Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Equity Executive Order

Before jetting off to Europe and ultimately to Kyiv (Keev) to announce he is Standing With Ukraine forever, Joe Biden signed a new executive order on “equity” which will direct the federal government to discriminate against White people in every government agency.


  1. I am reminded of those old newsreels that showed “Juden” plastered on the front of shops owned by Jewish shopkeepers in Germany in the Third Reich and Jews being forced to wear yellow stars on their clothing to announce to the German citizens that they were targets for hatred and violence. This Diversity-Equity-and Inclusion anti-white directive seems a step in that direction against Whites in the U.S.A.. Whoopi Goldberg is urging violence against White men in America and recently a white bicylist was stabbed to death in California by a Black man screaming at the man about “White Privilege”.. Maybe FJB is America’s version of Pol Pot.

  2. When I hear things like this, I always wonder what it will be that finally sets White people off. Will it be yet another daily outrage like a murder or rape or something like this equity BS? Or will we just go quietly into the night?

    • “No force in the world will stop . . . America from becoming more Asian, more African American, more Hispanic and less Anglo as the 21st century unfolds.”

      Correct, if the current trajectory holds. What the author failed to state (probably because he willfully refuses to believe it) is that America will become a failed, Third World shithole, better than Haiti but much, much worse than Japan. The fact that Texas could have a catastrophic electric grid failure in the winter indicates how a state once known for competence, seriousness and accomplishment has fallen. Combined with the continuing disaster that is California, the two most important states in the country, the future looks bleak.

  3. I know memes lose popularity, just like a great song. Each can only be played a limited number of times before the listener gets tired of it and moves on to something else. Great songs eventually make a comeback and get radio play again.

    I really liked the “cuck” meme. I guess when that lost popularity, I just moved on to using the term “weakness” to describe what I call behavior that ducks the real issue.

    I truly feel that referring to president Biden as “president” is a weak fucking cuck. I argue with everyone over this. The argument that I get away with, that seems to not anger people of both parties, is using the phrase, “Joe Biden is not a real person anymore, he is senile, that’s why they put him in.” Whomever I’m speaking with almost always seems to feel a sense of relief when I say this. I’ve never been called a conspiracy theorist yet. It’s just common sense plainspeak that people can relate to, but won’t often initiate themselves in conversation, because it is like saying the “emperor has no clothes”. It is maybe a little bit too aggressive or rude to say in polite conversation for most people, but that exact wording has always worked, and I think it is because you are saying something controversial so plainly. Like I said, I’ve never been called a conspiracy theorist over this.

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