1. Yes, they can send a F22 to the remote Yukon to shoot down a toy balloon, but they can’t patrol the southern boarder with common helicopters.

  2. Iran has many tethered broadcast balloons to transmit radio and TV over wide areas of the Persian gulf. I suppose those never break their mooring lines and go adrift.

  3. The poor pilots, I shot what the “@&” down?!! For what??!! And remember , one missile missed a BALLOON ! This administration is something else… the Chinese must be getting some real chuckles out of all this…..

  4. One of the other things they may have been shooting down with $400,000 missiles, are these fancy $800 synthetic large tents, which people use up north when they go ice fishing etc … one of these huge tents offered by Clam Outdoors is even ‘hexagonal’ in shape like that mysterious ‘UFO’

    These multi-person tent-cubes are quite big, sturdy like balloons, and can keep their structure … if they are not fastened down well in Montana or wherever, they can blow into the wind and be carried along by air currents

    Clown world

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