The Rise of College-Educated Democrats

In my youth, White libtards and White working class voters were more evenly distributed between the two parties, which is why Iowa and Ohio were swing states. Barack Obama even won Indiana in 2008. The Democrats had a 60 vote filibuster proof Senate majority and 255 seats in the House. Neocons were Republicans and John McCain’s run for the presidency in 2008 was their highwater mark.

Over the past 15 years, the Republicans and Democrats have been trading White voters, which has gradually created a more nationalist and populist electorate in the GOP. White working class Democrats and Independents in places like the Rust Belt have become Republicans. White college educated voters in the suburbs who have liberal views on social issues have become Democrats. Neocons have become Democrats. David Frum went from condemning Pat Buchanan in National Review to running The Atlantic.

The Democratic Party is now an hour glass shaped coalition which is dominated by White PMC libtards on top who run the party as a gentry class on behalf of a non-White working class base. Jews, of course, finance the party and wield influence in other ways like through their control of the media.

Manhattan Institute:

“The Democratic Party has long been regarded as the party of the “common man” or “working class” and the Republican Party the party of “big business” and the wealthy. Indeed, one political science textbook from 1998 says of the parties’ coalitions: “lower-status people, those with less education, those with low incomes, recently immigration ethnic groups, racial minorities, and Catholics are more likely to vote Democratic. Higher status people, the college-educated, those with high incomes, whites of northern European stock, and Protestants are more likely to vote Republican.”[1] This taxonomy remained fairly accurate into the 21st century. Data from the American National Election Studies (ANES) show that, in 2000, just under 80% of selfidentified Democrats were either non-college-educated whites (48.9%) or nonwhites (30.3%). Meanwhile, college-educated whites constituted 26.8% of all self-identified Republicans, which was larger than both the college-educated white (14.7%) and nonwhite (5.4%) shares of self-identified Democrats combined.

But the traditional account of the Democratic and Republican coalitions has become increasingly obsolete. Although non-college-educated whites and nonwhites still constituted the majority (66%) of self-identified Democrats as recently as 2016, the former demographic has steadily declined while the share of college-educated whites has steadily risen—particularly since 2008.

In the Republican camp, in contrast, the share of college-educated whites crested in 2008 and has been falling ever since. Coincidently, the share of non-college-educated whites, which was in secular decline across the previous 50 years, began to stabilize.

These diverging within-party and between-party trends finally came to a head in 2020 when, for the first time on record, the college-educated white share (27.3%) of self-identified Democrats exceeded that of non-college-educated whites (25.2%). In fact, despite the markedly differing racial compositions of the two parties, the college-educated white share among Democrats was virtually almost the same as—and has likely since surpassed—the college-educated white share of self-identified Republicans. As of 2020, non-college-educated nonwhites (32.8%) and college-educated whites (27.3%) now constitute the largest Democratic majority.

The Democratic Party has thus transmogrified from a party of the “working class” into a party of educated white elites and non-college-educated racial/ethnic minorities. Yet it is also one on the cusp of being majority nonwhite. These two trends, I argue, beget an awkward paradox: the white share of the Democratic Party is declining, while the white Democrats who are left become more educated and wealthier—and more liberal—than ever before. To the extent that socioeconomic status is correlated with political participation and influence, the Democratic Party will likely become a majority-minority party that is largely steered by white liberals for years to come.

If the political priorities of white Democrats were in lockstep with their nonwhite counterparts, these trends would probably not be politically meaningful. But insofar as wealthier college-educated Democrats tend to be socially liberal and more likely to prioritize post-material moral concerns over kitchen-table issues, some divergence between white and nonwhite Democrats is inevitable. Owing to their greater political influence, the attitudes of white Democrats are more likely to shape the rhetoric and agenda of party elites. A potential consequence—which may already be happening—is that white progressives’ dominance over the Democratic Party agenda will alienate at least some socially conservative working-class nonwhites, thereby driving a small but electorally consequential subset of them into the arms of Republican Party candidates, if not into the party itself.

How did the Democratic Party transform from a party predominated by working-class whites and nonwhites to a party of white elites and working-class nonwhites? I contend that this shift is attributable to two broad factors: rising levels of higher educational attainment—including racial disparities therein; and long-term and more recent political-cultural polarization that is most pronounced among white Americans. …”

Antiwhiteism and other polarizing social issues like atheism, homosexuality and immigration are attracting college-educated White libtards to the Democrats. Correspondingly, the absence of these people and their drift toward the Democrats has made it much easier for us to influence Republican voters.

