LCMS Is Swirling Down The Woke Drain

I’m still fuming about this.

Over the past year, I haven’t had nearly as much time as I have had in the past to stay informed and properly maintain this website. I’ve been banned from all mainstream social media platforms which has made my job of gathering and analyzing the news much harder. Most importantly, I have been working a lot harder in my day job which means I have a lot less time to spend on everything else. This is why I have gotten worse at responding to emails, approving comments and posting content here.

As busy as my life has gotten, I was determined this year to make more time for my faith and especially for taking my son to church now that he has gotten older. I have spent my limited time here looking at things like polls which have tracked the growth of White Christian Nationalism on the Right. It is true that public opinion has been moving in our direction on a lot of issues, but these polls are measuring the attitudes and beliefs of the ordinary rightwing American Christian, not the attitudes of church leadership.

The most spectacular example of this disconnect that comes to mind, which we have frequently covered in recent years, is the one within evangelical Protestantism between the Christian nationalist, Trump supporting MAGA base which is opposed to anti-Whiteism and the Great Replacement and Woke religious elites like Russell Moore, Beth Moore and David French. Apparently, this divide which runs through the Southern Baptist Convention and the United Methodist Church, which is in the process of splitting over gay marriage, can also be found in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS).

Admittedly, I have been out of the loop when it comes to the recent activities of LCMS leadership. I have too much going on in my life to pay attention to these people. I was attracted to the Lutheran faith by studying the life of Martin Luther, the history of the Lutheran church, the example set by C.F.W. Walther who founded the LCMS and especially by the influence of my father-in-law Gordon Baum who was a devout conservative Lutheran for his entire life who passed away in 2015. I never paid any attention to bureaucrats like Matthew Harrison and the people around them because supposedly the sources of our faith – the Bible, Martin Luther’s writings, the Book of Concord – have settled all these matters.

We know what happens when they don’t in “progressive” Protestant churches.

I think that I can speak for most conservative Lutherans when I say that a huge part of appeal and the brand of the LCMS to its membership is that it IS NOT the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) with its transgender bishops resigning over charges of “racism,” ordained tattooed women as pastors, its woke “racial justice” pledges, its struggle sessions over “racism” and all of the tears it spilled over George Floyd, its condemnations of Christian nationalism and drag queen performances in church. We have seen the fruits of liberalism and modernism in Lutheranism both at home in the United States and abroad in Europe where the Church of Sweden is a “trans church” now.

Presumably, if conservative Lutherans wanted to be subjected to the fads and drift of modernism as it sails toward perdition, they would join the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). The vast majority do not and have likely been lazily operating on the assumption that this is so obvious that the matter is settled with their own church leadership even as this rot has infected and disturbed the Baptists, Methodists and the Presbyterians in recent years. It seems the LCMS is no exception to this trend.

Over the past two months, I have been hearing more and more about these trends in the LCMS leadership of which I was previously unaware. I was pointed to Corey Mahler’s podcast. Then about two weeks ago, I saw a literal Antifa blog release a dox of LCMS members and call for their excommunication.

Machaira Action:

“Welcome to Dismantling The Fortress: Corey Mahler and the Lutefash, a series devoted to monitoring the rise of a white supremacist faction within the Lutheran faith. We will be examining the dangerous spread of this ideology and exposing the individuals within it who pose a threat to the community.

“Lutefash” is not a word they use to describe themselves, rather it is our way of giving a name to this network of Lutheran fascists that doesn’t have any self-identifying terms (other than casual references like “based LCMS”).

This first article in our series will explore the supremacist ideology of the Lutefash movement and its broader role within the fascist “faith” community. We will also identify one of its principal thought leaders, Corey J. Mahler.

Mahler stands out as a figurehead among far-right American Lutherans. …

How To Take Action

To borrow a phrase from Martin Luther himself, the Lutefash want to raise a “mighty fortress” of neo-nazi hatred within the LCMS. Whether they succeed depends on how willing the rest of us are to dismantle it.

