1. Yes, but the Pfizer story, that they are forcing gain of function mutations in their labs, got buried by the weather balloon and all the fake shootdowns that followed.

    And look at the concurrent situation at Project Veritas, the only real journalists in America. Buried by the weather balloon and fake cylinders. Buried. The distraction worked. And they destroyed Veritas to boot.

    If you are from Ohio a train derailment in Ohio is big. Zog seems to have blown up the rail cars to make it worse. The train derailment is not a victim of distraction, it IS distraction.

    But Veritas had a real story, a huge one, on Pfizer. Seymour Hersch has nothing new. Anonymous sources. Yawn. So I disagree with Snowden on that one.

    Anyway, distraction is constant with Zog. It never stops. It is part of controlling the narrative.

  2. It’s hard to ignore photos sent around on the web that look like a scene out of sci fi doom movies. That photo showing a billowing column of cloud pooling in the sky is epic, no, nobody’s hiding THIS disaster. Norfolk and Southern is going to pay for this. Unfortunately Butt head, our vapid transportation secretary probably won’t…

  3. Wasn’t there a union rail workers strike here recently that Brandon and the CPUSA made worse? (intentional)
    Don’t BlackRock and other Bolshevik Wall Street maggots own all the infrastructure now?
    What about the Bolshevik Brownshirts Antifa and their here’s how you derail a train manuals?
    Hmm…so hmm.

  4. The only good thing about this train wreck is that it has put Bootyman back in the news so we can mock liberals even more. Every time i see him or hear his name, KC and the Sunshine Band playing ‘I’m your Bootyman” plays in my head!

  5. No worries, The Buttplug will be all over this as soon as he has time in his busy schedule, by June, July at the latest. Maybe he can send over that bald headed queer who was always stealing luggage and was responsible for nuclear waste disposal. I read somewhere he has lots of time on his hands now that he was fired from his do-nothing job.

    Admiral Levine, speaking of queers and wackos might be able to pitch in too. She/he/it can go on a date with The Buttplug to investigate the train wreck because after all, they are both train wrecks in their own lives so there is that.

    • Is Levine a queer like Boy George? Or is he one of those “transgendered lesbians” like the nutcase Wachowski brothers? The former our culture has been familiar with for quite awhile, they used to find their niche like playing Juliet in Elizebethan Theatre. But the latter? I think some of the more rebellious feminists who don’t tote the leftist party line on “trans” are right in that they are “rapey rapists.” This is sick sex offender kind of shit, like that long haired guy from Kill Bill who ended up accidentally strangling himself jerking off in women’s clothes in his closet. The Wachowski brothers’ whole schtick seems to be a sick fetish for lesbians, and transforming themselves into something that they think will enable themselves to live out their fantasies by tricking a lesbian into the sack with them. You can see their fetish for lesbians in their early movies, Gina Gershon and Jenifer Tilly getting it on while Joe Pantoleano watches bound and gagged, Keanu Reeves lusting after the lesbian character in the Matrix. These are sick, sick dudes in need of a “tough love” therapist who tells them “no.”

      • ” . . . These are sick, sick dudes in need of a “tough love” therapist who tells them “no.””

        . . . or ‘therapists’ I knew when I was a kid in school who would put a beating on freaks like this when they acted out publicly. Also, the colored folk who harassed the White girls and other TNB, their names went on the ‘therapy’ list too. The freaks and colored people who behaved themselves never had a problem though.

        It’s amazing how effective that kind of therapy was and it didn’t require a prescription, drugs, medical insurance or even any money.

    • With Buttplug, the Baldy-Poofter Nuke-man, Adm. Levine and Lady G on the job, what could possibly go wrong. Great comments too. Honk-honk!

    • Trains derail all the time without being sabotaged. This one had a wheel bearing that had been melting down for at least twenty miles, as shown by security cam footage along the track. I just wonder why this story wasn’t reported when it happened.

  6. O/T-Just read about the first queer POC on the quarter, a Pauli Murray.
    It is fabulous, and the Jim J. Bullock fan club is golf clapping while Stuart Smalley says…yes you can!
    Now I know why the Sack-N-Save of the next town over had all kinds of quarters in the parking lot over the weekend.
    Maybe Jacob Zuma or Robert Mugabe could be on one!
    Sí, se puede.

    • I had to look up this Pauli Murray freak. She is scheduled to go on the obverse of the 2024 quarter. She was some kind of dyke, lesbian, transgender, high yeller, lawyer, college professor, “civil rights (sic)” protester, Episcopal minister, I don’t know what.

