What’s Going On In Phenix City?

Journalism has ceased to exist in the United States.

As White people know all too well, there are some crimes which matter more than others. We know about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, George Floyd and most recently Tyree Nichols. I’m ashamed to admit that I know their names solely because “journalists” who were indoctrinated in progressive social justice ideology chose to elevate those incidents because their deaths mattered to them. Black activists are allowed to communicate with each other on social media and turn their deaths into hashtags which have routinely degenerated into destructive riots in far away cities.

This is how “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” works in practice in the United States. The death of blacks whether at the hands of police or at the hands of White mass shooters routinely spark a one sided “national conversation about race” and drive the news cycle on social media. On the other hand, whenever blacks kill Whites these incidents only generate local news coverage and are never connected into a larger narrative. White activists who would like to discuss these incidents are systematically banned from social media because it is “hate speech” to even notice their deaths. We are increasingly unable to communicate even with each other and it is becoming nearly impossible due to these gatekeepers on social media to communicate with the public. There is also legislation pending in Congress which would create a federal conspiracy hate crime charge to deter even discussing such matters on the internet.

So, there are all kinds of gruesome crimes going on out there which we either 1.) never hear about because of the news blackout in “journalism” or 2.) which only attract attention among the most dedicated, plugged in White activists who have been shut out of the national conversation.

This black-on-White crime recently happened on my doorstep in Phenix City, AL.

National Conservative:

“Tywoana Anderson-Jakes, 50, lives on a large rural property off Highway 80 in Phenix City, AL. On September 24th, 2022, she shot Riley Graham, 30, in the leg. A local ABC affiliate called it “a trespassing dispute.” Jakes claimed “self-defense” and was never charged with a crime.

Then, on February 1st, 2023, three young boys allegedly walked through part of her property to get to Dollar General to buy potato chips. She shot Conner Mullins, 12, in the neck. He died immediately at the scene.

She told police that she went outside with her gun because she thought the boys would break into her shed. Then Jakes says she shot Mullins because she thought she heard gunfire. When the three boys saw Jakes with a gun, two of them sprinted away. Mullins apparently froze in place and crouched down.

Jakes has been charged with capital murder. Prosecutors say they will now re-open her previous shooting of Graham. …”

A black woman shot and killed a White 12-year-old boy for trespassing on her property.

I happen to live in the area. I know this isn’t an isolated incident. In fact, this is at least the third time that something like this has happened in recent years in the Columbus metro area.

Columbus Ledger Enquirer:

“A 39-year-old man accused of shooting and wounding five people in Alabama and Georgia told police his assaults were racially motivated, and he was targeting white men, a detective testified Monday.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported that a police detective testified in a preliminary hearing that Justin Tyran Roberts, who is Black, told police that white men had picked on him and wronged him for all his life.

“Basically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him, and also what he described as military-looking white males had taken from him,” Detective Brandon Lockhart testified, according to the newspaper. …”

In 2021, Justin Tyran Roberts went on a racially motivated shooting spree in Phenix City, AL and Columbus, GA. He specifically targeted White men. Obviously, his name wasn’t allowed to trend on Twitter.

As I pointed out at the time, a different young black man named Jayvon Hatchett across the river in Columbus and in summer before in 2020 went into the local AutoZone and stabbed a White male in the neck. He specifically targeted the victim because he had by whipped up by the anti-White frenzy in the media during the summer of Floyd. It was part of the “racial reckoning.”


“COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The suspect in the Aug. 25 AutoZone stabbing on 32nd Street made his first appearance in court.

Jayvon Hatchett, 19, is charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

Hatchett faces these charges for a stabbing he allegedly committed on Aug. 25 around 8:36 a.m. at the AutoZone. Police said he stabbed a store employee in an unprovoked attack.

Mills told the court that when he Hatchett why he stabbed the AutoZone employee, Hatchett said he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of police brutality happening across the country. …”

He failed to kill the victim.

Jayvon Hatchett later beat his White cellmate to death in the Muscogee County Jail.

