Thomas Edsall: The Forces Tearing Us Apart Are Not What They Seem

We have heard a lot about education polarization.

Over the last decade, White working class voters have generally become more Republican while White college educated suburban voters have become more Democratic, which explains why Virginia and Colorado have become Blue States while Ohio and Iowa have become Red States.

New York Times:

“As recently as 2008,” Podhorzer writes, “40 percent of the Democratic caucus represented either rural or sparse suburban districts, and about a fifth of the Republican caucus represented majority-minority, urban or dense suburban districts. Now, the caucuses are sorted nearly perfectly.” …

From 1996 to 2008, in majority white districts, there was virtually no difference in household income between districts represented by Republicans and Democrats. Since then, the two have diverged sharply, with median household income rising to $80,725 in 2020 in majority white districts represented by Democrats, well above the $62,163 in districts represented by Republicans. …

In 1996, Democrats represented 30 percent of the majority white districts in the most educated and most affluent category; by 2020, they represented 86 percent. At the other end, in 1996, Democrats represented 38 and 42 percent of the districts in the bottom two categories; by 2020, those percentages fell to 12 and 18 percent. …

Podhorzer does not dispute the existence of this trend, but argues strenuously that limiting the analysis to education levels masks the true driving force: racial tolerance and racial resentment. “This factor, racial resentment,” Podhorzer writes in the education polarization essay, “does a much, much better job of explaining our current political divisions than education polarization.”

In support of his argument, Podhorzer provides data showing that from 2000 to 2020, the Democratic margin among whites with and without college degrees who score high on racial resentment scales has fallen from minus 26 percent to minus 62 percent for racially resentful non-college whites and from minus 14 percent to minus 53 percent among racially resentful college- educated whites.

At the same time, the Democratic margin rose from plus 12 to 70 percent over those twenty years among non-college whites low in racial resentment; and from 50 to 82 percent among college-educated whites low in racial resentment.

In other words, in contradiction to the education divide thesis, non-college whites who are not racially resentful have become more Democratic, while college-educated whites who are racially resentful have become more Republican, in contradiction to the education divide thesis. …”

Thomas Edsall is citing some new research in the New York Times this morning which shows that White voters are really sorting between the two parties on the basis of “racial resentment,” not on the basis of college degrees. In other words, the Democrats are becoming the party of the GoodWhites and the Republicans are becoming the party of the BadWhites. White voters are polarized on the basis of their attachment to their own race and how they feel about other races.

Note: This sorting process which has been going on over the past decade is why “woke” and “CRT” have recently become partisan cudgels. Republicans rally their voters now by insinuating that Democrats are anti-White. They are the White people who hate their own race.


  1. He who possesses the higher morality should rule right or wrong? The divide is according to your religious beliefs, your moral code, your sense of what is right and just. No harm comes to the innocent as a religion and a moral code versus equity, equality and inclusions for all as a religion and a moral code. Christ versus anti-Christ.

    It is Gods will for the morally just to rule, is it not?

    Naturally a Jew, Podhorzer, would make it about race, race is the method the Jews use to sell their inferior morality. We know them well enough by now.

  2. Where’s the lie? No lie detected.

    The Leftist explanation of this phenomenon is that we are backward, reactionary and immoral.

    Our explanation is that we are being systematically discriminated against, targeted by the Left (who controls all cultural and government institutions) for racial/cultural genocide because they think we are backward, reactionary and immoral.

    None of this is a mystery, so whats the reason we can’t just go our own way and secede?

    Which party to this conflict is the one insisting on the conquest and destruction of the other?

    Edsall is making an apologist argument for this it would seem.

    • “None of this is a mystery, so what’s the reason we can’t just go our own way and secede?”

      You know perfectly well why, because the satanic self haters of the left want to bludgeon us into submission and turn us in to modern day serfs. If we went our own way they couldn’t exploit, marginalize and oppress us.

      All Whites are now nothing more than Kulaks to these progtard creeps and they intend to do to us exactly what Stalin did to the aforementioned scapegoats.

    • The Quakers got caught again, this time by a Rachel Dolezal type, good for her. I hope she took them for a million dollars. They’ve got the money, too.

