Woke LCMS President Works With Antifa To Dox and Excommunicate His Own Members For “Racism”


Antifa seem genuinely surprised by LCMS president Matthew Harrison’s actions. They are noting that even the most liberal and progressive churches haven’t been willing to go as far as LCMS leadership which calls the police on their own members.

UPDATE: The Jewish pornographer who is working with Antifa and the president of LCMS to purge Lutherans from their churches is boasting about his success on his “Lutherans for Racial Justice” website and is encouraging his supporters to partner with LCMS leadership in future activist projects.

Lutherans for Racial Justice:

“We’re grateful for President Harrison’s willingness to partner with church workers on combatting “racist and supremacist ideologies.” The many rostered pastors, teachers, district leaders who participate in the LRJ community look forward to engaging with President Harrison on this matter as soon as he is available and willing.

In addition to reaching out to President Harrison to partner in this effort, we encourage congregations to submit overtures (instructions here) for the 2023 Convention by the due date of March 11. …”

Apparently, this social justice group is working with Antifa to collect open source intelligence on LCMS members by crawling through their social media posts. This information is then being published by Antifa on Twitter and sent to Harrison to excommunicate LCMS members.

This is unbelievable.

Does the average LCMS member know that their president is working with Antifa and “social justice” activists to dox and purge Lutheran congregations of members who are accused of “racism” and “white supremacy”?

Religion News:

“(RNS) — The president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has called for the excommunication of unrepentant white supremacists in the church’s ranks, rebuking an extremist effort to exert influence within the conservative Lutheran denomination.

In a letter dated Feb. 21, LCMS President Matthew Harrison said he was “shocked to learn recently that a few members of LCMS congregations have been propagating radical and unchristian ‘alt-right’ views via Twitter and other social media.” He noted far-right members were causing “local disruption” for congregations and alleged that LCMS leadership and deaconesses had fallen victim to online threats, some of which he described as “serious.” …

The letter comes in the wake of an article published this month by antifascist group Machaira Action alleging the “rise of a white supremacist faction within the Lutheran faith.” The post singled out Corey Mahler, who has reportedly been active in far-right circles for years and has posted about whiteness and “white genocide” on Twitter. Mahler also identifies as a Christian nationalist. …”


“Dear friends in Christ,

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, its president, vice-presidents and all 35 district presidents, along with its ministerium and congregations, categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings of the so-called “alt-right” in toto (including white supremacy, Nazism, pro-slavery, anti-interracial marriage, women as property, fascism, death for homosexuals, even genocide).

The Synodical explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism teaches that the Fifth Commandment, “You shall not murder,” includes the prohibition of “hating, despising, or slandering other groups of people (prejudice, racism, and so forth).” The Scriptures agree: “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 John 3:15). Every human being is precious to God and as valuable as the very blood of Jesus Christ shed for all, “for God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son” (John 3:16).

We were shocked to learn recently that a few members of LCMS congregations have been propagating radical and unchristian “alt-right” views via Twitter and other social media. They are causing local disruption and consternation for their pastors, congregations and district presidents. They have publicly stated that they seek the destruction of the LCMS leadership. They have made serious online threats to individuals and scandalously attacked several faithful LCMS members. Through these social media posts, even our wonderful deaconesses have been threatened and attacked. …”

Corey J. Mahler:

“There are times for silence and reflection and there are times to speak publicly. This moment is one of the latter. In this article, I am going to detail (part of) the ongoing apostasy of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. …

Machaira Action (Antifa), ‘Hearing’, and Exclusion

“We now come to the beginning, as it were, of the current (and growing) firestorm. On 10 February 2023, a group calling themselves “Machaira Action” (“machaira” from the Greek for ‘slaughter-knife’ — a weapon of murder) posted a fairly extensive dox on me. Not all of the information in the dox is accurate, but that is hardly the point. More important are the accounts that immediately followed this new Antifa group: Cary Larson, Jordan Cooper, Peter Slayton (social media manager for the LCMS), Daniel Ross, and several others. Some have since had the good sense to unfollow the account, but not quickly enough to go unnoticed.

You may recall Jordan Cooper coördinating with Antifa to dox and attempt to destroy SuperLutheran. Machaira Action is just more of the same. To be absolutely clear: The leadership of both the AALC and the LCMS are working with Antifa and likely other far-Left groups to dox and attempt to destroy members in good standing of Lutheran congregations.

The wickedness would be difficult to overstate. …”

Just imagine the following scenario …

You are taking your family to your local LCMS church on Sunday only to show up and find out that the police have been called to physically remove you from the property because you have been accused of “racism” and “white supremacy” by various Antifa accounts on Twitter. Antifa have reported you to your local pastor who immediately caves to their demands and excommunicates you and banishes your family from church without even bothering to consult with your own congregation.