Law and Crime:

“A 19-year-old Georgia man was jailed in Muscogee County two weeks ago after he allegedly stabbed an AutoZone worker, having “felt the need to find a white male to kill.” Now he is accused of beating his white cellmate to death over the weekend.

Muscogee County Sheriff Donna Tompkins said Jayvon Hatchett is the suspect in the beating death of 39-year-old Eddie Nelson Jr. Nelson was recently jailed for violating his parole by failing to register as a sex offender. He was found dead early Saturday. Nelson’s family and attorney responded to the news in an interview with WLTZ, blaming jailers’ “negligence” for his death. …”

Once again, I know about this solely because I live in the area and I because personally know some of the top activists in the country who have always kept tabs on these crimes. I also know that this local pattern is much more widespread in Georgia, but the public only knows about the killing of Ahmaud Arbery and the McMichaels because that is what progressive activists and the “journalists” and the anti-White gatekeepers who control social media and keep thumbs on the scales want to focus on.

The entire country has been fixated on that Chinese balloon which was shot down yesterday. It just goes to show that even the most gruesome black-on-White murders fail to make the news or even much of a stir these days on social media. No one connects the dots. These things are constantly happening, but they don’t register because of systemic anti-Whiteism in “journalism” and social media.


  1. If there’s a serious country, this should be the case for a White Lives Matter revolution…….. instead today only minority have their rights and are considered like gods. When a negro is killed (only when is killed by a white) it started a cult like in religion.

  2. All the above highlights the critical need for WHITE media.

    This is the reason that I always urge folks to support WHITE media to the best of our ability.

  3. About 80 %, that’s 4 out of 5, murders in the US are committed by blacks.
    That number is derived by extrapolating the black murder rate to the unsolved murders in black areas, which is often over 60%.
    The true black murder rate is masked by ‘unsolved’ murders.

  4. With Fort Benning nearby, Columbus, Ga. and Phenix City, Ala. have always been tough places. Letting the blacks run wild just makes them unlivable. Whites who live in that area need to move, difficult though that might be. There are still many less densely populated areas that have White majorities in both Georgia and Alabama.

    America is starting to fail. Things like horrible commercial air travel, electrical blackouts, shortages, inflation, lawlessness, corrupt and grossly incompetent elites etc. are all getting worse indicating the trajectory of things in the future. These are all symptoms of national failure but the rot goes much deeper than these symptoms indicate.

    The system is not reformable. These failures are the logical outcome of the wonderful system of democracy we now enjoy. They are a feature, not a bug.

    When the system breaks down and electricity becomes intermittent, fuel and food become scarce and the diversity goes into melt-down mode (again) survival will be the name of the game. Proximity to diversity will be a death sentence for Whites (and others too) when this happens. The U.S. Government and its minions in the Lügenpresse will both blame Whites for their abject failures while at the same time turn towards Whites, demanding we fix what they wrecked.

    Just tell them to STFU and let their diversity fix their air traffic control system, electric and other utilities, food distribution etc. Good luck with that. Maybe their feetsball affletes with 75 IQs are up to the task.

    • @12AX7

      That 33 trillion in debt is covering a world of sins.
      When that ruptures, debt payment fails, all hell will break loose.
      Debt payment on the fedzog dept is suppose to be 500 billion this year.
      That just isn’t sustainable, something is going to snap.

      I listen to Jan lamprecht @ historyreviewed.com in S. Africa, he talks about the ever decaying power and infrastructure failures in SA.
      He’s gone solar for reliable power. SA is a pattern for our future.

      • https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/south-africas-eskom-trim-power-cuts-tuesday-2023-01-16/

        This story by Reuters is dishonest of course. The situation is much worse than reported and will only continue to get worse next year, not better as these liars claim.

        I wonder how much technical assistance S. Africa gets now from the U.S. and Europe to keep their electric grid, such as it is, functioning at all. S. Africa is the ‘Rainbow Nation’ proving that wonderful multi-racial “democracy” is great and therefore the U.S. Government props it up.

