Nikki Haley 2024 Launches

For once, I agree.

Nikki Haley should have ran for president in 2012.

The Bulwark:

“On paper, Nikki Haley should be a top-tier contender in the 2024 Republican primary. She’s a successful former governor from an important, early primary state. She has an impressive personal backstory, solid foreign policy chops, and great candidate skills, too. This used to be an extremely attractive package for GOP primary voters.

Used to be.

But not anymore. …

And Haley, despite how good she is on paper, finds herself in that same tier: No one is asking for what she’s selling. Why is that? …

While many Republican voters may be moving off Trump the man, the forces that he unleashed within the party—economic populism, isolationist foreign policy, election denialism, and above all, an unapologetic and vulgar focus on fighting culture war issues—remain incredibly popular with GOP voters. …”

This announcement speech is like a window into the past.

This was the GOP brand around 15 to 20 years ago. Many of the people who would have been thrilled by this speech and would have considered voting for Nikki Haley are now dead. Many of the people who would have been the most repulsed by it back then are now in the prime of their lives. The Nikki Haley lane is now in the moderate suburban liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

By announcing she is running for president, Nikki Haley is only hurting Ron DeSantis. If anything, she is helping Trump in the early primary states by splitting the True Con vote. This campaign is going nowhere because the message only resonates with around 15% of Republican voters.


  1. The progressive cult made demands and she complied immediately. That’s not leadership. I wouldn’t vote for her if you paid me.

  2. The Z man said she has thrown her Wonder Woman underoos in the ring from yesterday!
    I love a good brain expanding comments section.
    The fix is already in for this dominion and one party CPUSA rule will cement the Fundamental Transformation.
    Vote all you want and get one of those cutesy stickers to let everyone know what fun it is to be a dupe.

    O/T-Just back from out and about and enjoying the new civility of grumbling protected classes prattling on about how ugly everyone is and no greeting or banter from the cashier which is fine with me.
    Saw some full tribal garb unity hive collectivists, Boris the Zig Zag rolling papers man with headwrap and a grown man wearing the Burger King faux crown out in public.
    I nominate him for preezy of the steezy!
    The daily rush hour car crash from yesterday still isn’t cleared out with a tow and luckily the lights are still on and the trash gets picked up.
    A steaming third world turd in three years, how historic.
    Yes we can!

  3. Sikhs are the nastiest most dishonest people I have ever known, except for Jews and joggers . This fake Chriatian woman, this Sikh woman Nimrata Randwana, is running not actually for president, but in hopes she can snare a position in the next administration, to keep the immigrants coming from India, especially her Sikh brethren.

  4. Nikki is not her real name. She’s a Sihk wog from India. And she’s a very, very passionate Israel worshipping neo-con. I’d almost bet my life that she “stands with Ukraine”.

    • – Stands With Israel

      – Stands With Ukraine

      – Full blown neocon

      – Free market fundamentalist

      – Took down the Confederate flag

      – Running as a college educated BIPOC woman

      There is a lot that I am missing here

      • That’s enough, she sucks, another wog, Nimrata should be back in India, end of thread.

        Back to worrying about Chinese spy balloons while WWIII boils away in the background while that scumbag Republican idiot Kevin McCarthy pokes a sharp stick in the eye of China by visiting GloboHomo Shopping Mall’s satrapy, Taiwan, 7,000 miles away from California but only 100 miles away from China.

        Tell me again Kevin, how is the U.S. going to defend Taiwan when it’s about 100 miles away from China but 7,000 miles away from the U.S.? BTW, China won’t be as patient as Russia, they will use nukes against the U.S. fleet right away and also against U.S. territory if the U.S. Government, in its infinite wisdom, attacks mainland China. That includes U.S. conventional munitions, too.

        Is Taiwan really worth nuclear war or really the question is: How much are you getting paid to visit Taiwan, Mr. Speaker?

        • The PRC can afford to lose half of its population in a nuclear war because those left will still be greater than the population of the United States.

          • That is exactly the point Mao Tse Tung made to Khrushchev in 1959 when China had a population of about 600 million and the U.S. had a population of about 160 million, 90% White. Mao called the U.S. a “Paper Tiger” because he believed China’s population advantage would allow them to prevail in a nuclear war against the U.S. Khrushchev responded “they may be a paper tiger but they have nuclear teeth.”


            Now the U.S. has a population of 330 million but only about 200 million White people, 60% White at best. The non-Whites are basically a ball and chain on the country, especially in a crisis.

            China now has a significant nuclear arsenal with MIRV missiles, courtesy of that notorious scumbag and criminal Bill Clinton who allowed China to buy the MIRV technology from Loral Corp. after suitable bribes were paid. Bernard L. Schwartz (The Usual Suspects), head of Loral Corp. got prohibitions against helping China with its satellite launches lifted. Launching multiple satellites is the same technology as launching multiple warheads.


            The Clintons, like herpes, the plague that just keeps on giving.

        • The Chinese don’t even need to use nukes. All they have to do is just stops shipping us critical stuff we need but no longer make.