Try to wrap your mind around that. This actually happened at an LCMS church in Knoxville over the weekend. The precedent has been set. Antifa are now in charge of vetting the LCMS membership.

Note: As the videos below make clear, LCMS has been infected by the same Woke cancer that is rotting all institutions from within whether is the universities or the public schools or the military.


  1. Economics controls everything. It is long overdue to remove the tax exempt status of churches. Tax these scum into oblivion.

    • Throughout history the church has often been on the wrong moral side and even evil. Jesus never was those things so follow his teachings and not the churches

  2. I’ve seen a video of some preacher (don’t know denomination) in his vestments hosting a drag queen story time for the kids in his church. Marvel at nothing these days.

  3. It’s why I formally quit, in terms of giving money from afar, the LCMS, in the summer of 2020, when it bowed the knee to George Floyd. And keep in mind that the LCMS is supposed to be the most conservative mainstream Protestant denomination in the United States. Which makes it all the more disheartening that even it is now gone.

  4. Just one of thousands of examples of Christianity being as drunk on “anti-racism ” as college educated WINOs (Whites in Name Only).

    Both secular and non-secular WINOs for the most part are lost causes.

  5. In the Latter Days /Kali Yuga the Lutherans will renounce Martin Luther ( “the Js and all their lies” ) the Mormons will renounce Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and the Catholics will renounce all their Catholic Popes before this current homo pro Muslim Pope Francis .

    Read Savitri Devi s “the Last Man Against Time”

    It s getting to be that time.

    • Fr. Seraphim Rose (an American convert to Russian Orthodoxy) said before he died (@1982) “In the end (whether of the age, or of the entire world, is immaterial; as it will be ‘the end’ for those upon whom it comes, whether it is one or the other!) ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist.”

      Reading this column, today, some thirty years after that first discovery, I can only shake my head in UTTER disbelief. Fr. Seraphim was correct, in ways he couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

      Coming from the land of 20,000 Lutherans, I read this paragraph with my jaw open:

      The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, its president, vice-presidents and all 35 district presidents, along with its ministerium and congregations, categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings of the so-called “alt-right” in toto (including white supremacy, Nazism, pro-slavery, anti-interracial marriage, women as property, fascism, death for homosexuals, even genocide).

      Pardon my bluntness, but then WTF do you have left, if you don’t stand up for
      1) The elect race, holy nation construct of St. Peter 1:9?
      2) It’s time for a complete overhaul of the UTTERLY BIASED JEWISH CONTROL OF ALL MEDIA, and an honest appraisal of AH- starting here: https://archive.org/details/HitlerTheGreatestStoryNeverToldFullDocumentary
      3) cf. Doug Wilson’s tract on slavery (It’s still being practiced, and it is nothing we are currently guilty of- the ‘I never owned slaves, you never picked cotton’ mindset.
      4) THE BIBLE’S COMMANDMENT against Adulteration is in the Decalogue!!
      So, too, it Tobit 4:12- still a part of REAL Lutheran Bibles!
      “Beware of all whoredom, my son, and chiefly take a wife of the seed of thy fathers, and take not a strange woman to wife, which is not of thy father’s tribe: for we are the children of the prophets, Noe, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: remember, my son, that our fathers from the beginning, even that they all married wives of their own kindred, and were blessed in their children, and their seed shall inherit the land.” – Tobit 4:12
      5) Women ARE the chattels of their Husbands, and the overturning of all JEWISH SCHEMES to dissect the Christian family, are ANTICHRIST!
      6) Fascism – you mean, like the German BUNDS that created the LCMS in the first place, with their German culture, newspaper, congregations, and marrying only among ‘good, solid Lutheran ‘Volk’? F*CKING HYPOCRITES. THY NAME IS LCMS!!!
      7) Death for Sodomites, Trannies, and other ABOMINATIONS? Funny, I believe St. Paul has something to say about that…. oh, yes. “ALL such deserve DEATH.”- Romans 1:32

      You have no valid episcopate, your heresies reach to heaven, you don’t even have a valid Eucharist, and what racial solidarity you once had, you are worried about the alt-right, by joining with JEWISH SATANISTS and the ANTIFA!?!?!?

      Anglin called it, a while back.
      “ I dumped the Alt-Right as a whole, as it turned out that basically everyone involved in the leadership was some kind of [federal] informant. Overall, I’ve chalked this up to the wages of a political movement that is not explicitly Christian.” – A. Anglin

      So, too, did Cambria, before he died:

      ““That which must be said is not said by any political party nor is it permitted to be said in any public venue: Negro worship, which is the state religion of the United States is the worship of Satan.”

