The Political Cesspool: The War In Ukraine and Trump 2024


I appeared on The Political Cesspool this weekend to discuss the very real possibility that the 2024 presidential election is shaping up to be a contest between Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden and that Trump could be the only candidate running on getting out of Ukraine.

In such a scenario, what should we do? Should we go the Alt-MSNBC route and support Joe Biden in order to Stand With Ukraine and NATO? Should we sit out the election? Should we vote for Trump as the lesser of two evils? Should we take a chance on Ron DeSantis who might continue the war?

Note: The rest of the show is available here and here.


  1. After what Russia did to deprive America of a Hillary Clinton presidency, it deserves opposition, regime change, and, ultimately, dismemberment. Countless Ukrainian deaths and injuries, amid countless acres of destruction, are a small price to pay for those noble goals.

    I’ve wondered whether that’s what the average liberal thinks. I’ve begun to wonder, too, whether cultivation of that attitude was the goal of Russiagate all along.

      • Biden in Poland this morning, as “a good practing Catholic”, I’m declaring war on Russia. Then Biden said, “just kidding”.

        Let’s see Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and now Biden. Four Roman Catholic assholes.

      • November,

        I am here again briefly until Sunday.. I will not access this website from Mexico which I did once when I was new here and was rebuked.

        Anyway I sent to jack Ryan information to his private email which he gave me a couple of years ago on kidney disease which all my sources say is caused by processed food that is prevalent in dog food as well as human. I never received confirmation from him that he forwarded my letter to you.

        It is poison for profit when it comes to food.

        At a certain important event for me in the fairly recent past the following song was played for me as well as Las Mananitas by Pedro Infante which my grandmother loves.

        I know it might be considered overly sentimental by most men unless they have daughters but here it is. It was by Al Martino in case it does not play.

        I hope your dog is recovering. A normal dog seems to be better than most humans.

        • Hola Cristina.

          Thank you for inquiring about my dog. She is still with me, and I am grateful for that. I’m trying to stay positive. She’s a fighter and very stubborn, so she isn’t giving up.

          I have absolutely no doubt that the USDA allows food in the USA to facilitate disease. Processed foods are infamous for being of poor nutrition.

          • November,

            De nada. I think I now realize that you already know about the nutrition issue on canines. I felt like Columbus in believing I had discovered something only a few knew about.

            I had some of my brothers and sisters help me in my research. All roads led to nutrition.

            A interesting and sweet superstition that some Mexicans have—

            September 2, 2022 by Hernán Gonzales

            Dogs are not only welcome in Mexico, but they are also considered good luck! In Mexico, dogs are often seen as guardian angels, and it is believed that they have the ability to ward off evil spirits. This is why you will often see dogs in front of homes and businesses in Mexico. If you are planning on traveling to Mexico with your dog, there are a few things you need to know.

          • November,

            Besides providing good food for Gracie make sure you eat healthy food as well. My family almost never eats fast food. My grandmother is 92 and has more black hair than white. My great-grandfather Ignacio C. lived to 105. All based on discipline and diet.

            At home the food is slow cooked where it begins in the morning and there is always something on the stove throughout the day. Corn tortillas are better than flour. Limit cheese and pork. I do find pork ribs fantastic I do admit. Stay hydrated—with water more than drinks.

            Does Gracie have and descendants?

          • Cristina,

            I really do appreciate your concern and relevant for Gracie.

            Because of her condition, she takes anti-seizure and anti-nausea meds. I also provide subcutaneous hydration with lactated ringers. In case anyone reading this has this happen to a beloved pet, two supplements that have received great reviews for removing toxins from the blood are Azodyl and Epakitin.

            Unfortunately, because I adopted Gracie from a shelter she was already spayed, so she has no descendants. Being a mixed breed to begin with, I am not sure what would be the best sire in her case.

