Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame

H/T Rod Dreher

If you really want to get your blood boiling this morning, watch this.

BTW, this story is just one example of why I hate White liberals. They are the ones who imported these people into Britain. They are the ones who created this problem and who turn a blind eye to it because of their ideology. Their resistance is why nothing has ever been done about it.

This is true in the UK. It is true here as well. We are living in their world. The laws reflect their cultural preferences and obsessions. They dominate television news. They are the reason why people like us are banned from even setting foot in the UK. They are the reason why dissidents are hunted down and prosecuted for “hate speech” for violating the taboos about race and homosexuality. They are the reason why Boris Johnson and the British ruling class are so focused on Ukraine.

You can’t create a White ethnostate with these people who can’t even concede that you have a right to your own opinion. They don’t even believe the law should protect your children from Muslim sex predators. Once again, if you think you can live in peace with these people solely because they are White and that it will all work out you are dreaming. They want their precious pets to devour you.

Note: As I have said a million times before here, NATO should be dissolved. There shouldn’t be any alliance with countries like the UK. The governments of those countries aren’t worth defending.


  1. That’s the country which hold professors like Priyamvada Gopal aka “white lives don’t matter”……..what should we expect…..

  2. ” There shouldn’t be any alliance with countries like the UK.”

    USZOG and UKZOG are conjoined ideological twins. Both hold hands, behind the curtain.

    The generations that had a well grounded understanding of race are gone. They’ve been replaced by generations of soft, weak spoiled brats that live in a TV fantasy, totally divorced from reality.

  3. There is no greater advocate for mass immigration than the chamber of commerce. It was a so-called right-wing government that enshrined “family unification” in France, guaranteeing endless chain migration. The single most devastating piece of legislation.

    • If it’s good for business, the Chamber of Commerce wants it, consequences be damned. Period. That is one of the big reasons the U.S. is overrun with the Third World. The other is that The Usual Suspects want us dead, six feet under.

      • @12AX7…

        May I respectfully disagree, Friend?

        ‘They’ do not want us dead and 6 feet under – not by a long shot.

        No, Sir, what they want is us broken up and parceled out, in every way, so that we cannot resist their having put us into their slavery.

        White Field hands is what they want – plain and simple.

        Yes, Whites without any systemic or institutional organization, so that we are a better clay in their hands.

  4. Brittainistan be like all smart and stuff, so smart they revealed that they could only defend the country for about five days if a real WAR broke it.
    At least Halfwit Harry and Me-Again Sparkle are the perfect face for the long gone empire.
    Comment on grooming gangs while looking the other way?
    Wouldn’t want to be called a wayciss. (gasp!)

    • This is the ruling class of Great Britain waging war by proxy against the despised working class. This is a feature, not a bug, of democracy.

      • The working class cucks whose very own little girls were being raped and used as toys didn’t lift a finger. The cuck police did nothing for fear of being called racists.

        • Most of these girls were from broken homes: no fathers, older brothers, uncles to get involved. The other big factor that fortunately doesn’t pertain to the U.S. (yet) although the Government, led by The Usual Suspects is working assiduously to change it is the 2nd Amendment. The wogs know in the UK that all the guns are on their side, they have nothing to fear from some father ready to give them 55 grains of lead from an AR-15 from 10 feet away.

  5. Another nggr killing WHITES. This time at Michigan State Lansing.
    Two of the victims are nice looking WHITE students, third is yet unknown.

    When is senile facelift Joe going to speak out against black terrorism ?

    • Shhh!!!, stop noticing or the FBI will come knocking.

      I watched the communists on CNN and MSNBC to see how they would report the story. The never showed the picture of the colored guy who did the murdering. Instead they went off on a tangent about gun control. Predictable.

      • I had to dig a little to find his picture, it wasn’t splashed on all the front pages, as a WHITE would be.

        “You have to fight the reporter , to get the story” linder

  6. If this were the USSA, ZOG FBI would have all of these males listed as ‘white’ people….
    Because the blatant manipulation of racial crime data/statistics is paramount to what these people do with everything
    They’re liars and cheaters like their father the devil.
    There is no peaceful way out of this mess, and we cannot coexist with these people from much longer

  7. “Grooming Gangs:”

    Grooming my zzz, they are RAPE gangs.
    The GD Zog media uses every euphemism to distort reality.

  8. I the future war, diversity will do the job what white people can’t do.
    Removing communists is not the job for pussies. Serious mostly peaceful protests are needed like Chechens making in the Ukraine now.

    Lenin old bolsheviks were removed not by glorius freedom fighters but by the very same NKVD and security apparatus what they built by themselves.

    Now history will repeat itself and todays communists will be removed by their own brought people.

    So now is not the time to pick up fight with our future allies.

  9. To be clear, the victims of these grooming gangs always just happen to be white, never their own women. Bit strange given they have plenty of their own to choose from.

    • Muslims tend to grow up with fathers in the house who wouldn’t allow stuff like this. I bet if you look into the background of these girls who got groomed, every single one was raised by a single mother.

