National Review: FBI’s Slander of ‘Radical’ Traditionalist Catholics

It is worth recalling the Porkulus which Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell pushed through Congress in December. It was stuffed to the gills with pork for the “intelligence community” including a new headquarters for the FBI which will be twice the size of the Pentagon.

National Review:

“We are glad to hear that the FBI has retracted its now-notorious leaked memo on the threat of Catholics who worship at the traditional Latin Mass. The memo should never have been written. It is an embarrassment to law enforcement and reflective of serious problems in the intelligence community.

The Richmond office of the FBI prepared a memo on what it called “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” and the threat they posed, as a potential recruiting ground for ethnically motivated right-wing extremism. These “RTCs” were described in the memo as an extremist subset among those Catholics who reject the Second Vatican Council’s authority and who attend the traditional Latin Mass …

And this sloppiness is another demonstration of a persistent alienation that our intel community has from many normal features of American life. Convictions found commonly among Americans are described in this memo with lurid alarm. Millions of Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and nonbelievers who share those traditional beliefs will see themselves as potentially targeted by this memo, their views deemed by their own government as suspect, extreme, and potentially a threat. The memo itself and its leak will amplify conservative distrust of the intel community. Now is a good time for the FBI and other agencies to reverse course altogether.”

I’ve been personally labeled an “extremist” for opposing American foreign policy. I don’t support American involvement in the war in Ukraine. As an isolationist, I have never supported any of these imperial adventures in Eurasia for over twenty years now. It seems that was enough to get me put on the list. Of all the things that I have said and done, the FBI finds that the most offensive.

Note: Mitch McConnell wore a Ukraine tie to the State of the Union and attacked Joe Biden for not giving Ukraine enough weapons.


  1. Well this is interesting. So someone like me is an enemy of the US State? This is really getting bizarre. I prefer the traditional Latin mass which the Vatican has okayed. But an enemy of the USA?

    I am against perversion and it’s promotion. Is that what they call an enemy? am glad the FBI walked their nonsense back.

    The FBI should be called the KGB.

    • Yes. They’re trying to walk it back but this marks the start of the overt campaign to eradicate any actual Christianity altogether. What Vox Day notes in today’s post

      > The organized churches of the world are far more evil than even the most rabid atheists ever imagined. They are more evil than any atheist could even hypothetically been able to believe. And the US government isn’t far behind. The Holocaustians in control of the federal bureaucracy are now attempting to begin the process of banning Christianity from the United States of America.

      is certainly true, and it is by no means limited to Catholicism. One FBI whisteblower also notices the ultimate objective here.

      > FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin has warned that the recently leaked bombshell FBI memo identifying “Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology” as a magnet for “violent extremists” is an “open door” to target all Christians in the U.S. as criminals.

      Their mask is falling away, revealing the countenance of their master Satan. The infiltration and subversion of all organized churches is a profoundly serious issue. It has been largely ignored in WN discussions and even moreso in discussions amongst the remnant of actual Christians. Anti-Pope Bergoglio will likely issue a decree to ban traditional Mass before easter. It’s the same all across the board with every organized Church. The move by the Talmudic Satanist Tricky-Dick Zelensky outlawing the Russian Orthodox Church in Jewkraine sets the pattern which will now be seen throughout the “liberal democraies”.

      • Hunter Biden is a Traditional Catholic, isn’t he. LOL. The funny thing is the FBI has always been overloaded with Catholics since the days of J. Edgar Hoover.

        • “Hunter Biden is a Traditional Catholic, isn’t he.”

          Bwahaha…and “Caitlyn” Jenner and ‘Rachel” Levine are women, and Joe Biden runs his administration and won with 81,000,000 votes.

      • Arrian,

        I suppose for now the iron fist in the soft glove approach is working. That soft glove is getting thinner and thinner however,

    • Christina if asked by the the FBI, just tell them the Romans killed Christ that is all it takes to get by those Irish retards. But why did the Romans kill an innocent man who did no wrong? Do you know what the holy water is there to remind you of Christina? Do you know Christina? It there to remind you the Romans washed their hands of the killing of the innocent man who did no wrong.

  2. Ruh roh, the replacements love them some catholic and catholic charities love them some cha-ching.
    Doompornlord Ol’ Schneider says the FIB walked it back for the Friday news dump?

  3. Anyone who opposes Jewish pornography and Jewish abortion is considered a terrorist by ZOG. So yes, naturally traditional Catholics are all Enemies of the State.

    • He’d just be replaced by someone as bad – or worse (if that’s possible). Gay Old Pedoburo has lots of lackeys to fill the seat and the Empire of Lies has compromat on every one. The so-called ‘retraction’ by the FBI, who (let’s make it very clear) are no different from the KGB or any other stasi organization – being nothing more than murderous criminals operating under the color of law – is total bullshit.

  4. Something I’ve been meaning to ask and am prompted to do so by your last paragraph: Do you accept the distinction between isolationism and non-interventionism and if so, why do you subscribe to the former rather than the latter?