      “How can Christian men consent to be ruled by Satan’s minions? Doesn’t that charity of honor demand that we rise and ride in defense of our people and our God? The ‘pro-lifers’ failed to procure protection for the innocents in the womb because they did not love enough to kill the baby killers. In fact, they denounced Paul Hill when he did what had to be done. So it is now with the white grazers. If we don’t love enough to kill the murderers of our people, we will perish as a people, and Satan will reign unchallenged. The Antifaers and the BLMers have made it abundantly clear that we cannot serve two masters. We can serve Satan or we can serve Christ, there is no in between despite what the purveyors of star-spangled Americanism tell us.”


      Leave these barren ruined choirs. If a Church is not first of all for upholding teh Race, Folk, and Culture of your homeland, it is an ACCURSED ASSEMBLY.

      Anathema, anathema. anathema.

      • I would say that the real false worship is of the Jews and their fake holocaust narrative. The Jews think, in their deluded minds, that they are their own messiah. In fact Our Lord said they would think it in the parable of the wicked husbandmen. They think they are the replacement of Our Lord and their holocaust fairytale is the replacement for the Crucifixion.

  6. Soon to be joining Thrivent and the others at the LCMS carcass


    >In addition to reaching out to President Harrison to partner in this effort, we encourage congregations to submit overtures (instructions here) for the 2023 Convention

    >we Lutherans are empowered to loosen our grip on power, glory, money, and other worldly treasures

    Overture: “WHEREAS, Martin Luther extolls us to show that love as we care for our neighbors as we support them in their needs, well-being, income, and property in his explanatons of the fifth and seventh commandments”

    >The ELCA found in its heart an impulse to help East Palestine. The LCMS? Silent and inactive.

  7. “Fla. teacher suspended after having white kids bow to black classmates in TikTok videos” NYpost

    Shades of things to come. You can see the trajectory of our society.

  8. The big difference between us and your Catholic readers is that the “Crhistian” churches have no sacramental hold over Protestants.

    So the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod doesn’t like what the guy is saying about the LGBTQ, what business of it is theirs? It’s the Missouri Synod’s loss of at least a few thousand a year. You can be sure they guy has friends and next thing the church knows, they can’t pay their bills.

    The Methodist Church break up is full speed ahead. The biggest problem is the fairy nice faction has managed to open other wounds. Bishops were never to be appointed and sent into established Methodist areas. Blacks had their own African Methodist Churches. The old Methodist Protestant Church didn’t even have Bishops, and the Methodist Episcopal Church South had Bishops for ornamental value only. Even the Northern Methodists were never as screwed up as the crew at the UMC today!

    I will support a re-birth of Methodist Protestantism (MP) . A few MP Churches still exist today in Mississippi. But, even they have strayed somewhat.

    • @ORANGE…

      “Even the Northern Methodists were never as screwed up as the crew at the UMC today!”

      If race does not matter, and borders, gender, and traditions do not matter, then if follows that anything approaching sanity would not be attainable.

      For whatever it is worth, I live in the Olde Confederacy, where I can think of precious few Black or White who suscribe to these crazy non-entity notions of gender or race.

    • Krusty Wanker,

      You do know that Protestant former Texas US senator John Tower was an asset of Mossad. He was Robert Maxwell’s contact that allowed Israel to plant the Promis software inside Los Alamos and other American research and development labs.

      No one loves them some Israel like American Protestants.

  9. This is the very reason NSDAP was at war with ANTIFA in 20s and 30s.
    ANITFA is nothing but the shock troops of the communist party.

    The LCMS has had a strong interracial bent for over 50 years.
    Their preachers were encouraging ‘ love the blacks’ before the civil rights movement started. They preached it in SoCal and ruined much of the area, then they fled back to Minnesota to run from the chaos they caused, only to further spread their social poison.

    Lutheran Family Services, bringing immigrants and divershity to a neighborhood near you.

  10. M thinks remaining Lutherans that feel as we do should finesse the racial issue sabe as Greek Orthodox do. Don ‘t come out of the closet as “ pro White” instead go for “ it s OK to be German American “ that s why the Lutheran church in the USA was started .

  11. “The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is working with Antifa to purge “racists” from Lutheran congregations”

    By now, this kind of thing is no longer unusual or a surprise, in mainstream American denominations, which begs the question –

    Why do these assemblies put up with this?

