Breaking Points: Pulitzer Journo: U.S. Blew Up Nordstream Pipeline

This one was always a real mystery.

Seymour Hersh:

“The U.S. Navy’s Diving and Salvage Center can be found in a location as obscure as its name—down what was once a country lane in rural Panama City, a now-booming resort city in the southwestern panhandle of Florida, 70 miles south of the Alabama border. The center’s complex is as nondescript as its location—a drab concrete post-World War II structure that has the look of a vocational high school on the west side of Chicago. A coin-operated laundromat and a dance school are across what is now a four-lane road.

The center has been training highly skilled deep-water divers for decades who, once assigned to American military units worldwide, are capable of technical diving to do the good—using C4 explosives to clear harbors and beaches of debris and unexploded ordinance—as well as the bad, like blowing up foreign oil rigs, fouling intake valves for undersea power plants, destroying locks on crucial shipping canals. The Panama City center, which boasts the second largest indoor pool in America, was the perfect place to recruit the best, and most taciturn, graduates of the diving school who successfully did last summer what they had been authorized to do 260 feet under the surface of the Baltic Sea.

Last June, the Navy divers, operating under the cover of a widely publicized mid-summer NATO exercise known as BALTOPS 22, planted the remotely triggered explosives that, three months later, destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines, according to a source with direct knowledge of the operational planning. …”

Note: BTW, the “conspiracy theorists” were right.


  1. Important part of the Hersh story is that NATO Norwegians were the principal US partner in blowing those pipelines up

    Norway is the source of the biggest energy pipeline network supplying Europe … Norwegians getting extremely rich off of this now, thanks in part to the Russian pipeline demolition and the whole sanctions idiocy

    On this page describing the Norwegian energy pipelines, is a map showing them … Norway links to Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and via Denmark to Poland

    If the story by 85-year-old Seymour Hersh is correct, Russia would have every right to blow up those Norwegian pipelines in retaliation, essentially throwing Europe into the dark ages

    With the way EU goons are escalating the Ukraine war, Russia might be tempted to do this as things get worse … tho an even-more-wrecked Europe would help prop up the USA and its dollar a bit longer

    • ” The planning process began back in December 2021, when a special task force was created with the direct participation of US National Security Advisor (((Jake Sullivan))).”

      Always, always look for the nose behind the curtains.

    • @Brad More properly called an “Act of War” by the US!

      When the Russians hit back, it is going to hurt. Win, lose or draw.

  2. In other news water is wet, the sun rises in the east and bears like to relieve themselves in the woods.
    No need to worry ubercucks Germanystan won’t be doing anything about it.

  3. “Tucker: We were attacked for asking questions about this”

    This is all part of the “no think policy”.
    “Goyz ‘don’t think, don’t think, we jwz are so smart we’ll do your thinking for you”.


  4. This was kind of a gimme; who didn’t know the U.S. Government was responsible for this act of terrorism 10 seconds after it was reported?

  5. This fits the facts, is supported by the obvious motives that are apparent to all parties in the Ukraine proxy war of Nato vs. Russia, but there is zero reason anybody with any sense should believe this pulitzer investigative Jew with his anonymous sources anymore than they should believe any of the other investigative Jews.

    What does he gain from this? This would seem to paint a big ole target on his back, pitting himself like this against the imperial narrative, and its media machine.

    There are no objective journalists. None of these people have any integrity. Everyone has an angle. Until you know his motive, be cautious what conclusions you draw. Especially considering his reporting this changes absolutely nothing, since we all knew this was probably the case anyway and can’t do anything about it, and couldn’t do anything to stop it even if we had known in advance.

    I choose to mistrust this Jew, because there is nothing to lose by doing so.

    • ” his reporting this changes absolutely nothing”

      If he provides specifics and those are confirmed, we can go from strong suspicions to certainty, from certainty to investigations, investigations to guilt.
      I favor anything that incriminates the ((liars)) of Zog.

  6. Yep, US/EU is going to show Russia who’s in charge, putting a price cap on Russian oil,yep, yep.

    So, Russia just announced a 500k cut in production, sending oil prices surging.
    Putin knows how to play this game.

    (Subtle hint from Russia, ‘you play this game and we can cut further, sending global prices through the food’s.)

    • US and western leaders are destabilizing their own countries. It’s as if they have all taken complete leave of their senses, or, more likely, they’re all from the same school of thought, so there’s not one single runming contrary to the official narrative to act as a counter balance.

  7. “With the way EU goons are escalating the Ukraine war, Russia might be tempted to do this as things get worse”

    There are reports that Ukraine has lost 300,000 soldiers.

    Right now the Russkies are amassing a force of 500,000 for their spring offensive. Numbers like that have not been seen since the World Wars.

    I have a feeling the Russians are going to break the Ukies resistance relatively soon and annex another 20% of their land.

    At that point NATOs ability to put tactical nukes near Moscow will be greatly weakened and the Russians will have won although a Cold War type situation will exist for years.

  8. Did Under Satan’s Authority have anything to do with the earthquake in Turkey/Syria?
    A huge gold deposit was discovered in Syria.

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