National Review: If The Memphis Cops Were White

In National Review, Rich Lowry of all people is pointing out how much it mattered that the Memphis cops who beat Tyre Nichols to death were black.

National Review:

“The race of the cops shouldn’t make a difference. Nothing that happened that night is better because the cops were black instead of white — Nichols is still dead.

Unfortunately, though, the accident of the officers’ race matters profoundly in terms of the narrative and the nation’s reaction to the incident.

If the cops were white, cities around the country would experience serious violence and people would get hurt and perhaps killed; major institutions around the country would find ways to signal their assent to the proposition that America is fundamentally racist; DEI efforts would get another boost in funding and mainstream appeal; the players in the NFL title games would insist on making some statement before playing on Sunday; and on and on.

Just as happened after the killing of George Floyd, there would be a spasm of cultural revolution. …”

This is true.

We all know that we got lucky.

It doesn’t even have to be said here.

If the races were reversed and the Memphis cops had been White, the “journalists” would have used the incident to incite race riots in Memphis and around the country and push for legislation in Congress. The sole reason that Memphis was spared is because the cops were black. That’s why the outrage is petering out like the “anti-Asian hate crime” mass shootings out on the West Coast. It doesn’t fit the overarching anti-White progressive narrative of systematic racism like a White male police officer putting his knee on George Floyd’s neck. It is too complex for the usual emoting morons.

Lowry goes on to complain in another recent article that terms like “fascism” and “white supremacy” have lost their meaning because The Boston Globe is calling Ron DeSantis “white supremacy’s helicopter parent.” If DeSantis wins the Republican presidential nomination, he will inevitably be labeled a bigger racist than Trump and a more effective “white supremacist” by the media.

National Review:

“Yes, it’s all but impossible to tell the difference between DeSantis, the governor of a state with high-quality public schools and extensive measures to allow the parents of poor children to choose their school, and, say, Hugh Auld.

“Crucial to sustaining white supremacy,” the column continued, “is the erasure not only of Black trauma inflicted by systemic and institutional racism but Black accomplishment, triumph, and contributions.”

As with so much of this sort of commentary, there is no effort to show how Florida is erasing black trauma or black accomplishment, besides rejecting a version of a pilot course that isn’t yet permanently part of the curriculum anywhere in the United States.

No worries — DeSantis is still deemed “white supremacy’s helicopter parent.” …

The phrase long ago became woke jabberwocky.

If there were any doubt about that, the instant attempt to blame the brutal treatment of Tyre Nichols at the hands of five black cops on “white supremacy” should remove it. …”

These are all unremarkable observations.

The only reason that I am even taking note of this is because it shows that even Rich Lowry and the dullest, most earnest types in the conservative establishment now have to take stock of the strength and the depth of anti-Whiteism in this country. I look at it as a barometer of how the Right thinks about race. If Rich Lowry is thinking like this, then everyone else must be significantly more radicalized.

UPDATE: The Washington Post is still trying to pin the death of Tyre Nichols on systematic racism this morning.

“MEMPHIS — For the mother of Tyre Nichols, the fact that five Memphis police officers charged with beating her son are also Black has compounded her sorrow as she tries to cope with his violent death at age 29.

“It makes it even harder to swallow,” RowVaughn Wells said in an interview last week, “because they are Black and they know what we have to go through.”

The race of the five officers charged in the Nichols killing has prompted a complex grappling among Black activists and advocates for police reform about the pervasiveness of institutional racism in policing. …

Jason Sole, a community organizer in Minneapolis and former head of the local NAACP, said he’s never felt a sense of relief when encountering Black officers.

“I never had that feeling of ‘Oh great, it’s a Black cop, yay.’ No. I was born in ’78 and I never had that feeling, not once,” Sole said. “All your skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.”

“All your skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.”

The sentiment is only a problem when White people adopt that mindset. Otherwise, it is celebrating diversity or identity politics.


