The Latest False J Prophet – Konstantin Kisin

Looks like the Anglo Sphere, “The West” has another J Prophet:

Konstantin Kisin.

Like the current anti Russian war mongering Ukrainian leader Zelensky, Konstantin Kisin was/is a J comedian. He is also a J Russian expat who left Russia in most part because he felt the Soviet Russians were discriminatory to his father and other ethnic Js. But, Konstantin Kisin aspires to be so much more that any non “woke” comedian – he aspires to be the conscious, savior of “The West” – a top advisor to British, American leaders or maybe, yeah, the leader.
Konstantin Kisin gave a speech at the Oxford University Union – exposing the futility of “Woke culture” and defending the freedoms, the history and heritage of …. the West.
It is a good/great speech:


Konstantine Kisin rebukes Britain’s young, woke university students for bashing Britain, bashing their “racist” elders, bashing the West for things like “Climate Change”. Konstantine Kisin notes (correctly) that only 2% of carbon emissions are released in to the air from the UK and the future of climate change will be determined in places like South America, Asia especially India where the people are yes… poor and they don’t give a sh** about climate change or any other environmentalist causes. These poor 3rd world people just want to get basic necessities like food, some education for their children and then acquire possessions like indoor toilets, cars that people in the West take for granted. These poor people in places like India and China, South America will support political leaders like the current Chinese leadership that offers them ways to be less poor -stopping “climate change” isn’t even on their wish list.

The Max Boot Way – Bombing Syria for LGBT

Like the J Neo Conservatives (Jonah Goldberg, David Frum, Bill Kristol, Max Boot etc), this Konstantin Kisin tells us White Anglos a lot of what we want to hear: “You’re not to blame for all the worlds problems” , “Western freedoms of free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of personal liberty and individualism, and all of your history aren’t all bad. I’m on your side”.
That’s what the J Neo Conservatives told us in the Reagan 1980 years when we foolishly let them in to National Review and Conservative Inc and they took over – purged anyone and everyone that resisted our people’s replacement and resisted their 3 part program of world destruction:

A) Invade the world for Israel and J financial and media interests
B) Invite the entire world to the USA, the White West – Israel is reserved as a J ethno state.
C) In hoc to the Entire World and the J Federal Reserve private banking cartel to pay for A and B.

And what does this latest J prophet from Russia now in England suggest our young people do about Climate Change, population explosions in Asia, Latin America the 3rd world? NOTHING! Nothing except getting a good job and working for technological breakthroughs for cleaner, less expensive energy and… (like the entire J World) HE’S FULL ON TO UNCONDITIONALLY BACK UKRAINE IN ANOTHER WHITE BROTHER’S WAR AGAINST European RUSSIANS. Yep, he (same as Max Boot and Mitt Romney) Says that Vladimir Putin and Russian Nationalists are the #1 Enemy and any weakness on our part will mean the horrible anti freedom, anti democracy Russian RACISTS will take over… THE ENTIRE WORLD, include Britain and the West!

Yep, Konstantine Kisin the latest J false prophet, J Russian ex pat – will soon to be launching his Conservative Inc, Fox News, Christian Zionist American tour. This J snake has many disguises, many snake skins – this snake changes countries and political, religious affiliations as often as regular White people change their clothes. We’ve seen this type before – IT’S THE SAME J SNAKE .


  1. Lotsa disappointment out there with various celebs.

    Nick Fuentes following the Spencer route and saying nice things about Joe Biden apparently.

    Interesting case of a star French right-wing pundit crashing his image, showing what can happen when a person doesn’t have some kind of spiritual anchor –

    A sort of right-wing icon for a while has been anti-Muslim French writer Michel Houellebecq, his 2015 novel ‘Submission’ visualising a Muslim take-over of France … Houellebecq has said Muslims should leave Europe.

    But Houellebecq has gone full-scale public degenerate now.

    In what the director says was the idea of Houellebecq’s younger Asian wife, Houellebecq – age 66 – agreed to star in a p-rnographic film for a Dutch director, who supplied all the girls and a hotel room if he could film the whole thing with Houellebecq as the male star.

    Director Ruitenbeek said, “Traditional values ??are long lost, so why not become a p-rn star?” He hailed Houellebecq as “a seducer, like crazy, really manly”.

    Houellebecq now regrets it and is trying to shut down the film’s distribution. Film is called ‘Kirac 27’, PG-13-tier trailer on the GoogleTube.

  2. There are two kinds of people in this world. People who like to mind their own business and try and live their lives in peace and people who like to tell everybody what to do and how to think. And what I have come to discover is these traits are inherited and are passed along through the blood. And if I am right, then shouldn’t the people who want to mind their own business come to hate those who like telling them what to do? And if these traits are in fact inherited then isn’t blood hatred, racism justified? Why can’t these kykes mind their own business? Are they not all the same? Is their one miserable rotten Jew in this world who knows how to mind his own Goddamned business?

    • A couple of notes, Dear Mr. Browning – yes, Jews have got a horrible habit of thinking they ought know what everybody ought do.

      That said, they are no more this way than The English or The New Englanders, which is why the three have been allies for so long.

      Of course, we have to bear in mind that, just like with any other group, there are plenty of exceptions, among them, who do not feel or act this way.

      Last thing I’ll say is this – Jew Englanders telling people what to do ain’t half so bad as other folks LETTING them.