“As long as the Republican Party was not too conservative on social and racial issues, the Democratic Party’s appeal to college-educated whites was limited. But as the Republican Party became more outwardly socially conservative, and the Democratic Party more outwardly socially liberal, college-educated whites started to flock toward the latter, and non-college-educated whites toward the former. This movement, in turn, further incentivized socially liberal and conservative position-taking, respectively, on the part of Democratic and Republican Party elites. …”

There is a major difference between the two parties on race.

Over the past 15 years, White voters have been resorting themselves between the two parties in part based on their views of White identity. White college educated libtards feel cold and hostile toward other White people. White conservatives feel warm to very warm toward other White people. As a result, GoodWhites are increasingly partisan Democrats and BadWhites are increasingly partisan Republicans. Both groups are White but they have opposite views about their own racial identity. Whiteness is “problematic” for GoodWhites because of “white privilege” and “systemic racism.” White Democrats are the leftwing of the Democratic Party and have the most extreme views on race and social issues.

Once again, this wasn’t true in the 1990s and 2000s, but the trend began to take off in 2008 and accelerated through the Trump presidency. The Biden presidency has sent it into overdrive. The two parties have changed in their composition and their racial attitudes. Hence, the pro-White dog whistling has become much more explicit in recent years. Republicans know their voters are “BadWhites” and respond to that messaging due to their harder racial attitudes. The polls consistently show that Republican voters are more concerned about rising anti-Whiteism than anti-black racism or “white supremacy.”

The opposite is true on the Democratic side where the anti-White messaging has become much more explicit as well in recent years. Democrats have less reason to worry about losing White working class voters who have already been alienated and have defected to the Republicans. Democrats know their base are “GoodWhites” who define themselves against other White people. They know their base can be mobilized through anti-White messaging because White Democrats have broadly accepted “social justice.” This is what happened in the George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020 and those people “did the work” and pledged to “do better” and came out and voted for Joe Biden in their suburbs.

Note: BTW, Zach Goldberg is much more clear-eyed on this issue than our friend eah who is incapable of granting any agency whatsoever to the White suburban liberal professionals who run states like Washington, Oregon, Colorado and until recently Virginia. The “bumpkin” revolt that put Glenn Youngkin in power there in 2021 broke the stranglehold of that malicious class of people Virginia politics.


  1. The rhetoric has changed, somewhat, the voters have changed, but are the parties that different?
    Both parties are still largely if not wholly loyal to the largely Jewish, and white overclass, big business, big pharma, big brother and the military.
    Only a real outsider, a 3rd party made up of working and lower middleclass whites or a working/lower middle class white independent who doesn’t take money from the ruling class could disrupt things, but is that even possible at this stage of the game?
    Voting may be too rigged or the public too stupid to ever vote for a real outsider.

    • Only the natural forces of social decay and economic collapse will change the current trajectory. People are too stupid to alter course before the inevitable collision with reality.

  2. In any case, I guess it’ll be interesting to see what happens if the parties continue to demographically polarize in the opposite way they were polarized in the 20th century and early 21st century.
    Will the republican party continue to lose college educated upper middleclass whites while gaining working class whites?
    Will the democrats continue to gain college educated upper middle class whites while losing working class whites?
    Will this lead to demographic, class and racial warfare?
    Let’s hope so.

    • PMCs couples are much less likely to divorce than the working class.

      The problem with a lot of populists is that they ignore the importance of heredity and genetics in explaining class differences.

    • That reads like a Babylon Bee or Onion parody (from what I was able to read without subscribing to that rag)

      Holy shit these people are lunatics

      • Indeed. These idiots worry about global warming, the Uighurs 10,000 miles away, “democracy”, the debt ceiling, diversity (not enough), Covid, people not wearing masks, Trump and everything else these mentally incontinent people have put in their pointy little heads by their woke friends, college professor types and the insufferable idiots on TV and the internet. They are incredibly gullible and constantly led around by the nose from one fraud to the next.

        For college educated people they are actually pretty stupid having lost the ability to think skeptically or even to think at all. They are good at parroting the currently approved narrative, whatever that may be. They don’t have an ounce of common sense, they are insane assholes, and that is on a good day.

        • @12AX7…

          When you look at the issues that those Woke think we have, there is a commonality – all invented problems far away from here – either far in years, (historical problems long gone) far in geography, or far from daily reality.