        When the U.S. flops over to failure mode there will be no more technical assistance from the U.S. or Europe, Wakanda will be on its own. The same holds true for the rest of the Third World which is dependent upon the U.S. and Europe for the First World amenities they have. These places will quickly devolve into a Planet of the Apes situation and all the wishful thinking in the world can’t change that.

        The U.S. and Canada may end up as the cleanest dirty shirts in the hamper when the dust settles.

  5. The Bolshevik Revolution Redux is live everywhere in the ten percent for the big guy Bananastan.
    Plan and prep accordingly.

  6. Niggers in the South are animals. I’ve found them to be far more feral than other niggers throughout the nation. I think it has to do with them being more pure bred. There is more admixture in them outside of the South, that might be a reason.

  7. The sheboon went out with its rifle and shot a young white boy to death on February 1. February 1.

    Jews get them stirred up various ways. Then the 70 IQs cause mayhem. But the root problem is the Jews.

  8. I’ve wondered what a white media would look like, how to organize it. It would have to cover events directly, not just repost AP articles. Actual interviews with residents, etc. Even Justice Report is basically an edited Drudge. Like we don’t even know what we don’t know, as Arrian is saying about the murder rate above.

    • “I’ve wondered what a white media would look like, how to organize it.”

      Recognition that “media” is plural would be a good start.

      Organizing, as any Jew knows, takes place at every moment, of every day, in every action of every member of the group. If you think barbarians can prevail over the civilized, you’re mistaken. If a child is raised by barbarians, he will be a barbarian. He will think that his stupidity, his ignorance is a mark of superiority. He’ll know that his lack of mastery of “rules,” like “punctuation,” “capitalization,” “subject-verb agreement,” and so on is an indication that he is superior to “faggots” and—we’ll translate to Southern Humbug—“yankees.” Accordingly, since magical things don’t happen, he won’t be able to “organize,” in his adulthood, great media of communication. His destiny will have been determined long before that. With his peers, he’ll simply be herded toward extinction, by those who can, in fact, organize such things.

      It’s possible I’ve mentioned here, at Occidental Dissent, what, years ago, a friend of mine observed: Not every Jew is intelligent—but every Jew esteems intelligence. That’s the difference between Jews and Scythians.

      The future of the white breed is formed in every experience, every moment in the life of the white child. Avoid raising a barbarian.

      • That’s a very good point, Mr. B. It’s hard criticism to be sure and it will no doubt rankle to some even here (by and large a fairly well-versed readership). It’s a good and valid criticism nevertheless. Being an ignorant drunken fool gets you nowhere in short order, especially if you’re white. This isn’t to say one should go out and send the kids to public schul for there will be no education taking place there. Ignorance and stupidity lead to failure every time. There are too many on our side of the fence who fail to see the importance of genuine education – partly out of reaction to what they’ve allowed to happen to public schools nationwide.

        > If you think barbarians can prevail over the civilized, you’re mistaken.

        That’s an example of a statement which is generally true, but not in all contexts. For example the military of the most advanced western civilization was routed from Afghanistan by a rag-tag band of determined and fierce barbarians less than two years ago after a failed 20-year occupation attempt. The rainbow civilization’s invincible legion was defeated by the bearded goat-men, fleeing like panicked children at the end of the day. Granted it didn’t help that the oh-so-civilized country ruled by a hostile foreign elite decayed to the point of laughable absurdity. The barbarians obviously prevailed – though I suppose we could ask who were the real barbarians in that case since a pretense of civilization isn’t a substitute for the real thing.

        • I’m glad you thought there was something of worth in what I posted there, Exalted Cyclops; but as you see, I’ve apologized to our fellow commenter An average guy for having framed it in an insulting tone toward him.

    • I apologize, An average guy. Whatever may be the worth of whatever was the point I thought I was making, I had no right to frame it in an insulting tone toward you.

