Axios: The GOP’s Stunning Realignment on Foreign Policy

This is good news.

At least in rhetoric, Trump and Ron DeSantis are feeling the chilling effect of political gravity as Republican voters sour on Standing With Ukraine. This is cementing the end of Reaganism.

New York Times:

“Declaring this week that defending Ukraine against Russia’s invasion was not a vital interest for the United States, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida cemented a Republican shift away from hawkish foreign policy that has played out over the past decade and accelerated with Donald J. Trump’s political rise.

Mr. Trump and Mr. DeSantis — whose combined support makes up more than 75 percent of Republican primary voters in the nascent 2024 presidential contest — are now largely aligned on Ukraine, signaling a sharp break from the interventionist approach that drove former President George W. Bush’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Republican foreign policy hawks recoiled at Mr. DeSantis’s statement on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News on Monday night, in which the governor deviated from the position held by most of the Republican establishment on Capitol Hill, including Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader. Mr. McConnell and other top congressional Republicans have framed the invasion by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as a fight to defend the post-World War II international security framework. …”

Ron DeSantis didn’t come out and say though we should stop arming Ukraine. Trump is right that DeSantis is simply following the political winds. Republican primary voters are souring on Ukraine.


“Ron DeSantis’ claim that protecting Ukraine isn’t in the “vital” interest of the U.S. highlights a remarkable divide in the GOP over foreign policy — pitting its top two presidential candidates against the party’s more hawkish establishment.

Why it matters: The move by DeSantis — echoing the isolationist views of his likely rival, former President Trump — represents a sharp contrast from most of the past four decades, when Republicans typically have subscribed to the Reagan era’s “peace through strength” internationalism. …”

Once again, I doubt this will change anything.

If Ron DeSantis becomes president, I think the actual policy will still be “Standing With Ukraine” and continuing to arm Ukraine indefinitely. If Donald Trump becomes president, he will focus on settling scores and get distracted and let someone awful run his foreign policy. And yet, I also believe that either Trump or DeSantis would still be better on the issue than Joe Biden.


  1. Many things could be said, probably only one will do.

    That is?

    The Jew England Yankee Empire will continue to try to bully everyone in the world, including it’s own citizens, UNTIL they can no longer.

    How we get to that point is, as of yet, unclear.

    That said, they are losing their coalitions, have lost their petro-dollar racket, are facing the imminent demise of their favourite spy machine – Facebook – and they have lost the narrative.

    They look sad and ridiculous to more and more folks, but, never to themselves.

    Meanwhile, their proxy government in Kiev keeps feeding untold thousands, tens of thousands or Ukrainian men into the bonfire in Donbass, whilst millions of Ukrainians have been made homeless, their infrastructure lain waste, as well as their economy moribund.

    ‘I stand with Ukraine!’

    Sounds ridiculous, don’t it?

    Well, yes – and more than a bit diabolical.

    Of course, Victoria Nuland and gang are not ‘Nazis’, not technically speaking, so the likelihood that they ever come to stand at Nuremberg, is incredibly remote.

    • The most cynical thing about the Ukraine war is Anti-Whites pretending to care about Whites.

      • @More of The Same…

        I totally agree, though, at this point, I think we are way beyond ‘cynicism’ and out somewhere with SATAN INC..

        ‘Stand with Ukraine’ is akin to ‘Diversity is Our Strength’, ‘Love is Love’,.’The North Fought to End Slavery’, ‘The War to End All Wars’, etc, etc…

        It was some years back when I realized : if The United States’ Government says to turn left, out of principle and self-preservation, turn right. If they say, ‘take this, it’s good for you’, run, and never look back.

        Yes, it’s that bad.

        Thank you for your comment.

    • ” Ukrainian men into the bonfire in Donbass, whilst millions of Ukrainians have been made homeless, their infrastructure lain waste,”

      That’s the greater scheme,
      WHITES killing WHITES, jwz war profiteering, a wasteland of vast resources to be bought for pennies.
      Shows the many posters and books published in NS Europe warming of these exact schemes.

      • @Arrian…

        “WHITES killing WHITES, jwz war profiteering, a wasteland of vast resources to be bought for pennies. ”

        Unfortunately, it’s the truth, Dear Arrian, yet, when Whites become Orcs who fight for Sauron, there is not much choice about what will come.

