Poll Watch: Most Republican Voters Now Oppose “Providing More Funding and Weapons To Ukraine”

As I pointed out on Gab, Republican politicians have always tried to screw over their own voters by pushing unpopular legislation like all the amnesties for illegal aliens or most recently the gay marriage bill. Public opinion is a ceiling on how far they can go with this though. We never got comprehensive immigration reform and the backlash to all the proposed amnesties is how we got Trump.

Raw Story:

“A recent NBC News poll showcases that 63 percent of Republicans surveyed directly opposed “providing more funding and weapons to Ukraine.” Only 32 percent of the Republicans supported additional support of Ukraine via capital assistance and weapons.

The sentiment comes as it is widely expected that Russia will increase air bombings and ground assault across Ukraine to celebrate the first anniversary of its invasion. It has been widely reported that President Joe Biden plans to give a series of pro-Ukraine comments at his State of the Union address. …”

We now have the House.

Kevin McCarthy is a weak Speaker.

The war in Ukraine is steadily becoming more unpopular.

Public opinion in the Republican base has flipped over the past two months.

When the money runs out and it is time to “Stand With Ukraine” again in September, we will have a shot at putting an end to this, especially if support for war continues to erode and become polarized.


  1. Since when did they care about what the taxpayers think about anything?
    Watching the videos at 24-7 War out of Greece are like the meme with the bear ready to have lunch on some prey…help me I’m winning.
    Anything UKE moving day or night gets a shrapnel rain.
    No Wunderwaffen is going to help that unless we have an invisibility cloak to spare.
    Loving these people playing off Chinky barroon as hot air, it’s all fun and games until an actual weapon is used.

  2. We got our ass kicked out of Afghanistan. Only to jump right back into the Ukraine. Was this the plan all along?

    While the tards chant: USA, USA, USA.

    • @ORANGE…

      Yes, unfortunately, that had to be the plan.

      As happy as I was to see us leave Afghanistan, it was just a frantic reshuffling of limited resources.

  3. The party of lincoln, only delivers for their donor class, a little while back, when mr.zelensky was flown here courtesy of the american airforce, on the taxpayers dime, with his hat in hand, they found the Billions he usually requires, that done, mr.mCconnell and Mr.mccarthy, feel the pressing need too balance the fake budget……..
    1861-1865/Reconstruction, what have you Republicans too say about that?……..

    • https://www.unz.com/isteve/silicon-valley-hotbed-of-eugenics/#comment-5809665
      “The WASP upper class of San Francisco in the late 1800’s were hyper anti-white. They were the ones demanding Asian and Mexican cheap labor immigration against the interests of the white working class. Read about California politics during that time and you will be sickened by the actions and statements of the Republicans. They were as evil as any SJW or “anti-fa” today. GOP leaders in CA openly hated white people and openly wanted to make whites a minority in California and America as a whole. When the anti-white GOP started losing elections in CA, that was the start of the pro-white backlash that ended the abolitionist zeitgeist.”

  4. Chinese state-owned television aired footage of a high-altitude balloon dropping hypersonic weapons in 2018.

    The stunning footage displays a high-altitude balloon, not dissimilar from the one that traversed over the United States last week, carrying three hypersonic glide vehicles (HGVs) into high altitude and dropping them for testing. …

    The balloon-dropped HGVs were part of an effort to develop precision warheads for hypersonic weapons, which would give the Chinese military an “unstoppable nuclear-capable weapon,” according to the South China Morning Post.

    (source:ntd dot com)

  5. It’s true Kevin McCarthy is weak, but you can tell whom he thinks is strong by the Ukrainian flag pocket handkerchief he frequently wears. I doubt Republican back-benchers or rank & file skeptics about Ukraine will even slow down the next hundred billion dollar shipment of arms to Zelensky. The Republican leadership’s primary objective in this war is the same as Biden’s, & the neocons’: regime change in Russia, Putin dead or in chains before the World Court, Russia itself defeated, humiliated (i.e., stripped of Crimea, for starters), & dismembered into a number of weak successor states. All of these places, & Ukraine itself, will then be “Westernized” (given over to LGBTQX, radical feminism, crazed consumerism, Open Borders, Third World Diversity, & of course 24/7 porn, beginning in kindergarten).

  6. @ Terry Smith,

    Father disabused me of that Ape Lincoln mythology horsesh1t during junior high and I am thankful.
    The original imperial executive who set a bad precedent.
    Tacking on ending slavery to the Civil War was done later when it was really all about preserving the swamp.
    The best part of growing up means realizing that there are no political solutions or voting our way out of West South Africa.

    • Johny Reb. Thank you for your reply, I wish we had more good dad’s, like yours, that cared enough, too teach their son’s the real truth, if we did, their would not be so many of our people, blindly following these “pied pipers”, of deceit and deception, the republican party owes the SOUTH an apology, or they can piss off…….

  7. LOL !

    Reap What You Sow!!

    No more boomers means no more optimism… means no more support for constant “adventurism” eg working class white meat grinder known as the US military.

    Boomer bashing is a psyop to get people to be ok with cutting social security/medicare- meme lightly on them- but for us who have two brain cells we can apply criticism without throwing the baby out with the bath water…. I’m not going to let you touch my parents social security. No matter how many times you remind me of their braindead John Lennon’s imagine perspective. They’re libtards. We’ll argue on politics but I love them, simple as.

    But if we’re really being honest boomers were only reacting to their social environment.

    Point is that gen x was the brat generation (hunter and some exceptions) best personified in our sphere by Richard Spencer and Gavin Mcinnes. In fiction by the main character in “That 70’s Show.” Forget his name- his dad’s name was red and, he was in robocop. He was cool. Show needed a Red spin off tbh

    Gen X’ers were the first generation raised in American pessimism. Unlike boomers who were raised to feel like america was a moral & just country. X’ers were raised to know america was “founded on genocide & slavery.”

