“Unchristian Teachings”: The History of “Alt-Right” Beliefs In Lutheranism

I realize this is a pointless exercise.

Wokeism is a plague of our own times. It is a fad that is running its course.

This is a contemporary leftwing social movement that has infected nearly every institution in our society due to the tireless crusading of progressive activists. The rot can be found in all branches of Christianity. It has conquered American atheism. It can be found in every university in the country. It can be found in “journalism,” the military and HR departments. It can be found in NASA. It can even be found in unlikely places like your local gym or fire department. Joe Biden recently signed an executive order to impose this madness throughout the executive branch of the federal government.

The specific traditional doctrines of these institutions do not matter. The same doctrine that is bubbling up in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) is far more widespread in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) which has “trans” bishops resigning over “racism.” Russell Moore and other woke elites in the Southern Baptist Convention tried to drive my friend James Edwards out of his church. Pope Francis is woke. Orthodoxy isn’t immune either. The most aggressive evangelists of Wokeism are atheists who completely reject belief in God. Woke activists are parasites who worm their way into all institutions and hijack those institutions which are used to reproduce their own doctrines.

Thus, it is pointless for me to point out that none of this has anything to do with Martin Luther or the founders of Lutheranism or the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. It is pointless for me to point out that this alien doctrine did not exist within Lutheranism a century ago. It didn’t exist within Presbyterianism or Anglicanism or Catholicism a century ago either. This is all about progressive activists in our own times trying to hijack and reconstruct institutions in their own image. Every knee shall bend … not to the Lord, but to the latest fads and trends in circulation among educated elites in early 21st century America. Just like all other Christian churches, LCMS is updating its doctrines to conform itself to the world.

Here is the laundry list of the horrible teachings of the “alt-right”:


“Dear friends in Christ,

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, its president, vice-presidents and all 35 district presidents, along with its ministerium and congregations, categorically reject the horrible and racist teachings of the so-called “alt-right” in toto (including white supremacy, Nazism, pro-slavery, anti-interracial marriage, women as property, fascism, death for homosexuals, even genocide). …”

Where to start?

Pro-slavery? In the 21st century, slavery is a moot issue and virtually no one including the alt-right is calling for the return of slavery, but C.F.W. Walther who was the founder of the LCMS lived through the War Between the States and addressed the issue when it was salient in his own times. Dr. Walther denied that slavery was a sin, quoted Luther on slavery, blamed the “Abolitionist-Republican Party” for causing the Civil War, defended the secession of Missouri and attacked Black Republicanism which sought “a new age of freedom and equality” which he correctly associated with “ungodly, atheistic newspapers.” When Dr. Walther (a proud citizen of Missouri) was forced to swallow the dog and swear a loyalty oath to the triumphant Union, he felt compelled by his conscience to formally protest it.

Interracial marriage? Interracial marriage was banned in Missouri until the Supreme Court’s Loving v. Virginia decision in 1967. As far as I know, the LCMS never excommunicated any of its members of opposing interracial marriage when it was illegal in Missouri for most of its history.

White supremacy? Once again, Missouri was a slave state and a Jim Crow state and actual “white supremacy” was once the law of the land. C.F.W. Walther guided the LCMS through the Reconstruction era. Missouri banned interracial marriage and had segregated schools. Interracial adoptions were also illegal in Missouri. As far as I know, the LCMS never excommunicated anyone for “racism” or “white supremacy” during the Reconstruction era or throughout all of the Jim Crow era. Why didn’t the LCMS with its clear doctrine that something called “racism” which is the greatest of all sins even support abolitionism?

Nazism? Millions of German Lutherans fought the Third Reich in World War II. Most Lutherans throughout history have not lived under a liberal democracy. In Sweden, for example, Lutherans have lived under an absolutist monarch in a homogeneous Lutheran confessional state longer than under liberal democracy. The Church of Sweden, however, is now a “trans” church under liberal democracy and Sweden is one of the most irreligious countries in the world.

Fascism? Once again, it was Martin Luther’s successors who set up the traditional Lutheran model of the confessional state, which was created during the Reformation and owes nothing to the “alt-right.” This model of the Lutheran state was dominant into the 19th and early 20th century in some places.

Death for homosexuals? Sodomy was punished by the death penalty in Lutheran Europe like it was elsewhere in Europe into the 18th century. Homosexuals were being burned at the stake in England in the 18th century. The generations who were the closest to the Reformation had the least interest in liberal democracy and supported the harshest penalty for sodomy.