    • They are throwing WOMEN into the fire as well. No government that does that is worth saving or preserving.

      • @Tikkun Olam…

        Yes, I agree, though, they do not stop at women, but, embrace destroying women, as well.

        Very sad.

        Your comment is spot on.

  2. U.S. Says It Won’t Stop Drone Flights as Tensions Flare With Russia…..NYtimes

    Just anything to provoke Russia and get WHITES killing WHITES.

    Our inner, core, government is entirely jwzish.

    “The government is full of jwz” ….. Nixon 1971
    (Ha , what is it now ?)

    • Yep, “deep state” is just a euphemism for “Jews in the Bureaucracy” (smattered with college brainwashed white women, some blacks, and their most reliable ally…homos). Believe it or not, I spent yesterday morning at work listening to my black coworkers have a conversation about how “the Jews control America.” A liberal white kid who voted for Biden and Obama even chimed in that he believed it as well in sort of a “the run all the corporations that are fleecing us.” I of course remained silent and didn’t take part in this potentially flammable conversation, but just interesting to hear how widespread and under the radar this kind of stuff may be. The blacks were particularly upset that Kyrie Irving was almost blackballed out of the league for liking a video, but some other black NBA player just brought a pistol to a strip joint and brandished it about along with bringing it on the team tour bus and is right back playing after promising to go to some counseling session.

      They of course are all enamored by these new sports betting apps. I can’t believe how it’s possible to allow your smartphone to have an app, linked to your bank account, that lets drunken Joe Sixpacks and Jamal Henneseys to impulsively hand over their whole paycheck while drunken and watching “the game.” I think these guys need to realize that “Kanye would have something to say about the people running these sports betting rackets.” The gaming industry probably didn’t want this guy getting suspended for the rest of the season and messing up the odds of the wagers on their books.

      • I say people stupid enough to play with those betting apps deserve whatever they get.

  3. As if flying a drone over the Black Sea wasn’t a deliberate provocation of Putin. I can just hear this cabal of chicken hawks screaming if Putin sends a drone over the Gulf of Mexico or the Great Lakes.

    • “flying a drone over the Black Sea wasn’t a deliberate provocation of Putin”

      With no obvious markings and its transponder turned off.
      (Perimeter testing, so USZOG can relay russian vulnerabilities to ukraine zog, for a real attack. Much as USZOG hunted down the Bismarck for UKZOG.)

  4. The ruling class knows that the day the Government tries to enact conscription to feed its war in Ukraine is the day its policies fail. The notorious scumbags in the Lügenpresse, with all of their ridiculous “experts” pontificating on their TV shows watched by miniscule numbers of like minded idiots about how their war is critical never mention how thin public support is. It’s easy to maintain support amongst the war mongers including the Lügenpresse but to pretend the U.S. public is willing to make sacrifices for their horror show is ludicrous.

    These monsters are going to get their tit caught in the wringer when one of their foreign policy crises explodes into a shooting war and they quickly learn they don’t have enough manpower or anything else to prosecute their war. Let their diversity brigades do the fighting, Whites need to sit out the next war. With two giant oceans, one 3,000 miles wide and the other 7,000 miles wide we can afford to sit out these insane wars and become a giant Switzerland.

    Only the southern border presents a threat to the country which is easily handled by building a concertina wire fence fifty yards deep, 20 feet tall across every yard of the southern border. Then the deportations back to Third World nirvana can take place amongst the perpetually aggrieved colored people. Isn’t Herr Trump going to build a big, beautiful wall across every mile of the southern border?

  5. Did comrade Shauna Vanity wear his Criminals In Action lapel pin?
    Chickenhawks won’t be investing their kin in the bankster banana republic WAR.
    That is for the poor dumb animal soldiers as fellow traveler Henry Kissinger called them.
    The Grand Old Politburo can go Whig off as they are more useless than a hecho en India gift pack.

  6. Does anyone think the US could actually win WWIII? Not that the idiots won’t try starting it but I do not see any possibility of the US winning. Would a draft even work nowadays? I see that as a complete nonstarter as well. In fact I’d expect mass riots if they tried it. (I don’t expect that POC would want to die in “Whitey’s” war.) Obviously they want to distract the people from the collapsing economy but wouldn’t starting a losing war just make their situation worse?

