Mitch McConnell: Powerful Elites Determine Foreign Policy

I was going to write about this.

Increasingly though, I don’t even have to bother to make such obvious points, as other people have already beaten me to the punch. This is the mindset of Senate Republicans.

The Federalist:

“With a faltering economy, a wide open southern border, imminent national security threats from the Chinese government, and radical leftists trying to co-opt unsuspecting kids into their social movements, the United States under the “leadership” of President Joe Biden is in a tailspin. So naturally, out-of-touch swamp creatures such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell felt it was appropriate to remind us plebs about what’s really important: Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

While donning his infamous Ukrainian flag-colored tie during his Thursday appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” the Kentucky Republican arrogantly regurgitated the most tone-deaf statement imaginable by claiming that “defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now.” …

But as McConnell signaled during his Fox appearance, if we don’t approve of his obsession with giving billions of dollars to Ukraine, we can all go pound sand.

“I’m sorry public opinion is sliding [on U.S. military support for Ukraine], but I want to reassure the American people [that] this is enormously important,” he said.

In other words, he doesn’t care what Americans think and will continue to press ahead. …”

Mitch McConnell has gone overseas with Chuck Schumer to make the same point at the Munich Security Conference: it doesn’t matter what Republican voters think about continuing to send weapons to Ukraine because the “people in power” know actually matters in the world and make the decisions for them. Republican support for arming Ukraine could drop to zero and the policy would continue anyway.


“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said top Republicans are committed to providing money and weapons to Ukraine as the country enters its second year of war with Russia, dismissing what he says are isolated voices of opposition within the party.

“Reports about the death of Republican support for strong American leadership in the world have been greatly exaggerated,” the Kentucky lawmaker said in a speech to the Munich Security Conference.

“My party’s leaders overwhelmingly support a strong, involved America and a robust trans-Atlantic alliance,” he said. “Don’t look at Twitter, look at people in power. Look at me and Speaker Kevin McCarthy.” …

Mr. McConnell said in an interview before the Munich trip that he is concerned that media coverage overstates GOP opposition to Ukraine aid, elevating the voices of a minority who don’t hold influential chairmanships or leadership positions.

“What I’m telling you is, those of us who are elected and who are in responsible positions, including the speaker, do not share that view, and believe this is important,” he said. Asked if he was confident Mr. McCarthy would make sure the next Ukraine aid package would pass the House, Mr. McConnell said, “I sure hope so.” …”

As I said on The Political Cesspool, it is precisely this imperious attitude which is creating an opening for Dump’s return to the White House. What is the alternative? Nikki Haley?


  1. Our political leaders are the errand boys and grocery clerks of The Powers That Be. To borrow a line from Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

  2. ““With a faltering economy, a wide open southern border, imminent national security threats from the Chinese government,”

    No use ditching the panic about Russia if it’s just gonna get replaced with an even stupider panic about China.

    • I noticed that line too. It discredits everything else that comes next in that Federalist article. The entire Right wants a war with China, including a not insignificant swath of the Dissident Right.

      I unironically don’t see China or the Chinese people as a real threat to the interests of the White Race. As long as they stay on their side of the world and don’t get any wrong ideas about territorial expansionism or military conquest of White homelands, then we should have friendly relations with them, including free trade.

      The Chinese strike me as a homebody people, not an imperialist people. Their economic expansionism in Africa and South America is not a threat as long as we are developing our own abundant natural resources, and as long as we control Maritime law (which we always have dating back to the British Empire).

      China is not a thread to regular Whites. Its a threat to (((Western))) economic dominance of the entire globe, which, contrary to what the Talmud says, is not, in fact, the divine right of the ugly rat faced Jews. The Chinese Ruling Class and the Western Ruling Class are opponents, and we do not win no matter which side of that war wins.

      I’m against starting WW3 with Russia or China, and anyone on the Right who argues otherwise is, knowingly or not, serving the interests of the Jews and the Goy Liberal Ruling Class, both of which are the enemies of White Nationalism and the White Race. Its not a hard decision.

    • “With a faltering economy, a wide open southern border, imminent national security threats from the Chinese government,”

      …and all of this can be attributed to our very own scumbags in power, going back many decades.

  3. Why is it the Irish and the Jews all want war with Russia over the Ukraine? Both are willing to spend the last dollar, and use the last bullet that we have.

  4. Need to dox this as*hole, traitor Mitch McConnell who’s now the tag team, go along with the worst New Yawk, Zionist Je* Chuck Schumer.

    The anti White Left doxes anybody like Tucker Carlson that is remotely on our side. I’ve been doxed, it works.

    Where does Mitch McConnell hang out, where do his wife and children, shop, go to private school? Let’s turn his children against him.

  5. “I sure hope so.”

    Mitch doesn’t sound so confident.
    Now is the time to flood congressional phone lines with opposition phone calls.

    United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121
    Just tell the operator which congressman you want to talk to, be polite.

  6. Anti-war rally and march on Washington D.C. Forecast is for good weather, no rain or snow, temperature about 55 – 60 deg. F. I hope they have a huge turnout but the Lügenpresse will, of course, ignore it as much as possible and vilify the participants if they must report on it.

    Right now it looks like Left Wing wackos will be well represented but opposing the Ukraine War is so important one can’t afford to be picky about choosing allies against this war. As Max Blumenthal, hardly an ally on any other issue says: “we can’t afford to be choosy on opposing this war.” They are making an appeal for people on the Right to participate in the protest.

    Leviathan definitely doesn’t want cracks in their façade of universal public support for their war, that is what they are afraid of. What if the public starts asking questions about other military adventures and risks? What about the fortunes being spent by the Pentagon and “Intelligence” agencies with zero accountability? Worst of all, a greater catastrophe than nuclear war would be if loathsome scumbag politicians like Mitch “The Undertaker” McConnell lost their elections and had to return to the dreaded private sector.

    We can’t have that, can we?

  7. Say it, Mitch, we’ve always known it: Israel is in charge of US foreign policy. The United States is Israel’s bitch. Once you accept that, everything starts to make sense.

    And, Mitchey, history is full of people who were powerful before they weren’t: Louis XVI, Nicholas II and Nicolaeu Ceacescu come immediately to mind.

    By the by, fellow Americans. Face it: You’re peasants. You don’t have a government. You have rulers, and Yertle the Turtle McConnel fancies himself one of them. He is powerful; you are not. So you must shut up and do what he says. Send him and your other masters in Washington your money and your sons and daughters to die in wars that intelligent Americans realize are not in their interest.

  8. Cutting SNAP benefits whilst doling out billions to Ukraine is not good politics. Thank God for electronic voting machines and mail in balloting right Mitch?

  9. That god damned scum McConjob made it crystal clear to the ‘Murcan peons that what we think doesn’t matter at all because whores like him & McCarthy be runnin’ dis sheeit. He’s made smirking statements like this in the past.

    The filthy traitor’s lips are so thin because he’s worn them down after a lifetime of sucking the shmucks of Shmuel & the CEOs of the MIC.

    There’s really only one remedy.

  10. If it wasn’t Turtle it would be Cornyn, or Rick Scott, or Thune. All swamp creatures. It was the voting machines that defeated us, and this goes back decades now. The elections are rigged.

    When national survival becomes impossible internally, you just have to pray for war. As the Anglican Prayer Book says, God works his will as well in war as in peace.

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