    • …and the lisping Lady G was handily re-elected in 2014 and 2020. Either the state of SC is populated by nothing apart from negroes, their white bitches and worthless cucks or the entire system is rigged from top to bottom.

      You didn’t answer the very good question posed by your article – now a decade old. HW provided a fairly plausible answer in the comments section, but seems to me the problem is more deeply rooted than this. The things listed by HW all made the problem worse, but there was likely an underlying problem already there. Fr. John (to his credit) touched upon this in his comment. I was amused by some of the cucks white-knighting for Mr. Tim (Lady G’s house nigra). He’s proved to be every bit the worthless POS Repuke that Lady G is.

  5. She is responsible for initiating the assault on the Rebel Flag, the take down of confederate monuments and the denigration of all things confederate in response to the Dylan Roof incident. I Wouldn’t vote for that whore under any circumstances. If she is Trump’s running mate I won’t vote for Trump.

    • I understand your feelings to this terrible PC, Woke Wog that shills for the Israeli Likud party and endless J Neo Con wars against White Nationalist countries or Israel’s neighbors.

      But, remember the Vice Presidency ain’t worth a warm bucket of pis*. The only thing the VP does is break a tie in the Senate, attend funerals of second tier foreign leaders and hope the President dies in office as JFK did. There is a tradition of VP’s getting the party backing to run for President as George Bush Sr did and Al Gore did.

  6. Launch the brown twat back to her real country. Put back the Confederate flags & monuments she took down at the demands of the kikes she whores for.

  7. Trump has the backing of the America first wing of the Republican party. Nimrata will face stiff competition from Ron Desantis, Mike Pompeo and possibly Mike Pence to lead the Israel first wing of the Republican party.

  8. Is she a southerner? She was born in South Carolina, right. No she is not a southerner. A southerner, a Christian protects ands defense the weak and the innocent. She is a predator one who feeds on the weak and the innocent. She is hungry, her belly is empty and she wants to feed.

  9. Sigh. Never underestimate White Americans to simply go along to get along, try to get in with the elites, back system approved candidates like Bob and Elizabeth Dole, John McCaine, Mittens Romney.

    The military industrial complex, tax exempt Christian ZIonist churches, Big Agribusiness, Ivy League alumni networks. I went to Vanderbilt – “The Harvard of the South”. The Woke, J takeover came later but it did come.

  10. When oh when will the Republican Party turn on Trump? I think we all know now. I’m surprised it took this long. He should have ran as a Third Party candidate for President on his Civic Nationalist / Populist platform. Would have he won? Maybe not. Maybe. It would have been historic if he won on a Third Party. Oh but he ran as a Republican and pretty much ruined himself and turned on his own beliefs. Covid-19 happened and he Cucked and went along with the Freedom Caucus instead of putting public safety first. He was against the Confederate Flag being displayed in South Carolina and all the sudden was talking nice about the South when a bunch of Antifa thugs and Black Supremacists was carrying out violent race riots all over America. He still never stopped BLM and wouldn’t have either becaue the GOP is still afraid of being called racist. His own goons invaded Washington D.C. and make Conservatives look like a bunch of terrorists…just like Antifa and BLM did on the left wing in 2020. The list goes on and on. Now the Ohio train eco disaster is something of his fault because he was cool with letting dangerous chemicals in large quantities be transported through the railroads. The list goes on and on. The thing about Trump is everybody in the Republican Party likes him in person but everyone will soon see just how little they like him when they support her and others in the GOP Primary. The days of Trump in politics is over. Republicans are kicking him out even it the GOP is being secret about it. Deo Vindice!

    • nah, run as a Populist, immigration restrictionist governor – so many states are open to this, Florida, Texas even New York State, New Jersey and Massachusetts .

      White American Conservatives always, ALWAYS make the mistake of putting all their time, $, hopes in election some White patriot savior USA President to SAVE AMERICA, Bring back the 1950s, or is it the 1850s.

      Even when we do get landslide Presidential victories like Nixon ’72, Regan in ’84 it doesn’t change much of anything that counts – the J media mafia, the DC swamp, deep state thwarts most everything. Woodward and Bernstein did a successful coup against the Nixon Administration negativing a 49 out 50 state landslide.

      Nah – we need to take state power is specific states. State governors like the ones now in Virginia and Florida have real powers they can and should run and govern against Washington DC, against the Harvard and Yale, Hollywood elites.

      Plus our people tend to always suck at presidential elections – going for retired military heroes like McCaine, dividing up over foolish Christian church denominations – we got Mike the Huckster Huckabee as the Real Christian GOP Candidate because Pat Robertson Religious Right was obsessed that Romney an LDS Mormon might become USA president and these idiots don’t believe LDS Mormons are real Christians.

      So we got Barack Obama, BLM BlackLIesMatter, Sharpton etc. Were Barack and Michele Obama “real Christians” because they were in Rev. Jeremiah Wrights Black Liberation Theology cult?


  11. Nikki personifies the perfect, multicultural Republican candidate. Democrats and Republicans alike love “Diversity”.

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