  5. The Bolsheviks are testing the waters.
    Enjoy the replacement money while you can catholic charities and the crocodile is ravenous.

  6. The National Review article stated that Protestants, Jews, and Moslems could find themselves on a “list” by the FBI. Well Protestants and Moslems maybe but Jews?

    I doubt it. The National Review is naive at best and I would be surprised if any Jewish groups are attacked by the American Federals.

    • The Haredi find homos disqusting.

      from Wikipedia—-

      According to its adherents, Haredi Judaism is a continuation of Rabbinic Judaism, and the immediate forebears of contemporary Haredi Jews were the Jewish religious traditionalists of Central and Eastern Europe who fought against secular modernization’s influence which reduced Jewish religious observance.

  7. I am a Traditional Catholic.
    I’m sure many don’t know what a Traditional Catholic is.
    I’m happy to explain.
    The short version.
    Modernism is a heresy in which its supporters basically believe that The Faith is constantly developing and changing. That what was true yesterday, may not be true today; and what was considered evil yesterday, may be considered good today. They also believe that all “beliefs “ are equally valid. The Church has been fighting different versions of modernism since the French Revolution, it slowly gained traction among the clergy until it came out of the closet and was triumphant at the Second Vatican Council.
    Then came a new religion that we call the Novus Ordo. Which is basically Modernism mixed with Christianity. Everything in the new “church” was changed, including the Roman Rite, which is the oldest liturgical tradition in all of Christendom.
    The Novus Ordo basically setup a new “mass” that resembles the Anglican service, mixed in a pinch of new age paganism, along with whatever is “cool” in the culture at the moment, it is constantly changing week to week. This service is said in the vernacular.
    The Roman Rite or Latin Mass as it is known was effectively banned.
    Not only was the “Mass of Ages” banned, but The Faith itself was attacked in many ways to the point that Joe Biden is considered in good standing, homosexuality is acceptable, divorce, contraception, you name it are all accepted in practice. Even the public worship of pagan idols.
    Now of course there was a reaction to this, after Vatican 2 and the introduction of the Novus Ordo a few Bishops refused to accept these novelties.
    The most famous is a French Bishop Marcel Lefebvre. He along with some others publicly opposed the modernists and kept The Faith
    alive, along with the Roman Rite. So they & the laity that follow him are called Traditional Catholic.
    We believe what The Church has always taught & refuse the novelties since Vatican 2.
    The Vatican , which unfortunately has become an NGO of Globo Homo shows little tolerance of Trads , Francis has been trying to shut us down once and for all because we will not accept the degeneracy of the deep state.
    I have argued in earlier posts that if we as a people are to survive we first need to get The Catholic Church back on its feet.
    Our enemies understand this, hence the attack on Trads.
    Now if the government is watching us , you know they are watching the Evangelicals that Hunter is always talking about.
    When & if our enemies start rounding us up, they are not going to care if you are a Trad Catholic or Evangelical Protestant, we can argue theology later, we need to unite and defeat our common enemy.

    • Thumbs,

      My family has attended a Vatican 2 mass but I think only after the priests started saying for “Many” instead of “For All”. Like before the “reform”.

      I am hazy on this since I was a very little girl when they switched back to the traditional formula.

    • And, ironically, the greatest advocate for modernism and persecutor of Trad Catholics is Pope[sic] Francis, aka Herod.

  8. These dang Keystone Koos over reach all the time.

    Reminds me of what happened to Ron Paul. Years ago a police agency (Missouri State Police?) issued a warning that anyone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker was a potential militia man terrorist threat!

    Dr Paul had been in office for years at that point and this was a clear attack on voters and democracy..

    The police had to apologize.

    When it comes to McConnell his passing of the 1.7 Trillion Omni-monster motivated me to switch to Independent party affiliation. Now that he has done the Ukies flag but & wants even more MIC monies spent I can see that was the right move

    (I can see giving the Ukrainians a little bit of aid, but 40 billion is outrageous and they have been given enough so I am now just against the neo-con war mongers 100%.

    I don’t really have a big issue with Czar Putin or Mother Russia. They are a Christian Civilization trying to remain free from Woke Clown World.

    One of my relatives is an Eastern Orthodox Christian, I even gifted him a copy of the Orthodox Study Bible, and he occasionally wears Olympic Sports attire that says ‘Russia’ on it so there are some folks that are Pro-Russian. )

  9. Exalted Cyclops,

    You wrote a well thought out comment. it will take a while for me to read and digest the full importance of your comment.

  10. Thumbs,

    Fantastically well written. I thought I was alone here on religion. I am glad to know there are others.

    Yes, there is a common enemy. That is why I refuse to get deeply involved in the Catholic vs Protestant bit. Self defeating at this point.

    • Well, is Vatican II really any worse, in terms of techniques and having moral authority, than the religious syncretism employed by Spanish conquistadores to convert “los Indios” ?

      • Flax,

        All I know are the rules. We are not supposed to compromise on defined dogmas but can be tolerant of an alien culture/mentality if it does not violate Catholic Dogma.