      You gotta stick up for yourself, and your own kind, in this world, and, if you don’t, well…

    • No, because they think they are their own messiah. In fact Our Lord told us this would be their behavior. Read the parable about the wicked husbandmen. It’s pointing to their satanic self worship.

  3. Reminds me somewhat of what’s going on with Project Veritas.

    A Jew named Matt Tyrmand (brought into MAGA fold by Posobiec) somehow became the chair of the board of directors of Project Veritas which James O’Keefe founded.

    Right after O’Keefe exposes Pfizer (Jewish) and one of O’Keefe’s people chased down a Jewish Youtube exec (Halprin)……

    Jewish Matt Tyrmand suspends O’Keefe from his own company with possible termination.

    Every Single Time. Never trust a Jew. With Jews you will lose.

    This same pattern is replete throughout history.

    One part of the tribe openly seeks your destruction and another part of the tribe pretends to be in opposition to that and comes to help but when you accept that help you ingest the fatal poison.

    We’ll see what happens with O’Keefe but the goyim never learn.

  4. Woke are the generation raised to burn it all down by any means necessary.
    They will burn down the world as comrade Karl Marx stated in his poems?

  5. Isn’t it interesting how j’s lead the left, then, when the backlash to leftist extremism gains pace, j’s are there to lead this as well.

    It’s almost like a dialectic or something!

    Regarding them being busy bodies and thinking they know better, they really cannot help themselves.

    • Yes, you noticed that the Js lead the anti White, anti Christ cult marxist Left and when the inevitable backlash comes, they try to step in and take over the Conservative, Right opposition. This is in the Protocols of Zion and it’s also in Vladimir Lenin’s doctrine of controlling the opposition:

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

      ? Lenin

      Some very famous examples of this are Roy Cohn – the J homosexual lawyer that elbowed out Bobby Kennedy to be Sen Joe McCarthy’s chief legal council in the anti American anti Communist hearings. Roy Cohn did this in very large part to make sure the American anti Communist movement to focus on Jewish Communists like the Rosenbergs.

      Roy Cohn eventually died of AIDS – this J was connected to everyone that mattered in New York City including Donald Trump.

      Other examples of this are Nicholas SarKosy the French J*w Secretary of the Interior who supposedly was the tough law and order guy (French Guliani) that was ending Algerian Arab anti police riots in the French industrial Suburbs banlieues. Nicholas Sarkozy became President of France by stealing Jean Marie Le Pen’s anti Islam, anti migrant, law and order platform leading a Center Right party like our Bush Republicans. Once in power, he did a 180% switch and tried to make a common union of people’s on both sides of the Mediteranian Sea – uniting all of Algeria, Tunisia, Morroco and Libya with Italy and France – promoting the free movement of goods, services and yes PEOPLE inviting the entire North African Arab Muslim populations have to be over 60 million to simply move to France and Italy.

      Algeria in 1955 was part of France, not a colony. Over 1 million White Pied Noir Europeans lived in coastal Algerian towns and cities, Algeria had been a part of France for over 125 years. There was a brutal Race/culture war in the 1950s, the French military won the war, killed probably over 500,000 Arabs, but as usual, like Rhodesia, Whites win the war, White politicians and Js lose the peace – the Evian Peace treating gave full independence to Arab majority French Algeria, there were supposed to be full protections for minority Pied Noir White Europeans and their property, but as in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe Arabs, Blacks never keep their word. All the Pied Noir, White French in Algeria were either killed or ethnically cleansed forced to leave French Algeria with just the clothes on their backs and a suitcase.

      “The Coffin or the Suitcase”.

      Of course your average Reagan/Bush Boomer Conservative knows absolutely NOTHING about the French Algerian War, the Battle of Algiers in the 1950s, too busy watching Red Dawn and Rambo III where THE RACIST RUSSIANS/SOVIETS were/are the enemy. Red Dawn was on in my neighborhood bar the other day and a very intelligent White guy ~40, with lots of personal experience in and near extremely violent Black Chicago ‘Hoods was gretting in to this stupid Red Dawn Movie – where Russian, Soviet troops parachute in to some all White Conservative town in get this….

      MONTANA! And the local White high school football team form guerrilla war rebel armies. WTF?

      How can our people be so stupid!


      • Jack Ryan,

        Nice comment. I am not sure why whites trust others so much. I come from a low trust society and I do not trust very many people in the slightest.

        • @Cristina…

          I have found a lot of supersticiousness and suspciousness in Mexicans, and at every level of your society.

          Ironic, because at the same time Mexicans, as a whole, are probably the friendliest people I have ever met.

          Actually, in the South we have a lot of this strange duality.

          I also find Russians rich in this duality, though, perhaps a little less than Mexicans and Southerners.

          • ivan,

            Thank you. If you remember my grandmother spent several years of the 1950’s in the deep south and loved the people. She even found the blacks fantastically nice as well.

            It seems strange to me that blacks ever were wonderful but then I should not judge both blacks and whites by the current world/American Society.

            Outside of history and other people’s memory it is difficult to imagine a society different than the current one. The Enemy if they could would erase even that.

          • Yes, Dear Cristina, I do remember that your Grandmother spent time with us.

            The South is not as nice as it was then, but, it there still is a lot of that in many places.