    Kudos, at least, to The Methodists, who did not- they having broken up The United Methodist Denomination with the help of, very ironically, the African and Philipino Methodists who Woke Dictates would seem to indicate would be for the woking of all organized faith.

    • Right, now it looks as though the Methodist Church is going to split up at least 4 ways—maybe more.

      Another big problem with the Methodist Church is that the clergy has become lazy! I wonder what the Methodist circut riders of the 18th Century, who had to deal with the back country frontier, would think of these charcters today.

      • @ORANGE…

        “I wonder what the Methodist circut riders of the 18th Century, who had to deal with the back country frontier, would think of these charcters today.”

        Is it possible to think anything other than those circuit riders of the early American Methodist Movement would today, be classsified, as they would classify themselves, as ‘Far Right’?

        And, as such, they would leave Methodism and join a local Orthodox or Traditionalist Roman Catholic church.

        That is where an 18th century American Methodist would be today, in 2023.

    • They put up with it because they do not know about it. I am an LCMS member. The older people have never heard of any of this. When you tell it to them they seem shocked, but then forget about it the next day. They just want peace at all costs basically.

  12. Christianity always tend move within the mainstream of political discourse in any given society. This is why I never belived in the meme of christian nationalism – and I say that as both a nationalist and a christian. Secular society need to change first.

  13. I recently decided to try a small local church. I won’t be specific about the denomination. But I can tell you this, I think the size of the church really matters.

    The bigger churches, even in this specific denomination, are all about having butts in the pews. A smaller church has a little more freedom, because there is less pressure. Of course, a pastor still has to soften his rhetoric a bit, if for no other reason than to show a bit of dignity and class, but that isn’t stopping the pastor at this church I’m speaking of from addressing the problems of modernity and the conflict with scripture that modernity brings.

    He did a good job of calling out these problems in the last sermon I attended, without being crass.

    I equate big churches to cosmopolitanism and small churches to ruralism. I don’t want to go to a church where the pastor is concerned with being popular. I want him to speak the truth but make it palatable. That’s all I ask

    • @Memebro…

      Most of the churches my wife and I attend are relatively small rural churches.

      I like small churches – places where everyone knows each other by first name.

      I think your equation about small churches being rural and big churches being big city is, at this time in history, right.

      That said, 30 years ago, rural Churches were large, too.

      Rural communities have been devastated by Reaganomics (Greenspan Globalist Theft) and the presidents and Congresses that continued those policies.

      Children are not around, nor are many young couples – life is not attractive to most of them in a small town.

  14. Christianity is no longer the national religion. The High, Anti-White Church of Political Correctness replaced it.

  15. The problem is not catholicism or protestantism because both at their origin refuse faggotry, drugs, abortion and were used in the past as tool of identity………. the problem is today christianism (protestant and catholic) which is corrupted by liberals, globalists and wokism especially in the USA but also in Europe.

    • It seems only about half of the Catholic priesthood has been convicted of sex crimes, mostly with children. I just noticed one not to long ago where a Catholic priest near the Mason-Dixon Line had been charged with raping 3 altar boys. Generally, the Catholic Church can keep this stuff out of the paper, but, sometimes it makes the news.

      Then there’s the Biden’s, as Joe Biden says practicing Catholics.

  16. Looks like a great place to do leafleting demos agaínst Satanism , Antifa , sexual homo child grooming. Since this solid White guy got doxed , why not return the favor ? Who what where ?

  17. We need to abandon these woke pandering institutions and build our own congregations, even if we start with nothing more than house churches.

  18. The point of argement goes, homosexuality is a result of inbreeding. When your mother and fathers blood is too close the chance increase of you turning out a homo. Since God does not approve of inbreeding/incestuous breeding, we can infer God does not approve of homos. And yet these dear dear blind homo do not see the racism, the love for ones own blood over that of another that led to them being homosexuals. Funny?

  19. Baptized RC, confirmed LCMS here. This story makes me utterly sick, but does not surprise me. And of course a jew pornographer would be abetting the whole thing. Every.Single.Time.

  20. Private religion practiced in the privacy of one’s home with one’s family will be a way forward for religious conservatives as the churches and temples are hijacked by leftists.

  21. After all these churches have run off the white males how long can the continue? Will they run on endowments and secret bank accounts?

  22. Half of Protestantism is about worshipping sexual deviants and supporting every Anti-White cause under the sun, while the other half is about worshipping Israel and groveling at the feet of every Jew on the planet. Orthodoxy isn’t an alternative because the Orthodox Churches excommunicate the politically incorrect unless it’s a terminally online initiate who doesn’t actually go to Church in the first place.

    There’s only One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and it has a far better (and longer) record than any other Church.