          The Power Elite have done a fantastic job obsessing youngsters on implausible abstracts, so as to keep them from noticing how they are being stolen blind, on every level.

  3. Barry Soetoro cheated in Indiana and some even went to jail in the Scary Gary region just outside of CPUSA Central HQ Chiraq.
    Educated derelicts from the faculty lounge are going to get a huge comeuppance when they call out welcome comrades to the real REDS.
    Stick around and enjoy the show.

  4. Obviously there are so many positive things to be associated with education.

    That said, North Carolina was one of the last states to ratify public education, this because those against it said that institutionalizing education would lead to someone programming the young in ways that would have deleterious effects on Tarheel life.

    Though no one will mention it, I think it is fair to say that these long forgotten Tarheels, those who today would be ridiculed as paranoic fossilized Q-Anon cretans, have more than abundantly been proven right..

    Case in point?

    I do not recognize the state I came up in.

    We won’t blame immigrants for that, but, our fellow White Southerners; they who, having been ‘educated’, cannot stand the sight of themselves anymore, and, so, after having vivisected their souls and minds, only feel right in demanding that the rest of us do that to ourselves, too.

    • Hello Ivan;

      N. Carolina had an excellent public school system from grammar school to universities years ago. I haven’t lived there in a while but places like Duke and the UNC system were excellent. I believe they still are for the natural sciences and engineering but have gone to Hell on everything else just like every other college system across the country.

      Duke has been one of the worst places for Wokeness and the home of the Duke Lacrosse Scandal in 2006. White frat boys were railroaded by the gang of local prosecutors, the University administration and a local stripper. Fortunately, the conspiracy against the White guys unraveled but it could have gone the other way. Had they not had access to money and therefore good lawyers, unlike most White people, they would have been screwed.

      • Thank you for your kind words, Dear 12AX7.

        Yes, we, North Carolina, have a fine educational system, in all regards.

        That said, things are as you imply – virtues negated by Woke Insanity.

        And, yes, you are very right about Duke, as we have a young minister in our very Confederate town who is woke beyond belief.

        The head of a major long established church, he has, over the last 7 years, very nearly lost his entire congregation over this matter.

        That the elders of our state, connected with out system, have allowed this to happen is beyond me.

        As a pro-education person, myself, I am saddened to have lost my respect for institutions.

        At this point only home schooling makes sense – not just for youngun’s but, as well, in continuing education for adults.

        This nation is so badly screwed I doubt I will see a better time, though I pray for the sake of those who come after us that something turns for the better.

    • Federalization of the school system was no doubt one of the worst government over-reaches perpetrated on traditional America. Much of the decay originates from it.

      • @Tikkun…

        Yes, I absolutely agree.

        At the core of every problem in this nation is The South’s continued willingness to not only NOT project our power, but, as well, our now habitual capitulation in the face of what most of us regard as insanity.

        Thank you for the thought.

  5. HW, your analysis, though marginally helpful, fails to elucidate that socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative college-educated whites steer the GOP as well. Glenn Youngkin won the gubernatorial race by throwing red meat to the base of bad whites who he would never dream of inviting to a cocktail party. Glenn Youngkin and those of his type run the Republican party and deign to make symbolic gestures on the issues that matter, anti-white racial discrimination and immigration, to non-college educated whites. Non-college educated whites still receive nothing but platitudes in exchange for their votes. I know many suburban, white evangelical conservatives who hate nothing more than anti-black racism and love no state more than Israel. Their conservatism is yesterday’s liberalism and is every ounce as kosher as the vomit served up by the Democratic party. It is the same synagogue of neo-conservativism. They may follow the Hazony cult rather than the Kagan cult. They may have changed their ideological label from neo-conservatism to “national conservatism,” which is emphatically neither nationalist nor conservative, but their slavish submission to Jews remains. Until that changes, this puppet show titled “American Democracy” will continue to fool goyim into believing that they can vote their way out of this train to extinction. Voting harder will fail harder. We cannot talk or vote our way out of this emergency situation. Electoral politics remains an abstract tool of distraction and functions to divert anyone from taking concrete action. HW should at least acknowledge this when he comments upon polls. Any rightwing opposition that decides to enter the realm of electoral politics inevitably castrates itself in its untrammeled worship of democracy and its moderation of any fundamental opposition that it may have championed in its infancy. Democracy is a demonic abstraction summoned by the synagogues to fool us into thinking that “the people” rule themselves when in fact the Jews and their shameless allies do. Do not fall prey to their obfuscations. Act.

