Axios: Chinese Balloon Shot Down Over Atlantic Ocean

This is what the media cares about … some Chinese balloon that had blown off course. There is another one blowing over South America.


“The U.S. on Saturday shot down a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon off the South Carolina coast, the Department of Defense announced.

The big picture: The balloon, which the Pentagon accused China of using to collect information on U.S. military sites, has heightened tensions between the two nations. …”

When blacks target White victims, it doesn’t even make the news. This just happened right here on my own doorstep. This is at least the third time something like this has happened in Phenix City, AL over the past few years.


  1. Balloons uber alles.
    All your balloon are belong to us.
    Balloons are a construct of the white male patriarchy.
    The Fang Fang balloon is white and therefore racist.
    (S)elect a clown and expect balloons.
    Balloony Tunes.
    That’s all folks.

  2. In what appeared to be a conciliatory statement, the Chinese foreign ministry said on Friday that the balloon was a civilian airship used mainly for meteorological research. It said the airship had limited “self-steering” capabilities and “deviated far from its planned course” because of winds. “The Chinese side regrets the unintended entry of the airship into US airspace due to force majeure,” it said, citing a legal term used to refer to events beyond control.

  3. ” blacks target White victims, it doesn’t even make the news.”

    The ‘news’ is not for information, it is there to persaude and control perceptions. At its best, ‘news’ serves to distract.

    PS. HW, thanks for putting the link to, always appreciated 🙂

  4. “his is at least the third time something like this has happened in Phenix City, AL”

    This will always be the trend in a multiracial society, it will just increase.

  5. I was listening to the goy host fill in for the Mark Levin show on Friday, and he spent the entire first segment of the 8 PM hour freaking out over this balloon and how the Pentagon needs to do something about it.

    I couldn’t help but snicker throughout. The idea that China is using a hot air balloon to spy on U.S. military secrets is some Larry, Curly, and Moe shit. Unfortunately, conservatives over 50 still fall for the canard that U.S. military interests=American citizens interests. That hasn’t been true in decades.

    I do think a pivot towards China away from Russia is on the horizon though. The only reason America is still providing weapons for Ukraine is because of Jewish racial hatred of the Russians for daring to oppose them during the 1800s and early 1900s.

    China is the rival of American economic dominance, and Jewish interests are invested more in the West than the East, which they can’t control or manipulate as easily.

  6. Not only does it not make the news when blacks attack whites, the MSM actively covers it up. The San Francisco BART transit system is 50 years old. It has always had surveillance cameras on the trains. They have a long standing policy of not releasing the videos of crimes committed on the train because too many of the perps aren’t white. Those videos are public property paid for by the taxpayers. They have no right to cover up crimes and not use the videos to catch the perps because of their anti white agenda but they have gotten away with it for decades.

    There is zero pressure from the MSM to obtain these videos when heinous crimes occur on the train and could be used to catch the perps and deter future crimes. No one cares. At all.

  7. Amazing what media manipulation can do. I know several people who were all worried about this. “It’s a practice run for an EMP attack!!!”

  8. Good luck getting a conviction on that sheboon from a jury in a place like Phenix City, a military shithole from hell.

  9. I must admit this is all pretty funny. Like Andrew Anglin said:
    “From here on out, the American credo is crystal clear: either you’re with us, or you’re with the balloons. ‘Nuff said.”
    A really side-splitting piece. Why do you guys hate Anglin?
    The system is really desperate for any kind of diversion form the Ukrainian cock-up, and, as Anglin and most of you say and see, we’re moving on to heat up things with China.
    Even Howie Carr, a talk show guy in Boston I like to hear and enjoy his humor and observations about the “hackarama” of politics, went on about the balloon and (taking the ‘conservative’ line) saying it showed how Brandon was completely in the pay of the Chinese. All of it a phony screen, as if the deep state needs Brandon to do anything except smile to the last of the baby-boomers who vote. And Howie says, like always about everything “if Trump were here this wouldn’t have happened.”
    If Rush Limbaugh were alive, what would he say?
    Anybody miss Rush? Anyone??
    I used to read and watch cartoons; now I’m living in one.

  10. It might be too late to write this and I am not sure, if you will read it, but the place is good and this is just absolutely massive.

    I just read the article for the Wall Street Journal by Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland’s husband, and original founder of Project for a new American century. It was mostly truisms and obvious stuff coated in regime history, BUT there is one key sentence that is just jaw dropping:

    “If ever there could be a cure for American political polarization, a conflict with China would be it.”

    Furthermore, he basically implies that, because Ukraine hasn’t yet escalated into direct nuclear war, Murica can fight a hot war with China in the Pacific now. At the very least by arming Japan and using it as a proxy, including nukes, also Taiwan and potentially India and other countries. Not surprising, but good to hear it straight from the beast’s mouth. – We’re also obviously intended to go fight our main trading partner, again. You can call Neocons bloody thirsty, but they are ruthless, efficient and effective. They can shape elite opinion and foreign policy; you can’t. And as long as our own leaders are such servile, pathetic, corrupt failures this will just go on.

    So if you thought Ukraine was bad, we haven’t seen nothing yet! And I absolutely believe now that within the next five years the USA and China will be at war, directly or by proxy. This IS what they, the “foreign policy establishment” and leaders of the “American-lead liberal world order” want and so far they got everything they desired.

    I am still not sure they will get all the Chuds to go die fighting CHYNA while forcing drag queen story hour on us and keeping all our borders open, but so far they have been stacking W after W.

    But why is “isolationism” so unattractive? Because it makes you look weak. Even if you are actually more moral. In the end Americans will choose power, wealth, prestige and influence over an actual “moral high ground”. That’s the real reason why the Neocons defeated the Paleocons. Furthermore, social trust and security decline concern the plebs, not the elites which enact these policies.
    And I believe in “ZOG” even less again than I did before. I believe in, to quote Robert Kagan, “the liberal global hegemony that American power sustains”. You and I are just pawns in the same game and national borders within the empire are arbitrary at this point. Anyone who opposes the regime, whether inside or outside of America, whether they are “domestic extremists” or “rogue states” will be utterly crushed. And realistically, where could you even go to escape it…?

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