  9. Double Encore of G. Edward Griffin spoken mp3 where he reads from a commie rat rag called The Crusader which states that racial tensions are the weak link of American society.
    It is to be used to tear apart the fabric of a functioning system.
    Comrade commissar Billy Ayers copy pastes from this for his 1973 Weather Underground manifesto Prairie Fire in the section about suburban man being too soft and decadent for a war of attrition in his own backyard.
    Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama started his political career in the living of room of Ayers back in the mid 1990s.

  10. Even if these stories were allowed to trend on twitter and other social media sites, would it even matter? Liberals, conservatives, and moderates alike don’t care about Black-on-White crime and ignore it even when it does trend because they’ve internalized the Jewish narratives of the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s. Whites don’t *want* to acknowledge that peaceful co-existence with blacks is impossible. Whites want to fix blacks and make them just like us – whether that’s Good Little Libtards or Good Little Evangelical Christians.

    I don’t think it does any good to share Black on White horror stories anymore. Nobody has their minds or their hearts changed by them, even when they are personally the victims. Just look at Molly Tibbits father and his reaction to his own daughter’s death. I actually got my own father to admit to me recently – who is a White conservative Evangelical Christian – that he would “forgive” an illegal immigrant who killed me, even as he sought justice through the court system. You can’t explain that.

    Those of us who are in the know about Black on White violence, and who have internalized its real danger, are always walking around with an attitude of “Around Blacks, Never Relax.” They respect you more when they sense you are ready to thrown down with them and defend yourself. They’re less likely to attack you that way and are more likely to attack some defenseless anti-racist “colorblind” White person who was one bad day away from getting his or her Darwin Award.

    Our race will survive this Jewish attempt at White Extermination, but it will come at a cost: There will be less of us, and those of us who stay alive will be less trusting and more feral. The days of “we suspect no harm because we are so far away from it ourselves” are over.

    • @DP84 – Well said about the survival instincts of those who do make it through the White Extermination. Our compassion will, and must be, reserved for our OWN — and only those of our own kind who are not anti-White, as far too many are.

      I do disagree with your statement that it does not do any good to share Black on White horror stories. It has been my experience with two basically oblivious normies that when I gave them example after example of brutal race reality, it firmed up their natural tendencies towards ethnocentrism. Those who are completely lacking in pro-White tendencies? Yes, they are beyond hope.

      • @Astrid

        Although I acknowledge it’s possible to change some minds by sharing things like Black-on-White horror stories and crime stats, my broader point was that White Nationalism should be more of an inward looking, insulated ideology-religion-lifestyle than an Evangelical movement that tries to win converts. Believe me, I’ve been in the “convert them all” mindset for as long as I’ve been in the movement, but that approach wasn’t working in 2012 and 2013, and I feel like it works even less today in 2023.

        I’ve slowly but surely internalized the belief that William Pierce first identified that Normies are basically Lemmings, which is to say, herd animals. In other words, its not a matter of converting Normies to White Nationalism, its a matter of seizing power – control of the institutions and the media – and then imposing our values from the top down. Normies will go along with it and accept it because they always go along with the ruling ideology. Or so the lemming theory goes.

        If that is true, as I suspect it is, then the answer is to become an insular, potent movement of true believers that is willing to seize power. I can’t get it into any more detail than that, but suffice to say, Pierce wrote a whole novel about it. Sure, that book is a lot of revenge fantasy, but it’s also a logical answer to the lemming question. We’re going to need the militancy and fanaticism that Pierce advocates if we want to seize power and win.

    • I actually got my own father to admit to me recently – who is a White conservative Evangelical Christian – that he would “forgive” an illegal immigrant who killed me, even as he sought justice through the court system. You can’t explain that.

      It is explainable. Mind-numbing religious mumbo jumbo.

  11. Remember the unholy trinity: jews, jesuits, and Yankees. This unholy trinity has been riling up negros against the white man for almost forever. Similar to the way the British used the Indians against the early Americans. Segregation today, segregation forever.

  12. Phenix has steadily gotten much worse in the last couple of decades, for sure, but sounds like it’s worse than I realized.