            And the Deep South has always been friendlier than the Olde Confederacy of Virginia and North Carolina.

            We’re a bit snooty up here, though nobody is quite like a legacy Bostonian!

            Of all place, Louisiana is probably the very friendliest in this country, and the least pretentious.

            Your comment about not judging us right now is extremely wise.

            We are in a very bad place that is not truly indicative of who we are.

            Things won’t stay this way, forever.

          • “It seems strange to me that blacks ever were wonderful ”

            They were kept within strict civil guidelines and not under continuous (((hate provocation))).

          • @Arrian…

            Yes, you comment is dead on, and, I will add, the were not paid then, to not work for us.

            Many Black and White families were bound by centuries of Blacks being trusted servants in White family homes.

            With this economy, Whites do not want to spend the money, Blacks do not want to work in a situation they regard as ‘demeaning’, and so we have basically separated.

            Many black women, in particular, prefer to draw welfare and not work, because they are not materially ambitious.

            As this time in history continues to unfold, and welfare for able-bodied Black Women stops, this very class of Black Women will find themselves choosing to do what they did before, and relations will improve, not to mention the reasons you state.

            The current situation is a disaster for Black/White relations, yet they call it ‘a liberation’.

        • One of my Mexican buddies (Guerreo origins) has been involved in two or three family businesses in the States and he tells me that family will screw you over quicker and harder than most anybody else.

      • This was a fine article, BTW. Good job of highlighting the Talmudic game of financing both sides. One possibly hopeful sign I recently saw (unconfirmed) was that Wagner PMC reports that over a million Americans have signed up to fight NATO (= Globo-Pedo Rainbow legion). While I DO NOT think it’s a good idea to join a foreign mercenary army regardless of who they are fighting, it is possibly indicative that a large number of younger white men are finally getting sick and tired enough of the Woke BS being shoved down their to actually DO something about it.

        • Thanks for the kind words sir. Please distribute this article/blog far and wide to your contacts that still have a functioning brain. OK, that’s getting to be a smaller and smaller % – it’s super bowl week, I hear the USFL is coming back this Sping and Summer so the ZOG – Dis United States of America will have year round Negro Felon league, College in Name Only Football, Black USFL – the Roman Gladitorial Games weren’t this bad.

          Do you have any specific parts of the Talmud that present “how to fool, enslave the Goyim”. This Lenin school of political warfare – lead the opposition in a fake opposition seems more taking from the Protocols of Zion which do fit the facts.

          Remember a “forgery” is a copy of an original.

      • >How can our people be so stupid!

        Because the smarter ones play the game and lie to them.

        Red Dawn was Kevin Reynolds’ first script.
        >He was a 33rd degree Mason.[1]

        Teddy Roosevelt fan John Milius made a movie based on the Perdicaris affair.

        Town where Red Dawn was filmed-

    • Surprised that honky didn’t end up on one of Gividens’ monthly lists of whites killed by nogs. Here’s the roster for January. Lots of white sluts winning their Darwin awards of course. Plenty of random killings, “robberies gone wrong”, TNB, etc. Lots of police robotically stating they doubted it was a racial issue, etc.

      Even worse are the lawfare cases listed at the end where white first-responders are being charged because a nog didn’t make it. Despite acquittal, Kyle Rittenhouse is being sued by the family of Anthony Huber, the Antifa who hit him over the head with a skateboard and attempted to take his weapon to kill him (and was thus killed in self-defense). Yet another example of a Federal judge (Clinton appointee) who should be impeached, but the Gay Old Pedo-buro being what the totally fake-and-gay opposition it is will never happen.

      • The complaint by that honky, as you say, reminds me of an occasion when I, similarly, felt—I mean really felt—vibration from a loud, nearby car radio. This was on Santa Barbara’s main street, which, at that time, forty or so years ago, was a Whitopia of high-end shops (none of which, I ought note, were places I could have afforded to patronize).

        In looking about for the source of the placidity-shattering sound and shake, I reached my car’s rear-view mirror, in which I saw a black Porsche 911. Whether its driver and passenger—both black men—were football players, drug dealers, or, say, atomic scientists, I won’t venture to guess; but in retrospect, it’s as if I’d slipped out of reality and into a Hollywood comedy of the time. I can’t say it was terribly entertaining.

    • John B,

      I am here for the weekend. You were right when you stated that I did not speak English fluently. I took a test and was rated at C1. C2 is fluent.

      i think when I began on this site I was B1/B2 so I have improved.

      • If a commenter here, at Occidental Dissent, said you do not speak English fluently, Cristina, it can’t have been I. In the first place, you seem to me to speak—or at least, write—English fluently; and in the second, well, I wouldn’t have been moved to say it. I’m always impressed by persons who can speak or write, even if not perfectly, in more than one language. You seem to me to write English without flaw.

        Will be pleased to listen to the song you’ve linked, but I’m afraid you’ll have to give me the title. Once again, YouTube has not made the item available here, at this page. There must be some reason why some songs show up and others don’t—as you and I have both noticed—but I don’t know what it is.

        Am glad to hear you think your English skills have been improved via your having spent time here, at Mr. Wallace’s den of polite outlawry. Evidently, it’s the internet’s only locale that provides guidance in both White Supremacy and English as a Second Language.

        • John B,

          Excellent comment. Thank you. Your last sentence was subtle and delicious. I used to spend a long time just to write a couple of paragraphs on here but now my comments flow easily.