  1. Have Anti-White attack words like “fascism” and “white supremacy” truly lost their meaning? One can only hope.

    • Nope,
      those words still.carry weight with most sports ball and soap opera fans. And I think they carry even more weight on a subconscious level.

    • This /\ /\ /\

      Yet America is now in a sort of twilight between full fledged Third World shithole and first world country. Much of the country still has first world amenities such as modern medicine, safe towns, a reliable electric grid etc. while cities are mostly decrepit Third Word shitholes full of diversity. Failure tends to still be localized for now as colored people are placed in positions of authority such as Memphis, NYC and Chicago while White suburbs remain civilized.

      This situation cannot endure, we are at a tipping point. There is some catalyst on the horizon; perhaps war, maybe a financial crisis like 1929, perhaps something else that will tip the country over into unambiguous Third World status even for comfortable “liberal” and “conservative” Whites in “good” areas. Until then the blinders stay on like a horse going down the track at 100 MPH, straight into a brick wall.

      There is feetsball on the tube ya know and Dancing With the Stars after that. Hand me the TV remote and another bag of Doritos and a beer while I kick back in this new Barcalounger I bought on credit. I checked my blood sugar and I can drink another beer or three, the future be damned.

      • “Yet America is now in a sort of twilight between full fledged Third World shithole and first world country.”

        That sounds about right. This Ukrainian war is interesting with respect to that. Though it’s possible, I suppose, that America and her sidekicks will manage a win, in conformance with the script that’s been in place since World War II, I personally would bet against it. Few of the sidekicks seem enthusiastic about the military path along which the (((steered))) President Biden is leading them, and the entire group, including America, seems short on muscle. They might still have what it takes to prevail, as, the other day, a Russian official—maybe the defense minister—said they do; but this attempt to conduct a war by remote control, with weaponry that’s being solicited even from South Korea, is, to my eyes, pathetic. Maybe I’m seeing it that way because I’m simply not in sympathy with the goal; but when I see pro-war commenters, internet-wide, being excited by yet another Glorious Defense of Our Values, I have the feeling they’re going to get the shock of their lives. There seems simply to have come a point when the Roman legions lost their punch—and just faded away.

        • @John…

          “I suppose, that America and her sidekicks will manage a win”

          If that is so, Dear John, then they, The Jew England Yankee Empire, will have to figure out how to get millions and millions of White rural and smalltown men into uniform, and trained, for that is what it would take.

          That is the only way they, the Jew England Yankee Empire, could win, as, not only have they failed to win the economic war, they have actually strengthened Russia, while undermining their own international system of finance and coalitions.

          That said, even if they who control this land, could find millions to fight, and get them trained for combat in Eastern Europe, the American will to wage this war, already severely undermined by a sober look at the side-effects of the last year, would never outlast the Russian will, because, in the end, nobody here wants to fight and die for Eastern Europe.

          Moreover, it is very clear to me, from watching over the last week, that many who launched this war are already coming to terms with the fact that it is lost.

        • Mr. Bonaccorsi, I have no doubt that you and many readers of Hunter’s fine site are well versed in history, particularly the WWII period. No doubt you are also well aware of the catastrophic losses suffered by the USSR, particularly through the Battle of Kursk July, 1943 yet they endured. The mental and physical toughness of the people of the USSR in WWII was unmatched by any other nation.

          In spite of western influence the Russian people are still both tough and patient. They will endure these losses and prevail in the Ukraine war because of the determination of their leadership and their overwhelming advantages in men and matériel. Ukraine is simply overmatched, they are being ground down and they cannot replace their losses in manpower. The next big Russian offensive will no doubt be decisive and end the Ukraine war on Russia’s terms.
          It appears western leaders know this, notice the hesitation in delivering modern tanks to Ukraine, likewise Patriot systems.

          A Russian victory will be a major humiliation for the ruling class in the West and The Usual Suspects who are behind this unnecessary war. Western public opinion sympathizes with Ukraine and believes the anti-Russian propaganda they have been spoon fed by the Lügenpresse but the U.S. and other western publics are not willing to go to war with Russia, nuclear war, to save Ukraine. The ruling class in the U.S. will find that public support for their wars is a mile wide and a millionth of an inch deep, especially when the economy goes south because of the next war.