Folks looking for action items can contact the LCMS—and First Lutheran Knoxville in particular—and demand they denounce Mahler, as well as excommunicate him from their community. They can also contact Schulz Brau Brewing House and Fanatic Brewing and ask them to refuse any further participation in First Lutheran Knoxville’s Germanfest. In particular, Schulz Brau must also bar Mahler and McGaha from the premises and make the venue a safe space once more. Moreover, folks can also contact Chapman’s Fowler School of Law to demand a statement disavowing one of its most openly fascist alumni. …”

Is the LCMS leadership compromised and going woke?

I had been hearing these rumors about the new Large Catechism and was disturbed by them. I was watching the controversy play out on Twitter and on the Stone Choir podcast. I honestly didn’t know what to think about this until the events of this weekend confirmed my worst suspicions.

To recap:

1.) A literal Antifa blog doxxed LCMS members on Twitter and demanded that LCMS leadership excommunicate their own members for “racism.”

2.) President Matthew Harrison then RESPONDED to their call to action and swooped in and released a big statement condemning the “alt-right” for a grab bag of different things.

3.) Corey Mahler was then condemned by his own pastor and banned from his own church and removed from the property by Knoxville police.

Matthew Harrison’s defenders are trying to downplay what happened here on Twitter. He is not woke. That’s ridiculous. He has only outsourced excommunication … to a literal Antifa blog.

Undoubtedly, Antifa and woke LCMS pastors will now be emboldened to crawl social media to collect open source intelligence on LCMS members. They will send this information to Harrison who will pressure their pastors to excommunicate their members for “racism.” They have essentially deputized Antifa to stand athwart the pearly gates of Heaven at the Lord’s table with their “No pasarán” signs. It is difficult to imagine anything that could possibly qualify as more woke or outrageous than that.

The average LCMS member hasn’t heard about this controversy. They are still in the dark. I personally had no idea this was going on until two or three weeks ago. There is no doubt that what happened here though is only a taste of what is coming in the LCMS. Now that the precedent has been set that “racists” and “white supremacists” and “fascists” can be excommunicated from LCMS over mere spats on Twitter or controversial takes on history, those terms will be stretched to the point of absurdity.

Several of these busybody pastors are denying that there is anything “woke” about this. “Woke” means being a hyper sensitive antiracist or social justice activist. These people publicly pressured the president of LCMS to excommunicate a man who lives hundreds of miles away in another state OVER AN ARGUMENT ON TWITTER. They succeeded too. They worked with Antifa to accomplish this goal.

Note: BTW, it is not an exaggeration to say that this is a slippery slope that could end up with drag queen performances in LCMS churches.


    • Feb 25 (Reuters) – The cartoon “Dilbert” has been dropped from numerous U.S. newspapers in response to a racist rant by its creator on YouTube.

      Scott Adams called Black Americans a “hate group” and suggested white Americans “get the hell away from Black people” in response to a conservative organization’s poll purporting to show that many African Americans do not think it’s OK to be white.

      “If nearly half of all Blacks are not OK with white people … that’s a hate group,” Adams said on his YouTube channel on Wednesday. “And I don’t want to have anything to do with them.”

      Blacks, a hate group ……… NEVER ….CAN’T BE !

    • South Carolina needs to be Exorcised of all the heresy and cult activity of the Wokkans.
      ‘Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live.” – Ex. 22: 18

      Excellent article, HW.

  1. “All established religions are a political machine” … Twain

    The established religions merely conform to the politics of the time, so is LCMS.

    • One could teach his son the “Lord’s prayer “, one could sing the hymn ” Amazing Grace “, with his son, one could also read the ” Bible ” too his son starting with the four Gospels, It would be so much better, four one to have memories of his dad reading God’s word too him, one would be wise to flee an apostate congregation…

    • ERR-ian.
      Again, your Christophobia is on full display under your Jewish ritual meat dress, a la Gaga.

      You can find all manner of fools, even moderately successful ones (like Twain, Voltaire, Mencken, etc.) to bolster your fragile ego, but you’re whistling in the dark.

      God is calling you to repentance before death, as He does to all of us.
      Some of us just know this truth (This is most certainly True). How long (like a rebellious child) will you keep your fingers in your ears, pretending not to hear your Father?

    • “I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.”