      I cannot possibly follow all their wretched descriptions, complaints, boasting and freak shows, “Fucked in the head” sums it up best. That should be the name of the series of quarters with these freaks on them, the Fucked in the Head series: Come celebrate GloboHomo Shopping Mall’s malcontents for 2024! Get the complete set of Fucked in the Head series quarters before they’re gone, limited minting. QVC can sell them on TV that way.

      I would like to see Hillary on the obverse of the 2024 quarter with a scowl on her wrinkled, nasty face with her giving the finger to the world. In the background could be a graveyard with small engraving around the rim saying: “suicide, every one of ’em, you’re next”.

  7. Governor Mike DeWine was in charge of the train wreck disaster, and he made the decision to flare off the chemicals rather than have a huge explosion. DeWine worked in conjuction with the Federal and State EPA, the Ohio Highway Patrol, and the Ohio National Guard.

    @Brad, as you know I’m not a big DeWine fan, but, he’s no worse than your pal the former AG Jeff Sessions.

    The “high yellow” reporter who got thrown out of the back of the auditorium was asked by police to keep it down while others were asking and answering questions of DeWine and others. When he ignored the Ohio Highway Patrol’s orders he got thrown out and arrested. Darkies think the world revolves around them.

  8. Actual environmental disaster and the climate cultists are absent of course. Our greatest ally are the foremost experts of sabotage by hacking btw, probably nothing of course.

    • The “environmentalists” are a bunch of frauds. Otherwise, they’d be all over this. They’re too busy trying to take away your gas range.

  9. Many things are wrong with the official story.

    The braking system on modern freight trains are essentially the same type of brakes used on trains during the 19th century. The lobbying that this jimmy dore clipped eluded to was to stop the train companies from updating their braking system. Newer train braking systems improve stopping time from 60-80%.

    The train companies also recently lobbied to allow the train companies to operate with fewer workers.

    The train companies also recently lobbied to allow longer train lengths than previously allowed, which makes the newer braking system that much more vital.

    The train companies also lobbied hard to not make vinyl chloride a hazardous load. Allowing for larger loads with less safety precautions.

    They set the vinyl chloride on fire to open up the train tracks faster. Gotta get those amazons dildos delivered! And Walmart needs those flat screen TV’s ASAP!!

    Pete Buttplug doesn’t strike me as very smart. However I feel like his comments about whitemen dominating construction (is that even true? I know for those most skilled positions that’s true but as a whole, I’d assume it’s Latino dominated) was bait to get people arguing over his antiwhite sentiments and red meat to get cheers from his audience.

    Pete strikes me as instinctually antiwhite so he could’ve said that off the cuff in any situation

    There’s also theories it was a terror attack. None of which sound all that plausible at the moment.

    Corporate greed and the fact nobody gives a fuck about white people sounds correct here.

    One thing I never understood is why aren’t freight trains electrified??? Whether a 3rd rail, a wire hanging over head. Trains would be the easiest to electrify. Trains used to be electric and they only stopped bcus airliners & government lobbied hard for it in the 50’s to get people onto plans. Train stations instantly become loud and stinky over night. FDR pushed the end of electric trains to increase oil production so in case of another world war we’d have the production capabilities.

    Everything is fucked about this story

    • Back during the days of Ronnie Raygun & Ted Kennedy the railroads were allowed to get rid of the caboose, the brakeman, and the practice of “dead heading” all of these “reforms” cut train safety factors!

    • Trains used to be steam powered belching up huge clouds of coal smoke and excess steam. There are photo’s of my town from the 20s and it looked like an atom bomb was going off when the steam locomotive came through. Streetcars are what used to be electrified, replaced by diesel buses after the war.

  10. Some media suggests this Ohio disaster is partly the fault of the Trump administration loosening the requirements on dangerous-cargo train brakes.

    Apparently train air braking systems are still somewhat similar to those developed in 1868 (!) Rules were proposed in Obama’s 2nd term, with at least some types of train cargoes to have newer Electronically Controlled Pneumatic ‘ECP’ brakes, which are much safer and stop more quickly, tho they cost a bit.

    “Then came 2017: After rail industry donors delivered more than $6 million to GOP campaigns, the Trump administration — backed by rail lobbyists and Senate Republicans — rescinded part of that rule aimed at making better braking systems widespread on the nation’s rails.

    Regulators killed provisions requiring rail cars carrying hazardous flammable materials to be equipped with electronic braking systems to stop trains more quickly than conventional air brakes.”

    Norfolk Southern – the railway involved in this catastrophe – helped kill the rules, that would have reduced the severity of the accident.