  13. Those lynchings that occurred prior to the 1950’s were brutal, but did act as a deterrent.
    There’s been no real deterrent since then, and blacks have knocked themselves out ever since.
    When a white kills a black, we need yet another conversation on race, a statue or street named after the victim. When a black kills a white(a far more frequent occurrence), nothing to see here………shaddup you waysist!
    Now, as for the Chinese:- they’re not our friends either. Different races are hurting us in different ways:- the Jews because of their power and influence, the blacks because of their street crime, and the Chinese because of the theft of manufacturing, technology, spying and importation of fentanyl ingredients, among other things. Also, white liberals………where do I start?
    Keep your eyes open, and acknowledge the many outside forces acting as a virtual cancer on the White existence…….. enabled by your ‘elected leaders’.

  14. Two Things:

    First China Ballon; Some mainstream cons made the point it shows the weakening position of America. In years past countries wouldn’t even try to invade our airspace and if they did they’d be retaliated against harshly. This is a normie con take- who I generally counter signal- is objectively true. HOWEVER there’s many things that *also* clearly demonstrate our decline. While I don’t love the American government defending our airspace is one of the last things I’d be mad at them about.

    The mainline “DR” take is some variation of “why are we only allowed to talk about protecting our airspace and not our border?” This is also true.

    Id add this is why we need to bring manufacturing back and that a war with China is impossible.

    Instead this will be used as a pretext to rhetorically tighten the screws against China. Without bringing back manufacturing that means an artificial/accelerated decrease in the quality of life for Americans.

    Remember! The fed said *they wanted* a recession/more unemployment to deal with inflation. By sabre rattling against China they’re hoping to provoke a reaction so they can have a pretext to wreck havoc on the working and middle class without with some buy in from the general population.

    I’m uncertain if they (or any faction of the elite) truly wants war with China. I can see the arguments why they would or wouldn’t. The establishment turning up the pressure on China is a new development and was mainstream fringe only a few years ago eg Trump. So there’s not a long history to judge their current posturing and not being privy to behind closed door convo’s I’d say no one can make a strong prediction (I’m well aware people with more knowledge can make better guesses than I but I’d be skeptical anyone knows for sure).

    Are they amping this story up to start the war drums or just to do economic fuckery against China??? Don’t know.

    While I don’t like the closeness of chi-merica it is how economy is organized.

    So I think it’s vitally important for the “DR,” populists, patriots, antiwar types of all stripes to couple their criticisms with the demand they live up to their covid promises and BRING THE SUPPLY CHAINS/MANUFACTURING BACK HOME.

    If any maga republicans want to/sign onto economic retaliation without first bringing manufacturing back is a charlatan and antiamerican fraud that wants you to agree to cut your nose off to spite your face.

    This is not say support the current American Chinese dependency but make demands we are not dependent on them.

    Two: Black on White Crime

    This is why I think your article a couple of days ago was misguided.

    Growing up in deep blue cities in deep blue states. Everyone is forced to be aware of shitlibism. But experience matters. Especially bcus my parents were fairly important in the midlevel state democrat party. I’ve seen every type of shitlib. From famous governors to the problem glasses social workers.

    And my parents being true believers sent me to majority nonwhite public schools.

    While it’s no doubt shitlibs are antiwhite. Many conservatives are as well. But the the percentages are meaningful.

    There’s white shitlibs who are hostilely antiwhite and others who are truly misguided.

    I’d say many antiwhite whites are louder about it because they partially know they’re wrong/ know they’re fucked themselves/trying to differentiate themselves from the bad whites. I often think many whites who don’t live around nonwhites forget how quickly things can turn violent for simply providing extremely mild pushback. Remember trump supporters are nazis and centrists whites are closed racists. If a young white person doesn’t loudly and vocally express their antiwhite allegiance they’ll get physically attacked by nonwhites. Even by those they’d consider friends.

    White antiwhites only attack WN’s and WN adjacent groups like proud boys.