      • We have some of the same issues as well, but I’ve never heard of someone being excommunicated from the Catholic Church for being “racist.” Even Pope Francis isn’t as modernist as he’s made out to be. For every article of him claiming he’s pro-gay or pro-open borders there’s another article of him condemning homosexuality and supporting a nations right to control its borders.

        As harsh as I was in my original comment it’s sad to see Christians of any denomination be subverted like this.

      • @HunterWallace I’ve said this many times that “Western” Christianity is compromised now. The only solution is Eastern Orthodoxy specifically the Russian and Serbian churches they have not been compromised. Western Christendom is now dead, and won’t save us now,

  23. The LCMS President looks as if he paid his way through seminary starring in 8mm movies back in the ’70’s. Someone needs to tell him to lose the pornstache.

  24. Racial simping has been going on throughout the West since the mid 60’s……..and that’s exactly when blacks, and others, became unafraid and more violent. If you want good behaviour, you must have good deterrents in place.
    It’s 2023. Still no peace and harmony no matter what money or programs you throw at them……..and there likely never will be.
    Crawling up black arse gets you nowhere.

  25. Antifa have a lot in common with those behind the Salem witch trials. Religion has always been woke, condemning, social signaling.

  26. Christianity is universalist, and always follows the Going Line, whoever draws that line. Now, in all White-created countries, that’s kikes, so the baaing christers just obey like the “good” little sheep they are.

    All Christianity, aside from a handful of tiny offshoots, is now anti-White: an integral part of the Enemy. They love niggers, spics, faggots, and above all jews. They reserve all their hate & rejection for us. Return the favor to the fucking race traitor scum.

  27. No war was ever won in a defensive posture.

    Until some aspect of the restistance we are beginning to see gains momentum and pushes back, all we are gonna see is ground lost.

    Nobody is inspired by weakness. White people are so weak they’ve turned it into this passive aggressive wokeness eroding their own institutions.

    It has to stop before anything can turn around. We are beset on all sides and losing ground.

  28. Remember, Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther, born in Zwickau, died in St. Louis, founder of the LCMS, once told young men that if they wanted to go to fight to free the slaves, that was fine, but don’t go saying that God sent you, because He didn’t.

  29. This is poor reporting at it’s best. The LCMS is hardly woke and it certainly isn’t racist. The redemption Christ earned He earned for all people and the LCMS heartily believes that. Like all churches, the LCMS is made up of sinners and no doubt there are wokeist and racist among them. There are always tares among the wheat. But that is not the doctrine or the practice of this body and this article is a smear against this church.

    • Working with a progressive activist group called Lutherans for Racial Justice and Antifa to publicly dox and excommunicate LCMS members and defrock Lutheran pastors for “racism” and “white supremacy” is woke by definition. LCMS leadership has earned that label and will be branded with it.

  30. I’ve been doxed and I’ve doxed. Doxing works. Most Conservative Right Wing American types of political activism do not work. Please no more wasted times of 3rd party Libertarian Constitutionalist causes, candidates.

    No way this fa*#** Critical Race Theory, Cult Marxist Lutheran (in name only) pastor should even have a quiet night of rest and relaxation. Need to blast LS “Free Bird” outside his window over and over and over again. Pay little Black and White kids to play annoying music and otherwise bother this f*g.

  31. Did Barry order the brownshirts to do this while wearing his sweats, flip flops, and chooming up a big party blunt?
    Useful idiot street brawlers are so cute…when they get put against the wall first.

  32. The Baptist model of independent, autonomous churches is the only answer, and it’s also the most biblical—Scripture gives no qualifications for any officers other than elders and deacons (which should really be the only consideration). The only way any man has authority over the church is that the church votes him in, and if it turns out that the whole church was wrong about him, then the church votes him out. God’s method of preventing abuses of authority in the church is as simple as that.

    • LoneGrayLoBo any system of church government or authority can be abused. The tragedy of Jack Hyles and the 1st Baptist Chuch of Hammond, In. proves that is possible. And, the voting out thing only works if the congregation wants him out. Hyles was in power for almost 50 years, and caused terrific damage to that church.

      • I didn’t mean to insinuate that church authority couldn’t be abused, even when the most biblical form of church government is in place—sadly, history shows that that is far from the case—only that it’s more preventable and easier to remedy (and as you hinted at, if you don’t have a regenerate membership, all bets are off).

  33. Can the LCMS please provide direct scriptural references to condemnation of so called “alt-right” stuff? Did Jesus tell slave owners to free their slaves? Or soldiers to give up their swords? Or Romans to ignore their nationalist behaviors? Please, sola scriptura, not some weak “love thy neighbor” justifications.

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