Affirmative Action Nearly Killed Me


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UPDATE: Here in Montgomery, a black woman who worked at the Montgomery Regional Airport was sucked into left engine of a jet and killed on New Year’s Eve. The NTSB said she was “ingested into the engine.”

Editor’s Note: The Supreme Court will likely officially kill affirmative action this summer, but it will probably survive and get worse in some other form. Merit based hiring and admissions will go before diversity. DEI has become the established religion of the United States. – HW

By Krystal Knight

It’s all fun and games until a Fedex 767 lands on top of your Southwest flight and you never make it to Cancun.

A few months ago, I flew Southwest to Cancun out of Austin’s airport…and I lived. I had in the back of my head thoughts such as, “what if the pilot is drunk?…what if the pilot is on drugs?….what if the pilot is an affirmative action hire?” Yes, I just said it. Imagine dying because Affirmative Action took the yoke and took to the skies. I did not imagine however that there might be an affirmative action hire in the control tower.

Last month, February 4, 2023, at Austin’s Bergstrom Airport, some other people went to Cancun on a Southwest flight – but just barely made it there alive. With their phones off and no sun roof on the 737, the passengers were probably unaware there was a Fedex 767 only 150 feet above them. Fortunately, the captain of the 767 was situationally aware, questioned the directives of the air traffic controller of color, instructed the Southwest flight to abort, went swiftly skyward and the 128 souls on board enjoyed margaritas on the beach later that day.

I won’t go into the details of the many things the controller did wrong that day that could have killed our vacationers – there are plenty of YouTube videos detailing that information. My purpose here is simply to wake people up to the dangers of diversity hires in jobs that require an IQ above 85.

According to some air traffic controllers on Reddit, this controller of color remains employed, endangering airline passengers daily because of the EEOC complaints he files when they attempt to get rid of him.

NTSB is currently investigating this incident. We should know more soon.

By the way, I’m not the only one who is concerned about this.

Krystal lives in Texas and is an observer of social trends that can get people killed. 


    • The nominee to the post of head of the FAA doesn’t know a damn thing about airplanes, flying, safety, regulations etc. but he is blackety, blackety, black so there is that. He still thinks he is qualified because of diversity. Truth is he is qualified to be head of the FAA, FBI, Justice Dept., Surgeon General, to command nuclear weapons, to operate nuclear reactors, to do brain surgery, teach electrical & mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, to be in charge of anything and everything under the sun because he is diverse.

      The PMC types won’t like it when their flights to exotic locales start crashing, they love to fly around the world but they aren’t wealthy enough to have their own Gulfstream like the hypocrites in Davos.

  1. Some years back, their was a joke that went like this: What do you call a bird that got sucked into a jet engine? Shredded tweet!

  2. Ain’t nuthin’ like a good ol’ refreshing Rope-headed Alabama Chocolate Turbo Smoothie after a hard shift’s work on the tarmac.

  3. The GD media wouldn’t dare publish the flight disasters of airlines in Africa.

    Anyone remember The September 22, 1993 Big Bayou Canot Bridge Disaster ?
    Willie Odom, EEOC barge pilot, who killed 50 ppl by his incompetence .

    Air Force lost its entire thunderbird flight team when they plowed into the ground training their first black pilot.

    This sort of incompetence spreads. I’ve noticed WHITES who work around affirmative action become less competent, either from overwork or the spite of carrying a heavier workload.

    • …or simply a loss of interest and conscientiousness due to the sight of everything around them going downhill and feeling hopeless to do anything about it.

      • @Tikkum Olam

        This. It was already like this back in the ‘90s if anyone was paying attention. I saw my home state turn into Mexico del Norte before my eyes. Why work yourself to the bone just so POC can have it good? If anything you want to monkey wrench things just to mess with them.

  4. In Sept. 1993 the worst crash (so far) in Amtrak’s history took place in Hunter’s home state, Alabama. A barge piloted by a black guy named Willie Odeon crashed into a train bridge late at night knocking the rails out of alignment. A few minutes later an Amtrak passenger train heading for Miami came along at 70 mph and derailed, part of the train falling into the swamp and catching fire. 47 people were killed and others were injured but survived.

    Upon investigation it was learned that the pilot, Willie ‘EEOC’ Odeon didn’t even know how to read his radar’s CRT. The bridge would have showed up as an obstacle on the screen at least 1,000 yards ahead allowing ample time to stop the barge. Willie was travelling in a part of the bayou where barges were prohibited also.

    Naturally, no one was found really at fault, negroes never are but he did get a severe tongue lashing so there is that. It’s not clear if the severe tongue lashing brought any of the 47 dead back to life or healed any of the maimed. Willie retired after that adventure. Here is a saccharine report sympathizing with poor Willie. Perhaps the survivors and relatives of the dead wouldn’t be so understanding but the idiot reporter ignored most of them.

    • Yep, I remember back in the 90s the cable channel made one of those “disaster” documentaries about the incident and it briefly identified the black guy who did it and that stuck out in my mind as something significant that I knew I “shouldn’t notice.” If they made one of those seconds from disaster type shows today I bet they’d totally omit any references to the fact that it was a black guy. He turned up a tiny tributary that was not navigable and hit the bridge. The barging equivalent of the idiots who go the wrong way down the expressway and kill people.

  5. Here is another one, an obviously unqualified black guy flying a Boeing 767 into the swamps around Houston. It was a cargo plane so casualties were limited. Tucker did an episode about this and even pointed out that the guy was black.

    Just remember: All Men are created Equal and Diversity is our Strength as the commissars tell us. It is ironic that the PMC types, who love to travel to exotic places, which means airplanes, then tell everyone where they went to show how sophisticated they are, may get killed travelling by their diversity pets. Unfortunately, they take others along with them on their rides from hell.

