Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address

I didn’t bother to watch it.

I spent my evening reading a book about Early Modern Europe.

Apparently, Joe Biden pledged again last night to “Stand With Ukraine” for “as long as it takes.” He has the unwavering support of 80% of Democrat voters and 100% of elected Democrats in Congress on the issue. So, if you support our current foreign policy of unlimited spending and escalation into war with Russia no matter what the cost, Joe Biden is your man. He has Zelensky’s back.


  1. I do not need to listen to President Biden’s speech to know it’s inner contents.


    #1. Move over Whitey – you have no special right to this land

    #2. You, White Man : became gay, effeminate, hack off your dick, or go die for us in The Ukraine, or anywhere else we wish to use as a money laundering device.

    #3. Respect how we tried to force you to take untried poison vaccines.

    #4. See the economic devastation, I had a part in bringing about, as beneficial.

    #5. If you do not like my administration, blame Putin.

    #6. We stand for Democracy, not autocracy – meanwhile, if you do not encourage transgenderism at your schools, we will defund you.

    #7. Putin started the war in The Ukraine, and NATO will finish it and him.

    #8. See #1.

    #9. We are expanding the NSA and FBI, so that we can follow you into your bathroom.

    #10. Trump bad – me good.

    All the rest is just filler.

  2. Hello Hunter;

    One simple question I am not smart enough to figure out: who the fuck is this “we” I always hear referred to? Is it the loathsome scumbags in Congress, the judges, the businessmen who buy and sell the politicians like $20 whores? Is it Hunter Biden, Pocahontas, Ron DeSanctimonius, the Hollywood frauds standing with Ukraine? The generals in the Pentagon, Idi Amin the Secretary of Defense, the boards of directors of Lockheed, Raytheon, General Dynamics and the Lügenpresse? Inquiring minds want to know. I personally don’t know anyone who falls under the rubric of “we” supporting Ukraine.

    If Dementia Joe were honest (ha!) he would say “we” i.e. the scumbags listed above and The Usual Suspects support Ukraine because it is always someone else paying in blood and treasure for their misbegotten adventures while they stand back and make bank. If the village idiot of Washington D.C. said that I would have some respect for him. He doesn’t even know what lies he is telling anymore. His lying is just force of habit developed over a lifetime, a reflex, like breathing.

    • @12AX7…

      “…Who the fuck is this “we” I always hear referred to …? ”

      I’m not sure who ‘the we’ is, but, I’ll tell you this : I would be willing to bet that it’s not a ‘we’ that includes us, or tens of millions of other White Rural People in this land.

      A kind of selective and sneaky ‘we’ is this ‘we’ of theirs.

  3. Not a surprise he hates his own country FUSA. While biden supports the crap hole ukraine is he cares not to protect our once sovereign border. biden is a communist and a criminal. He should be removed and jailed immediately

  4. You expect this kind of obnoxious stupidity from Demonrats but what is especially galling is that Retardpublican leadership is no different. I can’t support the Stupid Party anymore. The choice of Demonrat or Demonrat Light is repulsive and pointless.

  5. I know sign language pretty well, but I’ve never seen the expression that that interpreter at the top left of the picture is signing.

  6. Xhou Baiden will finish the job of burning it all down by any means necessary in order to complete the Fundamental Transformation of merging the FUSA with the global soviet.

  7. The Democrats were on point, talking about issues that voters care about.

    The Republicans tried to retard-swarm Brandon when he highlighted their proposals to sunset Social Security and Medicare so they can give their donors tax cuts. Dark Brandon not only put the unthinking biomass of undignified trash in its place, he got the fake populist cretins in Conservatism Inc. to cheer against their own positions. Routed! By a demented feeble old man. I’ve never seen anything like it in a State of the Union address. McCarthy looked very uncomfortable. “What am I going to tell the donors?” was his panicked expression.

    Here’s a short clip:

    The most grotesque part for the Republicans was MTG leading the charge dressed like Cruella Deville. (I can’t make this shit up.) That’s not what you want to present to Middle America. Those images will eventually be in hundreds of campaign ads across the country. Pure gold.

    Even with their anti-employee economic agenda, all the Republicans have to do to win is show up, be normal (dress professionally, no wild behavior, no conspiracy shit), and remind people that the Democrats are still batshit woke. Think Glenn Youngkin. But apparently even that is too difficult for most of them.

    • Retardicans are too stupid to connect to the sentiments of most Americans. Trump is one of the few to even come close.

      • Glenn Youngkin is a typical Repuke. Like DeSantis in FL, he’s tossing out scraps of largely meaningless red-meat to the base to prepare for bigger things. CRT has not been removed from VA public schuls, only temporarily scaled back. Back in the Clinton era Jorge W. Busheron was the tough-guy ‘Caudillo’ of Texas doing the same trick. Like the insect changing from its dull chrysalis into a rainbow stink-moth, old Jorge (Murika’s first Messican presidente) transitioned into a ‘compassionate conservative’ when he assumed the Cherry Blossom teleprompter seat.

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