      “The easy confidence with which I know another man’s religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also.”

      “The Bible has noble poetry in it… and some good morals and a wealth of obscenity, and upwards of a thousand lies.”

      “If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be—a Christian.”

      ~Samuel Langhorne Clemens

      • “If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be—a Christian.”
        That can be taken in more than one way.

        I’d sure like to know the thoughts he didn’t publish.

        “and upwards of a thousand lies.”
        I wish people would flesh that out, with full explanations and enumerate them……..i only wish.

  2. You’re not understanding the fundamental nature of the enemy – which is to subvert, take over and invert ALL churches. No exceptions. While you and nearly all normal church goers are working two jobs, etc. to make ends meet, the Church of Woke – funded by mountains of fake-money from debt-racketeers like Fink, Soros, Gates, and the government itself – can afford to fund folks like Josh Salzberg to do the subverting, the bureaucrat toads like Harrison and the assorted clowns quoted above. As I remarked in a post on the related thread, absent a massive grassroots uprising amongst the LCMS flock to overthrow the now apparently entrenched Church of Woke (= Church of Satan) leadership, LCMS is done. They’re no doubt already at work infiltrating the Wisconsin Synod as well.

    Barnhardt has extensively documented the infiltration of traditionalist Catholic groups by Sodomites and their allies. They are not going to leave any Christians alone. The spawn of Satan LBJ’s creation of 501c(3) for churches is already being used by the regime’s minions as a weapon. This took place in the 1950s, by the way. Jorge Bush did a great job of getting all kinds of churches onto the government payment gravy-train (faith-based programs) as part of his “compassionate conservatism” bullshit. Now even the evangelical groups you list are busy taking the regime’s money to resettle Muslims and other invaders in formerly white enclaves. Gramsci’s ‘long march’ is well under way towards the total conquest of all organized Christianity in the west.

  3. It is often said that the working class voters are more “radical” in their political positions than the least koshervatives in Congress or Tucker Carlson. We know the same is true for the PMCs and their mind sick adherence to judeo-cultural marxism.

    This talmudic house of cards is going to crash in the not too distant future. Parallel societies and institutions will be necessary to survive the downfall of the evil US empire, and that is where much of our energy should be directed. We cannot change the trajectory of this sinking ship.

  4. ” slippery slope that could end up with drag queen performances in LCMS churches.”

    I can easily foresee the day when homosexual acts are part of holy sacraments.

    I’ve heard of a sect that practices sucking on a babies penis after circumcision.

  5. @Brad One of the major underlying causes of the Methodist brakeup is race interwoven with church governance issues.

    Btw, I’m glad Bickerton maybe finally getting it. It took awhile for him to realize Church attendance is almost non-existent in many if not most places.

    What part has Bickerton played in appointing Black Bishops to traditional White areas?

  6. Joe “Slovo” Biden will come in way over budget and ahead of schedule on the Zimbabwe Fundamental Transformation.
    Dullards aren’t smart enough to ask if the change is an improvement and will get exactly what they deserve.
    It sucks that we’ll all have to take a haircut in living standards and freedom but the muh democracy Kool-Aid doesn’t work unless everyone takes a swig.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  7. I picture the tat sleeved lesbo’s sermons involving a dose of ayahuasca and the dancing with and killing of a chicken, in either order. Also singing hymns to gay nightclub electronic dance music. Probably snorts some rails of crystal on Ash Wednesday in order to fast for Lent as a form of bio-hacking to make Lent less hard and virtue signals adhering to the practice when she doesn’t have to, showing herself to be vastly more evolved and superior to the tradlutherans. #Lutheranlesbos

  8. The slippery slope fallacy does not apply when there is a body of evidence that demonstrates that the erasure of some doctrines leads to the erasure of others. For example, the erasure of the restriction of the pastorate to men has typically led to the erasure of prohibitions on racism, sexism, homosexuality, transexuality, and fornication. This should alert us to the subversive nature of both female leadership and effeminate male leadership that submits to women. When women are in charge, the order that formerly bound the social body together evaporates in the name of compassion. In its place, women erect new rules that kill the social body. The immune defense of the social body is annihilated by women and effeminate men, and the virus of Chaos proliferates. New prohibitions arise to where the formerly effective immune responses become prohibited. Now, transphobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, and xenophobia are prohibited. This is the trajectory of the present day church. This is why I am not a Christian.