    “We” didn’t “deserve” what we had but unlike millennials X’ers came to age of the during Americas rebound of the 80’s and 90’s. X’ers didn’t think america deserved what we had but we kept on winning. Much like a broken slot machine at a casino that keeps letting you win every rip- never a jackpot but it always pays out. This bred both a cynicism and a feeling of enlightenment/invincibility. For every quarter they put into the American casino they they got a dollar back. During the beginning of the war on terror they- unlike the boomers- weren’t true believers in the righteousness of their cause. They knew the war was stupid but who cares, they were still winning.

    Unfortunately that ended quickly. The economy stopped working for them and they quickly reverted back into the cynicism they were raised on as a young child.

    Millennials were the first “lost” generation and that of the great class divide.

    Millennials childhoods were during the boom era, they were promised the world. Only to graduate from college when the economy went down the shitter with a mountain of debt previous generations of college graduates never had to deal with. Or into a working class economy where it was all service work and working harder didn’t mean getting paid more.

    Back to the class divide; boomers were not just raised in a cultural homogeneous country (which is important but our side already knows/understands that) but they were also economically homogeneous. Tax rates were north of 70% on wealthy people.

    Being middle class didn’t just mean being able to finance a new car like today- but being able to save for a retirement, buy a new car every 4-5 years, depending on your state have a vacation home/cabin, go on multiple family vacations a year (one big one like to Disney world and several other smaller ones in state/neighboring state vacations eg camping trips). What we now associate with “upper middle class” these days was very normal and obtainable.

    The wealth gap is larger than it was during the gilded age of the 1890’s. Whites are very divided along economic lines.

    Thomas Frank of “Listen Liberal!” will remark how it was common for guys from public schools to go into professional jobs and top universities- not anymore!

    Not only were middle class white kids from public schools getting into those schools, when they did they stayed friends with their old buddies who may have gone into more modest middle class professions. Now a days if someone was to make it into the professional class from a public school they’d cut their old high school friends like a bad habit.

    The idea of a doctor being friends with a plumber is almost unthinkable these days.

    This great divide completely skewed the elite’s perception of millennials. Rich millennials are brats. But the vast majority of millennials were denied the opportunity to enter into adulthood- rather than rejecting it.

    Why not be a man-child if you can never afford a home or a family??? You can afford they old video game systems from your childhood.

    This isn’t to absolve all responsibility, and like most on this site I find the man-children of my generation depressing.

    Zoomers are actually getting old, pressing 25- YIKES! I think we all know how fucked they are both from society and in the head. They’re not winning any wars lol

    I say all that to say where is the buy in to do American’s militarism??? When they stripped the country of all identity they could no longer get selfless sacrifice but they could’ve still gotten mercenaries from the white working class but mercenaries need to be paid handsomely.

    Where do they think the next generation of soldieries will come from???

    Did they really think “new americans” would take the white working class spot as America’s soldiers??? Did they think they’d be as talented fighters? I’ve never been in the military but special forces are still overwhelming white despite how diverse the military is as a whole. My theory for that is that special forces require someone of above average intelligence AND physical toughness. Those two combined is rare. Many nerds aren’t strong and those who are strong lack the brains. And if you are a nonwhite of above average intelligence you’ll get fast tracked via affirmative action into cushy corporate jobs- why on earth would a black man with an iq of 110-125 join the military??? When he could get 250k a year and have top universities and corporations fighting over him???

    Add on top of that why would the above average intelligence black or brown person *want* to fight for a “white supremacists” country?

    Did they believe nerds controlling drones could hold ground in war???

    Drones and other soldier-free warfare can provide a lot of damage but can’t *win*

    All you’ll do is stall out like we’re doing in Ukraine and like we did in Iraq & Afghanistan. Very bloody, never taking major L’s but never getting any W’s either.

    You reap what you sow!

    You wanted to plunder america and rob us blind. Well you’re not going to be able to run back to the village and get anyone to protect you when highway bandits are robbing you. Perhaps we can buy some of our stuff back at a discount but we’ll never protect you again.

    Au Revoir “globe trotting elites!”

    See you Never!

  8. The pivot is underway. The Irish just do not have the gonads to take on Russia over the Donbas. They talk good. They threaten and provoke excellently. But when it come to putting their blood on the line they pivot to China. Maybe the Chinese will let the Irish walk all over them.

    Mike McCaul, Irishmen, has just announced he is going to Taiwan. Kevin McCarthy, Irishmen, already announced a visit. Neither has asked permission of the Chinese government to visit, in open definace of the Chinese government. This filth loves to provoke but when it somes to putting their own blood on the line they pivot, turn around, run and tear ass out of here.

    We need to disassociate ourselves form this filth before they do us some serious harm.

  9. I know this sounds really really lame but…

    Please make the calls to your Congressional, US senatorial offices and without being a crank express your strong opposition to yet another Neo Conservative (don’t us the J terms Zionists) White brother wars. Ask to speak for the congressional aide whose job it is to listen to constituent concerns. There will be an intelligent bright young person who’s job that is to listen to constituents.

    Don’t rant and rave.

    Don’t demand to speak to the Congressman, US Senator to “GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND”.

    Try to engage a short back and forth dialogue.

    I’ve done this successfully many, many times to defeat various mass illegal alien amnesties.

    And don’t write off the Liberal Democrats. The Tulsi Gabbard Democrats are out there, insane war mongering has only recently become a 100% Democrat supportive policy.

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