Tucker Carlson Exposes 1/6 Hoax

I trust that everyone has seen this by now.

This isn’t exactly news except to those who are heavily invested in the official narrative. It has been obvious from the beginning that some people who were at 1/6 were violent while most were just people who had wandered over to the Capitol from the Trump rally and who were escorted into the building by the Capitol Police. There were a lot of non-violent MAGA Boomers who essentially toured the Capitol. For some reason, we are not allowed to acknowledge this. The real scandal here is that this footage was deliberately hidden from the public for two years by the “journalists” and the 1/6 Committee.


  1. I thank Mr. Carlson for his continued good work to let the truth be known.

    He’s a brave and decent man, and ought be appreciated for that, whether you agree entirely with him or not.

  2. The second video of Chansley being given a low key tour of the building by the cops raises a problem for the prosecutors. Videos like this that were withheld from the trials would seem to prove their innocence. Yet, the Supreme Court ruled in 1963 (Brady decision) that prosecutors must turn over to the defense all evidence that could exonerate a defendant. Therefore, all the convictions could possibly be in jeopardy. Will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens.

  3. Rightwing: Come on, Jan 6 wasn’t that bad.
    Leftwing: 7 months of Antifa-BLM riots and insurrection all across the nation were a sacred holy jihad war on white supremacy and 1000% justified.

    • People on the right, even average normiecon’s have a basic tendency to want to be decent. Part of that is the humility to admit errors.

      This is normal, and something that doesn’t need to be admonished.

      The issue is that even the normiecon’s haven’t woken up to the fact that they don’t owe that honesty, decency or integrity to our enemies, because they don’t yet see them as such.

      • @ ISA
        What makes your cause just is not sinking to the level of your perceived enemies no matter how desperate things appear.

    • @Karl
      Yep every single thing is an attack against white people
      and yet nobody cares …you tell that to white people in this country and they don’t give a fuck dude
      it doesn’t matter what age they are if they’re kids middle-age people or boomers, no one cares..

      You see , imo that’s the real problem with this country , apathy, it is a disease, and when it starts to infect the minds of a population itcan really do a number on a society, in case anybody wasn’t paying attention ..

      Tolerance and apathy , the last virtues of any dying society, as it was wisely put thousands of years ago

  4. We all knew that J6 was overblown. Now we have the receipts that it was just about a pure nothingburger, not even any cheese.

    Now I’m engaging in the Fred Thompson Doctrine: I want to know what certain people knew and when did they know it.

  5. The question which we’re all supposed to forget still remains: To what extent if any was the 2020 election rigged? It wouldn’t be the first time in US history a rigged election occurred. How do you think JFK won?

  6. Funny how the left dressed up as the Handmaid’s Tale and stormed congress during the Kavanaugh hearings and the pro “trans” crackpots just stormed the Oklahoma capitol when they were threatened with banning them from disfiguring themselves in state law and not a peep from the left about this. It’s all just disorderly conduct of varying degrees…both storming the capitols AND going around in the wrong gender’s clothing.

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