Women as property? I suppose Harrison is referring here to coverture, which is based on English common law, in which the legal identity of the wife was subsumed into her husband. Married women used to have no legal existence in the West. In Missouri, this wasn’t changed until the Married Women’s Property Act was passed in 1875. Has the LCMS ever excommunicated anyone before for opposing feminism and women’s suffrage? This seems like a startling new precedent. Perhaps LCMS will soon put women in charge as pastors like ELCA? Aren’t “sexism” and “misogyny” terrible sins?

Genocide? Woke activists commonly claim that Americans are living on “stolen land” and that American settlers committed genocide against Native Americans. Is Harrison endorsing this belief?

Once again, I realize it is futile to point this out.

No one including Martin Luther or C.F.W. Walther who founded the LCMS was a real Christian before American Baby Boomers like Matthew Harrison. It has only been in the last 20 years or so that True Christianity, which is fixated on the “antiracism” fad in contemporary American culture, has been discovered. Clearly, the sort of godless socialists, communists and anarchists who Dr. Walther despised and wrote volumes against should be put in charge of vetting LCMS membership.

If the Woke activists are correct, then Martin Luther must be condemned for anti-Semitism and Dr. Walther must be condemned for his “pro-slavery” views. LCMS must jettison its entire history. Luther was also guilty of murder for hating and condemning all of his various enemies. It is absurd and leads to unpopular Maoist struggle sessions, cancel culture, witch hunting and cultural cleansing, but unfortunately LCMS appears to be headed in that direction under its current woke leadership.

Note: The Jewish father of Josh Salzberg of Lutherans for Racial Justice is a convicted pedophile who molested multiple black women in St. Louis. I’m told he still attends an LCMS church in the St. Louis area.


  1. “Wokeism is a plague of our own times. It is a fad that is running its course.”

    I wish that were true, but a fad only lasts for a few years, then it’s over.
    See bell-bottomed jeans and disco music in the 1970s, fads from my youth.

    But Wokeism is a culmination of decades of Progressive Leftist politics.

    30 years ago, I got read the riot act at work by my supervisors for refusing to attend a mandatory video about AIDS, which I thought was totally stupid, and not work related.
    It turned out, as expected, the video was pure pro homosexualist propaganda.
    I quit that Company months later.

    • “fad only lasts for a few years, then it’s over.”

      Race mixing is unrecoverable, once mixed it can never be undone.

      The entire kosher goal of these SJW schemes is to ruin our race and create a sewer brown race of retarded slaves for the ‘chosen’ masters of the world.

      • I get the feeling Hunter doesn’t grasp the aggregate effect that race-mixing is inflicting upon the Western world. This certainly isn’t some short-lived fad and I don’t see how it is “running its course”. “Running its course” is the end of Whites in the West. All current evidence points to this.

        • You don’t understand social change the way that I do.

          When I describe White liberals and how their belief system is the sum of fads and trends, I am thinking of how social movements wash over them and accumulate in layers. It is like layers of rock in geology. So, antiracism, cosmopolitanism, progressivism, modernism and globalism all triumphed and altered their ideology in the early 20th century. Feminism and gay rights were added in the sixties and seventies. Political correctness and postmodernism in the eighties and nineties. Over the last decade, Wokeism and trans have been added to the mix. I’m not saying that this is temporary or short-lived. I’m saying that these fads accumulate over time.

  2. I suppose a Lutheran sermon based on Luther’s The Jews and Their Lies would be out of the question. LOL. I still have my copy, published by the long defunct Liberty Bell Publications, owned and operated by the now deceased George Dietz, out of West Virginia.

    • They can’t handle that or St. John Chrysostom’s Homilies against the Jews. Chrysostom was a Church Father, much less a reformer. He’s hallowed in every catholic tradition, but his lectures and warnings are hand-waved. As are Luther’s and everybody else who saw the rot.

  3. Over 100 years ago the Roman Catholics had US Senator Tom Watson banned from the US Mail for exposing Roman Catholic sex perversion—so I don’t think too much has changed with the Roman Catholics. NB: The Catholics had Watson banned more than once.

  4. Brad I appreciate your article, I am glad because you wrote something wise namely that “Lutherans and Catholics of 60/100 years ago did not have this woke doctrine but they were healthy institutions that defended the family, tradition, etc….” The woke corruption as I commented in the previous article has poisoned the Catholic and Protestant churches recently. Every now and then I see someone on this website attacking Catholics (I am Italian and even though I am agnostic, I was raised Catholic and I recognize the importance of religions)….. the Catholic church does not have trans people as priests so I consider it less corrupt than the Protestant church that lets drag queens and trans people into the church, Catholics do not even have women priests. It seems stupid to me to argue between us Catholics and Protestants when the enemy is someone else.

