers ever existed. It’s a lie. You must believe Hitler gave specific orders to round up and murder the jews. Nothing in 1100 tons, that’s TONS! — of German documents captured at wars end alluded to death camps or exterminations, let alone a written order to carry out this atrocity. Just in the face of this very small modicum of evidence, how can you say I don’t know because I wasn’t there. That’s a copout. You might as well say you don’t know the jews are behind all our problems because you’re not privy to their private meetings.

  32. When lefties stole my chidren for a short term decades ago, during a supervised visit, one of the two lefties tried to set me up during “visitation” lunch I paid for. In front of my teenager daughter asked ” WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE MOVIE SCHINDLER’S LIST ? to which daughter immediately blurted out ” I thought it was boring ” .

  33. The Jews who promote the holocaust are shameless political prostitutes who will degrade God, themselves, anything to gain money and political power in this present evil world.

    If these were the true people of God and God did deliver them into the hands of their enemies for wholesale slaughter then the problem is not with the Jews’ enemies but rather with the Jews themselves.

    Deuteronomy 31: (KJV)
    17) Then my anger shall be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them, and I will hide my face from them, and they shall be devoured, and many evils and troubles shall befall them; so that they will say in that day, Are not these evils come upon us, because our God is not among us?

  34. From the gab account of @Apolitical.

    “Why you have to believe in the holocaust:

    If you don’t believe in the holocaust, you cannot argue that Hitler was the evilest human to ever exist.

    If Hitler wasn’t the most evil human ever, there is no reason not to look into fascism and National Socialism as plausible ideologies.

    If you look into fascism and National Socialism as plausible ideologies, you might find that they had similar complaints to yours today.

    If you find similarities between their complaints and yours, you might find similarities to who is causing the problem.

    Which is why you have to believe in the holocaust the underpinning of our entire society.

  35. What do the American public know about the Holodomor? Ninety-nine percent would be like WTF are you talking about. Why is that? Solzhenitsyn knew why. It’s because the perpetrators of the Holodomor are the masters of mass media, educational curriculums, and what can and cannot be spoken of.

  36. Like David Irving said on an interview I watched a while back: Why do they never ask themselves as they’re being led out into the woods to be shot, Why does this keep happening to me and my people? Why does no one like us? They’re not capable of that type of self reflection, which is something whites will never understand.

  37. I’m not a Hitlerist, and I acknowledge atrocities committed by both sides of the war. Both sides were imperialists who simply didn’t want the other sides to become more powerful. For instance, Britain declared war on Germany, but not the USSR, because they didn’t want a Western European nation to become too powerful, just as they didn’t want Napoleonic France to become too powerful.

    Contrary to propaganda, ideology was secondary.

    What I hate most about the Holocaust™ narrative is the attempt by jews to turn the greatest catastrophe in human history into a mere footnote of the greatest Jewish sob story. The 6 million figure is even disputed by Historians of the establishment; yet even if it were true, it’s still so minor a fraction of the overall casualties in the war.

    • America was not the “good guys”. Certainly, war is an atrocity, I’ll give you that, but if you would, please tell us about the atrocities committed by the German side, that in any way rivals in scope of those committed by the ALL-LIES. The wartime atrocities of U.S. and British bombing led to over 10 million German deaths and a terrible loss of terrible loss of civilian lives. Authors like Thomas Goodrich- state that German atrocities were miniscule compared to what the ALL-LIES. Any atrocities against civilians by German soldiers, if they rarely occurred, were not tolerated and soldiers would be shot on sight. Hitler rightly recognized that the jews were the source of so much dissension and upheaval throughout the world, and he sought to protect his nation from them.

      The Chosenites calling the shots in the West wanted a war with Hitler, and found their excuse in September 1939; an attack on the Soviet Union, although necessary under the provisions of the very pact that resulted in war with Germany, did not serve jewry’s interests. The Soviet Union was a creation of jewish communism, so why destroy something you helped to build? Hitler was forced into the war. He patiently stood by as the jewish controlled Polish government committed unspeakable atrocities on the ethnic Germans that were living in territory that was confiscated from Germany in the wake of WWI. Unable to settle this matter diplomatically after numerous attempts, and after the persecution of thousands of German civilians, he had no choice but to invade Poland to protect his people and reclaim the territory that had historically belonged to Germany. No more than a border dispute between neighboring countries, that the ALL-LIES used to start WW2, much like what the same fiends are doing today in the Ukraine.

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