    Progressives Protestants preach that “God is Gay.” Nietzsche declared that “God is Dead.” Maybe, their god died of AIDS. Joking aside, the progressive movement progresses us toward our collective death and turns our religious institutions from life-saving hospitals into death camps.

    HW, why should you or I be a Christian when Christianity today generally furthers the destruction of our people? Can the subversion be reversed by a radical minority of rightwing people?

  9. Deeply conflicted about loyal to the United States versus their antipathy towards a secularism, legalized infanticide and racial integration being forced upon them by the unconstitutional court system of the 1950s and 60s, WHITE SOUTHERNERS ADOPTED THE TACT OF REMOVING THEMSELVES from wherever there was a conflict – instead of fighting directly back, by whatever means, and holding that ground.

    Thus, private schools, in their hundreds, materialized out of nowhere all across Dixie, during that time.

    And so it has continued to this day- White Southerners continuing to abandon those institutions, communities, and platforms that have been overtaken by those with whom we profoundly disagree.

    Thus, we have lost all our schools, all our denominations, all our political structures, including practically all of our leaders,; they who would actually advocate on our behalf.

    So it is that, as of 2023, we are contemplating continuing this campaign of capitulation and withdrawal.

    My only question is what Dr. Hill, of The League of The South, asked perhaps 8 years ago, and that is : IS THERE ANY POINT AT WHICH WE WILL DECIDE TO FIGHT?

    So, now I echo that call – will we stand on any ground, be it a physical soil or an idealogical one, OR will we continue to cut and run?

    Is anything worth a fight?

  10. Hunter I feel your grief … familiar institutions collapsing around us … it is very stark, how religions, and also universities, that were functional for centuries, are suddenly imploding

    Churches don’t make much sense anymore, even for the religiously believing

    What works better – tho it tilts toward religions open to ceremony – is a home faith shrine area, and prayer etc in the house or with friends … a fragrant candle burning in the house before a religious icon, that gets to be quite meaningful, with zero negatives

    Churches have two giant problems

    One is simply economics … the middle class is so economically constrained now, and church buildings and personnel so expensive, it’s no longer a liveable or sensible budget item, when every dollar counts for people who are hard-pressed just to help family

    The other of course is the nature of social fracturing in human psychology these days, even aside from the woke-political issues … the nature of the smartphone era is that the newer generation especially, has problems with social interaction … it is less and less easy for modern people to comfortably do church and coffee afterwards

  11. LCMS has been anti-white for a long time. They have been dedicating substantial financial and logistical support to flooding the USA and Europe with infinity rapefugees since at least a decade ago.

  12. The people defending Harrison as “not woke” actually believe that. Conservatives have a different definition of “woke” than far rightists do. Just like they have a different definition of “great replacement.”

    Remember, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are leading figures in “anti-woke” conservatism. Another anti-woke conservative leader, Chris Rufo, opposes CRT because he (correctly) believes that it acts as an impediment to race mixing. Just a week or two ago, “anti-wokeness” twitter was flipping out because they found a clip from some black power Disney cartoon implying that it’s bad for black boys to date white girls.

    According to these conservative definitions of “woke,” it is probably not lying to say that Harrison is not woke.

  13. The innate universality of Christianity made it vulnerable from the beginning. It was insulated by the church leaders until a bible was in the hands of every two bit preacher. It’s been all downhill since.

  14. To look at those images above is penance for my sins. It is if I were to glimpse into hell. Could any human conceive of such madness without being satanically inspired?

    Without this website I would not have known of such filth. This alone makes it worth my while to be on here.

    The USA continues to sear my mind and soul. I have no further words.

  15. Where two or more are gathered in my name, that is a church.

    As others pointed out, all institutions are corrupted by satan’s minions, so parallel organisations are needed. Keep it local and with people you know.

    God will not be mocked. That the satanic inversion is almost complete means judgement is coming.

    Here’s to that day.

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