          I do have a fairly thick accent yet some of my younger brothers and sisters do not have much of an accent at all. Proving once again that the earlier a person learns a language the better.

          The name of the song was You Talk Too Much by Joe Jones from 1960.

          I am even talking/writing a lot about a song that proves I am talkative. I am almost always in a good mood. The last time I was here you wrote me such a sweet comment that I cried.

          This website can make me angry but it is still more positive than otherwise or I would never come here.

          • Because I didn’t listen to the radio regularly until I was well into my high-school years, Cristina, I myself am only little familiar with pre-Beatles rock and roll. When you named “You Talk Too Much,” I was unsure I knew it; but as it began playing, at YouTube, I realized, yes, I had heard it several times. It certainly is catchy, so catchy, in fact, that the listener doesn’t mind that Mr. Jones doesn’t stay squarely on key when he extends the word “talk.”

            I’m glad you enjoyed my comment, and I’m pleased to hear that the composition of your own comments is coming more easily to you. It’s no surprise, of course, that your accent is thicker than that of your younger siblings; but however thick it may be, you’re proud of it, I hope. “A man with an accent probably speaks one language more than you do.” Decades ago, I heard a statement to that effect from the actor Ricardo Montalban, who was born in Mexico and who said it to a talk-show host who’d just then teased him about his accent. Naturally, the audience reacted with hearty applause.

            Within the last year, I became aware of an American record that was used in the closing credits of a movie that came out in the 1990s but was set in the 1940s. Released in 1948, the record is a specimen of the “traditional pop” by which the era of swing and big-band music was extended for a decade or so, beyond the end of World War II. It is, in another words, music of the type that began giving way to rock-and-roll in the middle ’50s.

            For me, that music, even if I know only very little of it, has a sentimental appeal, since it was the music of the period in which my parents were young. For you, it’s music that goes back beyond the earliest days of your grandmother, whom you’ve mentioned here. That notwithstanding, you might find something of interest in it. This particular recording is “Haunted Heart,” by a singer named Jo Stafford …

        • John B,

          Okay. How about this song. Whenever I have danced with a guy whether latin or anglo they look like the guy on the left in the picture while I am like the girl dancing—having fun without any self conciousness.

          It is Sugar Sugar

          • Well, yes, Cristina, “Sugar, Sugar” is right from the heart of my high-school time and is thus a record I knew well. Hadn’t realized it’s still being heard, but I guess the hits of the rock-and-roll period tend to stay around. That was an example of what was called “bubblegum” or “bubblegum pop.” Within the last year or so, for reasons I don’t recall, I played several times, at YouTube, “Yummy Yummy Yummy,” another specimen of the genre.

        • John B,

          That song by Jo Stafford was beautiful and calming at the same time. I looked up her songs on youtube. She also sings about Shrimp Boats and Shenadoah river or valley–I am not sure which.

          If this does not copy and paste I give up on posting songs until my next visit probably on Easter Vacation.

          • I’m very glad the internet allowed a YouTube link of yours to post properly at last, Cristina, because “Shenandoah,” which I’d not heard, gave me chills. From what I’ve just now read at Wikipedia, I’ll guess that those lyrics of homesickness are quite a departure from any traditional lyrics of the “folk” version of the song. How poignantly Jo Stafford rendered them.

            On the basis of my very-limited musical understanding, I’m going to say that the instrumental passage at the record’s start is a sort of imitation of Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring,” which premiered in 1944. That would make sense, since the Shenandoah River and the valley in which it sits are in Appalachia.

            Because, as I gather, you are Catholic—which is what I was raised—I’ll mention an indirect way in which Appalachia is connected to the history of Catholicism in America …


            On the map at the link above is the Great Appalachian Valley, which runs north-south from Canada to Alabama. With that long valley lying within it, the Appalachian system, of mountains and plateaus, is a great natural barrier, by which the British colonies that became the United States were pinned against the Atlantic Coast.

            Eventually, settlers from the British colonies migrated into that Great Valley and settled within it; but not until around the time of the American Revolution did they find a “back door,” out of the valley and into the American interior. The door was the Cumberland Gap, which led out of the valley into what is now the state of Kentucky. It’s around where the number “12” is marked on that map.

            Not until 1789, after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, did the Pope establish a diocese in the U.S. This was the Diocese of Baltimore, which covered what was then the whole U.S. It was seated there, in Baltimore, because Maryland had originally been created, by Lord Baltimore, as a sort of American refuge for English Catholics. Not until the U.S. acquired, via the Louisiana Purchase, what is now the Archdiocese of New Orleans did another diocese exist on American territory.

            It was 1808, a few years after the Louisiana Purchase, that the diocese of Baltimore was subdivided, into a diocese seated in New York; a diocese seated in Boston; a diocese seated in Philadelphia; and, yes, a diocese seated in Kentucky, in a place called Bardstown. Those first three places—New York, Boston, and Philadelphia—eventually became cities with large Catholic populations (as did not please the entirety of America’s Protestant population); but Kentucky, too, though its very name conjures images of the rural life of pioneers, has, as you see, a prominent place in American Catholic history. Now broken up into scores of dioceses, that old diocese of Bardstown extended across what are now several states and covered a vast portion of inland America.