      The Quakers are some of the biggest frauds and hypocrites. They run their religion as a racket for bored, wealthy, white, PMC, middle aged suburban women to feel morally superior to others because of their ‘Enlightenment’.

      If the Quakers were serious about the tenets of their “faith”, such as it is, why aren’t they publicly protesting U.S. Government support of the war in Ukraine and probably in the near future, Taiwan?

      A:) Because their favorite politicians, with the same Left Wing causes, support war
      in Ukraine instead of negotiations. Like all organized religious groups in the U.S.,
      they are getting Government money which they don’t want to jeopardize by
      opposing the Government.


      • “The Quakers are some of the biggest frauds and hypocrites.”

        @12AX7 – EXCELLENT post! They are an insular, protected racket of identity opportunists. I grew up around these people; they don’t fool me for one second.

  3. Instead of “Racial Resentment” and “Racial Tolerance”, two terms deliberately used to frame Mr. Edsall’s argument in terms of Whites in the wrong, colored folk are saints, how about: Preserving Civilization, Preserving Safety? Even the FBI, yes, that FBI, the Deep State FBI that illegally entraps so-called terrorists, manufactures evidence and encouraged the Jan. 6th protesters and BLM riots is forced to admit through its watered down crime statistics that it’s blacks/browns who account for the overwhelming majority of murders and other violent crimes.

    Those Whites who want to preserve civilization vs. those who don’t care and those Whites concerned about black/brown violence and those who don’t care? That sums up things more accurately than Thomas Edsall’s anti-White categories.

    If there were no non-Whites most of the U.S. would have almost no violent crime, comparable to Europe. This is still true in rural White areas of the country such as the upper Midwest, much of New England and parts of the West. Those areas are overwhelmingly White and therefore, scheduled for “enrichment” by the commissars in Washington.

    Ask the (co-called) Liberals what they think those racially resentful Whites resent and why they have their resentment. Ask them what bad Whites won’t tolerate and why. It’s forbidden to publicly ask those questions of White people just as it’s forbidden for White people to answer honestly. Colored people can slander Whites all day of course in this wonderful “democracy” we enjoy under GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire.

    It turns out that even the PMC types want to preserve civilization, same as bad Whites and PMC types certainly want to avoid black/brown violence and general social dysfunction i.e. bastardy, littering, public disorder, crime etc. They foolishly believe their college professors and think their enemies are bad Whites but they choose to live in White areas with White norms rather than with their precious diversity. If the PMC types weren’t hypocrites they would send their children to the black/brown schools but they know what goes on there so they leave poor bad Whites to get enriched there.


    These are but two of countless examples of public disorder and crimes that the government, such as it is, is unable to suppress. Whites have fled LA and Southern California over the decades because of demographic changes that have wrecked civilization there. It looks like demographic changes in Austin i.e. the growth of the hispanic population will drive out PMC Whites who will have to Keep Austin Weird somewhere else.

    I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.

  4. If I see something concrete on policy from Trump with specific pledges he can’t wiggle out of without taking massive damage from the base, I might come off the fence.

    Having already served a term, I don’t know what leverage this could even have on him once he’s elected, because its certain he won’t have another term after. Lame duck day one. Or… someone with nothing to lose who can turn over tables and raise hell.

  5. Uniparty is why we can’t have nice things.
    Racial mania was pretty much in the past until Obama came along to tear open old wounds.
    If there can be no reconciliation then divorce it must be.

  6. Republicans love “Diversity” just as much as Democrats do. The only thing they differ on is how to accomplish it. “Diversity” means chasing down the last White person. Trump isn’t going to save you.

  7. I’m not going to waste time and torture myself by reading the Shitlib propaganda at the Jew York Slimes but I’m just wondering if they measure “racial resentment” among blacks or if they even bother to define the term. I suspect what they really mean by this jargon is that White people who don’t hate themselves are very, very bad people because they haven’t internalized the propaganda of self hate the Shitlibs are peddling.

    What the loathsome Progtards responsible for this pseudo-science call “racial resentment” is really just racial awareness. The cultural Marxist frauds of the left would like us to believe that being aware of ones race is the highest form of wisdom for non-Whites and the greatest scourge imaginable for Whites. They are desperate to prevent White self awareness because White racial pride and unity is the major impediment to their demonic schemes.

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