            Btw, I have always provided good food for all my dogs past and present. I will on occasion even cook organ meats, chicken, or salmon for them. My grandmother never gave her dogs store food for dogs. She would make them home cooked meals, and her dogs all lived into their late teens (still too short a lifespan imho).

            Word spread throughout the area about Gracie’s condition, and all her friends and admirers are sending their prayers and well wishes for her. She is loved by many children and senior citizens, as well as others that have made her acquaintance.

            Btw, did you know that Al Martino played basically Frank Sinatra in the Godfather? Martino was another great Italian singer from the middle of the last century.

            How is your father’s Shetland Sheepdog doing? I had 2 if them in the past, and they are cute but loud.

            Have you looked into colleges and universities to attend? Do you think you’ll continue your education in the US or Mexico?

            You mentioned that your 92 year old grandmother has very little gray hair. She must be pleased to not have to ‘color’ her grays like other women her age do. As you said, diet is important as are good genes.

            It’s always good to see your posts in OD whether I agree or disagree with them. When I disagree I understand where your motivations are, and I comprende why you arrived at such opinions.

            It’s always a pleasant surprise when you post here, and we can exchange thoughts.

            Please keep Gracie in your prayers.

          • Cristina,

            I liked Hernàn Gonzales’ observation on man’s best friend. He is correct about them warding off evil and are often guardian angels with tails for their humans. Many occasions of a toddler wandering off only to be found with the family dog cuddling them to keep them warm, and the stories of dogs protecting their families from criminals are endless, as are incidents where they alerted their owners to a fire in their home while they were sleeping.

            By the way, Gracie’s nickname is Amazing Gracie for her saving that woman’s life that would have succumbed to hypothermia, if Gracie didn’t find her unconscious in the snow.

            Benjamin Franklin once I guess jokingly said that, “Beer is evidence that God loves us.” I will give my own statement that dogs are evidence that we are loved by the Almighty.

          • November,

            I did not know that about Al Martino in the Godfather movie. Everyone has seen that movie. Marlon Brando was interesting in the film.

            Thank you for the compliment. I am glad that you do not get upset about some of my views. Once you know a person then their views are generally not a surprise. It is sometimes the unexpected belief that can be shocking.

            Our Shetland died at 19 years. Yes they are very loud and talkative.

            As for education? Probably in Mexico. If the United States my father wants USC. My mother prefers TCU.

  2. The premise of the dichotomy of Trump vs. Desantis is predicated on the assumption Trump actually gets us out of Ukraine, rather than just campaigning on it then trading that for another permanent corporate tax cut. Its far from certain.

    I think the reality is that in the unlikely event either is allowed to occupy the seat of President, it will be because the Dems want pressure taken off of them and know that the Pentagon and permanent bureaucracy can stimey any policy they want without consequences, making even a Republican president at best a lame duck day one, and in reality just defacto a Democrat they don’t have to take the blame for.

    Were I them, this is how I would look at it.

    Because we lack institutional influence of any kind, the vote is largely irrelevant. So I’ll probably just wait and see which way is most likely to raise hell and cause dissaffection, because thats where the bang for the buck is for us.

    Our goal should be deligitimization of Washington. Devolution of power to the states. Republicans shouldn’t even field a candidate.

    • To clarify? The primary should be held to resolve who the head of the party is, then they should govern from exile in Florida as an executive peanut gallery critical of everything the establishment does, having never competed in the general election in an explicit rejection of the illegitimate elections and out of control deep state that is totally Democrat.

  3. Anybody think we’ll ever get a candidate that gives a dam about Whites? The problem with choosing the lesser of two evils, is you’re still voting in evil. I’d actually like to be able to chose between good and evil for once instead of different variations of evil.

  4. November,

    Yes I understand that we disagree on several issues like the Russian war, American secession, probably gun control, and animal rights (my hands are tied here) but we agree on a lot more.

    Like WW2, the race situation, modern christianity, and a whole lot of other issues. In essence we agree on what I consider to be the main events.

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