Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls For a National Divorce

Maybe we should have stuck with our billboard campaign?


  1. Sic semper tyrannis, sic semper imperia!
    (Loose translation: Thus to tyrants, thus to empires)

    Since in reality America is an Empire, and no longer a Constitutional Republic, why can’t we do what the Roman Empire did when they got too big?

    That is an agreed to division, instead of a rebellion/secession. Rome managed the western half, Constantinople managed the eastern half. It was only the western half that fell a century or two later. The eastern half became Byzantium, which lasted for another millennia.

  2. Thank you, Miss Marjorie, for bringing what is obviously necessary, out of the denial closet and into plain view!

  3. Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Likely owned now that she’s parroting the Jew line. Look at my comment in the next post here. We can change the rules back to where we control THEM and have the country to ourselves.

    With this control when officials keep doing pozzed things like transing children without their parents knowledge, the legislature can unearmark them. You’ve heard of earmarks. Well these are legal, so unearmarks should be too. We could cut all funding to the actual persons behaving like this. Refuse the States capacity to fund them in any manner at all.

  4. The modern, mainstream left aren’t liberals or progressives, they’re nihilists, they hate themselves, their country, its people and they hate life, not only are they murdering the unborn but they’re sexually mutilating and now trying to ‘euthanize’ children without their parents consent (see Canada’s ‘MAID’ program).
    Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to separate from these people?
    They think humanity is a cancer on the earth.
    It’s a death cult, don’t drink the cool-aid figuratively and literally, don’t inject it either.
    That being said, would be nice if the right actually closed the borders, got out of Ukraine and did more to help working people, the right leaves a lot to be desired, but I guess at least they’re not pro-death.

  5. I hope there is something left of western civilization by the time the divorce is finalized. The commie buttholes are busy destroying everything our ancestors built every day.

  6. A young lady I work with visited the US a couple of years ago.
    In LA, she was walking down a street with her parents when a drug addled women asked them ‘what the fuck are yas lookin at?’
    In Memphis, they were walking around somewhere and came across human waste on the street left there by homeless people.
    In their motel, their next door neighbours were smoking pot or something, and it was so strong, it went into her room and made her partially high. A bakery they visited in NJ was shot up with people killed the day after they shopped there. The night before they returned to Australia, blacks in the room beside theirs held a huge overnight party and they couldn’t get to sleep. They were threatened when they asked them to quieten down.
    Everywhere they went, they saw homelessness and degeneracy. All they wanted was a holiday.
    If that’s what you see in America in three weeks, just imagine what you’d see if living there for 85 years!
    Who is America to police the rest of the world?

    • Hello Goose;

      Those of us who live here know better than to go to those places. They should have gone to National Parks such as Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, they are some of the most spectacular places on earth. There are thousands of square miles of land set aside, mostly out West as wilderness areas that accommodate tourists. There are also National Seashore areas on the coasts that have not been ruined, yet.

      Very few blacks have any interest in nature and are rarely seen there. Believe it or not, as a sign of its insanity, the U.S. Government is spending millions of dollars to get blacks and other minorities into National Parks including propaganda campaigns on TV. They look like a fish out of water as they go camping with intact black families, sometimes with White girlfriends, in TV advertisements.

      Much of America is a shithole, Third World country now, not first world like it was sixty or even fifty years ago. The trajectory is to go further down and rapidly with Dementia Joe as Mr. President. If we avoid nuclear war I will consider his presidency successful.

      • @12AX7…

        “If we avoid nuclear war I will consider his presidency successful.”

        Don’t worry, we’re never going to have a nuclear war over Ukraine, because that would affect President Obama’s mansion in Martha’s Vineyard and President Biden’s vintage Corvette.

      • 12AX7,
        Yes I asked her what exactly she was doing in those areas that quite obviously, weren’t meant for tourists to see. Her response:- she wanted the full American experience without being shielded from anything. She witnessed more than she expected. The good thing from it was, she looked forward to coming home, and appreciated Australia more.
        In Australia, and the UK, sure, shit happens, but for an average person in an average day, you never see that behaviour unless you go out finding it. Bad behaviour whilst drunk is as bad as what most people see here.

  7. JUSA will NEVER willingly allow any state to secede but that’s okay but seccession is not needed.
    The Greater Idaho Project is working deligently (and more important, legally as in constitutionally) to persuade counties in eastern Oregon to move to Idaho.

    Oregon counties have already voted to do so and now the Idaho statehouse has okayed considering the proposition.

    Full disclosure: I’ve relocated from a midwestern state to cheer it on. Was diificult but whites are going to have to, “circle the wagons” somewhere & my money’s on the PacNW.

    Long way to go but … step by step, this CAN happen.

    Today Greater Idaho. Tomorrow Freedom Of Association. And FOA ends ALL the BS – Affirmative Action, Section 8 Housing, all govt programs’ discrimination against whites.

    • I’m pretty sure the entire Oregon legislature would have to sign off on this for it to happen. Fat chance.
      As to your last paragraph, why did whites roll over and take all of what you speak of (and a LOT more!) to begin with? Can you say cowardice and indifference?

