Affective Polarization In White America

Thomas Edsall shares this on that “small problem” in his latest article.

New York Times:

“In their December 2022 paper, “ ‘American’ Is the Eye of the Beholder: American Identity, Racial Sorting, and Affective Polarization among White Americans,” Ryan Dawkins and Abigail Hanson write that

White Democrats and White Republicans have systematically different ideas about what attributes are essential to being a member of the national community. Second, the association between partisanship and these competing conceptions of American identity among White Americans has gotten stronger during the Trump era, largely because of Democrats adopting a more racially inclusive conception of American identity. Lastly, appeals to American identity only dampen out-partisan animosity when the demographic composition of the opposing party matches their racialized conception of American identity. When there is a mismatch between people’s racialized conception of American identity and the composition of the opposition party, American identity is associated with higher levels of partisan hostility.

Dawkins and Hanson acknowledge that “national identity is perhaps the only superordinate identity that holds the promise of uniting partisans and closing the social distance between White Democrats and White Republicans,” but, they continue,

If conceptions of national identity itself become the subject of the very sorting process that is driving affective polarization, then it can no longer serve as a unifying identity that binds the entire country together. In fact, frames that highlight the association of American identity to historic norms of whiteness can ultimately divide the country further, especially as the United States transitions into a majority-minority country. Indeed, continued demographic change will likely make the schism between White Democrats and White Republicans wider before things have any hope to improve. …”

What is the “small problem”?

Over half of Joe Biden voters are White.

The Democratic Party is steadily becoming more non-White. It is also swapping White working class voters for White college educated, social liberals in cities and suburbs. As the Democratic Party brand becomes more closely associated with anti-Whiteism, it pushes away White people who are alienated by that and attracts White people who either support it or who are indifferent to it because of their low to negative sense of White identity. Thus, White identity is becoming a deeply partisan issue.

This isn’t really a “small problem” for White Nationalism which is based on the idea that White people should unite on the basis of race to create a racially exclusive White ethnostate. Just raising this idea is guaranteed to incite massive, violent opposition from White libtards and Democrats because of their negative sense of White identity and their conception of national identity and “racial justice” which associates progress with overcoming our evil racist past. Attempting to “unite” with those people solely on the basis of race is a fool’s errand. This is why rallies in their strongholds like Portland and Charlottesville always degenerate into violence.


  1. Typically, the polls don’t break out Jews as non-white (which they normally identify as except when in (((hello fellow whitey))) subversion mode) but at 2-3% of the population I’m not sure the basic results would differ that much if they did. Who are the 32% of Bai-zuo who are non-college indoctrinated? Most of the public-sector unions (NEA et al) have degrees of one kind or another (usually something like transgender-feminist studies or similar bullshit degrees).

    • Druggies and white chicks who got knocked up with bastards. In most traditional societies women who have a bastard out of wedlock become prostitutes of some sort, full or part time. Here we coddle such disruptive behavior with the welfare state instead of punish them to the fate that nature demands. Post Modern culture is a crime against Darwin. Notice how there is no Darwinian spin on society to be found in any popular entertainment anymore? These days the writers are all women, fags, and jews. Any white male allowed to write TV ends up being some beta male who creates all these kung fu princesses that violate all normal human observations of female behavior. Sci-Fi action heroes are now all these women? Doesn’t really mesh with the females I encounter in real life at my job where they jump and scream in terror after seeing some corrugated paper shred laying in a box thinking it’s “a snake.” Action heroes my ass.

  2. This is the problem…… leftists or globalists or whatever you want to call them had destroyed our sense of identity and want to end our civilization while other civilization are allowed exist.

  3. White democrats (communists) are legion. But they are far from united. They are broken into a thousand blocs and belief systems. A very large minority of them absolutely despise nonwhites.

    When it all goes down, the ground will shift under our feet. We will have many new allies. What we need now, in the ten or so Southern States that aren’t completely rigged, is more money for the few good candidates.

    The Nazis you are trying to educate, Hunter, might be teachable, the ones that aren’t complete satanist pagans and Christ haters. There will always be some lurking who might well listen to reason.

    Russ Winter ( hit two home runs this week. One post on Blinken, and the second post on the half Jew and full scoundrel Alexander Hamilton.

  4. There are two kinds of White folk in this country- Those who hate themselves for being white and those who don’t. The Demonrat Party attracts and cultivates the former and repels the latter. If the Republicans weren’t the Stupid Party they would take advantage of that fact. Instead they desperately seek the support of Blacks and other minorities with hardly a scintilla of success while ignoring the massive Cultural Marxist effort to brainwash White school children and turn their voter base into second class citizens.

  5. When the wheels inevitably come off the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire we will see how much the White libtards really love themselves some of that diversity. Hint: not much.

    When Shitavious, Manuel, Patel and the rest of the diversity come knocking the libtards will be the first to dial 911 on their no longer functioning I Phones for help that won’t be coming. Amazingly the BLM and Stop Asian Hate signs together with their rainbow fag flag won’t work as magic amulets to keep the colored people at bay. The “liberals” and their “conservative” allies need to learn that lesson big time.

  6. The problem is that both parties are run by that 28 and 29% college educated urbanite liberal SWPL scum.

    Both parties….

  7. Most of the White Biden vote is the remnant of the old city machines i.e. Irish, Italians, and other Roman Catholics, plus the left wing service or organizing labor unions.

    The Catholics will bitch about everything like they are Hitler or Mussolini and then vote for a Biden, Pelosi or Newsom. This goes for the German Catholics too, they will dress up like Nazis, sound like Hitler, and then vote for a liberal-left Democrat. They will do it everytime! Seriously.

  8. Divide and conquer will work until the 7500 degree mushroom cloud hits.
    Replacements are expected to keep calm and take five with them.
    You should be prepared to do the same.

  9. Its so bizarre to me that a White person – conservative, liberal, or moderate – would ever consider a nonwhite person their “friend.” Like, its one thing to be nice and kind to nonwhites, for the sake of maintaining the peace, if nothing else, but why bond with them? Why pretend like they are “your people” like White Democrats do? Its so perverted and wrong.

    Pat and Richard Spencer aren’t going to be able to steer the Heraclitian River of liberalism in a Pro-White direction. Segregation and/or separation is the answer, and always has been. But good luck convincing White Liberals and White Conservatives of that.

    So long as the narratives of the 1960s are embraced and internalized by White Normies, we aren’t going to be in a position to take control of the gears of civilization and steer it in our direction. Its not up to us to “Find The Proper Messags,” its up to Normies to transcend their own herd animal status and embrace the truth.

  10. “This is why rallies in their strongholds like Portland and Charlottesville always degenerate into violence.”

    That sounds correct.

  11. What kind of white is white Democrat and what kind of white is a white Republican? No matter how much you try not to be racist, Ryan and Abby, you are going to have to start talking about differences in bloodlines among different kinds of white people. That is where the trail leads.

  12. “Attempting to “unite” with those people solely on the basis of race is a fool’s errand.”

    We don’t want to unite with god damned race traitor scum, but with like-minded Whites who want to survive.

  13. How can reasonably sane people deal with somebody completely out of their minds? The left has become a death cult, if it wasn’t always. They’re openly promoting child abuse, suicide, devil worship, sexual confusion, telling children to have their bodies mutilated by quacks. The leftist weirdos are calling concerned parents terrorists if anybody questions the insanity. Millions of people vote for this crap.

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