    The last thing I want to say is this: wokism, leftism, draws strength from the fact that its adherents hold to their convictions to the end, rarely in fact do you hear of repentant former antifa or former progressive liberals. We on the right have more exes than those on the left, although we also have many consistent people who maintain their ideas until they die, and that is a credit to us. We have to maintain our beliefs until the end otherwise all efforts are in vain.

  5. Boy, when this crazy ideological fad burns out, and make no mistake it will, they all do, a lot of crazy people who bought in to this are going to be standing around looking shell shocked. “ I said and did what!” No society can survive this kind of incoherence and stupidity forever. God laughs….

    • ” . . . No society can survive this kind of incoherence and stupidity forever.”

      Indeed. However, when an insane society like the U.S. goes on rampages all over the world (just because it can), sooner or later it provokes opposition that puts an end to its insanity. Most likely this will be China over Taiwan.

      If China captures Taiwan it will be a real defeat for GloboHomo: not simply packing up, walking away, and not looking back. This will destroy the legitimacy of GloboHomo and discredit its evil, false theology of equality über alles and its corollaries of diversity, inclusion, equity that logically follow this demonstrably false proposition.

      Packing up, walking away, not looking back is what the U.S. Government did in Vietnam and Afghanistan. The U.S. Government just walked away on its own terms, just like the USSR did in Afghanistan, the British in Palestine and Aden, the Portuguese, French and Belgians did in Africa etc. Neither N. Vietnam nor the Taliban dictated terms to the U.S. which they certainly would have done had they been victorious. The idea that the U.S., the USSR, France, Belgium, Portugal etc. were defeated is ludicrous.

      Look up Bull Run, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Argonne, Wake Island, Midway, Philippines and Singapore (1942), Stalingrad (1943), Hiroshima etc. to see what defeat looks like.

      China is different. They have the largest economy in the world, the largest manufacturing base, the largest navy, an ethnically unified population, a leader who has crushed oligarchs (look up Jack Ma from Alibaba), and a laser like focus on Taiwan. Whatever its faults, and China certainly has them, it is a force to be reckoned with.


      If China attacks and fails to capture Taiwan, it will discredit the current regime in Peking to the point where the leadership is replaced, probably by people even worse. If China attacks and captures Taiwan it will increase China’s prestige around the world and crush the prestige and the legitimacy of GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire.

      The stakes are that high. That is why China has been moving cautiously while the U.S. Government, in typical fashion is moving recklessly. Taiwan is also only about 100 miles from China and 7,000 miles from the U.S. West Coast, a fact of geography that all the diversity and inclusion in the world cannot change.

      • @12AX7…

        “If China captures Taiwan it will be a real defeat for GloboHomo: not simply packing up, walking away, and not looking back. ”

        Tat would be quite a feat, particularly when China has not fielded some sort of formidable effective military power for over a millenium?

        Less abstract is the question of how they would deal with the deeply echeloned US submarine ring around the mainland..

        Also, how would the US and China go at it over Taiwan, when they are both each other’s primary trading partners?

        I mean, it would take at least 5 years hard preparation to learn how to do without Chinese goods, just as it would be a huge blow for China’s economy if they could not sell those products here.

        • Hello Ivan;

          What you have written is true, the effectiveness of China’s military is unknown. They have been modernizing at a rapid pace, backed by the the world’s largest economy and now have the world’s largest navy. They also have thousands of missiles, including ICBMs designed to overwhelm ships’ defenses.


          The effectiveness of U.S. forces is unknown and unlike China, the U.S. military is plagued by diversity which degrades combat effectiveness. Have things improved since there were collisions on two different ships a while back? A ship burned at the pier in San Diego because of neglect and was lost. Politicians wasted money and time on things like Littoral Combat Ships that enriched the well connected but failed in service.



          The U.S. submarine force’s effectiveness, like China’s, is also unknown because of its secret nature. There was an undersea collision involving the USS Connecticut in 2021 that nearly wrecked the boat, involving negligence. The captain was diverse which may have been a factor.


          China’s Achilles’ heel is its need to import all of its fuel from thousands of miles away, something the U.S. Navy could stop. The Chinese answer is to stockpile billions of gallons, but that runs out. They also are a major food importer, a more important weakness.