            With that out of the way—and, I hope, basically correct—I’m going to listen again to that stirring recording I’m very happy you brought to my attention. On the map I linked above, “8” is the Shenandoah Valley, a subdivision of the Great Appalachian Valley. If my sense of all these things is correct, the Shenandoah River runs along its floor.

        • John B,

          No, I am not embarrassed by my accent. Almost everyone I know has one. The only way to cover it up is to pretend to have another accent.

          I really like the rock and roll songs from the 50’s-60’s yet they generally lack the calmness of the period right before that era–at least the few songs that I have listened to anyway.

          As for the song-You Talk Too Much? it is more catchy than good. I only played it since it does somewhat describe myself. That other song you sent me 6 weeks ago called Johnny Angel is far better.

          • You’re probably right about “You Talk Too Much,” Cristina, but I did get a kick out of it. If you’re convinced that, in the three-dimensional world, you presently talk a bit too much, well, we here, at Occidental Dissent, will have to rely on your judgment for that. In reading what you post here, I never have the feeling that you’re prattling. You always seem to have something that’s worthy of being said, and you say it well.

        • John B,

          Thank you for that map and Catholic history of that area. I am not familiar with the Appalachian Mountains but according to that map they are relatively large and cover several states.

          Relations between the Church and the USA were non-existent from 1867 until Reagan became President. i will always have fondness for him for that reason alone.

          I did not look up the dates but am going on memory so I might be off on the years.

          Interesting that the United States established relations with Communist China and the Soviet Union before they did with the Vatican.

          Under Jimmy Carter they were about to re-establish relations but the Fundamentalist/Evangelical Protestants had a fit.

          • “Interesting that the United States established relations with Communist China and the Soviet Union before they did with the Vatican.”

            Hadn’t known that, but yes, it’s very interesting. If I’m remembering correctly, the U.S. recognized the Soviet Union in the first presidential term of Franklin Roosevelt. Had white Americans been in the habit of paying attention—to, like, anything—that recognition would have sounded, in their minds, as “a fire bell in the night,” as Thomas Jefferson said in another context. Every white family in America would have realized that its sons and fathers and brothers and cousins would soon be in vast theaters of high explosives—dropped from bombers, propelled by huge shipboard cannon, sending steel projectiles from the wings of fighter planes, and spraying such projectiles from machine guns, all across the civilized world. They’d have realized that the radio technology that was bringing them their insipid entertainments and Roosevelt’s fireside chats would soon be in walkie-talkies and radar rigs and proximity fuses, all employed in the coordination of the killing and destruction.

            White Americans, of course, never pay attention and thus simply got sentimental about their sons and fathers and brothers and cousins who, in time, were killed or maimed in all the battle zones of the Second World War. Whites love memorializing their war dead. At this point, they love it more than having children.

      • @Christina Romana Alva:

        Actually the fact that your English is so grammatically correct is what shows that English is not your first language. I would imagine that, being a native Spanish speaker, you aren’t so careful with it. Wanted to add, I know a young man who married a French girl, is trying to get fluent in her language, and is driving her crazy, asking her the whys and hows the French gender their pronouns. Later I talked to someone fluent in that language who said that there is no real rhyme or reason, even the French mess it up, and ignore those who correct them as if they were rude tourists.

        As my paternal line hails from both Alsace-Lorraine, France and the French canton of Switzerland, learning that tickled my funny bone. I joined Occidental Dissent, because, even though you’d technically call me a Yankee, my great-great grandfather ended up fighting for both the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War. He was drafted into the Union near the end of the war and when the smoke from the muskets cleared he thought he was with another unit until he saw they were carrying the Confederate battle flag. The Confederates were so poorly outfitted at the time that many of them were reduced to rags and had to strip the Union dead of clothing and weapons. I had read Gone With the Wind as a teenager and much mention was made about the Southerners donating gold for The Glorious Cause, but the shape of the fighters made me wonder how much actually was used for the purpose stated or whether it ended up being the money-laundering operation that Ukraine is today.

        He was terrified of being captured, because he figured if the army had so little, he’d either be killed or end up in worse shape as a POW, so he just pretended he didn’t know any English and spoke only French. They assumed he was a Cajun from Louisiana and he fought with them until he could get back to the Union side. When I told the French girl about him, she got curious and arranged to talk to an elderly Cajun to see if she could figure out the accent and lo and behold, he sounded like he was from the same area of France part of my French side originated. Although she said his language was much more archaic than the French spoken today.

        My mother’s first language was not English and she attended a Polish Catholic school where she was taught proper English. It started out bilingual in kindergarten but as she progressed through the years, she was totally immersed in English, being taught all subjects in English. Of course, that was back in the day when the Anglo American elite were proud of their culture, set the standards and expected everyone to assimilate.

        It was a totally different learning environment from today’s bilingual programs where Hispanic students, in particular, can go from kindergarten through twelfth grade without knowing a lick of proper English if they don’t want to and with so many states going full Latino, why would they want to if they had no higher ambitions then getting a basic job that didn’t call for much interaction with the English speaking world? It is human nature with most people to take the path of least resistance.

        In any case, my mother was very proud of her English and was punctilious about correcting that of her children. I can’t count the number of times she corrected my grammar and my spelling. So, kudos for your attention to detail.

        By the way, is there any rhyme or reason to how and why the Spanish gender their nouns the way they do? Enquiring minds want to know.

