1. Dementia Joe’s doctors must have pulled out the extra large, two ounce size syringe to inject Dementia Joe with enough amphetamines to keep him upright for this long a stretch. We probably won’t see him in public for two weeks after this to give the old, corrupt, degenerate bastard enough time to recover.

    These people know that U.S. public support for their war in Eastern Europe is non-existent. Dementia Joe’s owners and keepers are trying to thread the needle: expend money and materiel but don’t let it go nuclear or get U.S. troops directly involved (beyond U.S. military advisers). The U.S. public will not support the Government if their war spins out of control and all the Morning Joe talk shows or Fox TV idiots in the world can’t change that. The incessant commercials showing the tragedy of guys from Afghanistan and Iraq missing limbs, reduced to living off of charity acts as the best anti-war, anti military recruitment advertising possible.

  2. Watch “Biden” speak? I’d rather drink muriatic acid than watch whoever that doppelganger is making a speech.

    Putin’s speech was much more interesting. But it announced nothing new about the war, a war which is going badly for Russia at this time. They seem to be losing 2,000 or more dead each week, these past three weeks. Units are reporting a severe lack of ammunition. Russia is making no gains at all. Even near Bakhmut the gains have stopped completely. They are not receiving ammunition.

    This is surely why the speech was so poorly received by the audience, who were lawmakers and other elites. Nearly all of them were visibly annoyed at the speech. Putin did not address the current crisis, he just said everything is going great, when it clearly isn’t.

    • Putin’s speech contained quite a bit of interesting content, as Larry Johnson notes. While largely focused on domestic Russian matters (Groomers and other western ‘values’ not allowed in schools for example), it touched on a number of foreign affairs issues as well. It was not the kind of “we’re going all in to take Kiev” speech some were expecting it to be. One very interesting thing is that Putin did declare that all the US military fighting in Jewkraine are no longer off limits to his forces. There will be a lot more ‘accidental’ deaths reported by the Pentagon for Special Ops in the near future as a result.

  3. And there is absolutely no embarrassing corrupt reasons why many thousands need to die to protect corrupt scumbag politicians and their junkie children’s social security.

  4. “Analysis: Putin’s Move on Treaty May Signal End to Arms Control
    President Vladimir Putin announced that he would suspend Moscow’s participation in the last surviving arms control agreement between Russia and the U.S.”…….Nytimes

    Real cute, facelift Joe, you’ve just antagonized the world’s only country with sub-orbital ICBMs and put us back into the cold war, real cute.

    Decades of arms negotiations thrown out the window.

    • “Decades of arms negotiations thrown out the window.”

      Ultimately all because the “elites” couldn’t accept that the hoi poloi rejected “She whose turn it was.” Utterly bathetic.

  5. It is to agitate. Bidens speech was given within hours of Putins speech. And who better to agitate aginst the leader of the New World Order Vladamir Putin than a lowbrowed obnoxious Irish retard? Who? Putin has already won, and Joe, his backers in London and tel Aviv are going to have to eat it, with a shmear of gefilte fish.

    • It’s real simple, spending trillions on defense contractors, and billions on corrupt dictatorships like the Ukraine, only weakens the US. A war of attrition with Russia, is a war the US cannot win. Napoleon and Hitler were thousands of miles closer to Russia than we are, and both of them ended being destroyed by Russia,

      “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”, it seems the Irish politicians of both parties have not learned that old American adage. On one hand they cry about spending, on the other hand they spend like drunks of St. Patricks Day.

  6. President Biden can give all the speeches he wants..

    Speeches, however, do not trump tanks, cannons, and guns, nor do they trump those heroic men willing to put their lives on the line to use them, in defence of their kith and kin.

  7. Brandon should have a yellow and blue lapel pin with all the MIC corporate logos in the background surrounded by warheads and missiles with snakes and dollar signs!
    Zelensky could do a piano solo as the crowd goes wild clapping like trained seals.
    How about Putin and this safe passage guarantee, reminds me of the Banksters giving the Bolsheviks safe passage and money.
    We’re going to need a bigger green screen on this slow burner fuse to the must have WWIII.

  8. Here’s what he said: “– our history shows that while darkness and de- — denialism hide very much, they erase nothing. They can’t erase the past, and they shouldn’t.

    Only with truth comes healing and justice and repair and another step forward in the — for that promise we all made but have never reached: a more perfect union. But we’ve never fully given up on it.

    — You know, folks, lynching is pure terror, enforcing the lie that not everyone belongs in America and not everyone is created equal. Pure terror to systematically undermine hard-fought civil rights. Innocent men, women, children hung by a noose from trees. Bodies burned, drowned, castrated.

    Their crimes? Trying to vote. Trying to go to school. Trying to own a business. Trying to re- — preach the gospel. False — false accusations of murder, arson, robbery. Lynched for simply being Black, nothing more. With white crowds, white families gathered to celebrate the spectacle, taking pictures of the bodies and mailing them as postcards.

    Hard to believe, but that’s what was done. And some people still want to do that.

    That conversation is not in the distant past. Same talk today. So many Black and brown family — parents have to have that similar conversation with their children, worrying about whether they’ll come home from a walk down the street or playing in the park or just driving their car — like we saw Tyre Nichols, just last month — and becoming a victim to too many acts of hate and violence unleashed on those known and unknown.

    Folks, I thought — I got involved in the civil rights movement as a public defender, as my colleagues know, when I was a kid getting out of law school. And I thought you could defeat hate, we — because we passed the Civil Rights Act and so many other things.

    But I learned a lesson: Hate never goes away. It just hides under the rocks until it’s given a little oxygen by lousy people.

    And what stops it? Only one thing that stops it is all of us. Silence is complicity. It really is. Silence is complicity. (Applause.)

    And, folks, we can’t remain silent. Denialism is worse, and it’s unacceptable.”

  9. I never thought I would see the day when a man like Biden, who obviously has worsening by the week dementia, would be allowed to stay in power. Everyone is OK with this? OK with America being compromised and degraded? Not too many decades ago this wouldn’t have been tolerated.

    • The jwz have so much media power that they could put a monkey in the oval office ………. Oh, they already have.

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