          • @12AX7…

            “A Russian victory will be a major humiliation for the ruling class in the West and The Usual Suspects who are behind this unnecessary war.”

            Well, yes, Dear 12, it is without a doubt a major humiliation, for those of us who know, but, given that most do not know, the humiliation will go largely unrecognized.

            Even as we speak, the narrative, to accommodate the disintegrating situation in The Ukraine, have begun shifting the narrative from, ‘;We must win in The Ukraine, and we will win’, to … “The Ukraine is just part of a larger fight for civilization that will go on’.

            Interestingly this shift is remarkably similar to what the German Government in the 1940s did…

            All the best to you, up yonder, deep in the snow.

            As for us down here, I am in the garden and raking leaves – not a flake of snow in sight!

        • One problem is that a layman, meaning an ordinary citizen who’s half-following the news, never really knows the form of the narrative. For all that I, as such a citizen, know, the apparent reluctance of the Europeans to contribute weaponry to this thing might be theater, as, similarly, might be the “dwindling stockpiles” of American and European armament. Maybe the U.S. and NATO still have what it takes to deliver a big punch, even to a force as big as Russia’s, which is probably bigger than was Iraq’s, at least, during the Gulf Wars. Maybe they’re unobtrusively assembling such a force right now and are simply play-acting the weakness and confusion. We’ll find out.

  2. “71 Commands in 13 Minutes: Officers Gave Tyre Nichols Impossible Orders”……. nytimes

    Nggr organized command structure, also known as a ‘chimp attack’.

    Something most ppl miss, the more a specific race gathers, the more they exhibit their stereotypical behavior.

  3. “It was a group of young black men, five-on-one. It looked like gang violence to me. It looked like what young black men do when they’re supervised by a single black woman, and that’s what they’ve got going on in the Memphis Police Department.” —Tucker Carlson Show

  4. Another point, black cops avoid the most violent criminals for fear of personal injury, so they go after safe, harmless blacks like Tyre. The consequence being, the more black police, the higher the rate of violent crime. Also, this creates a fear and distrust of police by the public, which severs public-police cooperation which leads to still more violence.
    This and other black factors lead to a spiral of ever increasing violence.

    Like the black police of New Orleans during Katrina, instead of performing their duty to maintain public order, they were saying “it’s everyman fo himself”. Blacks never extend themselves beyond the call of duty, as most WHITES do, they won’t even fulfill minimum duty.

  5. “All your skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.” This is just common sense applied. Its true for us too, and that is the source of the problem with the White unionism thing. It doesn’t acknowledge this basic fact of the matter. Not all Whites are pro White, will never be, and many are the greatest proponents of the anti White policies of the Empire.

    As for Rich Lowry’s stating the obvious truth, as a true conservative will only do once there is no risk to themselves for doing so, I’d point out the more obvious elephant in the room is how all of this in Memphis would have been different if Tyre Nichols had been White… that is the actually salient observation that of course conservatives won’t touch.

  6. Vice Lords gonna Vice Lord, well 3 of them anyway.
    Locals are in the care factor is zero mode of all races.
    Just saw a great cartoon of Barry Soetoro behind the Antifa HQ with cash and supplies.
    After the Long March true believers burn it all down then what is the plan?
    Purging until the evil eats itself due to no one passing the purity test.

  7. In a not-so distant dystopian future, the last straight white male will be born, among a sea of diversity, and even as his newborn body takes its first breath of air, there will be someone nearby blaming that infant for something.

  8. Yeah Rick Lowry, and if the cops were Lutherans, what would have happened then?

    Blacks know the pedigree of our men in blue, and they sure as shit ain’t Lutherans.

    Whiteness is nothing more than a cloak, Rick Lowrys’ kind use to protect their own.

    We are getting wise to your little game Rick.