          A break in trade relations would cause problems but China may take the risk. A late19th century banker named Bloch predicted modern wars would be short, intense and end in stalemate because of globalism. A few years later came WWI which lasted four years despite shortages, horrendous casualties and bankruptcies.


          The psychos in charge of the U.S. have squandered opportunities for peace in Asia and Europe, they have not improved lately. They have pursued policies that built up China, weakened the U.S. and used diversity to decrease military effectiveness. The Usual Suspects are behind the Ukraine War which has driven Russia and China together and depleted Western militaries. They answer to no one, least of all the cheap politicians they carry around in their pockets.

          It is hard to see a good outcome with reckless morons in charge who are vicious, hateful, ignorant, intemperate, full of hubris and unteachable. They are not “agreement capable”, disputes cannot be settled by diplomacy. It will be a miracle if there isn’t a war over Taiwan with these people in charge.


          • @12AX7…

            You raise very good points – questions to which no one will have conclusive answers.

            In my view, those in charge of our foreign policy remind me of a professional gambler who, becoming unglued by some unexpected reverses, goes on a tear and destroys what he built up over many years, in just a mere fraction of that time.

            Also in my view, is that this country has gone from a downward trajectory to a freefall – our institutions, customs, and policies now in full defiance of anything that makes sense.

            I must give this to them, however, for if gender, race, history, and rule by law no longer hold sway, then it only stands to reason that undertaking to fight a world war, on two fronts, without either sufficient men, material, pr popular support, is entirely consistent.

            All the best you you and yours, up yonder!

  6. Mr. Wallace,

    You are correct in not getting in a rage about this. These people are insane. No Catholic was ex-communicated for fighting for the Americans or the Southern rebels during the War of Southern Independence.. Or for fighting against the Communists with the Blues from Spain.

    As far back as the 19th century Liberalism, Equality, Socialism, and Communism were condemned by the Church as mortal sins.

    And as I have pointed out before a Liberal in 1880 would be considered a right wing extremist by today’s standards. Liberals in the 19th century were classical liberals and that is even considered a mortal sin by Catholic tradition.

    The people on here should not be the bull before the red flag. Do not let them enrage you.

  7. Spot on, HW. We are in a special time. I encourage everyone to read Horae Apocalypticae, or, if you don’t want to slug through the four volumes of this enormous work, Lutheran library will sell you an abridged version called The Last Prophecy. The point is, history has progressed through most of the book of Revelation and we are close to the end. As unsettling as the ruin of our institutions is, we must keep in mind that God is Sovereign, and He is showing us that we can have no faith in worldly institutions. That lesson is becoming more obvious everday. Deo Vindice.

  8. via Vox Day:

    “When a public figure caves-in to pressure (which may, of course, be immense) – but does not admit he has caved-in, and instead dishonestly rationalizes his behaviour as the right thing to do – he is corrupted.”

    “Some middle class professional Christians are so full of their own goodness at successfully refraining from theft, murder and adultery (and the like) that they are completely unaware that – for example – they are professionally (for money, status, promotion) lying, misleading and distorting the truth every working day; every time they open their mouths or sit down to type.

    If they were truthful, they would not keep their jobs for five minutes – and they have zero serious intention of becoming truthful.”


    • Vox Day is a pompous ass, who over at GAB shuts you off if you don’t agree with him, from the outset. I was an early recipient after ONE- one comment critical of his otherwise consistent insight. That’s he’s also hawking merch online 24/7 let’s you know his REAL motive… which is highly Jewi$h, imho. So, grain of salt, Stoecker.

  9. “Wokeism is a plague of our own times. It is a fad that is running its course.”

    This attempt on your part, Mr. W., to minimize wokeism, as a fad, reflects, I’d say, a misunderstanding of its history—a misunderstanding to which you, of all persons, are not entitled. Your declaration that it is running its course strikes me as wishful thinking. The very term, “wokeism,” is part of the attempt to minimize it and thus to overthrow it, as was the earlier “virtue signaling,” but word-warring of that kind seems to me unlikely to accomplish much.

    Consider the following, from Section 44 of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, published in the 1880s and translated here by Walter Kaufmann:

    “In all the countries of Europe, and in America, too, there now [are] … eloquent and prolifically scribbling slaves of the democratic taste and its ‘modern ideas’ …. [T]heir basic inclination [is] to find in the forms of the old society as it has existed so far just about the cause of ALL human misery and failure—which is a way of standing truth happily upon her head! What they would like to strive for with all their powers is the universal green-pasture happiness of the herd, with security, lack of danger, comfort, and an easier life for everyone; the two songs and doctrines which they repeat most often are ‘equality of rights’ and ‘sympathy for all that suffers’—and suffering itself they take for something that must be ABOLISHED.”