        • Clytemnestra,

          I am almost out the door until Easter so I can only thank you for such an information packed comment from you. It takes time and commitment to write a letter such as yours.

          Some gendering is because of the sex of a living creature or to items that each sex should do compared to the other sex.. Other gendering is lost in antiquity.

          In school as a child I never asked and never thought about such matters. Interesting how someone can ask a good simple question about something I am so used to that I just take the grammar rules for granted.

        • Here’s an odd thing that reflects what you’ve addressed, Clytemnestra …

          “C’est son bateau.”

          What does that mean? A Frenchman would be unable to tell you.

          “Bateau” means boat—but it’s a MALE noun. That means that if you want to say “the boat,” you say, “le” bateau, as opposed to “la” bateau, which is what you’d say if it were feminine.

          “Son” is the male possessive. Does that mean it means “his”? No, it can mean EITHER “his” or “her.” If the noun is male, then you use the male possessive.

          So, again:

          “C’est son bateau.” That can mean “That’s HIS boat” or “That’s HER boat.” You can’t tell without context.

          The same is true with, for example, the following, in which the noun is feminine:

          “C’est sa liste.”

          Since “liste,” meaning “list,” is feminine—“la liste”—it takes the feminine possessive, “sa,” so again, you can’t tell what the sentence means. It can mean “That’s his list” or “That’s her list.”

          I wouldn’t be surprised if the other Romance languages, including Spanish, work that way—or, rather, fail-to-work that way. It’s all arbitrary, as is the gender of nouns in Latin, from which the Romance languages are said to descend. I doubt there’s any making sense of it.

          PS If you want to test what I’ve said, go to Google Translate and ask it to translate “That’s his boat” into French. After that, ask it to translate “That’s her boat” into French. It will give you the same translation.

  6. Folks, we’re getting seriously off topic – hobby horse stuff about Catholic and Protestant denominations or lots of people wanting to “chat up” Christine – that’s understandable. But the topic of this blog is Konstantin Kisin, another false J Conservative prophet, false J savior of “The West”.

    Our people have a serious problem of not being able to stay focused – our enemies and traitors are much better at this, the play to win and increase their groups wealth and power at our expense. We tend to lose focus, fall down in to pretty much pointless divisions over Christian church denominations – Blacks and Js, homos never do that, that’s why they usually win.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      Sorry about this but I come from a people that like to have fun. Here is a song called Speedy Gonzalez that every Mexican I know like.

      I have not lost the fact of the False Prophet narrative. I took your advice last year when you privately wrote me on advice on buying a car and said that I was flaunting our family wealth too much.

      As always sweetness from me.

      • Well, you’re a charming young Latina – lots and lots of people want to be around you, chat with you.

        I really like the Pat Boone Speedy Gonzales song, but Pat Boone representing a real bad side of American popular culture – super clean, religious protestant obsessed with all kinds of stupid stuff that doesn’t matter like disliking Catholics, going for the Viet Nam War, hating Russians, being uptight about sex – couldn’t handle the 1960s. Pat Boone and his daughter Debbie Boone were a real pain.

        Any wedding bells to be played for you Miss Christina? Can you match make for me – I can’t stand White Anglo college miseducated big city woman, no one likes them especially me. These big city, college miseducated Anglo women have always ALWAYS worked to ruin my life, getting me fired from every job. Sigh.

        Well there I went and I am chatting you up.


        • Mr. Ryan,

          That was a nice letter. I did not know much about the singer. Interesting facts.

          My older sister is a sweetheart yet she has a steady boyfriend. She is extremely agreeable, feminine, and pretty.

          In my society everything is always personal even politics so it is normal to flirt, be friendly and personal even when discussing serious topics,

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I knew immediately that just because a Jew writes/says something half way decent that it does not mean he is on your side even when done sincerely.

          Whites are frequently bought off on trinkets and those baubles somehow become shinier when uttered by a Jew or black.

          I know that immediately. There is not much else I could add to the main lesson of the article.

          Now is it time to party? I write this with friendliness and fun.

    • One of your previous remarks caught my interest with respect to the famous document known as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Doing a quick search on the internet reveals that the sources taken over by the Church of Woke (Wikipedia, Britannica and other parts of the lie-machine) have now changed the characterization from being a “forgery” to a “fabrication”. The term “forgery” was more widely used in earlier times, though to be fair a “literary forgery” is also employed for something purporting to be the work of a person or persons who didn’t actually write it.

      The ‘Protocols’ were originally published in Russia in 1903 in a journal by Pavel Krushevan, supposedly linked to the Okhrana (the Tsarist secret service) and associated with the ‘Black Hundreds’. The actual author is unknown but the ‘protocols’ where also included as a final chapter in a 1905 edition of a book by Sergey Nilus, an Orthodox mystic. Pytor Stolypin, the cazist minister who investigated the origins of the document, attributed them to French documents which appeared in the late 1890s in reaction to the contemporary World Zionist congress, held annually starting in 1897 in neighboring Switzerland. Here is a link to the Mardsen translation which appeared only after the Bolshevik revolution. Translator Mardsen managed to escape Russia in the early days of the Bolshevik regime despite having been arrested and imprisoned. Better download before the ADL before they order to remove it.

