• And they don’t believe in morality like the dumb proles. So they flaunt their willingness to do evil by praising the embodiment of evil. They’re psychopaths.

      • And yet… they will ALL meet their Maker, and know, INSTANTLY, every single sinful act they have done, while in His Presence, before eternal damnation and hellfire are their lot. Talk about utter fools….

        “ALL such deserve DEATH.”- Romans 1:32

      • I believe it is the same guy whose roommate became a Muslim and killed his other Atomwaffen roommates for insulting Islam.

        • As I said a while back:

          But is this REAL ‘Nazism’?… or merely SATANISM, USING Nazi symbols and terminology? Controlled Opposition/Finkelthink stands to gain (again) another decade or more of spurious legitimacy, by DUPING the People. Including the young, most of all…..

          Look up the Article “FINKELTHINK on read-right dot com.

          Then, read the linked article and ask yourself the question: WHICH GODLESS RACE stands to benefit from this (((Propaganda)))? Or, more simply (((WHO))) rules the West/Ukraine, today?

          There is your REAL Answer.

          “I don’t really want to belabor a point I’ve already made, but Azov is a branch of the same “neo-Nazi” satanic cult as Atomwaffen. Atomwaffen was publicly exposed – mostly by me – as a literal satanic death cult that was killing cats and sacrificing goats, as well as having sex with trannies, in order to get power from demons. This was all confirmed on Discord links.

          All Satanism, for those who do not know, is effectively a form of Judaism. All of it is based on Jewish Kabbalism, including the demonology and the systems of ritual torture and killing to invoke demonic forces. You will find that everywhere you look if you look into Satanism – Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, or any of the modern new age occultists all draw their “secret knowledge” and “ritual magic” back to Jewish sources.” (A Anglin)

      • @DIBUTLER…

        This (Atomwaffen) is just another a case in point why adhering to Chryst’s admonitions to be respectful, even when we very much feel quite the opposite, is so important.

        It protects us and all those we love from having our capitulation to the temptations of evil being used against us and our loved ones.

        As a Southerner I have a sniff test, and that is : if Robert E. Lee and George Washington would not abide it, either will I.

  1. Mr rapper West was Edgy recently, however it got boring and predictable as well!

    Remember the elites are not elites

    History will not record them kindly!

    Always Win!

  2. They never grow tired of back patting and virtue signaling.
    Ignoring is the best but if you have to be exposed to the flotsam and jetsam of the Long March just laugh out loud in the most obnoxious manner.
    They won’t know if you are wildly entertained or mocking.

  3. Does anyone watch these ridiculous awards shows where these perverts and lunatics give themselves awards for their lack of talent? I haven’t heard anyone talk about these ridiculous shows in many years, I don’t think anyone cares about them or watches them.

    If these idiots need trophies for some reason they can order them on-line and put whatever award they want on them, they aren’t even very expensive.

  4. CBS was once known as the Tiffany Network because it was a first-class operation. Carol Burnett, Ed Sullivan, the Smothers Brothers, Walter Cronkite, etc. Those days are definitely over!

    Strange how a bunch of creeps and perverts who find nothing wrong with pedophilia, incest, flamboyant homosexuality and Satan worship are so easily offended by Ye appearing in a White Lives Matter shirt and making a few mild comments in praise of Hitler. When America finally collapses the gods will make sure no physical traces of it remain, as if it never existed in the first place.

  5. Communist Bolshevik Soviet (CBS) executive had to delete “and now we worship” tweet but he’s not aware of all internet traditions like John McCain.
    A twink and 70 year old streetwalker walk into the grammys.
    Rimshot sound not played.

  6. “A standard high-altitude research tool became the world’s most-tracked aircraft after thousands of people mistook it for the suspected Chinese spy balloon”…..businessinsider.com

    Shows how worthless the ‘news’ is.
    Sensationalize nonsense while ignoring the essential, America being overrun.

    • Another case of government/media(they are two arms of the same entity now) fear mongering, and the vast majority of Boobus Americanus fell for it. So hilarious that people who watch Faux News think they are very informed. Journalism is dead in this rotten country. It’s just one big propaganda machine.

  7. Sam Smith is a fucking degenerate.
    These non white antiwhites must be laughing as we self destruct. The West needs to fall, quickly and completely.
    Are these the ‘freedoms’ our defence personal fought for? Well they wasted their time and lives.

    • Sam Smith moms name was Cassidy. Cassidy Goose.

      Cassidy (Irish: Ó Caiside / Ó Casaide) is a common Irish surname and is sometimes used as a given name.

      Whoomp! (There It Is)

    • I think you have it in reverse, I think they are self destructing. At first I thought maybe they actually might be true adherents of satanism, maybe someone at a high level is, but this is just purely delusional attention seeking through shock and awe and owning some Whitey fash (these “artists” believe in nothing but themselves and their ability to con others). The ratings loss doesn’t seem to bother them, in fact they double down on the crazy because they get indirect views from all the “fascists” “anal”lyzing their garbage. You want to own them? Ignore that garbage, it’s not worthy of any attention of, what the Smithsonian generalizes for all Whites, your Whitey commodification of time itself, is much more important and don’t give ANY of your money to anything representing them, like er uh PFIZER for ffs.

  8. I have a teenage son. I’m dealing with a lot of typical teenage rebellion right now. But he’s a teenager, this is to be expected.

    What these insane award shows represent is a perpetual and ever-expanding teenage rebellion by the very people who run everything. It’s pathetic, because so many of them standing on the stage are in their 40s, 50s, even 60s, 70s, and 80s.

    I mean look at Madonna. Seriously. What is she even rebelling against at this point? Are her parents even still alive?

    Are they rebelling against me? A powerless middle aged father who is barely scraping by and trying to figure out how to save for retirement? I mean, their rebellions are choreographed and broadcast globally by the most powerful and influential media companies in the world. Is that really a rebellion?

    The entire entertainment industry has become thoroughly corrupted and disgusting. It is so bad that it’s basically a caricature of itself. It has nothing real left to mock, so it mocks itself.

    And then here we all are, clutching our pearls, and feeding them. I mean, we have two choices. React, or ignore. To ignore is for normalize. To react is to push them further. Lose/lose

  9. O/T-Fitting that the CPUSA faculty lounge Long March useful idiot comrades stuck on a 19th century German bum out to burn down the world get punked by 19th century technology!

    Edited version of SOTU:
    We will boldly leap forward comrades and I’m improvementating the ‘conomy with pronouns and stamping out waycism while beating the stagflation with muh Dork Brandon lasers.

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