      You don’t see this kind of thing happening to Syrian Arab Christians or Egyptian Coptic Christians. Both are in a very precarious situation, hundreds of Coptic Christians have been murdered by ISIS affiliated Islamic terrorists. But Coptic Christians aren’t seeing their underage daughters enticed into prostitution and doing nothing about it. Their families are intact, and they would die rather than put up with it.

      The Brits are putting up with it. Why? Suicidal wokeness among the British elites is only half of the equation. The other half is the degenerate behavior of low-IQ white trash that can be seen on both sides of the Atlantic. But Hunter Wallace isn’t going to acknowledge that because that would get in the way of his pro-life and pro-dysgenics ideology.

      • ” I bet if you look into the background of these girls who got groomed, every single one was raised by a single mother.”

        NOT TRUE !

        I’ve seen interviews with several of these fathers , who are very angry over what has happened to their daughters.
        A few have gone to jail for speaking out against these paki/Arab gangs. Several of the fathers have been harassed by police and threatened with jail if they talk against immigrant rape gangs. The police in UK have actively protected the gangs from prosecution.

    • “victims of these grooming gangs always just happen to be white,”

      Just like Epstein, he always pimped the WHITE meat to his ‘clients’, never black, brown or Asian, just WHITE girls.

      • @Arrian,
        Yeah precisely. If Jews and Pakis only targeted each other, I wouldn’t care, but they pick on white women who for the most part, come from normal families, and were abducted against their will. The police, the Left and political establishment are as useless as fuck in dealing with it, and are in most cases, aiding and abetting it.

  10. The most poignant sign of weakness of any tribe, the inability too protect your women, or retain their loyalty……….An easy life, producer’s soft, decadent, effiminate men……….

    • “weakness of any tribe, the inability too protect your women,”

      True, but the force of the state is being used against us. The jwz have so infiltrated our government that they have made our loyal guard dog so rabid that it is attacking us. USZOG is very powerful and has turned on us.

  11. Sam Francis created the concept of “anarcho-tyranny” to explain the contours of the present regime which rules in the US and the UK. The system is anarchic in the sense that it knowingly condones unlawful sexual and violent crime against whites by failing to arrest non-white criminals. The system is tyrannical in the sense that it actively prosecutes any vigilantes who attempt to end the sexual and violent crimes that are committed by non-whites against whites. For this reason, I do not “back the blue” or support the police without reservation. The police supports only itself and fails to protect taxpayers. Generally, the police follows the whims of politicians of both parties who answer to left-wing donors of Jewish blood. The police actively hunts those who wish to enforce the law of survival on their own initiative.

    The Klan was a paramilitary force that prevented blacks from raping and killing whites with impunity in the Reconstruction South. The Klan was a vigilante force that protected those of our folk who could not protect themselves: white women and children. The Klan fought the tyranny of Radical Republican reconstruction to defeat the anarchy of black rule in the South. The Klan did not slavishly adhere to the harmful dictates of the federal government or the policemen who served it. They were men among men who were willing to risk all to save those they loved. If the British had a spine, then they would develop such an organization for self-protection. Apparently, the British have no spine and back the blue. Their fertile women will continue to be victims of rape and sexual trafficking at the hands of non-white invaders unless the men of Britain fight back. We must become men of deeds, not words.

    • Your view of the police is pretty much my view of the police, they represent a very corrupt system. They spend most of their time harassing poor and working class people, security guards for the wealthy so to speak. And the wealthy seem to be fucked up perverse assholes.

      The conservatives seem to want to worship these petty bullies, like they do the military, they have a weirdo idea of patriotism that I find disgusting.

  12. These “refugee” countries governments these are just emptying their prisons and sending them here and there too. Does the government know and not care or are they retarded or is it no f’s malicious?

  13. “Once again, if you think you can live in peace with these people solely because they are White and that it will all work out you are dreaming.”

    ^^NO ONE who is pro-White thinks like this. PLEASE quit using this simplistic misinterpretation of White Nationalism!!

  14. Since the “white libtard question” has already been addressed, I am afraid we have to address the JQ again and Ubersoy in particular. Looks like he is indeed a subversive Jew who infiltrated Anglosphere White Nationalism and is currently amplifying an attack on Daughter of Albion.

    It seems like DoA is targeted by leftists/anti-whites masquerading as WN on twitter. Profiles such as this one. Hopefully I don’t need to go into more detail with this stuff. Really nasty profiles, most of them created in December last year or this January, lots of IR explicit pornography…

    Profiles such as these aren’t new and they aren’t particularly clever, I’ve been seeing them in DMs of WNs for a couple of years now. They are as old as blacked posting on 4channel. However, I think these people realized a current wedge with the “wahmen question” and saw it as an opportunity for attack on females in the DR. Obviously, that’s always the problem with nuance, isn’t it: whenever you divert from (((them))) one-dimeonsionalism, leftists/anti-white Jews and blacks will attack you with Alinsky methods.

    Maybe I was too apologetic about them… For now I will still “simp” for Beattie, Gilad Atzmon and Gerard Menuhin. Regardless, Ubersoy should absolutely be blacklisted. This is intentional destructive behavior and sabotage. And I don’t see how he ever contributed anything but attacks on White Nationalists, or those addressing the JQ like Leather Apron Club.

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