1. “Systemic anti-Whiteism is spiraling out of control in America”

    Someone dear to my wife and me had a husband who, though he was often a nice guy, could not stop doing drugs and, now and then, he would strike her.

    And so it will be with White Gentiles in this country.

    The abuse will continue until a majority Whites decide not to take it anymore – not to buy from anti-White stores, not to send children to anti-White schools, not to put up with White Liberals and and Jewish Organizations that provoke, fuel, and allow rampaging Negroes who burn down communities and monuments.

    American White Gentiles just do not get it – you cannot keep backing up and backing up, and expect to be comfortable.

    This is what my fellow Southerners have done my whole lifelong – until most of us have had to move out of our own cities – our childhood homes, because we became so uncomfortable.

  2. Anti white sounds dumb it’s is dumb,

    Articulation is key,

    It’s anti European ethnicity and civilization!

    Use the language wisely!

    Fight Back with same tactics the left uses with language!


  3. Sorry my american friends for what i’m gonna saying but America is a mad country…… USA is a ill entity…… all woke bullshits come from there and there find a lot of stupid leftists that feed the mad woke narrative

  4. What is the problem with giving Jason Khone credit for antiwhiteism? White Wellbeing advocates pushed antiwhiteism into the mainstream.

  5. Maybe this is how Rome ended, decadent elites at the top of society who want to commit suicide. Who secretly and not so secretly worship evil and negativity.

    Western Europe seems full of this kind of crap, the Germanic and Celtic people built most of the civilization over the last 5 or six hundred years for better or worse, but it seems like all they can come up with is promoting homosexuality and immigration from lousy third world places, people who have nothing in common with the Christians that built France, Germany, Holland, England. The people who led the modern world seem to want nothing except to jump off a cliff, and be a pompous smart alec ass while they’re doing it.

    • Christians were polygamous while German pagans were monogamous. This was well documented by Tacitus, who described German state craft as unrefined but a highly civilized moral code. Also when Tacitus wrote this the Roman’s were feeling threatened by the Germans so he was incentivized to make them sound not good. Even with that pressure he was impressed with the German pagan morality and wrote about the virtues of their monogamous patriarchal family structures.

      While the Old Testament allows for polygamy. Monogamy became the norm in Europe *because* of the Germanic pagan influence on Christianity.

      The “Venus” statue found in Israel was thought to be the oldest known statue. Until the Lionsman was found in Germany- the FATHERland. Home of the patriarchy.

      Prior to the discovery of Lionsman in Germany, the Venus statute was used to prove goddess worship predated male god worship.

      They’re part correct. Ancient semites *did* worship goddesses. Most notoriously the canaanites. And why Jewish mysticism worships the moon and Jewish linage is past down via the mother.

      While semites were goddess worshipping orgy goers Germans were in monogamous relationships worshiping male gods.

      Also “decadency” is not what we should oppose but debauchery.

      Prussian uniforms were “decadent” eg extravagant. But Prussians we’re not degenerate.

      The saying “you must first learn how to follow before you can lead” came from Germanic and Prussian aristocrats.

      Who unlike the British aristocrats were forced to serve as privates in the military and weren’t just given cushy officer jobs because of the their family influence.

      Many Prussian aristocrats died on the frontlines but they saw that as necessary to keep a tough and grounded elite. If your brother dies in war it’s gives you more respect for the lower classes than someone who joined the military as a lieutenant because your dads rich.

      Prussian officers dressed more “extravagantly” than British officers but were notoriously tougher, and more grounded people.

      British aristocrats- who like our rich folks today “dressed down” comparably.

      I see no honor in the elites dressing down. It’s cowardly. Dressing like you’re better than others *does* put a target on you- as it should. You *should* feel pressure to live up to your station, and not try to “blend in.”

      Nothing is more disgusting than the billionaire in sweatpants. “Hey guys- look at me. I’m just like you!” Give me a billion dollars then we’ll be the same!! If not you should feel the pressure that power brings and not run away from it.

      Allowing the powerful to mask themselves will always lead to bad places. It’s like a politician who wears a hard hat / cowboy attire on the campaign trail but mesh shirts at gay foam parties (Marco Rubio).

      Don’t talk folksy to me. Show me why you’re my better and how you’re going to lead. And not the “I’m just like y’all” song and dance of a conman.

      “You have to learn how to follow before you can lead.” Would clean up A LOT of our problems.

      We are ruled by burning man elites. Elites who are radically anti-authoritarian while being completely totalitarian.

      They see social norms of the broader society as an “authoritarian mob” that’s “persecuting” them.

      In plain English they’re brats that don’t want to have to hide their debauchery. “Why can’t I be gay in public? Why can’t I do as many drugs as I want??? Why is everyone judging me!?!”

      The elites are in total brat-mode… just look at the guy in this video. He’s turned himself into a girl *just so he can be even more bratty*

      Because they’re brats they can not and will not respect authority. Because they’re the most powerful the only authority they don’t have total control over are social norms within the broader society- so they’re raging against their own subjects in an overly dramatic brat-fit.