    Consider, too, the following, which, in Wikipedia’s entry on James Burnham, is excerpted from his The Managerial Revolution, published in the 1940s:

    “In its own more confused, less advanced way, New Dealism too has spread abroad the stress on the state as against the individual, planning as against private enterprise, jobs (even if relief jobs) against opportunities, security against initiative, ‘human rights’ against ‘property rights.’ There can be no doubt that the psychological effect of New Dealism has been what the capitalists say it has been: to undermine public confidence in capitalist ideas and rights and institutions. Its most distinctive features help to prepare the minds of the masses for the acceptance of the managerial social structure.”

    Consider, finally—though we could probably come up with several other relevant utterances—this:

    “The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows, ‘Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.’”

    That’s Rousseau, from his Discourse on Inequality, of the 1750s. It’s all there: the socialism, the open borders.

    If that passage doesn’t qualify as the seminal utterance of modernism, we’ll try this earlier one, also from Rousseau:

    “So long as government and law provide for the security and well-being of men in their common life, the arts, literature, and the sciences, less despotic though perhaps more powerful, fling garlands of flowers over the chains which weigh them down. They stifle in men’s breasts that sense of original liberty, for which they seem to have been born; cause them to love their own slavery, and so make of them what is called a civilized people.”

    Again, it’s all there: art, literature, and science as buttresses of political power. In proto-form, there, are math as a white-supremacist construct and cursive writing as something that—if I’m rightly interpreting experience of young persons I know—shouldn’t be taught in the public schools. Even the icons that, decades ago, Apple Computer substituted for text, in computer displays, are there: Writing itself is bad. We’ll return to cave paintings. (I can’t quite convince myself that Apple’s main intention was to avoid a particular written language and thus to make the interface understood worldwide.)

    Probably, Nietzsche was right in calling Rousseau the first modern man; but wherever we mark the emergence of modernism, we can’t call it a fad. Nearly three centuries of a more-or-less coherent mentality is not a fad—unless you want to say that the earlier, millennium-plus dominance of Christianity was a fad (as some of our pagan European ancestors probably hoped it was).

    Modernism, in short, can’t be insulted out of existence, via its being disparaged as a fad, just as it can’t simply be evaded, via National Divorce or some such thing. It will be supplanted only if it be directly engaged.

    • John B,

      I agree that Modernism is not going away since it is an agenda supported by governments, much of the elite, corporations, and the media. It rules the United States and other countries.

      Some factions of Modernism are more radical than others but the trend is always more of the same so that each outrage gets accepted and then the Enemy moves on to another attack.

      • Yes, Cristina. As a friend of mine recently expressed it, modernism’s movement is ratchet-y. There’s the occasional pause, as energy for the next advance is gathered, but it never goes backwards.

        • John B,

          Are you ready for some more American music from the 50’s? Here is a nice song. Shockingly it does show female underwear and women dancing and wrapping around men as well as girls in pants. And it is from 1958.

          I always assumed the 50’s were more traditional. Oh well. It is a good song so I give it to you.

          • At this point, Cristina, your understanding of American pop of the latter ’50s and early ’60s, is beginning to exceed mine. A moment after I saw “Let’s Dance” in the title of that YouTube video, I was pretty sure I knew the song, but I could never have come up with the name Chris Montez, as the person who’d recorded it.

            “Untamed Youth,” the movie to whose scene the record has been added, in that video, was released five years before the record itself. It was, I think, a movie of the kind through which then-teenagers such as the Beatles-to-be, over in England, were becoming familiar with rock ‘n’ roll. Unless I’m mistaken, the vivacious blonde is Mamie Van Doren, something of a wild-girl fixture in movies of that time.

            You’ll see, at 0:56 of the “Untamed Youth” trailer, linked below, a sort of “Latin” dance number, which strikes me as a vestige of the ’40s …

          • Girl’s High School basketball teams in the 50’s wore tops that revealed most of their midriffs, Ms. Cristina.

        • John B,

          Good catch on the video you sent me as to the latin aspects. They also mention Calypso in their song which is exclusively Caribbean I think.

