Poll Watch: Republican Voters Are No Longer Standing With Ukraine

21% of Republican voters support sending government funds to Ukraine.

39% of Republican voters support sending weapons to Ukraine.

58% of Republican voters believe Republican politicians reflect the values of Republican voters. 40% of Republican voters disagree.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — Support among the American public for providing Ukraine weaponry and direct economic assistance has softened as the Russian invasion nears a grim one-year milestone, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Forty-eight percent say they favor the U.S. providing weapons to Ukraine, with 29% opposed and 22% saying they’re neither in favor nor opposed. In May 2022, less than three months into the war, 60% of U.S. adults said they were in favor of sending Ukraine weapons.

Americans are about evenly divided on sending government funds directly to Ukraine, with 37% in favor and 38% opposed, with 23% saying neither …

Democrats also remain more likely than Republicans to favor imposing economic sanctions on Russia (75% to 60%), accepting refugees from Ukraine (73% to 42%), providing weapons to Ukraine (63% to 39%) and sending government funds to Ukraine (59% to 21%). Support has softened at least slightly among both Democrats and Republicans since last May. …”

A year into the war, American interest in Ukraine is waning. A majority of Republican voters now oppose Standing With Ukraine and Republicans control the House. Meanwhile, Russia has taken so many casualties that the survival of Putin’s regime hinges on victory in the war.


  1. Whenever I see zelensky’s face or hear him talk i have to laugh, how stupid do you have to be to take that guy seriously? Guy’s a total asshat clown.

  2. Unless those rockribbed conservatives intend to actually do something, it doesn’t matter because the blank check keeps getting signed by people like Mitch McConnel who has like a 6% approval rating or something stupid but keeps getting elected anyway.

  3. Tucker’s description of this “sleazy Eastern European con man in a track suit” is the most accurate one. All the forces of anti-White decay are pro-war.

  4. I can take no consolation that half of all Americans still want to send weapons to the Ukraine.

    No, that’s a dangerous amount of ignorance and insanity – a carte blanche for evil.

  5. “A year into the war, American interest in Ukraine is waning.”

    13 months too late.

    100 billion for a jwzish dictator, but the US wouldn’t contribute 1 cent to the defense of WHITE Rhodesia. Kissinger ran USZOG policy to destroy a fine WHITE nation with sanctions and backstabbing policies, while fellow jwz in communist countries supplied weapons to the terrorists.
    Your government has turned on, more each passing day.

  6. The pro-Kremlin stuff coming from conservatards should be enough to secure the W for Democrats nationally in 2024. It doesn’t matter if Republicans run up the score in Alabama.

    In the Midwest, Iowa and Ohio are trending Republican, while Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are trending Democrat. Why? It’s all the Midwest. What gives? While Ohio overlaps with Appalachia, Iowa does not. And Ohio is arguably more urban and suburban than Wisconsin.

    This can be understood with three images. It has nothing to do with trannies or cringe worship of Africans.

    States by Percentage with Polish Ancestry:

    States by Percentage of Lithuanian Ancestry:

    States by Percentage of Ukrainian Ancestry:

    Eastern Europeans live in the suburbs of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Americans can’t find European countries on a map? Depends where you live. Senator Durbin, whose mother was born in Lithuania, can find Lithuania on a map. Governor Pritzker, whose family is from Kiev, can find Ukraine on a map. Bears coach Mike Ditka, a Ukrainian from a steel town outside Pittsburgh, can find Ukraine on a map.

    But in Putin’s mind, Jew or Gentile, leftwing or rightwing, they’re all really Russians — part of his mystery-meat multicultural empire — who have been demonically possessed by Satan with the mind-virus of fascist nationalism. That’s what the Russian Federation literally believes. Watch Vladimir Solovyov or Margarita Simonyan on Russian State TV if you don’t believe an internet rando like me.

    As Dugin explained (I think it was to Keith Woods, Joel Davis, and/or other naive Putin simps) Russia is for the blacks and the yellows and the reds, but only against the whites. White Christian Nationalism my ass — so far it’s just cheeseburgers. The GOP wants to take this

    Sports Legend Mike Ditka Attends Fundraiser for Ukrainian School in Chicago (2016)

    which is authentic white identity (more than a deracinated divorced goblin like Marjorie Taylor Greene can say) and replace it with

    “Allahu akbar – Mariupol är vårt!”

    That’s your brain on conservatism.

    • @Some Dude…

      “But in Putin’s mind, Jew or Gentile, leftwing or rightwing, they’re all really Russians — part of his mystery-meat multicultural empire — who have been demonically possessed by Satan with the mind-virus of fascist nationalism. That’s what the Russian Federation literally believes. ”

      Yes, well, Russians believing in a Greater Russia, that, with the exception of a very few recent years, has existed for centuries, is no more a stretch than Americans believing it is our manifest destiny to dictate every event around the world, and to indicate that their cultures better be homosexual, or else…

    • @Some Dude…

      In fact, I would think it less of a stretch for Russians to be concerned with the CIA/MI6 subverting and utilizing those countries on their borders for nefarious ends, as they have, than it us for us to think that Russians ought not be concerned, or that, conversely, that our borders ought be open.