    • @RB

      “yada yada yada” (Whites use “blah, blah, blah”)

      “schmuck” (yiddish)

      Schmuck, or shmuck, is a pejorative term meaning one who is stupid or foolish, or an obnoxious, contemptible or detestable person. The word came into the English language from YIDDISH (Yiddish: ?????, shmok), where it has similar pejorative meanings, but where its literal meaning is a vulgar term for a penis.
      — Wikipedia: Schmuck (pejorative)

      There is a charge given to Whites to name the Jew. Robert Browning is a godless filthy Jew who comes on here to attack Whites. He claims that he is one of us yet uses words that reveal that he is definitely NOT one of us. If you want to smack down a potential fed/PYSOP/SPLC/ADL agent please do so. I do not have the time to keep pounding on this filthy Jew.


  9. > Have Anti-White attack words like “fascism” and “white supremacy” truly lost their meaning? One can only hope.

    The terms lost any meaning long ago. The big question here is if any of this exposure of the essential absurdity of the Church of Woke and its definitions of “racsim” and all the rest have sunk in to any degree in the addled brains of normie white folk. The white golem-wannbes for Schlomo will of course continue to push the narrative, hopefully into ever-more absurd pretzel-twists of perverted logic. At what point do white parents actually do something about it though, like pull their kids from the indoctrination camps referred to as ‘public schools’?

  10. It’s still the white man’s fault because these black cops learned this behavior from white cops. That’s what you people don’t understand.

    • How much you want to bet these Negros were trained by an Israeli police training program? Why do they need to throw you on the ground for a traffic stop? They don’t, but it’s Jew technique for Palestinians, so they train them to treat US citizens like Palestinians.

      • Yeah, and psychological testing hasn’t worked either! I would like to see the results of their MMPI test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and who evaluated the MMPI.

    • What “people” like you don’t understand is that no nigger ever needed Whites to show them how to be the murderous apes they are.

    • @TheTruthTeller—–If that is truth then, the reverse must be true also, blacks have learned to love God and Christ, to treat others with kindness and respect from whites. Right? It is all a matter of your point of view.

  11. Why are we surprised about this? Isn’t this what we do?

    Claim to be Supreme, while losing.

    We are Better in America and nowhere else.

    Jews are not resonsible for the Defeat of the Vikings, Christian or Pagan.

    I’ve learned that we are not Better. We are not Lesser.

    When the Majority of Us sits around with popcorn watiting for a Race Riot that will never come?

    I just cannot subscribe to this whining and denial anymore.

    I’ll take JB. He has never led me wrong.

    • Vickey
      Who is JB ?
      This is an anomalous time, things will revert to reality.

      It’s not all whining, there is some exchange of ideas, some small progress that can gain momentum.

    • “I’ve learned that we are not Better. We are not Lesser.”

      Vickey, you know that is BS.

      The murder rate in black areas is sky high and rate in all WHITE areas is almost nothing.

      I could mention a 100 more dichotomous attributes, but I won’t waste our time.

    • “((They’re)) doing their damnedest to blame whites somehow”

      Jews are the masters of lying……Schopenhauer

  12. One bright note in this whole affair is the mother of the one murdered.

    She called for peaceful protests.

    A voice of sanity and civility in the midst of unending lunacy, designed to create a power vacuum.

    God bless her for her dignity, at a time when she faced a strong inclination to be otherwise.

  13. “A voice of sanity and civility in the midst of unending lunacy,”

    That’s the thing about black collective behavior, the bad ones will dominate and destroy any that are civil.

    • I have seen it for myself in the Black Community down here, that the bad ones can dominate.

      No doubt about that.

      Yet, it is not always true.

      Case in point is right before your eyes – Mr. Tyre’s mama called for non-violence.

      And is that not what we have seen?

      We also saw this after the wretched Dylan Roof affair – the Black Christian leaders in South Carolina called for peace, and not bloodshed.

      I give credit to the Good Ones, of The Black Community, that vile events were avoided, many of them, in fact.

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