Breaking Points: 3 UFOs Shot Down In 72 Hours

This makes sense.

According to Saagar, the Chinese balloon hysteria / panic caused NORAD to recalibrate its sensors to detect smaller objects like balloons in U.S. air space. These UFOs have always been zipping around up there undetected, but now they are suddenly being detected and treated as a threat.


  1. Why are we listening to this guy again? Are he and Crystal back to pretending to be populists again with muh Kyle Kulinski?

  2. “Why is the U.S. shooting down UFOs?”

    When your policies are wrecking a nation, and your are losing a war, it would seem best to start shooting down UFOs, (after denying their existence for decades), and then make sure that the mainstream press outlets had that for the headlines.

    At the rate we are going, I expect the years of headlines on the way that range from ETs & UFOs to archaelogical digs and paranormal investigations.

    Anything but the mundane truth of reality.

  3. Third/Fourth Reich drones flying through middle earth from Antarctica through the hole in the north polar region surveilling communist ‘Merka/China/Russia …

  4. Is the war on aliens finally here? When those little grey or green beings climb out of their spaceships and demand that Whites have to go or else, we can be sure that those aliens didn’t come from another world.

    • The aliens people should be concerned about are really the squat monsters from south of the border: about five feet tall, five feet wide, dark colored and ready to stick a knife in you, all going according to plan, too.

  5. “the Chinese balloon hysteria / panic caused NORAD to recalibrate its sensors to detect smaller objects like balloons in U.S. air space”

    The same NORAD that detected the great Soviet nuclear attack of 2000 ICBMs in 1979 ? ……… It was a moonrise.

  6. All your unidentified objects are belong to us.
    Resistance is never futile.
    The borg is never awesome-o but lameazz.
    Avoid the hive if you want to survive.

  7. The US government is working with Andrew Anglin to make his life easier. Dean N. Rawling’s articles in the Daily Stormer the past weekend have been brilliant.

  8. “The only thing that would unite the world is if aliens from outer space invaded.”

    This or some variation has been attributed to Ronald Reagan and repeated by democrats & republicans alike..

    I never found this argument convincing and am reminded of the classic Simpson episode where Homer becomes an astronaut and breaks the ant farm. Kent Brockman the news anchor sees the camera feed and concludes the spaceship was “conquered if you will” be “space ants” and offered his service as a trusted news anchor to “round up others to toil in their underground sugar mines…”

    The idea some humans wouldn’t side with the aliens against humans always seemed implausible. Many humans (as individuals or groups) would side with the aliens against other humans.

    I find it rather unsurprising this breakthrough in government silence on this matter happens right at the time holograms and deep fake technology is coming online

    I find the whole thing dubious.

    They’ve made holograms that can “touch.” Meaning a hologram could shake your hand and you would feel the hand gripping yours.

    As of now the power of commercial holograms “touch” is very light and limited. That’s commercial grade though. Who knows if government tech isn’t more advanced. That coupled with deep fake advancements makes trusting things of this nature very difficult.

    I’d have to see a lot more before I’d bite.

    The above board excuse of how they tuned up the sensitivity on the radars is probably true. However that doesn’t actually rule out a broader conspiracy. The government has no problem keeping secrets from the public eg nord stream, JFK, USS Liberty, 911, border crossings, hate crimes against white people etc

    Antiwhite awareness has been exploding.

    I’m rather disappointed with both the “DR” and “Christian Nationalists” lack of coverage of Evan Smith.

    The black man who ran over an ER doctor, got out of his car and stabbed him while yelling about white privilege and antiwhite racial slurs.

    The Evan Smith story is very informative.

    Privilege theory relies on the premise that unconscious biases causes people to be bias towards people like them.

    The mainstream narrative is that the media is ran by white men. Wouldn’t they see themselves in Evan Smiths victim???

    Evans Smith victim was also an ER doctor. Who are in very high demand. They are easily some of the most stressed MD’s and is an extremely difficult position to train people for and those with the smarts often choose to be a specialized surgeon. Who get paid well and have far less stressful. Being an ER doctor is seen in the medical profession as an elite position. He’s firmly in the upper middle class and rich by most peoples standards. He was college educated professional in the upper middle class. Wouldn’t the news see themselves in him for that reason as well? He’s one of their own. He’s their race and class. If white privilege was real surely his murder would be a national story right???