      When did Americans come to think that we ought have an opinion on how the world ought be?

      We seem to do it so easily these days – as if we were God incarnate.

      By the way, have you noticed how many times in the last century the US Government overthrew Latin countries on behalf of the Sugar industry, or some other concern?

      Just a few years back, President Trump oversaw the removal of the 4 term-elected Bolivian president, this because he dared to nationalize lithium mines to pay for his people’s medical care.

  7. Banning school prayer was opposed by 90% in the 1960s. They banned it anyway.

    Cross town school bussing was opposed by nearly everyone in the 1970s. Nixon and company did it anyway.

    Bush’s first Iraq war in 1990 was opposed by over 80% at the start. They did the war anyway.

    Almost no one wanted an amnesty for illegals in 1987, that would add 20 million hostile foreigners to the nation. Reagan and company did it anyway.

    Republican voters wanted Trump to early release tens of thousands of violent black prisoners? No, Republican voters didn’t want that. Most thought it would cause a crime wave. And it has.

    They don’t care what the peasants think. The peasants have absolutely no recourse.

    I stand with Russia

  8. The left opposed the Vietnam war because the enemy was their commie kindred spirts. Whatever Putin is we can be reasonably certain he isn’t a communist.

  9. The folks in Odessa, Texas want to change the name of their town. Don’t want to live in no Ruskie city. Sometimes rednecks can almost be as bad as libtards.

  10. Dementia Joe’s administration has three international military crises going on at the same time, three. Only one (for now) is a hot war, the Ukraine War which Dementia Joe is balls deep in while the other two are on a slow boil in the background. The U.S. is in no position to fight one war, never mind three.

    The U.S. continues to inflame the situation in Taiwan, this time sending that Republican idiot Kevin McCarthy to Taiwan. Last time it was that reprehensible witch Nasty Nancy Pelosi. The Chinese Government wasted no time in expressing its displeasure over Nancy Pelosi’s visit by ratcheting up its military activities around Taiwan. Time is on China’s side and they know it.

    The U.S. just concluded war games squarely aimed at Iran as ordered by Our Greatest Ally. They are determined to destroy Iran and its nuclear program, consequences be damned. A war against Iran will set the area’s oil facilities on fire wrecking the world economy, at a minimum.


    It is hard to see how this situation cannot end badly especially with the low quality people in the U.S. Government. Add to that the Hostile Elite who have been driving U.S. policy towards their own ends, such as provoking the Ukraine War. When, not if, something goes bad, such as war in Near East or Taiwan the consequences of those disasters will sweep aside the problems we have now. It will also sweep into the dustbin of history the current evil ruling class and their warped ideologies.

    There is no reforming this corrupt system, it will have to fall of its own dead weight.

  11. I’m on Russia’s side in this simply because they’re against the globohomo being rammed down everyone’s throats by the god damned kikes that have jewsurped ‘Murca & therefore the entire West. That’s it. I know full that Putin is still in favor of almost all of the rest of the globalist tyranny agenda, from the “climate change” bullshit, to the forced Covid stabs, to the total tech surveillance of everyone on earth; that he hates “Nazis” like the leader of the former (((Soviet Union))) inevitably would, and that he’s a jew-lover of a sort (even though most of them hate his guts and are trying to destroy him & his country), just because a few of them treated him kindly when he was a kid.

    Those dumbass Slavs are still drunk on the heady scent of their own farts over their FDR-enabled victory in the “Great Patriotic War” that cost them 27 million dead: hating “fascists” is allowed; hating the kikes who slaughtered scores of millions of Russkies with gulags, mass starvation & slugs to the back of the head is not.

    Plus, in invading jewkraine, Putin was only defending his country from the ever-advancing NATO expansion that he’d warned for years had to stop.

    The bottom line: Putin is the best, sanest & least jew-corrupted of all the scum of the earth “leaders” of the major countries, even though that’s saying very, very little. So I hold my nose and hope for his victory over shit-stinking senile whore Biden – and especially over cunt Nudelman, Kagan & all the other filthy kike vermin that have stolen our birthright.

  12. Hopefully, this polling trend continues.

    Many have heard of Christina Pushaw (Jewish) of Libs of TikTok fame and Ron DeSantis’ former spokeswoman and 2022 campaign co-director.

    Christina and her fellow Jewess, Chaya Raichik, are Libs of TikTok.

    Many did not know that Christina Pushaw did foreign policy work in former Soviet Republics and Israel and is a big supporter of Zelensky (of course).

    She actually worked for the NATO/Open Society Foundations linked Warsaw Security Forum:




    So, we all know Trump is a completely ‘pitiful’ fraud who gave control of the White House to Soros acolytes like Kushner and Mnuchin.

    And now we know that no matter what DeSantis says, he’s already been completely infiltrated and corrupted.

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