      If this document is such an outrageous total fabrication, why has so much effort been spent to see to its removal? The publication is outlawed in numerous places and is only circulated freely within the Islamic world at present. The Kerensky regime (which followed the Tsar’s abdication in 1917) outlawed it and one could be shot on sight under the Bolshevik regime if it was discovered in your possession. Still illegal in most of EUSSR and other “liberal democracies”. Is it a total forgery or merely a summary of the discussions, proposals and plans held at the various Zionist congresses in the late 1890s?

      • John B,

        That was a good comment above on the American naivety on war especially glorifying the death and destruction of WW2—-the so-called Greatest Generation.

        The greatest generations are those that can keep the peace with honor and do not meddle in other countries affairs needlessly.

  7. Cristina Romana Alva:
    A change in American protestant dominance came when they made the Louisiana Purchase, since Louisiana territory was French/Spanish, and certainly Catholic. St. Louis, where I live, certainly has always been a Catholic city. Ste. Genevieve,
    about 100 miles south of here, was very Catholic and still is. Indians were tolerant of the French because they didn’t overwhelm the land with settlement, as you know we Americans are so fond of doing.
    America had plans to conquer Canada in 1812, but they fizzled out. Americans counted on the French Quebecois joining them, but the French Canadians preferred the English, because they knew the Americans and their protestant religion would overwhelm the French, where the English would let them keep their church and customs.
    The French never had the colonizing spirit of the Anglo-Saxons.
    So, there may not have been a diocese (Missouri was part of the diocese of Louisiana and Florida, created in 1818), the Catholic influence was strong, although swamped by the Americans, but even today the upper class in St. Louis has many French families, and proper St. Louis girls go to a main ball where they are presented to the Bishop.

    The small group of French Catholics got a boost when the Irish settled in St. Louis, and large German migrations, mostly of German Catholics.

    I think your English has improved, but we speak (!) differently in print than we do in conversing. I speak some German, and when I lived in Germany, people remarked on my accent, and I didn’t sound American. Most say I sound French. Americans rarely speak a foreign language, and when they so, they speak it badly.
    My grammar and syntax aren’t great, but conversationally I do very well.

    “Relations between the church and the U.S. government were nonexistent.” True, but the protestant church had a very strong cultural impact among Americans. It was pretty true that a Catholic had no chance of being president until Kennedy was elected. Most of American official religious belief is worship what you want, BUT WORSHIP SOMETHING.
    It’s an undefined religiosity, and while tolerant, can easily lead to indifference. But also, the real god of Americans is money. We have always equated virtue with cash…if you make money, than you must be a good person.God has rewarded you. That was a big reason the fundamentalists and Reagan had such a cozy relationship.
    Also explains how the Jews have gotten so much control…their ability to create wealth and the Bible thumpers slavish worship of Israel…unless, of course, it interferes with money-making. First things first.
    Hope I haven’t bored you with the history lesson, but we enjoy educating you.

    • dargason,

      That is a very detailed and interesting letter you wrote me. I thank you for it. I will have to go over it thoroughly since a brief read might not do it justice. The information it contains needs some thought.

      I always appreciate understanding the mentality of others and their society.

    • To add to what you’ve said, dargason (emphases mine):

      “In 1834 … [the] BISHOP OF ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, asked … the superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph at Lyon, [France,] to SEND SOME SISTERS TO AMERICA to undertake instruction of deaf-mute children. … [In] January 1836 the first six sisters set sail from Le Havre, France …. After seven weeks at sea, they ARRIVED IN NEW ORLEANS …. [The Ursuline Sisters there] told them to disguise their religious habit when going abroad and while traveling TO ST. LOUIS as there was anti-Catholic feeling among some residents.

      “[T]he sisters … traveled up the Mississippi and REACHED ST. LOUIS [in March]. …

      “In 1847 the first foundation outside St. Louis was made IN PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA ….”

      This is just one indication that some Catholic institutions reached Philadelphia, from Europe, not directly—i.e., not via the Atlantic—but via “Lousiana,” by which, as you say, British-born America brought a Catholic region and population into its midst. Those Sisters of St. Joseph mentioned above, in an excerpt from Wikipedia’s “Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet,” were the teachers in Philadelphia’s Catholic schools when I was a youngster. The Vincentian Fathers, too, who were brought to Philadelphia to run its Catholic seminary, in the 1840s, came via Missouri, which they’d reached in 1818.

      For me, this is interesting because it helps fill in the picture of the emergence of America as we know it, rather as the historical material posted by Mr. Wallace, our host, does. Of course, P.G.T. Beauregard—i.e., Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard, who’d go into history as the Confederate general who led the attack on Fort Sumter and thus started the Civil War—was raised Catholic. Born on a sugar plantation outside New Orleans, he was of French, Spanish, and Welsh ancestry—a blend, maybe, of Catholic and Protestant elements. (I don’t really know.)

      As I said in a comment above, Kentucky was the seat of a Catholic diocese by 1808, the year before Abraham Lincoln, as the son and grandson of pioneers, was born there.

  8. @Jaye Ryan:

    I put the False J Phenomenon (i.e. Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum and now Konstantin Kisim) down to the loss of confidence by the Anglo American elite and in the Anglo American elite by rudderless White Americans hungry for a leadership who will champion them and not blame them for every Non-White dysfunction imaginable.