          I looked up Mamie Van Doren. She is prettier than Marilyn Monroe in my opinion. I do not know if she can act. Then I have not seen many Marilyn Monroe movies. I did see River of No Return which has beautiful scenery and I thought Marilyn Monroe was reasonable in that movie.

          • Yes, I hadn’t noticed her calypso mention and the voice accent she’s affecting until after I posted that clip, Cristina. I’ll guess “Untamed Youth” was capitalizing on the success of Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O.” Once I’d read your reference to calypso, I went to Wikipedia and learned that that record had been released in 1956.

            You’ll notice, in the clip you originally posted, that the dancing, too, is vestigial ’40s. It’s basically jitterbug—or swing dancing as it’s come to be called. Not until 1960-61, I’d say, was that sort of thing, in which the man and woman were still touching each other, obliterated. The big event, to my mind, was “The Twist,” which was a hit in 1960 and again in ’61. As a youngster, say, six or seven years old, I found it mystifying that the boys and girls who were dancing the twist—and all the dances that followed it—were not in physical contact. I guess I was comparing it to all the other dances, of various centuries, that I’d seen in movies or on television. The twist seemed to me quite radical, though I wouldn’t have known that word.

            At the following, which is captioned “Dance Demonstration of the Twist (1961),” you’ll see a representative of the Arthur Murray ballroom-dancing schools. He introduces the no-contact world in which, as far as I know, you yourself and the rest of the young still live …

    • @Johnj…

      I do not know if I agree with your polite rebuke of our site host, but, , nonetheless, your argument is an interesting and very well-reasoned one.

      I suppose that, if I must reply on the cuff, I would say this – I would agree with Mr. Griffin that, if by, ‘running it’s course’, he means that it has become to run into stiff resistance, unlike what it experienced for the several decades leading us to her.

      On the other hand, I am, like you, more pessimistic.

      Case in point was the Judeo-Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, something which Russia is only digging out of in recent years.

      I think the poisons of Modernity are very deep ingrained in us, at this point, and it is unclear to me how it will be excised out, beyond the most simple-minded assumption that, in so doing, this confrontation will lead to a redivision of this land.

      I think it highly likely that I will never see the South in a good way again, which is why my wife and I troubled ourselves so to get a good hold of Hungarian.

      The Hungarians have all the problems that strike humans and tribes of us, but, they are very definitely NOT out of their minds – not as a collective tribe.

      Will say a prayer tonight, for your mama, Dear John.

      • You might be right, Ivan, that Mr. W. would argue that it’s encountering stiff resistance for the first time in a long time. The first time he pointed out, oh, maybe a year ago, that certain perspectives that had long been encountered only at blogs like this one were showing up in the mainstream, I was startled. I hadn’t even noticed that.

        On the optimistic side, your example, of the course of events in Russia, does include the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church. If I’d been told half a century ago that Soviet Communism had only twenty years left to live, I might have believed it, but I doubt I would have credited any prediction that that church would return to vigor. I’d’ve been of the view that it must already have suffocated to death in the seemingly airless confines into which the Soviet government had driven it, deep underground.

        Your prayer is appreciated. My greeting, as always, to everyone at your end.

        • Thank you for your reply and kind words, Dear John.

          Yes, history has been quite unpredictable, in recent decades – and, I suspect, it will continue that way.

          I think this will be a very different world by 2040.

          As to the recovery of the Russian Orthodox Church, and, in general a traditional Christian life, among a notable minority in Russia, has to be regarded as the will of God.

          To be clear, Vladimir Putin has been instrumental in this, but, when you study his way of thinking about this, and what brought him to that, I can only think it was, and remains, God’s will.

          The Judeo-Bolshevik determination to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church has to be regarded as one of the most vicious and disgustingly misanthropic campaigns in Western History.

          In the end, however, The Left never succeeds at changing the fundamental human design.

          The Communists did not succeed in Soviet Russia and they will not succeed here.

          In this I reminded what Alex Christoforou, of the fabulous foreign policy YouTube blog called, ‘The Duran’, said when he presented the news last year that the EU had just sanctioned Arch-Patriarch Kirill : ‘The West is going against the Russian Orthodox Church? We know who will win that battle’.

          Then Mr. Christoforou paused to laugh at the sheer folly of it.

          Have a great weekend, My Friend!

          • A great weekend to you, too, Ivan. Though I, too, enjoy Mr. Christoforou’s YouTube blog, I hadn’t heard the particular remark you cite. Choice.