  6. They know their base can be mobilized through anti-White messaging because White Democrats have broadly accepted “social justice.”

    It’s interesting how social conservatives, social liberals, and White Nationalists chose to respond to this messaging:

    SocCons: “Race doesn’t matter. We’re all the same underneath. MLK wouldn’t like this. The demonRats need to stop talking about race so we can go back to our colorblind utopia!”

    SocDems: “Race matters. We’re all the same underneath, but our race really is the oppressors and the bad guys of history. We were taught the facts in college. They wouldn’t lie to us. We need to dismantle White Supremacy because it’s the right thing to do. Besides, doing so won’t negatively effect us in any way.”

    WNs: “Take them seriously. What we’re seeing in the media is a direct attack on Whites *as* Whites. We need to mobilize and defend ourselves, or else we’re going to be dehumanized and then exterminated. Likely in the most cruel and humiliating manner possible. Jews and nonwhites hate us and want to kill us.”

    Same propaganda. Same rhetoric. Totally different reactions.

    I’ve had a change of heart about these things since Christmas. I no longer wish to kill all White Liberals or convert all White Conservatives. The Pro-White Movement is less of a “movement” and more of a religion. Its a lifestyle and a worldview for any White man or woman who wants to “Stay Alive,” like the name of that silly Beejeez song or that obscure horror film.

    White Nationalism may feed off things from the past, such as 1950s corporate advertisements featuring smiling White families, but in terms of what’s being built going forward, I truly believe the closest real world allegories are National Socialist Germany and the Confederate South, both of which were the only two sovereign “states” in the history of the world to base their foundation on the kind of racial identity and worldview that White Nationalism stands for. The future we build will mimic the past in some ways but will be new and different in other ways.

    Liberals, conservatives, or moderates may choose to join White Nationalism on their own accord. But frankly, they’ve chosen their idols and their gods. The contards chose a colorblind sky daddy. The libtards chose nihilistic atheism and the sanctity of individual self-expression. It can fairly be said that WNs lean too closely towards racial worship or self-worship, but I’d say we are the one religion in the West that believes in something in this world that is higher than ourselves that is worth fighting for. I’d say we are a religion worthy of the name.

    The Evangelical Christians fight for the afterlife. The libtards fight for whatever arouses their fleeting consciousness – for whatever manifests that modernist art quote from 1868. WNs are the one religion, the one movement of people, that resembles the fanatics of old that changed the world. We shouldn’t be justifying ourselves. We should be making ourselves as attractive as possible to outsiders. They should look at us and go, “that’s a person I don’t want to mess with. I like him.”

  7. Less school book “educated” Whites in our enclave seem to prefer the few non-White families that have moved here over the rabid bigots who moved out.

    It is a better place to be, not wondering if our neighbor will go postal over an air balloon.

    Perhaps we are getting older. We have disowned our sons who pose as “Antifa” at rallies. We know they are posers & Andy Ngo pays them. We can deny, deny and I have no reason to lie.

    There will be no race-war. There will be no secession. Christian Nationalism is a non-starter. “Ye” will not be president. It’s one gimmick to the next.

    This is intended to be a positive wake-up call. Find Happiness in any way you can.
    Even if you do not have a biological family, you can make one. It’s harder to find racialists, but not impossible.

    JB and I have never had better garden grown collards & mustard greens. Hot water cornbread, and whatever non-siweney meat they eat. There’s no blood or gristle.

    We like this life. We do not know “Woke” people and do not consider ourselves our neighbors “Betters”.

    My anxiety and JB’s blood pressure have normalized. Try It.

    White people aren’t going anywhere. Fewer? Perhaps. Treat people right and they will treat you right.

    • “Treat people right and they will treat you right.”

      What total BS.
      Try living among the very diverse.

      How would you explain the shooting of the fine young boy in Phenix City ?

      You live in a fantasy.

  8. I’m better than you is their virtue signal but you can’t make out from behind the face diaper.
    I fart in their general direction and when it all collapses by design they will be crushed and demoralized.
    Only useful as a boat anchor or bullet catch cover.

  9. Theodore Bilbo, the white nationalist Governor and Senator from Mississippi, was a college graduate, but that’s not the kind of college educated Democrats that we’re talking about is it?

      • We were indoctrinated, Dear Arrian, way back when – as the culture of universities has always been cutting edge Left.

        That said, back in the day it was not the Maoist Woke Cultural Revolution type.

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