    The result is now milquetoast conservatives who need constantly need to trot out Non-White conservatives, because they need Non-White validation lest their love for and need to preserve their own people looks like xenophobic bigotry, thus the standing joke about what one calls the only Black at a Republican Convention. The speaker.

    Really, the cynical part of me believes that the RNC is attracting so many Blacks and Hispanics, because the DNC is overflowing with Hustlers of Color. To me this strikes me as another hustle.

    In any case, my previous post regarding the bilingual education of my mother … where she was expected to graduate from high school, not only proficient but fluent in English before WWII (and only the Jew won WWII) broke out compares to the bilingual education taught today, particularly to Hispanics where a Hispanic can go from kindergarten to graduation day from the twelfth grade without learning English proficiency. To me, this is the most dramatic example of how Anglo America lost confidence in itself and ceded all authority to the Jew.

    I’m using the Hispanics as the most glaring example. I’m pretty damned sure, that ethnic enclaves are springing up all over hell’s half acre where everyone expects Uncle Sucker to educate one’s children in the language of the old country or why the hell are placed like California printing out voting ballots in hundreds of different languages? How many other blue states are doing this?

    How do we counter the False J Prophet Phenomenon? I think we keep asking Our People the question as to why the J Prophet prefers to preach to the Amen Chorus in the Gentile Choir rather than converting the Unbeliever, i.e. OJ?! We also need to ask why the price of a False J Prophet’s support is always fighting Israel’s battles and/or killing Whites in other countries.

    There is a reason why the Anglo American elite lost confidence in themselves. It was a spectacularly poor choice of judgment to allow the United States to be dragged into WWI and then dragged into WWII. It was stupid for England to choose to go to war with Germany, a country chock full of Anglophiles! It was disastrous of Kaiser Wilhelm to sabotage first cousin, Czar Nicholas during WWI. Cousin Nicky lost his life and Kaiser Willy lost his crown. Prior to those conflicts, Whites were one third of the world population. There is a reason why the White upper class liberals in all White countries are filled with self-loathing Whites. Its guilt over falling for the okie-dokie which genocided fellow Europeans, but its subconscious guilt that is being deflected on poorer Whites.

    That is why we need to keep harping about not being dragged into foreign conflicts, particularly White versus White conflicts. Of course, we need to take full advantage of anything useful (and they do have to provide SOME useful things to prove some form of credibiity) that Levin, Shapiro,etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum and Kisim have to offer, but keep reminding our people that they need to exercise critical judgment, think for themselves, never trust, but verify, verify, verify. Most importantly NEVER agree to pay the price in blood – especially that of our children and grandchildren – to get a pat on the head by these people.

    The Blacks, who we often deride as having lower IQs than Whites, have had enough street savvy to figure out that these people can occasionally be useful allies against a common enemy, but they are no one’s friends. Since we know that OJ declared that we are the enemy, we need to be ever more vigilant and on our guard. There might always be some off chance that SOME of them have interests which intersect with ours, but they are NOT our friends and never will be. In the meantime, we can always kick back and have fun watching our Jewish friends have to fend off the little golem they keep creating to sic on us.

    In my twenties, I read the part in the Quran where Mohammed allegedly said the entire world will end up in arms against the Jew and even the rocks and trees will give him up. I didn’t believe it at the time but with the demographics being so mixed everywhere that leads to the opportunity for all these diverse nations to compare notes. Concidentally “Antisemitism” is so much on the upswing that there is pressure to enact draconian laws against Free Speech touching criticism of our most holy of Sacred Cows, implying that it’s a White Supremacy Thang, but it ain’t White Christians beating up on Orthodox Jews in NYC.

    Slightly OT, I monitor conservative talk radio and lately, many of them are complaining about health issues they are now suffering after being duly vaxxed and boosted. Looks like the ill effects of that snake oil (((Moderna))) and (((Pfizer))) were pushing are being felt a lot quicker than anyone imagined and the manure is about to hit the oscillator belt. We will know the gravity of the situation once Donald Trump finally gets the full credit for Operation Warp Speed.

  9. Mr. Ryan,

    To prove how popular Speedy Gonzalez was/is here it is in Spanish. If it does not play it was by Manolo Munoz.

  10. The blacks are in it for themselves, and have no interest in anything that doesn’t concern them. Same with all this black culture b.s. It’s forced on whites by the jews, but with blacks, unless history, et al is about them, they don’t care. In an Evelyn Waugh novel in 1931, a black tells an Englishman that OF COURSE blacks invented the airplane. As it is, the reason we can get away with so many foreign interventions is we have a core of white Americans, esp. southerners, who just like to fight, and these whites accept, are passive, and do as they’re told. I think, with the wars, drug problems, etc., this core has shrunk a lot, and many of these ‘patriots’ have died off. One reason the military revved up the National Guard in the 1980’s was they knew that even with Reagan, Americans weren’t fond of foreign wars, so the Guard was used in ‘training’ and ‘building’ exercises, because there were only so many regulars, and this was all prepping us for the 1990’s and beyond.
    I remember officers DELIGHTED in going to Bosnia. They just couldn’t wait to intervene.
    Now, I think a lot of the Guard is burned out.
    Clytemnestra: there is so much anti-Jew feeling because the jews don’t hide their plans and ways anymore. They feel very secure and cocky.

    But they aren’t as fast as Manolo Manoz. Some things can’t be topped.

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