OD Featured on TPC The Political Cesspool 2-18-23

Both Hunter Wallace and I will be featured on tonight’s (2-18-23) TPC the Political Cesspool radio show (6-9pm CST) hosted by the great James Edwards. OD and TPC have a growing audience of Populist Southern and other Americans and also international listeners.
TPC is a growing alternative to the corrupt J, homo, BLM, Zionist, neo Conservative war mongering Lugenpresse, media monopolists who hate our people, hate our history and want us and our history replaced.



    • @James Bell…

      There’s no easy way out of anything serious, nor a free ride through life.

      Either you ante-up or you get taken.

    • Of course not. This is why we must increase our allies and decrease our enemies. Now is the time to join forces with whole planet against Jews and communists.

      No need to pick up fight with diversity. When judeocommunism goes down, all problems with it disappear by themselves. Diversity is valuable ally in the future war. Immigrants can do the jobs what white people cant. For example removing communists with proper methods.

      • I hope this post is satire. If white people wont or can’t do the dirty work necessary to save themselves, they are not fit to survive.

        • No, this is not satire. At the moment, white people lost so many best people in the both World Wars and other disasters that we must preserve every last of the few remaining fighters we still have.

          When we lose another few millions then there will be only TV programmed vaxxed sheeple left and this will be end.

          This is why Putin using Chechens and Syrians and we should too. We need time to recover our genetical foundation to become strong race again. At the moment we are not fit to survive and we need to avoid massive war at any circumstances.

  1. O/T Amren webpage hasn’t been posting material since 2/14. Does anyone around here know what’s going on there?

    • Yes, I also noticed this. Amren is down. Vdare has been making noises that the NY State Black attorney general is working to legally harass Vdare out of business by running up legal fees. It might soon get down to just OD, Unz Review, Taking without comments.

      Please got to https://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org/ to hear Hunter Wallace and I on this week’s show. I close the show – think this was one of THE best OD contributions ever.

      We have to support our media – looks like Canadian style, EU draconian restrictions against hate speech, thought crimes is coming down. President election years are always terrible for this.

      • I stumbled across an Amren moderator comment. They have an undefined glitch they’re working on. In the meantime, new material can be accessed from home page by keying Ctrl F5.

  2. Jack was on fire on TPC. James was correct in saying that Jack’s performance was the best showing to date and that is saying a lot!

    • Thanks for the kind words Gregory. I did think the show last night went very, very well. I think this was the first time Hunter and I were on TPC in the same night.

      I try to bring a lot of humor and good music, good books and movies to lighten things up a lot and last night went very well.

      I hope OD readers will stop by and listen to the Hunter and I on TPC this week.


      Hunter is one hour one I close the show in hour 3.

    • Seconded. Brad was excellent also of course but Jack kind of put a nice personal touch in the final segment. The ‘starts with J, ends with W, sound like JEW’ was priceless. BTW, Mark Twain’s daughter’s first husband was one of the tribe: Ossip Grabrilowitsch

      • Thanks for the kind words. I am aware that Mark Twain’s Daughter married a member of the tribe – I didn’t know his name.

        Twain’s comments on the J Tribe are very interesting – “Js are money getters, they were at it in Egypt and Rome, they came down to the South as Carpet Baggers to explode the Freedmen, loaning $ money on a future shared crop then they’d own everything. Twain points to Joseph the J financial adviser to the Egyptian King/Pharaoh who made speculations on corn crops then cornered the marked and basically enslaved the whole Egyptian nation.

        Mark Twain’s extremely negative observations about the J people were published in a major American monthly magazine – I think it was Harpers. But these comments were strictly suppressed, probably by the efforts of Twain’s daughter and J son in law.

        They are however on line at Grimstad’s “Anti Zion” through the Colchester Collection.


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