Black Kids Beat Up White Kids and Force Them To Say “Black Lives Matter” In Ohio

According to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), it is now evil, sinful and immoral to oppose the failed liberal experiment in forced public school integration.

Daily Mail:

“A criminal investigation at an Ohio elementary school has been launched after black students forced their white peers to say ‘Black Lives Matter‘ on camera and assaulted those who didn’t.

The incident at Kenwood Elementary on February 10 showed the altercation play out as two students were initially seen escorting their peer to an area on the playground while punching the student in the head.

Footage of the 17-minute video showed the student being tossed on the ground while another student joined seconds later. About 10 minutes later a third student was thrown right beside them. …”

New York Post:

“Multiple Ohio elementary school kids are facing assault charges after disturbing video caught the group of black students attacking white students — and forcing them to say “Black lives matter,” according to cops.

Footage obtained by WKEF showed a tall student grabbing a much smaller one around the back of the head and marching him across the Springfield playground, with another joining to hold the struggling victim.

Others joined in when he was taken to an area near swings — with one charging in and knocking the helpless youngster to the ground, seemingly throwing a punch. …”


Ever since the 1950s, the churches have put a halo over liberalism. The American federal government committed itself to this monumental project. “Racial equality” is like our version of the stone heads built by the Rapa Nui on Easter Island. Every institution in our society has been hijacked and deformed to build our own version of the stone heads. We are exhausting our civilization in the process.


  1. The Moai analogy is the best I’ve ever heard! Every day, more and more resources given up to “appease the gods”, all the while driving our civilization to the brink of ruin.

    • First, they unleashed tyranny on us. Then they unleashed anarchy. Anarcho-tyranny. That man knew what he was talking about.

  2. Everyone knows only “Nazis” want White communities for White people. Unwillingness to submit to “Diversity” is “racist” and pure “hate”.

  3. “We are exhausting our civilization in the process.”

    What gospel truth that is !

    So much of the exhaustion and decay is going on below the perception of most people. Blcks and POC sucking up trillions in medical care. That alone is causing national ruin.
    Ever wonder why you spend 4 to 10 times as much for medical care as ppl in foreign nations ?

    “We are exhausting our civilization in the process.”

    Not to mention individuals being exhausted.

  4. Teachers are scared witless to discipline blks.
    They don’t want to lose their jobs, be sued, or both.

  5. Regarding the Lutheran Church, why not starting a Christian sect yourself?
    Jesus’ story in the bible is not preposterous and childish at all, he died for our sins.
    You’re intelligent and charismatic, you could bring more souls to the Lord

  6. It’s not those black kids fault! BLM is to blame!

    Just kidding. But that’s exactly how faggot Trump and most of his followers see it – “We all need to come together as Americans!!!!!!”

  7. I left a pretty benign comment about this video on Am Ren. Something like “if that were my child there would be hell to pay”. They deleted it. WTF?

    • Assuming AR is not an FBI-funded honey-pot, they probably thought your innocent post would be taken as a threat to shoot-up a public schul. One problem with it is that you’ve already conceded a major point to the Church of Woke: The legitimacy of sending your kid to a public school. Let’s put it out there bluntly: Any white parent sending their kid to public school is abusing their children.

      All public schools are controlled by the Jew-owned and operated NEA teacher’s union. All white kids in public schools (and also a large percentile of those in nominally “Christian” schools as HW has recently discovered) will be indoctrinated in Woke dogma without parents even knowing. Local school boards and state agencies – even if they are publicly against wokeism – have no way of truly rooting it out unless they can control who is hired as teachers. The NEA effectively prevents any control over the hiring. Even worse, the vast majority of state education agencies and local school boards are controlled by our enemies. Homeschool or die. It’s that simple.

    • It already is ‘Planet of the Apes’ in most cities. Some, like beautiful Baltimore or Camden, NJ, the whole damn place, every square yard. Some just no-go zones in certain areas.

      One good thing the U.S. Government has done is to name places MLK Boulevard. If travelling to an unknown city with good and bad parts, set your GPS to find MLK Blvd. That is the area to avoid. Just drive around places like Baltimore or Camden even if it’s fifty miles longer. Nothing good ever happens there.