      Brats can never be decedent or extravagant. Because both require a level of grace, class and sophistication.

      They can only imitate extravagance by being overly indulgent and perverse debauchery.

      • Germans may have been monogamous but weren’t the Romans and Greeks also? Extra-marital affairs and use of courtesans seem to have been a constant thread, at least amongst the bourgeoisie and aristocracy, for the last 2,500 years or more.

    • Regular Roman citizens also wanted the Empire to be put out of its misery in its waning days. The invading Germanics were seen as liberators by many. Unfortunately, I don’t see any potential liberators for us.

  6. Hunter’s historical articles led me to ponder the question of why white elites de-racinated to the point of sponsoring attacks on fellow whites … why did that magnificently powerful WASP elite of old in the USA, dissolve itself in cultural-dominance terms, and allow its own identity to be publicly degraded?

    Even tho some very rich whites have stayed powerful in the background, they handed over cultural dominance to a largely international Jewish group – why?

    And then it hit me – the reason that elites de-racinate, is because they want to hold on to their ill-gotten gains

    Racial solidarity means that if you are extremely wealthy or powerful you use what you have for the well-being of your people … it is elites’ evil instinct to pretend they are not the same as common people, when they don’t want to help ordinary folks have decent good family lives

    Elites walk away from the chance to be heroes to their own people, like Henry Ford paying much higher wages than normal in the 1910s, to ‘share the wealth’

    And once the oligarchy identifies itself as separate, other rich people must fall in line, as the oligarchy can use its lawfare and media tools to hound and destroy them – what happened to Trump, what happened to Ye, what is beginning to happen to Elon Musk

    And once de-racinated, elites start to emotionally play with other ‘identities’ to replace the racial bond … so they begin larping with Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, 33rd degree Freemasonry, all that nonsense … their own ‘I am special and chosen’ theatre

  7. It doesn’t matter, the damage is already done. White mans image has taken a hit in front of our very own women. If a white state/area can’t be made then whites are only conceding to the bullshit and abuse.

    I’d rather be voluntarily killed in South Africa than have to say “PLEASE STOP!” or “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE!!”. Because you are privileged if you are a white man and therefore must be a nice feminine guy in your skinny jeans, or else you are a racist devil. Not to sound extreme but the good non-whites aren’t going to help, it doesn’t benefit them.

    And it doesn’t matter what side is in power. Capitalism won’t even protect these useless race traitor republicans much longer.

  8. I must say, Mr. W., I don’t share your enthusiasm for this Dice, who seems to me to get it wrong with his every clause. It’s all defensiveness, whining, topped off—as I shouldn’t have believed if I’d not just now watched it—with What Martin Luther King Really Stood For.

    You know—and I shall be direct here—that I and other commenters here, at Occidental Dissent, have advised you and some of the commenters here, for years, against that sort of thing. Is there any evidence that any one of you has listened, has tried to grasp what is being said to you, has tried to understand how the game is played? I shall say it again: Every time you put the word “racism” in quotations marks of irony, you STRENGTHEN it. You show you’re afraid of it, even as you argue that it’s nothing of which to be afraid.

    I’m pretty sure this fellow Dice puts “racism” in quotation marks, intonationally, early in this video, and the rest of it is the usual, counter-productive Whites Aren’t Allowed to be Proud Even Though Other Races Are. Well, yes. If Dice—and again, I shall be direct—if Dice had a brain in his head that’s sitting atop the neck that’s emerging from that shirt of his, he’d realize how pathetic that sounds. If, as I say, he had a brain in his head, he wouldn’t be complaining about that fact, he’d be BOASTING about it, because it’s evidence of white distinction. It’s one more manifestation of the basic fact that anti-white sentiments are born not of racism but resentment.

    Yes, counter-productive is the word. Every time you post something from this Dice, every time you yourself voice or endorse sentiments of the kind he’s voicing, you’re directing whites further along the path to extinction—not that they exactly need to be directed at this point. Most of them could continue along the path in their sleep, as they pretty much are continuing.

    Avoid not learning how the game is played. Oddly enough, that’s all it is, a game, even though the stakes are to be or not to be.

    At 7:10: “Of course, favoritism based on race goes against everything the United States stands for ….” Yes. That’s exactly what’s wrong with the United States, if you take my meaning.

  9. Our racial views are becoming more mainstream. Probably more mainstream than ever. So it shows our activism is working. Now get over the whole “we can all get along” junk that so many Americans are stuck on. God didn’t make the World this way. God made it globally segregated. It worked before and it can work again. All races should have nationalism. Deo Vindice!

  10. These kind of entry level videos are going to be what changes minds, not talking about Schmidt or Spengler. I’m not saying those kind of videos are bad, far from it, we just need people to understand the basics first because they know something is wrong. They can graduate to more nuanced arguments from there.

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