    • John B,

      I have not been here for several weeks but I caught Ivan’s reference about your mother. I do not know her ailment but I second Ivan’s prayer intentions.

      • Thank you, Cristina. Ivan and his wife say a prayer for my mother even though she is now gone. They know I would always relay to her their greetings, from, as I would tell her, “some of my friends on the internet.” In late 2021, after a brief downturn, she died in the home to which my father and she had come, as newlyweds, nearly seventy years earlier.

          • As I neglected to clarify, Cristina, my mother was widowed several decades by the time of her death, but your remark is appropriate and appreciated nonetheless.

            It’s funny how the human heart works. Shortly after my father’s death, I came upon, in his nightstand, a note my mother had written to him when he was briefly away, for work, in the first year or so of their marriage. For more than thirty years, it must have been right there, beside their bed; but when I showed it to her, she made clear she’d had no idea it was there.

    • Excellent point, John B. Trying to pass off wokeism as a fad is the identical error the smart boy eah and other WNs were making when minimizing the extent of whites whose actual religion is the Church of Woke (regardless of what particular moniker is was labeled under at any given time). I will add a quasi-theological aspect to this to state that the LCMS’s embrace of Woke doctrine is in fact the embrace of ‘doctrines of demons’ (Satanism). The fact that someone like Matthew Harrison is head of LCMS and a subversive Jew like Joshua Salzberg is running Lutherans for Racial Justice – who will no doubt be doxxing HW and seeing to it that he is excommunicated – is indicative of a much deeper and systemic problem: Harrison and Sazlberg are apostates. So is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Anti-Pope Bergoglio and countless other leaders of denominations and Christian organizations in the west. The rot runs deep.

      Vox Day gives a superb account of how the subversion process works in his post about the hostile takeover of Project Veritas. North Heights Lutheran Church was an early version of what would become known as a mega-church in mid-20th century Minneapolis (Day’s hometown). Founded in 1946, the pastor since 1961 was Morris Vaagenes. The church steadily grew as more and more were inspired by Vaagenes’ preaching so that it was up to 7000 members by his retirement at the end of the 20th century. By 2016 the church was no more. Read the account. The subversion did not begin with the hiring of the female pastor, Mindy Bak, who destroyed it. It stated with the failure to vet those was hiring in the 1990s. Unless there is a massive grassroots uprising in the LCMS to completely purge the likes of Harrison, Salzberg and every single member who agrees with them, LCMS delenda est.

      • Very interesting article there, by Vox Day, EC. He’s gone a good way toward formularizing a process that seems to have played out in numerous organizations, of various types, across several decades, even if many persons—including me—have allowed themselves to remain only half-aware of it.

        Now that you’ve mentioned it, a possible excommunication of our host here, at Occidental Dissent, strikes me as very interesting, too. It’s odd: You never know when or where the enemy is going to strike. Sometimes, what would seem to be an obvious target of the enemy is left unmolested, for quite some time. Probably, the calculation—when to pounce, when not—is only half-conscious, as is, I’d guess, any such calculation by any party that is trying to preserve its dominance.

  10. Cultural Marxism right out of KGB labs so that the fellow travelers will have a cakewalk when they come to put the faculty lounge useful idiots against the wall and to put the rest of us to work as wage free Kulaks.
    The Long March to burn down the world for Karl Marx is complete and it couldn’t happen to a stupider bunch of useless idiots.

  11. There is a small bit of woke in Islam, queer Muslims etc but it is much less, interesting to consider why

    And atheist but authoritarian China, is maintaining an anti-woke patriarchy pretty well, without much ‘religious’ foundation other than some loose ‘honour your ancestors’ cultural Confucianism

    It may be that it is especially European-heritage white people who have a special problem with maintaining trad values, without religion … whereas China is able to suddenly shame women who aren’t feminine, sideline gays and femboys, and a billion people fall into line

    And even tho many Western people going woke have been nominally ‘Christians’, I think the reality is that, for a century plus now, many church-goers didn’t really specifically ‘believe’ so much specifically in ‘Christian doctrine’, as continue in what was a pleasant cultural-social tradition … the inner anchoring of deep specific belief had faded, so ‘Christianity’ became just putty to be re-shaped at will

    Curiously in Israel now a parallel fight is going on, with anti-woke Jewish Orthodox having had enough kids, to seize power in alliance with Netanyahu …

    Formerly dominant Soros Jews including the gays of Tel Aviv etc are seething, tellling the world ‘this is the end of democracy in Israel’ … Because Netanyahu wants to end the supremacy of (pro-Soros) judges in Israel and put power back into parliament above the judges … similar to issues we have in USA

    • “for a century plus now, many church-goers didn’t really specifically ‘believe’ so much specifically in ‘Christian doctrine’, as continue in what was a pleasant cultural-social tradition … the inner anchoring of deep specific belief had faded, so ‘Christianity’ became just putty to be re-shaped at will”


  12. One of the first things in the United States that foreigners notice is the worship of blacks. Sometime after World War 2 blacks went from being treated with consideration, to bending over backwards for, to groveling for, and now to being
    worshiped where to condemn a black is worse than using Jesus’s name in vain or saying G.D. in word or print.