    Don’t worry folks, The Buttplug is all over this like Michael Jackson on an eight year old. After doing a great job investigating the East Palestine, Ohio mess he is rested and refreshed and ready for the latest disaster. There hasn’t been a fatal commercial airplane crash since 2009 but it looks like Dementia Joe’s administration will be presiding over multiple disasters, transportation and otherwise.

  6. “Ingested” ugh, doesn’t sound good at all, as if T. rex “ingested “ her. “Diversity Air” shouldn’t last a long time, because, because the thought of being smashed and blasted all over a pasture somewhere isn’t the way the progressives class of people want to end their lives. The lawsuits by the families might have something to do with it too. Nobody, but nobody, including blacks want to fly “diversity Air”

  7. “DEI has become the established religion of the United States.”

    Mr. Wallace, do keep up:

    “… these statistics show just how much work there is to do around diversity, equity, inclusion and BELONGING in the workplace.” (Emphasis mine.)

    That’s at:
    (“Resumes including ‘they/them’ pronouns are more likely to be overlooked, new report finds”)

    The entering of DEIB at Wikipedia’s search box will, indeed, prompt a “redirect,” to the entry for Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    • DEI is the religion of the anti-Christ. Hey, Ginzo Stuarti, that is your team Christ hater. Hey Ginzo can you gives us a few bars of o solo mio?

      • Not sure why you’ve asked, Robert, but no, I know no songs with non-English lyrics.

        I believe you meant, by the way, not “solo” but “sole,” with an “e,” meaning “sun,” as in our word “solar”—but then, I don’t expect literacy from Bible thumpers.

      • PS Even if I had the talent for it, Robert, I’m not interested in trading insults with you. My occasional anti-Christian snidenesses to the contrary notwithstanding, I have far more in common with Christians of all kinds—even the evangelicals, whom I’ve encountered only via television—than I do with liberals, who’d be happy to throw them all into a woodchipper.

        In remarking, years ago, on his Anglicanism, pundit John Derbyshire referred to himself as—what were the adjectives he used?—“tribal” was one of them, a “tribal and cultural Anglican” he might have said, something like that. In Anglicanism was he reared, and something of it yet resonates within him, when, for instance, he hears an Anglican hymn.

        For me, that remark itself, of Derbyshire’s, resonated, because it reminded me of my relationship with the Catholicism in which I was raised. Inasmuch as sympathy with the Confederacy involves approval, implicit or explicit, of slavery, I hesitate to draw a strong comparison between neo-Confederacy and Catholicism; but I should be unsurprised to learn that Mr. W., our host here, at Occidental Dissent, has noticed—via the comments that various persons have posted here over the years—that being a Catholic in the northeastern United States of the present day is at least something like being a neo-Confederate. It involves living amid the ruins of a culture that liberalism has dissolved as thoroughly as penicillin dissolves a culture of bacteria, in a Petri dish.

        When I was young, as I’ve remarked more than once here, I was more of a Christian, I’m tempted to say, than you’ll ever be. So thoroughly did I take to heart the dismissal by—St. Paul was it?—of “knowledge of the world” that I benefited far less than I might have from education that I was fortunate enough to be in a position to enjoy. Our fellow commenter Ivan will probably recall, with a smile, my having told him of the time that I, in commenting here, asked our Alabaman host Mr. Wallace whether there are many blacks in his part of the country. That’s how little I’d learned of “the world.” (“Duh,” Mr. Wallace replied.)

        On an occasion, decades ago, when I had to knock on the door, late in the evening, of a home in a wooded area of suburbs to Philadelphia’s north, I saw, hanging, on the kitchen wall there, a Christian prayer—a homely little plaque that one might find in a Christian gift shop. Quite possibly, the man who’d let me, a stranger, into that kitchen of his, when, in a minor emergency, I needed to use his phone, was descended from Protestants who were not delighted that the America of their time was being flooded by Catholics like my own ancestors; yet at that moment, I found myself thinking, “This is my people.”

        If a liberal were to scorn that sentiment, were to say my Christianity can’t be very meaningful if I’m content to be a racist or to regard with blithe indifference, say, the near-genocide, historically, of the American Indians, I’d probably say, “You’re probably right.”

    • You start repairing the world by looking at the flaws, the sin in yourself. Apologizing, try to make repair, and asking to be forgiven.

      Ther Jews will never repair the world, for they can not see what all others see, the sin in themselves.

  8. Stupid, worthless, DEADLY niggers. A mortal danger to all who come into contact with them.

    That’s what our kike-usurped “nation” has turned into the new Golden Calf all must worship or else.

  9. what is really sad is that the eeoc complaint is the only mechanism an employee has against ‘at will’ management. we need some workers’ rights in this country. this 1880 crap is killing our society. no one can have kids or a retirement any more…

  10. I decided to stop flying 2 months ago when the mantra became: the cockpits are too male and too white. I had never thought of diversity in regards to air traffic controllers. Truly frightening!

  11. There is a lawsuit against the FAA regarding it’s criteria for admitting candidates for training as air traffic controllers. The Obama administration thought to many ATCs were White males and needed more color.

  12. “never thought of diversity in regards to air traffic controllers.”

    Yep, it’s real diffficult to consider all the ways that diversity will kill us.

    Like a jackass bench stock clerk that doesn’t put the O ring on an oil plug, causing oil to flood out of a jet engine, causing the engine to fail and the entire plane to crash into the everglades, all passengers and crew died.

  13. It is not just in traffic control. Consider those who load the luggage. Perhaps they don’t fasten the cargo door secure, and it blows off at 30,000 feet. Or maybe oxygen canisters containers and lithium batteries are shoved roughly in back and start leaking and ignite in mid-flight. Both scenarios have happened by the way.

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