    I grew up in meme cities. Cities so shitlib and antiwhite they’re the butt of jokes “ground zero” for antiwhiteness according to many on this site (I’d argue conservative antiwhiteness is just as much a threat, but putting that aside) and I’ve never seen a moderate liberal / centrists physically attacked for saying some milquetoast colorblind statement by a white leftist. I’ve seen nonwhites physically attack moderate white liberals / centrists too many times to count. Sometimes it’s a push, sometimes it’s a full beatdown.

    I’ve seen white teachers get physically attacked for not being antiwhite enough by nonwhites, I’ve seen white liberals get physically attacked in public by nonwhites for not being antiwhite enough.

    During peak BLM in my city blacks and latinos were randomly walking up to white people on the street asking if they support BLM and if you didn’t deliver the standard line they’d punch them in the face.

    This wasn’t at a protest (not that it would be acceptable) but random people taking mass transit to and from work.

    Many nonwhites roll their eyes at antiwhite whites BUT the vast majority of nonwhites are annoyed for the wrong reasons. A super majority of nonwhites hate whites and see performative antiwhiteness as an annoying diversion.

    Nonwhites see hating whites as the baseline.

    When can they dispossess whites is the convo they want to have.

    Nonwhites don’t show up to protest “WN’s” because they’re sympathetic or even apathetic.

    But to them it’s a distraction from the bigger issue of simply hurting all whites.

    Nonwhite antiwhites want both the trump voters pickup truck and the Biden voters Lexus. Not yell at the League of The South

    When it comes to putting words into action nonwhites hate whites more than any white shitlib. Revisit the San Jose trump rally’s of 2016. The media kept showing the picture of the woman being hit with the egg but Latinos beat the crap out of elderly Trump supporters. Setting cars on fire- WITH PEOPLE INSIDE. And people being beaten to the point of being vegetables with extreme brain damage.

    I wasn’t at cville but the San Jose trump rally’s were arguably worse (putting aside Heather hyper). It was just latino gang bangers being allowed by the cops to terrorize Trump supporters.

    People didn’t have protective gear at the trump rally but the injuries were way more severe and I don’t recall hearing about antifa setting cars full of people on fire…. *luckily everyone got out of the car but white liberal locals from the area were shocked at how bad it was.

    Nortes and Surenos from all over the Bay Area teamed up for trumps San Jose rally’s. Antifa/anarchist types were probably there but completely overshadowed by damage done by gangbangers

    Brianna Joy Gray; friends of Jimmy Dore- doesn’t talk about whites much and often pushes back against extreme antiwhiteness from the left/left-liberals.

    But she recently remarked on the hill rising how it’s “crazy” we don’t have hate speech laws.

    She’s a class first leftist and often critiques performative antiwhiteism. And is way less overtly hostile to whites than most nonwhite democrats, but even she wants hate speech laws. Jimmy Dore doesn’t.

    They have effectively have the same politics. Both big FTV’ers (force the vote). Both are as anti-antiwhite as a leftist can be but one is for hate speech laws and one isn’t. One is white (jimmy) and one is black(BJG). Simply as.

    I’d argue the majority of white antiwhiteness is a defense mechanism and they’re afraid of being physically attacked by nonwhites. “Virtue signaling” could also just as easily be called “safety signaling” be it safety from HR or safety from Jamal at the bus stop….

    • @NonRacist White Guy: “I’d argue the majority of white antiwhiteness is a defense mechanism and they’re afraid of being physically attacked by nonwhites. “Virtue signaling” could also just as easily be called “safety signaling” be it safety from HR or safety from Jamal at the bus stop….”
      That is an excellent & insightful point.

  15. White antiwhites aren’t doing this.

    While I’ll argue in favor of whites cleaning up their own house first but objectively nonwhite antiwhites are a much bigger problem.

    Many extremely online white right wingers focus too much on black men with white women.

    I’ve know many white shitlib women who never had sex with a black guy but will do anything for a black (platonic) girl friend.