    That is textbook idolatry.

    The sheer dominance of blacks on television where they are the primary characters in an over preponderance of commercials I find shocking. A Canadian girl who went to the same school as myself in the USA was shocked at this as well.

    I casually mentioned this to the parents of an Anglo friend last year. They carefully looked around before answering that yes I might be right. Their caution on what is obviously true says it all.

    It has to be admitted that when my Mexican girlfriends and myself spoke about such matters in public we spoke in Spanish since we trust ourselves but not outsiders–if I can use that word when referring to native white US citizens. So we were essentially doing the same as the parents of my friend.

    • Cristina, and by extension of the idolatry of negroes in America is the worship of sportsball athletes.

      I forgot who originally wrote this but it especially remains true.

      “Blacks aren’t always correct, but they can never be wrong.”

      The “N-word” blacks hate the most is no.

  13. It appears the Western Churches have entered the luke warm Laodicean Church Age written of in the book of Revelation.

    A major turning point was when Rev Billy Graham retired from doing his Crusades in 2005. Only three years later magical negro Obama was elected and the USA began a rapid descent into Wokery.

    However a faithful remnant remains in the Orthodox Church. All Christian’s can be inspired by the opposition to Clown World by Czar Putin and the virtuous pagans in China.

    Prots in America should convert to Orthodoxy and become mighty prayer warriors in the spiritual battle to free Ukraine and Taiwan from the clutches of Clown World.

  14. “Prots in America should convert to Orthodoxy …”

    Jeff- to what form of “Orthodoxy”? We are not Russians, and the Phyletist heresy is rampant (along with novus ordo tendencies in all the ‘SCOBA’ Churches, who are NOT ‘canonical,’ let me tell you!
    So, well-meaning advice, but basically useless.

    HW, one of the best and most stirring articles I’ve read in at least a decade from this site.

  15. “It has to be admitted that when my Mexican girlfriends and myself spoke about such matters in public we spoke in Spanish since we trust ourselves but not outsiders–

    Christina – (es verdad!) You continue to remain a sane voice on this forum.

    • Father John,

      That is so sweet of you. I thank you and I remember that in the past you stood up for me when I was being attacked. I always will have the gratitude to you for that.

  16. @ Radicalized Jeff Did you know Graham refused to do racially segregated services in South Africa? He also received the ADL’s Torch of Liberty award one year.

  17. Joshua Salzburg looks like her came from central casting to play the part of the liaison between antifa and the LCMS.

  18. @Mr. Griffin…

    ” Russell Moore and other woke elites in the Southern Baptist Convention tried to drive my friend James Edwards out of his church. Pope Francis is woke. Orthodoxy isn’t immune either. …”

    And now Mr. Moore is an increasingly distant memory – Thank God.

    Yes, the pope is a communist.

    Yes, Orthodoxy is not immune, either – or, at least, not in this country.

    As to Orthodoxy in Eastern Europe, it is so vehemently anti-Woke that, for example, when the LGBT tries to stage a parade in ,oh, lets say : Chisinau, Moldova, the Moldovan Government has to send the police to protect the few gays who show up, because thousands of Moldovan Orthodox Christians line up to counter protest, with priests in the lead, and one year it got so violent that police had to evacuate tjhose fews gays that were there.

    That said, in this country the Orthodox Church remains the only institution that is largely intact, and without any policy review.

    As many times I have attended Orthodox services in various states, I have yet to witness stuff that I have seen in the Roman Catholic and some Protestant churches the wife and I have attended.

  19. “Jeff- to what form of “Orthodoxy”? We are not Russians, and the Phyletist heresy is rampant”

    Well I have relative that attends a Greek Orthodox Church so I would recommend that.

    There are also a few Fundamentalist Churches that I think highly of and are a good option. The Guys from Trunews and Pastor Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona for starters.

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