      • @12AX7…

        I was thinking about this the other day – Whites used to live in the centre of cities, Blacks on the edge of town.

        Since Civil Rights that has flipped – Blacks now in the centre of town and Whites on the outskirts of town.

        In any case, we have not integrated – not the overwhelming amount of most of both tribes.

        At this point, the whole movement of the past 60-70 seems at best a futile charade – at worst something very self-destructive to everybody involved.

  8. In defence of the indefensible, I’ll say this : Negroes are just like Whites in this era – at their very worst.


    Because their minds, just as our minds are, have been filled, and, indeed, are being filled, with around the clock poison.

    That said, this is the result of a passive South, for, if we had held our ground over the previous 6+ decades, stuff like this would not be going on – you can take that to the bank.

    Things will not get right until we stand up and refuse to budge.

    Whether that takes place under a Confederate flag, or a marquis with strawberries illustrated over it, matters not.

    It’s the standing that must be done.

  9. Desegregation of the schools was horrible for white kids. The public schools in Champaign-Urbana are awful, not one high school isn’t loaded with ghetto thugs. The only sane choice is expensive private schooling or moving to Mahomet or Saint Joseph with their all white public schools. A lot of girls come out of this experience with a taste for black men and becoming “baby mamas” of dumb 80 IQ children. The white boys fall into the pothead lifestyle when around blacks.

    • “The white boys fall into the pothead lifestyle when around blacks.”

      Yes, all drugs.

      Prior to integration drug use among WHITES was next to nill, especially in school children.

      • In the South, Dear Arrian, drug use among pre-integration Black youth was very low, too.

        In that era, when I was a boy, drinking was what folks did, (if they did anything at all) as they came of age.

        Having seen how drugs came into our midst and overcame many of us, I really do not want to blame Blacks for our weakness, anymore than I wished to be blamed by them.

        We all have to choose to be better\ – to lead upright, sober, faithful, and honourable lives.

        Just in case it is not clear to anyone, what I have said – I am a witness from that time in history.

        Neither Blacks nor Whites were in the drug culture, in any way comparable to what it is today.

        Degeneracy is king now, not a work ethic and a married family life.

    • It’s a crime perpetrated against White people by the Federal government. Stupid and evil. Has any other regime in history chosen to destroy itself in an effort to raise its lowest denizens?

    • I had a half-white black friend tell me that desegregation was bad for white children decades ago. Although I agreed with him, in response I just gave that empty stare I give when I cannot explicitly agree with what someone has just told me and which even my wife still finds inscrutable.

    • @Nightowl…

      “Desegregation of the schools was horrible for white kids. ”

      It was horrible for White Kids, and Black kids, as well.

      The tribes were much better off being schooled in a tribal way – if for no other reason than it installed good values, starting with dating your own kind.

      • Desegregation was awful for everyone but the authorities who used managing diversity to acquire more power and wealth and less accountability for themselves. That’s why the authorities changed the immigration act. Even then, Black and White had managed an uneasy truce in the early eighties so, of course, the “undocumented immigrants living in the shadows” had to be amnestied.

        Before Civil Rights and Affirmative Action, the best paying professional job for Blacks was teaching. Once court-ordered desegregation was imposed, Black schools were shut down and the vast majority of Black teachers lost their jobs.

        A lot of Black parents and students were unhappy. At their own schools, Blacks ran their own school papers and elected their own as Prom King and Prom Queen.

        I might add that the Supreme Court had the option of imposing equity to ensure separate was equal as far as education was concerned and the South was willing to bring Black schools up in standards, but the Usual Suspects were pushing the theory that segregation from Whites was making Blacks feel inferior. Thus the court ordered desegregation.

        • @Clytemnestra…

          Though I agree with you that some Blacks, before desegregation, gravitated towards teaching, for reasons of renumeration, I respectfully disagree that this profession was the most lucrative for them.

          What was the basis for a growing Black wealth was what was once termed as, ‘The American Dream’, or, in plainer terms – owning your own business.

          In late Jim Crow Raleigh, successful Negro stores were centered around Hargett St., but, ran all over the downtown area.