      • Freedom Of Associaition NOW.
        Wnen we CAN gain that right then, AND ONLY THEN, can we separate from those who want us dead.
        And make no mistake, THAT is the goal.
        So spread the word please – every chance you get – Freedom Of Association … Freedom Of Association … Freedom Of Association… Freedom Of Association … T/y.

  8. Like overpriced hecho en China shoe makers, just do it.
    Don’t talk about, don’t get addicted to fiat largesse, just do it.
    It’s done anyway so might as well get what you can at the Sopranos sporting goods store bustout.
    BTW-The tenth amendment still exists, just ask Ronny D of the FLA West Berlin Freedom Zone.

  9. If we won’t secede with the prospect of the powers that be dragging us into a nuclear war than what will motivate us? Anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a criminal enterprise, a psychotic cult, or a tyrannical government.

  10. This is serious rhetoric. I am definitely against a violent revolt against the United States I also wrote strongly against the January 6 riot before it happened condemning it for being immoral and dumb. As for a peaceful secession allowed by the US government? I do not see that happening.

    What would the seceded states and new country look like? Does this website really imagine it is back to the 1950’s? Would the new seceded country essentially just be civic nationalism? I do not think the new seceded country would be an Occidental Dissent paradise.

    As always I wonder how a secession would affect my family and Mexico. My family would probably be okay. Yet I am very uneasy over such talk. Mexico has a nice arrangement with the US financially.

    A splintered United States would mean a world dominated by Communist China and that is not morally acceptable to me or any decent person.

    So I currently strongly stand for a united United States. My support of los estados unidos in such matters does not mean that I do not recognize grave moral flaws in American society.

      • Flax,

        Mexico has little or no influence in the world. It does not/can not dictate to others what they should believe or do. Mexico does not bomb or attack others and kill millions like the USA has done since 1991. Mexico has not aborted 70 million babies legally.

        I will match our problems versus America’s any day. You might try the tactic of writing that millions want to go to America and not Mexico but that is to sponge off of the rich system in the US rather than because of the degeneracy that is the USA that tries to and does corrupt the rest of the world when it is able.

        Mexican corruption is limited. It is the USA that promotes homosexual marriages and transgenderism internationally which seeps into other countries. It is American TV and movies that influence thought not Mexican.

        Countries are fools to allow such shows in their countries.

        Our murder rate is higher but our rape rate is lower than the US last time I checked.

      • Flax,

        Mexico of course has grave moral flaws. Every country currently does to the best of my knowledge. .

        The US State Department has even put out a travel advisory where government employees can not travel to in Mexico and where some Mexican States are recommended for American tourists not to go there at all.

        The State where most of my family/relatives are from is in the second most dangerous category.

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

        That is why there is a population surge into El Norte, not the other way around, they are running away from themselves.

  11. Black Label,

    It is not rape if a girl voluntarily sleeps with a man. In Catholic theology a person is responsible for their sins when they reach the age of reason which is around 7 years old. So 70 years or 7 we all have freedom of will.

    I knew when I was very small the difference between right and wrong and no amount of candy or talk would have voluntarily made me yield.

    Our belief is that God gives everyone the grace to avoid sin. If they do not then that is on their head.

    The age of consent varies by State. To suggest that our rates are lower because of the age of consent is typical. You just do not want to admit your flaws.

    Anyway I leave in a few hours so as much as I would like to stick around and debate this will have to wait until next time.

    • I am almost out the door so I have to make this fast,

      1. According to the Church Canon Law, “A minor before the completion of the seventh year is called an infant and is considered not responsible for oneself (non sui compos). With the completion of the seventh year, however, a minor is presumed to have the use of reason.” [Catholic Code of Canon Law # 97 §2]

      For the above reason, the Catholic Church teaches that only a child age 8 and over can sin

      • Thank you and with much respect, I stand corrected. Forgive me I meant no offense, I personally do have flaws but unlike the utterly degenerate upper class and their “intelligence community”, bedding the underaged isn’t one of them if that’s what your implying. I don’t agree that 7 year olds, religiously adherent or not, should be engaging in sex with anyone. I will need a thesis to convince me that 7 year olds have the faculties to engage in sex with adults.

        • I personally believe so-called “wokeness” and Catholicism are the same beast more than they are alleged adversaries.

  12. Black Label,

    I never said 7 years old should have sex. Why would you write that???? It is considered child sex and a sin if a girl voluntarily has sex before she has become a woman. It is obviously child sex for the man as well.

    It is fornication if she is 12 years AND a woman. It is child sex and horrible if not a woman and below 12.

    As for the modern Church? Yes it is obvious that at the highest levels the left and the Church are pretend enemies at this point in time.

    Okay. You are obviously just yanking my chain. To the best of my knowledge Catholic girls could marry when they were twelve and a woman until the early twentieth century. Now it is fourteen years of age. It can always go back to twelve for it is Church discipline.

    I will no longer reply to ridiculous anti-Catholic arguments from anyone.

    • Black Label,

      Do not be hurt or offended by what I have written. You have treated me mostly with respect and I reciprocate. It is just that I am like you horrified at young girls being taken advantage of.

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