Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Anti-White Affirmative Action Binge

In every aspect of public policy under the Biden administration whether it is federal loans to farmers or the distribution of the COVID vaccine or coordinating the censorship of social media with tech companies or DHS and the FBI targeting “racially motivated domestic extremists,” systemic anti-Whiteism has been implemented in name of fighting “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.”


  1. Too be Anti-WHITE, is too be Anti-CHRIST, joe biden, sam smith, they soldier for their god, we soldier for the LIVING GOD, they love death, they love darkness, we love LIFE as we LOVE LIGHT, they are false and tell lies, like their FATHER, We seek the TRUTH and only wish too do our duty……

  2. According to the preamble, this is the purpose of the Constitution and therefore the Government that logically follows:

    ” . . . in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity . . .”

    Here is the fundamental problem: the people owning and running the Government are running it (into the ground BTW) for their benefit and their posterity, not to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. They want us gone, six feet under, they are not “us”.

    One of the malignant purposes of Government now is to loot and destroy the White population as acts of racial animosity and revenge against us. Period. There is no reasoning with this type of thinking. Appeals to some fraudulent MLK type bullshit fall on deaf ears even when Tucker, with his civic nationalist “conservative” thinking gets a black guy to agree with him that yes, anti-White hatred is real. And bad, too.

    Alexis de Tocqueville noted in his Democracy in America that Americans were so enamored of the idea of equality that they would prefer slavery under equality rather than liberty under inequality. Since inequality is the way of Nature the U.S. Government will continue trying to pound square pegs into round holes until there is nothing left. No piece of 18th century parchment can protect against this stupidity either. MLK was no Galileo, Beyonce is no Mozart and the colored people will wreck everything while The Usual Suspects loot the place on the way down.

    Voting won’t help, the scumbag politicians are in on the looting too. They just want their piece as the Titanic goes down.

  3. I remember when conservatives were saying “at least Trump got a lot of good judges appointed.” Now they have one Uncle Thomas black Supreme Court Justice married to a white woman holding his finger in the dike. Clown World..

    • Once USZOG started forcing integration everything becomes progressively absurd.
      That’s the reason they keep borrowing 100s of billions more each year, is to conceal the ever increasing systemic failure.

  4. Thanks comrade commissar Clyburn of the glorious peoples republic of South Carolina.
    What if the melanin enhanced know the gibs will be gone when Latinos are the majority?
    Search for Clyburn reveals funneling of six figures to family members during 2022 “election cycle” and at Yahoo no less.
    The corrupt cess ridden Chicago way gone nationwide.

  5. Regarding those Dem judges afflicting the nation –

    One of the best items in the USA 1789 Constitution – too little known, and almost never used – enables Congress to impeach and remove any and all federal judges – including all Justices of the Supreme Court – merely for ‘lack of good behaviour’. No proof of crime etc needed … if they are not acting responsibly in the opinion of Congress, they can be tossed.

    Sadly this power was never acted upon in any significant way, although it is still there. The Congress is ‘supreme’ in USA law, not the courts … and almost no one knows this. All the judges who voted Roe vs Wade could have been impeached and removed, for example.

    The Soros-type agenda is totally against review of judges by the rest of the polity, as judges are the easiest to co-op to impose unwanted leftist agendas … even tho review of judges, is actually one of the key bulwarks of any real ‘democracy’.

    The Brussels-EU criminals hit Poland hard in revenge for Poland trying to exercise some supervision of its old commie judges.

    And now – in Israel of all places – Netanyahu is trying to limit the near-absolute (Soros-linked) power of the courts there, as part of the religious right wing advancing in Israel. Israeli courts were given super-powers in the early 90s in a constitutional revision under Ehud Barak (the one photographed going into Jeffrey Epstein’s house).

    President Emmanuel Macron of France, servant of Soros and himself a former Rothschild banker, just told Netanyahu that having Israel’s parliament conduct a review of judges is an ‘attack on democracy’ LOL.

    • … and the last one of the Royal Blackrobes to be so impeached was the late great kneegrow HRH Alcee Hastings, who was impeached and convicted by a D-jersey congress in 1988-89 – for taking bribes in chamber. He joined the ranks for Congress for Florida’s 23rd district in 1993 and served there until he croaked in 2021. We had R-jersey congresses from 1995-2006, 2011-2018 and they never managed to impeach a single blackrobe, despite hundreds of totally lawless decisions rendered. The Gay Old Pedo-buro is the ultimate fake-and-gay “opposition party”. R. L. Dabney described them perfectly in 1871. Nobody paid attention then and they pay even less attention now, being distracted by the latest Minstrel-show monkeyshines on the Talmudvision.

  6. Even if there were more White judges confirmed they would’ve been still what you rightfully term the goodwhites and you will still get the miscarriages of justice like the McMichaels. For good or worse, goodwhites are absolute cowards and cowards running imperialism hasten its collapse. Endure folks, these faggots won’t last much longer. We definitely won’t need a literal civil war.

  7. Would an invading army do anything different other than purge the conquered people from all positions of power? We in fact were invaded, through Ellis Island due to the lack of foresight and naivety when the nation was set up full of intoxicating Enlightenment delusions about mankind. The Know Nothings were completely right about the open borders being the nations undoing as far back as the antebellum era. Say what you want but when the Western World had a hereditary aristocracy we never had such subversion. Sometime you got a good one, sometimes you got a bad one, but at least you always got one of us. Once the Kings were gone you got nothing but psychopaths rising to the top ready to sell the nation out to outsiders.

    • You can argue that the immigration of the 19th century altered the political and social landscape of the country but it didn’t destroy the White gene pool. Today’s 3rd world immigration and forced integration not only is causing political and social havoc but, more importantly, is a direct and deliberate attack on the White gene pool. They want us gone for good.

    • Greed was probably the biggest factor in immigration in the 19th century and certainly still is now. Bidnessmen wanted open borders then to drive down wages as close to zero as possible and they still do today. The Republican Party, being founded as the successors to the Whigs were the home of one stripe of religious fanatics and more importantly and longer lasting, the home of bidnessmen, especially big bidness.

      One of the major faults with laissez faire capitalism is that it’s amoral i.e. it’s indifferent to evil; neither for nor against it. Economic textbooks such as by Samuelson, used since 1948 and a standard reference say that the purpose of firms (i.e. businesses) is to maximize profits, period. The single biggest cost for most businesses is labor. Per Samuelson a decrease in labor supply (or increased demand) increases prices (wages) while an increase in the labor supply decreases wages, ceteris paribus.

      Third World immigration is evil because it is destructive, it is destroying the U.S. and Europe. This is the evil being done and business is indifferent because it increases their profits until the U.S. collapses. Being indifferent to evil is actually worse than doing evil, it is the root of the problem of evil in life and allows evil to thrive.

    • When they had the political power to put that Emma Lazarus piece-of-shit “poem” (really a communist screed) on the Statue of Liberty thereby turning it from the Statue of Liberty into the Statue of Immigration. This is part of the nearly complete project to retcon the history of the U.S. from a White republic founded by Anglo-Americans and other Europeans, overwhelmingly Christian, founded for their posterity, not Third World savages, into the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire we now enjoy.

      You know who did it, we all do too, The Usual Suspects. Their project is coming to its logical end now but the question is if will end in a nuclear conflagration or not.

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