        When any person, society, or Churchman violate our rules then they can be rebuked. Our leadership is authoritarian while our rules are Totalitarian.

        • Factual history can not be changed, but I suppose dead people of significant historical impact (and by extension those living who support their acts and philosophies) can be rebuked and living supporters can be sanctioned.

    • @Cristina,

      Please say your most powerful prayer for my best girl (dog) Gracie. She may not be with me much longer due to kidney failure.

      I love her so much. My heart is breaking thinking of life without her companionship.


  11. The idiots aren’t very useful as the commies infiltrated the church 100 years ago.
    There is a reason the Long March started there.

    • Tell us, did Fidel let you eat any of his private stock caviar and sleep with any of his concubines?

  12. Most “radical traditionalist” Catholics are critical of jews so it’s no surprise that organizations that believe only jewish lives matter like the FBI and the Semitic Power Lawfare Center consider us “extremists” and a “threat.”

  13. Thumbs, Cristina,
    No, not alone. Same here. I’m a TRCC (Traditional Roman Catholic Cracker) hahaha.

    Regarding theological issues, I’ll be so bold to state that there are two issues on which all Christians who post here can hopefully agree upon:
    1. The old bromide “Christianity supports the dissolution of nations and unique peoples by its teachings based upon ‘neither Jew nor Greek’, ‘we are all brothers’, etc. is simply not true. While this might be the teaching of compromised main stream fake churches, it is not what Christianity teaches and certainly not the teaching of the Traditional Roman Catholic Church. A very good book which refutes the nonsense on this topic is “Catholic & Identitarian” by Julien Langella.

    2. What is very sad IMO is the near worship of the Jews by some Evangelical Protestants based upon a corrupt interpretation of the Bible. I have some relatives who are in that camp. It is also not a part of Christianity.

    The news item about the FBI reminds me of a sermon given by the pastor of my local Novus Ordo parish. He was (RIP) a good priest, ordained in the 1940’s but went along with the Vatican II nonsense unfortunately. He had enough Tradition left in his blood that he said the day will come when Christians in the USA will be persecuted again. Not in the sense of the end times but in the sense of the movement of the USA away from Christianity; in the manner of the French Revolution or Soviet Russia. When he said that, I laughed to myself, but I was a cocky 20-something 40 years ago. Now, I see how right he was. I don’t know if I’ll live to see it, but it is coming.

    • Casper,

      I thank you for giving me a book title by Julien Langella. When I leave here I always need to put sources of information on a to do list.

      Yes, the part on “neither Greek or Jew” just meant that sanctifying grace is the same for all. Liberals usually omit the part that also says “there is neither male nor female” since until recently that would have been too much for anyone to swallow.

      I leave tomorrow and probably will not be back until Easter so if you respond and I do not in return comment you are not being snubbed.

      Also I am so talkative that I sometimes lose track of where I put some of my comments.

    • One can interpret the gospels and bible all day, but in the end people have to think for themselves, there is something called free will. Individuals have to be able to think and use their heads for something besides a cap rack.

      I personally don’t believe that God’s teaching is all that difficult, endless priests and scholars aren’t necessary. Anybody with reasonable intelligence can understand if they try.

      Biblical absolutism is crazy is my book. The gospels and the ten commandments are the most important, .not every stupid ass word in the old testament.

  14. Christina
    Thank you for the kind words.
    I grew up in a very ethnic area of NJ , just outside of Manhattan.
    Italians , Polish, Irish , Cubans .. it was a Catholic ghetto. How times have changed.
    God Bless !

    • Thumbs,

      I love history information since outside of people’s memories a lot of history is buried or forgotten only to be focused on by the powers that be when it suits any of their causes.

  15. The Pope? How many divisions has he got? was the reply from Josef Stalin to French Foreign Minister Pierre Laval on May 13, ,1935 when Mr. Laval suggested that Stalin should stop the persecution of Russian Catholics

  16. Casper Koch
    I agree about the “neither Jew nor Greek”
    That just means that all humans have access to eternal salvation. It has nothing to do with dissolving nations.

  17. The Second Vatican council absolved the Jewish people of guilt in the death Christ. It, the Second Vatican Council allowed the (((wolves))) free rein to feed on the sheep in broad daylight right on the popes front law. The Catholic Church surrendered it reason for being. Catholicism is no longer a religion. It does not protect the flock. It surrendered its flock to the wolves.

  18. I am going to put this strongly. As a traditional Catholic our religion has strongly condemned the killing of Jews merely because they are Jews as murder and a mortal sin. I stand by that.

    So the idea that trad Catholics as traditionalists are more likely to murder than others is a slur.

    Opposing Jews and others when necessary is different than committing murder.

    I mention the Jewish question because the FBI apparently get their marching orders from Jews who only care about themselves and their agenda. Kind of like me actually.

    • I had to clarify my last sentence before leaving. My comment–kind of like me actually just means that religiously speaking I only support my own religion not any other.

      I may have phrased it poorly at the time.

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