David French: America Can’t Go “Wobbly” On Ukraine

This is good news.

By chiming in on the importance of Standing With Ukraine, David French will only ensure that support for it will continue to plummet on the Right simply by being associated with him.

New York Times:

“As we approach the first anniversary of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, two ominous trends are emerging at once. First, Russia is doubling down. It’s pouring fresh troops into Ukraine and launching new offensive operations.

Second, poll after poll after poll demonstrate that American support for Ukraine is slipping away. While Americans have sympathy for Ukraine, declining percentages are willing to spend American resources to keep Ukraine in the fight.

Yet the outcome of the war is simply too important — to America as well as Ukraine — to allow our support to falter. On the war’s anniversary it’s time for a concerted effort to persuade Americans of a single idea: We should support Ukraine as much as it takes, as long as it takes, until the Russian military suffers a decisive, unmistakable defeat.

Instead, domestic agreement is fraying. As The Washington Post reported last week, the Biden administration is telling Ukraine there are no guarantees of future support, and it’s “raising the pressure” on Ukraine “to make significant gains on the battlefield” in the short term, while Western aid still flows. …

Moreover, if Russia ultimately defeats Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will have a message for his people: Russia confronted Ukraine and NATO, and Russia won. Russian victory will have a galvanizing impact on illiberal and authoritarian movements in the West. Western retreat from a winnable war will prove in many quarters the Russian critique of the “woke” West, that it is simply too self-indulgent, decadent and individualistic to survive and thrive. …”

For the record, I don’t care if the war continues or who wins the war. Ukraine has a right to defend itself. I just don’t want to be involved in it and entangled in that region of the world.


  1. I don’t care if we sell them weapons and tech. But we should be paid for it, not footing the bill at tax payer expense.

    Idgaf about Ukraine, but everyone sells weapons and so should we. Its legitimate business. This would free us from entanglements and let our oligarchs still line their pockets by gouging like normal businesses do.

    Funding their government and military when they are sitting on valuable resources they could pay us with is gay.

  2. The Enemy see Heritage America the same way they see Russia: a nation to be conquered, humiliated, torn apart and erased.

    On that note, a sitting member of the House is calling for the end of The Union.

    Gears of History.

  3. “David French is Standing With Ukraine”

    Then let Mr. French lead the way and go volunteer to serve the current Ukraine with a rifle.

    I am sick to death of his being willing to say that White Southerners go fight and die for what he regards as the interests of HIS people.

    That goes for Max Boot, Billy Krystal, Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland, Wolfewitz, Perle, and a whole host of others, too.

    • HW, must you publish pictures of that guy with his poop stained beard ?
      We know he rims his (((paymsters))), we don’t need pictures.
      You just want to turn our stomachs ?

  4. >Ukraine has a right to defend itself.

    Ukraine isn’t defending a region that wants to be a part of Ukraine. There’s been a rebellion in Donbass for 9 years now, with many of those troops doing much of the fighting even to this day. Putin doesn’t even want to take over Ukraine, he simply wants to annex a region that is Russian in every single way. It’s Zelensky’s refusal to make peace, largely due to the important resources in Eastern Ukraine, that has prolonged this conflict. It has nothing to do with “defending” anything other than Ukraine’s future as a western satellite country that is used for the purpose of war against Russia.

  5. They do not have choice. Nato collapse means end of the Jew World Order and their power and this is what they will not accept at any circumstances.

    Tomorrow Vlad makes his speech and then we will find out what’s next. Joe last moment visit to Kiev demonstrates that they do not like this speech. Only purpose of Joe visit was pushing ukros to fight to the last man.

    When this last man dies, then the real show begins. After Ukraine Vlad goes directly after globohomo. With whole planet Earth so everybody from us has role to play. I waited global anti communist revolt my entire life.

  6. All of these dirty diaspora Jews who whose duplicitous ancestors were throttled by the righteous Czar are on a 200 year blood feud with Russia

  7. 14 Nov 2022 there was an unusual meeting in Ankara between CIA Director William Burns and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Naryshkin heading Russia’s SVR … they seem to have hashed out some boundaries for the two ‘deep states’ as the conflict rolls on … e.g., keeping it non-nuclear tho the war may well become wider both involving Europe, and with direct US-Russia conflict, as below.

    Turkish media quoted Mossad on Ukraine war casualty figures, that the Ukrainians have it much worse … tho both Russia and Ukraine are hampered by corruption impediments, Russians have an edge in their slow grind, and by summer Ukraine may be far too short in manpower and logistics capability.

    Much more now heard on Poland taking some of its former West Ukraine land around Lviv, with both Kiev and Russia ok with this … Russians also ok with a rump state in Kiev, losing its east, its west and its seacoast.