          In those days Blacks did everything for themselves- from running their own pharmacies, medical practices, law offices (more highly lucrative professions) bailbondsmen, insurers, grocery stores, pawn shoppes, clothing stores, shoe-stores, tailors, cobblers, private detectives, and historic Black College – in every aspect of that.

          In late Jim Crow Raleigh, we had bustling Negro colleges – Saint Augustine’s and Shaw , both of which produced a class of Black professional all their own.

          Though I did find these colleges intact when I returned to Raleigh, after a 20 year absence, the only remnant of what had once been of a proud, successful, and completely independent Black Business Community were two barber shoppes.


          This means that the Black business community has essentially undergone a ‘holocaust’ of sorts.

          No wonder, young Black boys dream of becoming gangsters – for, between welfare mothers, absentee fathers, and no clear model for industrious endeavour, too many black kids get locked into a very very self-destructive cycle.

          Martin Luther King’s dream has turned out to be a nightmare, as predicted by Malcolm X and others like Marcus Garvey.

          The South that is coming must recreate the circumstances for Black businesses to again take place, and for Black parents to want to be exactly that.

          I saw Blacks very successful at all levels of society, in those days, and I know it can happen again.

          We just have to remove the Blue States and allied Jewish apparati from policy implementation that persuades the Black Community to be dependent, feel victimized, and be no-account and self-destructive.

          Thank you for your interesting and thoughtful comment.

  10. All ot takes is for White People to learn about their genetic nonvariabilty in order to right back because White People are not inherently oppressive nor do they have any inherent reason to do so.

  11. What is wrong with selling out the flock or the lord for a few Benjamins, the Catholics do it? The Irish have gotten fat, lazy, and stupid selling out Christ, so what is so bad about it? God forbid pastor Harrison should have to mow his own lawn and you people have no idea how expensive these Mexican landscapers have become.

  12. BTW, this also happened in the “conservative”, Repuke-controlled state of Florida recently. Must be a memo the NEA is handing out to the cadres. It’s always possible the budding pavement apes got this into their own nappy-heads watching Wokeunduh Talmudvisison, but don’t be surprised if a teacher put them up to it. Teacher led the forced humiliation of white kids in FL.

    > Every institution in our society has been hijacked and deformed to build our own version of the stone heads.

    Whites are indeed like the Rapa Nui. Stone-headed idiots building stone idols to detract from doing what is needed to survive. As Chesterton noticed long ago:

    > “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

    This is the ultimate root of the problem in the LCMS, by the way. They no longer worship Chirst, but a skinsuit of Satan, or to borrow a word from Russian: Chernobog (literally – the Black God).

  13. I don’t give a damn about what is happening in Ukraine. The true war is in the here and now in the United States. There is no fixing this. Th system cannot be reformed from within regardless of those who believe in the second coming of Donald Trump and the political miracles he may bring. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. The U.S. is no longer us.

  14. It’s past time for those sixteen States north of Maryland, the Ohio River, and Missouri, to have their own government(s). And for California, Oregon and Washington State, to be split up. They just need to go. For OUR own good.

    The South and the Interior West are where the original Jeffersonian America still survives. Barely.

    Never forget that “Minnesota nice” is still Yankee rude.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

    • Yep, cuz everyone and everything is exactly like it was in 1865. There are plenty of actually nice people in Minnesota who are “real” Americans, James. Get it through your head that the split is urban/rural now. Not some border that existed 160 years ago.

      • @Tikkun & James…

        I’m with both of y’all – with James in my wariness of a prospective union with non-Southerners, but, at the same time, very much aware of what you say – that we have sincere friends and would-be comrades all over Rural & Smalltown America, whether that is in New Hampshire, Eastern Oregon and Washington, or Upstate Minnesota and Michigan.

        No, this is not 1865.

        Hell, I keep reminding those around my neighbourhood that it’s not even 1985, anymore. much less 1965 or 1865.

        Living in the past is a trap, something I see Poles, who keep acting as if Russia is still the Soviet Union of 1965, falling into over the last year.

        • ..and Southeastern Minnesota. Our cities are being overrun by non-whites but the rural areas are mostly White (…and awareness is growing.)

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