    White women wanting a black women friend is supper underrated phenomenon with white women. Just look at white women loving cardi b, who is largely hated by black men.

    White women want black girl friends and fear of being physically attacked for not being antiwhite enough plays a larger role for white antiwhiteness than most rightwing rationales / explanations

  16. Regarding journalism:

    There is no truth in news and no news in truth.

    (stolen from comments)

    • Good one. That was the saying in the old USSR. There were two major newspapers, Pravda, which means “Truth” and Izvestia which means “News”.

      The Soviets would say: “There is no “Pravda” (truth) in Izvestia (news) and there is no “Izvestia” (news) in Pravda.

      At least the people in the USSR knew it was all lies and tried to carry on as best they could until the system collapsed of its own dead weight. If only Whites in the U.S. weren’t so gullible. The ruling class certainly doesn’t suffer from gullibility, they have deliberately wrecked everything, things are going well from their point of view.

  17. Segregation, de facto or de jure, failed. Integration is an ongoing disaster. Only separation will solve all the problems Anti-Whites claim to care about.

    Happy Black History Month.

  18. Do the hos of Phenix City still service the “needs” of Ft. Benning soldiers? I know a little about Sin City’s history.

  19. The deliberate lying about black-on-white crimes dates from the 1948 Associated Press Guidelines, written by the (((New York Times))) and gradually imposed on every single media outlet over the years as (((their))) total control over media was solidified (note control comes either via outright ownership as with the NYT or via control over the debt). There is no ‘pro-white’ media and the majority of so-called ‘alternative media’ is controlled by the (((same gang))). Yet everyone wants to on Twitter and Faceberg – even though there are genuine alternative platforms like Gab and Social-Galactic. They continue to watch the Talmudvision, the bilge from Pedowood and send their kids to CRT indoctrination centers regardless.

    To take the case of the evil Tywoana Anderson-Jakes, she’ll be provided a vast array of expensive lawyers to make up numerous Talmudic arguments how it was “self-defense” and will not end up even losing the property she owns. The legal system itself is completely corrupted by Jews – thoroughly rotten to the core. If not acquitted outright in the murder of the 12-year old it will be plea-bargained down to 2nd degree murder or manslaughter and she’ll be out in 2-3 years after some “anger-management” treatment (which will consist of even further anti-white hate indoctrination). Contrast this with what happened to an Arizona rancher who held two invading illegals at gunpoint some two decades ago (they were not even shot, just held for the border patrol). The SPLC lawyers descended like a pack of jackals and sued so he lost the property which his family had owned for over a century.

    The 30-year old, and the family of the 12-year old should file civil suits against this evil witch nevertheless, if nothing else simply to prove the legal system is utterly beyond reform so more names can be added to red-lists. A few more will then wake up to the reality that there is no voting your way out of this and join those who will eventually deal with the names on the red-lists. Others will continue in their moronic delusions – until the delusions literally come and kill them or they come to their senses in extreme crisis.

  20. In the eyes of the Jewish-controlled media, the Jewish-controlled courts, and the Jewish-controlled Department of “Justice,” the South will always be portrayed as white rednecks oppressing innocent, harmless Negroes.

    This is why they practically had multiple orgasms over the Ahmad Arbery business — the McMichaels pair and Roddie Bryan were rednecks straight out of central casting.

    The fact is that Southern Negroes are extremely violent toward white people in the post-segregation era and that is something you do not hear about unless you are specifically looking for it. (A significant part of the problem is that a not insignificant number of Southern white trash mudsharks date, marry and copulate with blacks in the post-segregation era).

    I personally like the way Southern white people vote and worship, but frankly I cannot imagine living in the Deep South where there are Negroes EVERYWHERE. Here in the North, once you are out of the cities and into exurbs or farm country, it is basically 100% white. Northern Negroes are quite violent, but they are almost exclusively urban and mostly victimize their own kind. If you can avoid the cities here you can avoid the Negroes as well. I tolerate the snow and the obscene taxes and other government bullshit for that reason only.

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