    Russians also likely to push to the southwest Ukraine border with Hungary, so Hungary can feel freer to leave the EU, Hungary then directly linking to Russia’s friends in Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece etc … Balkan peoples are greatly pro-Russian overall. Slavic Christian Orthodox mostly, like Russia. With a Russian land bridge to them the EU & NATO are broken.

    The bigger US-Russia direct war scenario may turn on Odessa. The 101st Airborne is now in Romania, apparently their task is to land in Odessa as Ukraine starts to crumble, and try to keep it as a NATO Black Sea port.

    For Russia tho, Odessa is perhaps like Crimea, ancient Russia city … and where in 2014 Russians were burned alive, and a pregnant woman strangled as in the famous photo, Putin speaks of that massacre, it is Russian holy ground now … Russians are apparently trying to not provoke USA, but ready to go full WW3 rather than not take Odessa.

    Russians don’t want to destroy Odessa to retake it. Apparently their idea is, if US troops land in Odessa, they take it as full US-NATO attack on Russia … hypersonic missiles may land on NATO bases in Germany, a Germany which already gave away ammo stocks to Ukraine, do the Germans really want to fight? … US ships may be sunk … not nuclear but still pretty bad … Russia may well push it to the end, whatever that is.

  8. “that it (the West) is simply too self-indulgent, decadent and individualistic to survive and thrive.”

    Wait? This idiot expects us to take a look around at this rotten, bastard stepchild of the real, post mortem, America that put a man on the moon and built the interstate highway system and thinks this is not true? He’s either stupid, or lying to us.

    I will say that these deep state apparacheks living in these wealthy DC suburbs still live in a bubble that is socially more like the 80s than the rest of the country. Lots of intact families, some divorce, but still not the rampant bastardy and dysfunction that has overwhelmed the rest of the country. I know when I moved from the midwest to Oregon in the 90s I was shocked at the amount of bastardy going on and how it was approved and celebrated. The midwest was “behind” at this point, I’d never heard of a company baby shower celebrating some bimbo knocked up out of wedlock, this crap was already going on in Oregon in the 90s.

    It’s here now, where I work there is this narcissistic, irresponsible black guy with all these “baby mamas”…all white. He’s in the process of divorcing one now right after she had his kid because he wants to be out playing around with other women. Yep, there are new white bimbos chasing after him. What is wrong with all these white women? Don’t they know blacks don’t make good husbands and fathers? Where are the fathers?

    This crap has soured me even more on women and I now think the Hindus and their parentally arranged marriages is a much better cultural practice than this romantic love nonsense “free agency” given to females and the degenerate youth today. If the west is ever to be reborn, society is going to have to force people into staying together the way rehab forces people off of substance abuse.

    • Our society can no longer offer young white men a wife or family, so what is there left to fight for?

      Who in their right mind would fight for the so-called ‘values’ of modern weimerica?

      It was 95% white where I live about 25 to 30 years ago
      Now, when I go to the gas station or when I go to Walmart ,when I look at who works everywhere when I look at who’s moving in ,it’s getting pretty dark out…

      Everyone is black or Hispanic , or from Haiti or Pakistan, or somewhere from gook land

      Its very maddening to feel like a stranger in my own town in my own country…

      Oh, who am I kidding?
      This ain’t a white man’s country anymore.
      We are a conquered and defeated people who better start thinking and acting accordingly.

    • Oregon.is full of oregoons, weirdos.

      “What is wrong with all these white women? Don’t they know blacks don’t make good husbands and fathers? ”

      Fathers ? Why bother, the state will provide support, through multiple channels.

      Women are basically children, nature has designed them that way, they’re designed to be with children, that’s their natural function.

  9. David French and the rest of the NR types are just playing out the string now, they know their grift is coming to an end. Creatures in high office like Dementia Joe or worse, Cackling Kamala shows they have reached bottom. One good kick and the whole rotten edifice of GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire comes crashing down.

  10. David French is a good symbol of the utter failure of Western Christianity.

    The Anglicsn Church as well is falling to pieces as it embraces homo practices.

    Luther & Calvin were correct to rebel against Popery, but they made a fatal error going with Sola Scrptura and jettisoning Church Tradition. Many Prots think that history stopped around 90 A.D. and then only re-started circa 1550 A.D. with the Refornation.

    Looking at the present condition of Clown World and pathetic thought leaders like David French it is clear the path forward must be Eastern Orthodoxy (and its long uncorrupted Church Tradition) and Pro-Putinism!

    National Review speaks of ‘Putin Republicans’… well I embrace it. Let us convert to Orthodoxy and pray for Mother Russias victory!

    • French is a whore Jeff. And money and the persute of it, is the root of all evil. Anyone who puts money above truth and morality is not Christian. French is about as Christian as Golda Meir.

      The Christians are those who serve man and God over money and there every where Jeff and they are not going away.

      I know Jews named Jeff and I know how much the Jews hate Christ.

      Why didn’t your mom name you John, Jeff? Same reason she did not baptize you Christ killer?

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