    • Back during the days of Ronnie Raygun & Ted Kennedy the railroads were allowed to get rid of the caboose, the brakeman, and the practice of “dead heading” all of these “reforms” cut train safety factors!

      According to reports the train was on fire, before the crash. That’s what the observation area on top of the caboose was for…the brakeman, and the dead headers provided extra eyes and help too.

  11. If Trump were president this is all we’d be hearing about and how we should ban trains and the chemical industry to ease rich liberals insane luddite fantasies.

    • Nightowl,

      I disagree. Trump would deserve to be crucified because as we all know, he would only “monitor the situation.”

      On the hazardous chemicals question, I know shitcons hate any environmental regulations, but having worked in the field of hazardous waste response and disposal, corporate chemical manufacturers need 10x more oversight and inspections than they currently receive.

  12. J.D. Vance better put up, but r shut up on this catastrophe in Ohio. If he cucks to Pete Monkey Pox, or the EPA on their response or lack there of, that will show where he stands in regards to the criminals in Washington, D.C.

    • J.D. Vance has been promoted to be one of the criminals in D.C. playing for the “R” team instead of the “D” team.

    • Peter Thiel funded faux ‘man of the people’ J.D. Vance finally showed up in East Palestine, Ohio two weeks after the train derailment, in order to do an awkward video soundbite dressed in his business casual San Francisco clothing and shoes.

      Vance is a fake populist.

  13. As others have probably seen by now, the derailment is being attributed to a failed wheel bearing. There is security camera video available of the train with sparks/flames near the offending wheel 20 miles before the derailment.

    The air brake that is still in use today, with some improvements along the way, was invented by George Westinghouse in 1869. It replaced the manual brakes which required brakemen hopping from car to car to crank down the manual brake on each car. I don’t know if a modern braking system would have made a difference if the derailment is due to a failed wheel bearing. Note that the government had to get involved to force the railroads to adopt the Westinghouse brake system. It will be no different this time around.

    From what I read a few days ago, there are maintenance sensors located at specific points along the track that measure wheel bearing temperature. In case of overheating, the engineer is notified. Apparently in this instance, there were two such sensors, some distance apart, that the train went over quite a distance before the derailment. The question is if they triggered and if not, why not. If they did trigger, was the engineer notified and, if so, did he take any corrective action (if there was even time to do so).

    I also saw another video interview of a inspector who said the inspection times have been decreased to speed things up. As I recall, he said two men do a walk around each train car. Previously, they had 5 minutes per car; now they only have 90 seconds.

    Of course, the railroads are all mainly owned by (((Wall Street))) banks and hedge funds. Need that growth in order to squeeze out more shekels every quarter. We will start to see more and more of these sort of events as infrastructure maintenance continues to be deferred and the male work force that does most of this maintenance is squeezed further and retires and isn’t replaced.

  14. It’s really sad and pathetic that something like this is happening in 2023. With all the environmental and public safety laws in place….this train should have never had this problem. I’ve been watching videos and reading on this subject in detail and it was caused through a few reasons. One is the Trump administration cut regulations on transporting horrible and dangerous chemicals like that. Another reason is under the Obama administration nothing got passed that would have forced the railroad industry into putting in a modern breaking system. The railroad industry has been cutting jobs for years and it’s getting worse. Conflicts between workers and the railroad companies. So on. I think everybody can agree that this is a horrible situation for the great people of eastern Ohio. I’ve always been an Environmentalist and I truly feel for these people right now going through this eco disaster. Deo Vindice!

  15. Anti-White Jewish BlackRock and Vanguard essentially own Norfolk Southern.

    If Nationalist Right groups, organizations, and individuals were on their game this would be the perfect time to deliver a powerful blow against the Jews waging war on White America.

    These Anti-White Jews could be sued for billions of dollars.

    I can’t think of a better moment to take revenge against what these Jews have done for the last 7 years.

    They already have multiple agents on the ground to subvert the community against meaningful action and have the corrupt politicians/government agencies in their bag.

    Currently, TPUSA is holding seminars and rallies to fight against anti-semitism……

    James O’Keefe continues to be silenced by his Jewish board of directors…….

    And Nimrata Rhandawa is running to restore our great relationship with Israel, wage war on Iran while championing the woke left’s DEI talking points.


  16. Robert Browning,

    Corrupt Ohio governor Mike Dewine is a corrupt Irish Catholic that cares nothing for the working class and working poor people affected by toxic release from the train derailment in East Palestine.

    He’s a retardican POS too.

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