Podcast: What a New Survey Reveals About White Christian Nationalism

What is White Christian Nationalism?

What do White Christian Nationalists believe? How strong is White Christian Nationalism in American Christianity and in White America and in the country as a whole? How influential is White Christian Nationalism among the Republican base? How influential is it in the South?

Robert P. Jones breaks down the results of the latest PRRI survey for us.

Note: Half of Republican voters agree with White Christian Nationalism.


  1. Jones got his doktor of divinity at Emory, long a shitlib stronghold. PRRI is an NGO no doubt well funded by the usual suspects. Yet another white traitor busy aiding Schlomo’s genocide plans. Yet another subversive in the ‘Christian’ camp. There’s a reason for excommunicating such people.

  2. I listened to the 40min podcast and oh boy. There is so much to say about liberal hypocrisy I don’t know where to start so I won’t. The self loathing is intolerable, and lack of self awareness is astounding. They blame Fox News and the White Christian Nationals for being in insular bubbles, yet haven’t examined their own intake of self fulfilling liberal jargon. It’s honestly disturbing.

    • Yeah these people don’t, and perhaps can’t, understand their own minds. It truly is amazing to see someone lack almost any self-understanding.

  3. These anti-White Christians just make me feel more disappointed than angry now. How can one live a life based on feeling constant self-hatred for who you and your people are?

    • America never developed a European style welfare state either which might lead to people not relying on religion for support. Perhaps I don’t know.

    • “One hypothesis for why America is more religious than Europe is that America never had an established church.”

      Anon- St. Tikhon Belavin, who later was Patriarch of Russia in the early years of the Bolshevik Horror) and who died a martyr at teh hands of JEWS) worked with American Episcopalian Agnlo-Catholics (the closest thing to a state church the U.S. ever had) to make an Indigenous White Anglo Orthodox Church, Western Rite, prior to going back to Russia to meet his martyr crown..

      Free from Rome, connected to her English Past, via the ‘corrected’ Book of Common Prayer, and witnessing to the Threefold Order of Bishop, Priest, and Deacon, this was one of the greatest gestures of Christian Charity ever known to U.S. by a Russian Bishop.

      Yet, you can blame this not happening on the Ay-rab “Hawaweeny” who took his place, and who alone wanted to keep all “Ethnic” Orthodox in a Byzantine Ghetto, and put the kibosh on this, and his greasy descendants disparaging the Western Rite for lo, these hundred years…..

  4. These two were freaking out over “Far Right” One America News & Newsmax. I would like to see their reaction to podcasts like The Political Cesspool and The Daily Shoa!

  5. There is a significant difference between Christian Nationalists who happen to be White and White Nationalists happen to be Christian. HW sometimes elides this distinction and in the process, paints an overly rosy picture of the prospect of White Nationalism in the contemporary U.S.

    White Nationalists advocate for the establishment of White ethnostates. Such states would be by definition mono-ethnic and mono-racial. Many White Nationalists practice the Christian faith. Ethnicity is essential for state membership, and Religious identity, i.e. Christianity, is accidental to state membership.

    Alternatively, Christian Nationalists advocate for the establishment of a multiracial, multiethnic state that is governed by Christians. Some Christian Nationalists desire for a theocratic state which is at odds with a secular White ethnostate. Additionally, the Christian confessional state must be open to Christians of all races and ethnicities as Christianity is a universal religion that accepts all people regardless of those innate characteristics. Many Christian Nationalists happen to be White, or of European ancestry. Religious identity, i.e. Christianity, is essential to state membership, and Ethnicity is accidental to state membership.

    Christian Nationalism and White Nationalism work towards mutually exclusive ends. They sometimes share antisemitism, or limiting the power of Jews, which should be emphasized in any discussion between these camps.

    Christians historically and currently view ethnic pride and racial exclusion as idolatrous. I do not see any evidence that this has changed outside of fringe Churches which are at odds with historical Christianity, such as Christian Identity sects.

    HW, how am I mistaken?

    • @TW

      > the Quiverfull cult, I mean movement

      A “cult/movement” of white, Southern, Christian women who love to have sex with their husbands, get pregnant, and have babies.

      I mean, what’s not to like?

  6. “Half of Republican voters agree with White Christian Nationalism”

    So half don’t, along with probably all independents, democrats, and non-whites. White Christian Nationalism will be a minority viewpoint in probably every US state. They could theoretically win more people over to their cause, but considering the consistent secularization trends (not to mention the great replacement) it’s more likely the opposite will occur.

    This won’t mean the end of nationalism, though. France is quite secular but has a thriving nationalist movement that isn’t tied into spergy crap like the obsession with the capital gains rate.

  7. The average White Christian Conservative that votes Republicans knows how bad this country is now. Take for instance what’s going on up in Memphis with all those Black police officers being arrested and charged with murder over enforcing the law. So now any Law Enforcment at all is considered “violence” and cause for arrest by our enemies. This is a serious problem as Anarchy aka no law is rapidly going into place. Only good thing about it is even more Americans will see the problems going on and call for more active government and law enforcement. Those who already agree with us on racialism will become even more open about it and demand solutions. So it’s our job as White Nationalists to recruit these people into various organizations or just exchange contact info with new people often. Remember at the end of the day our White Skin is our ultimate uniform. Deo Vindice!

  8. Ultimately, if blacks are Christians, attend church and follow the principals, it probably should be encouraged. They’re the blacks who won’t be robbing, shooting or raping you or your families.
    Look, black Americans are permanent.They aren’t going anywhere, so if they’re living a lifestyle that they believe benefits themselves, their community and the nation, then everyone is better off for it. It’s called being realistic.
    If they’re not going to leave, then having them remaining, but behaving, is the next best thing.

  9. MAGA is now fully aligned with Ben Shapiro.

    Blormpf is hailing the clot shot as his major achievement while campaigning with Lindsey the Arch Neocon.

    Luckily, the Noticing is growing.

    Many, have thankfully moved on from this abysmal failure and fraud.

  10. Why do they hate an innocent man who did no wrong? Because he refused to be a slave to those with money and power and chose to stand with God instead? That is a nice watch Mr Jones and that suit and that tie……..so so very nice.

  11. Mr.jones can whine, cry and second guess himself, all he wants, big deal…..
    .but his type are perplexing, on one hand he come’s across as a nice, thoughtful, decent sort, but on the other hand, I can easily imagine him, sitting on a council, condemning a Southern Soldier and him, thinking, he has done well, he is a russell moore man, he would do well too remember what the LORD said, ” Too be at peace with the world, is too be at WAR with him”……….

  12. Probably the only thing I would agree with Marx on….no matter how you dress it up or what spin you put on it….” Religion is the opiate of the masses.”

    • The Jews hate God. Marx was a Jew. People need to understand the why of life and that miserable filth Jew tries to make them in to drug attacks. That is the piece of crap you are agreeing with. David is a Jew name. I never knew a Jew named John, have you Dave?

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