    But it’s been absolute crickets.

    Evan Smith was an account who was driving a mid 20 teens Lexus. A 20-30k car (or more if he bought it new), he wasn’t impoverished and firmly in the middle class, if not upper middle class himself. He also wasn’t a black radical and posted mainstream antiwhite hate to his Facebook. Some media are reporting he had a history of mental health issues. That could easily be true or a cover story. Doesn’t matter. Many of the white racists who commit violent hate crimes have a history of mental health issues as well.

    Not to rate victims but society does. An ER doctor is as sympathetic of a victim as you can get. He wasn’t in a bad side of town. He was murdered in an upper class neighborhood by a middle class black who yelled antiwhite racial slurs while killing him.

    Open and shut hate crime. But the media is totally silent. No hate crime charges. No “prowhite” sites are covering this story either.

    This story is very powerful because who the victim is. It’s very illustrative that it doesn’t matter if you’re “white trash” or a rich California (probably a democrat) ER doctor.

    If you’re white murdered in an antiwhite hate crime. They’ll memory hole your murder and won’t give a fuck.

    • Blacks have been taught to blame and hate Whites. It’s a perfect example of where things are going. That’s why the media shoved it aside. They don’t want people knowing where things are headed, which they played a huge role in directing to begin with.

    • “The idea some humans wouldn’t side with the aliens against humans always seemed implausible. Many humans (as individuals or groups) would side with the aliens against other humans.”

      Wasn’t that part of the plot of that old 80s sci fi miniseries V? EVERYONE in my school class was watching that thing when it ran in the mid 80s, the giant saucers hovering over the cities and the aliens were really lizards under their human masks? Jane Badler had her 15 minutes of fame withher role as the lead villain “Diana” and they made a big deal about all the human collaborators who were helping the aliens steal our water and take people back to their home world for dinner. This series was sort of ripped off in that Independence Day cgi box office fluff in the 90s.

      The “some humans siding with the aliens plot was also explored in the inconsistent syndicated late 90s series Earth: Final Conflict. That show had a really crappy production company always interfering with it who forced cast changes and ended up completely ruining the show in the final season by firing all the cast and “reimagining” it as something completely different. This show could have been done a lot better than it was. I’m surprised that it has totally vanished and not popped up on UHF and streaming syndication the way stuff like Stargate SG1, Farscape, and Star Trek are. In the end in this one the aliens weren’t really bad or running some nefarious scheme, just not telling the full truth that they were dying and losing a war against another group of aliens and secretly dragging Earth into their fight which may not really be in our interests. Would be a candidate for a reboot or reimagining if the industry wasn’t churning out everything as such terrible woke crap…(i.e. a black Little Mermaid live action redo???)

  9. There’s no way in hell that a REAL alien UFO that flew from another Star could be shot down by a human jet. It would be like rabbits taking down nuclear bombers. It would never happen. They are lying. And their lying is not even any good. Shows how far they have fallen to say such stupid things to try and make people believe that alien UFOs are zooming around. I can not stress enough that prototype “inertia wave” [what I call them] proof of concept devices have been made that show that these type effects can be made and can be controlled. There are several devices that show “inertia wave” effects. With enough cash you could make your own zoom around UFO. I have a long comment with links and the basic principles of how these work here,

    This should be closely guarded secret but these idiots are zooming what I expect are prototypes all around and eventually even the biggest fool will start experimenting so that they can have one too.

    Think about the basic idea that they show themselves, but, they hide. Does that make any sense? No it doesn’t. If they wanted to be visible, they would not selectively zoom around. They would just show up and talk to the press. If they wanted to be hidden with nanotech they could build drones that you would never see. To do both at the same time is retarded so, they are not doing this. It’s fake. As the deep State becomes more and more visible and loses control of the narrative, they need a new boogy man to keep everyone under control and drain more money from the State.

    And let’s not forget the US Navy has a patent on an “Inertia wave” type drive.

    It’s all bullshit. Even of you see some alien looking hybrid humans get out of a spacecraft, it will still be bullshit. Genetic engineering has been around long enough that they could have engineered humans into some freak looking things and if they were willing to kill off the rejects in large numbers, and they would, then they could raise a bunch of alien looking children and put them on TV. The kids might not even know they are hybrid humans. They could have sequestered them and told them they were aliens.

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