  7. How could the once proud Southern Confederate White people of South Carolina elect , keep re- electing this di$& suc$ing neo Conservative Zionist war mongering faggot lisping Lindsey Graham ?

    How did Midwestern White Americans ever lose a battle to southerners ?

    Terrible southern shame

    • There are only two logical reasons:

      1. The electorate of SC is terminally stupid and mal-edumacated – unable to even locate Ukraine on a frickin’ map. Given that said electorate includes large numbers wymyn and negroes – Mencken’s axiom from a century ago (Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the Murikan people) is a good bet.

      2. The elections in SC are a complete sham and largely, if not totally, rigged.

      Note that item one does not preclude item two. The combination of a clueless herd with some well-directed rigging and fraud guarantees someone like Lady G a permanent seat in the Clown-Congress. Look at their other Gay Old Politboro senator: Lady G’s house-nigra Mr. Tim. How many retarded whites, especially women, go out of their way to virtue-signal by casting their votes for the lump of coal.

      • >> electorate includes large numbers wymyn

        “I’m voting for him, because he’s so handsome”
        (I’ve heard several women say that)

  8. As convincing as Republicans like Ron DeSantis may be, it’s important to remember that they are not on our side. DeSantis and the GOP exist to defang any popular resistance to anti-White policies and pivoting it towards rabid Zionism. Every shitty thing Democrats do is because Republicans can’t provide a good alternative, the GOP must go.

  9. Ah jeez Hannity is calling Russua evil.

    The Russkies do not allow gay marriage and do not have affirmative action!

    Well I guess the neo-conservative MIC will keep rolling on with lead cheerleader Hannity right out front.

    • Russia has severe flaws, but I despise that POS Hannity. Always did. He needs to go “over there” and put his money where his mouth is.

  10. Thrust M-16s into the soft paws of Handjobbity, Lady G & Race Bannon and air-drop their asses into jewkraine. By god, they’ll send Putin packin’ before he can fart!

    Oily DeSantis is just momentarily trimming his sails to the prevailing wind: he knows he has to try to undercut Dump’s antiwar talk that’s popular with the base; the MIC, neo-cohen kikes & their Pentagram lackeys have no fear of change with him in “power”.

    As for Cheeto Jesus, all empty bluster, never any action.

  11. The United States is living in Lala land. The first time Russian bombers pound American cities with conventional weapons, much less nuclear weapons the United States will shatter like glass. The United States still thinks its oceans will protect her. If it goes nuclear it is like Nixon warned. It would destroy the northern hemisphere and Whites would go extinct leaving only the Blacks, the Browns, and the Yellows.

  12. It doesn’t really matter who is president. The trajectory is clear.
    One of the hegemonic clash theorists said, “eventually all the great powers coalesce into two camps, and the side that is failing initiates a war that is now considered ‘inevitable’.”
    We are more pr less at that stage. As Gerald Celente says “when all else fails they take you to war.”

    Obviously a war will also help as cover for the financial collapse.

  13. You know what will change everything? Blood, innocent blood. That is what is going to change everything. The pain and suffering of the innocent is going to change the world. Why can’t these people see?

  14. Trump gets us closer to the New Nation, that’s why I support him

    We need a voice on the Left calling for Partition (“National Divorce”) and Trump will deliver that.

  15. > Latest senators calling for F-16s in Ukraine include Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) and Ted Budd (R-NC). I thought those two were supposed to be hardcore “MAGA” — but I guess they’re now “establishment”? Or maybe that whole distinction just doesn’t really mean a whole heck of a lot

    You don’t even get to be nominated unless the usual suspects have something by which you can be controlled. The football cuck shows who his masters are. Quelle surprise! Not a shekel’s worth of difference. DeSantis wants to save the war-machine to go and fight China. Here’s some more “conservative patriotism” from the Gay Old Politboro – in a very ‘red’ state to boot. Voat moar harder, zeks!

    • The tribe tells him what to say. And the tribe tells Trump what to say too. Trump’s election put Russia’s guard down while the preparations for this war were being made.

  16. Chip Roy is liberal on immigration. Always has been. No surprise he would endorse DeSantis, who was liberal on immigration in Congress. Of course, Trump was always open borders too. So keep voting harder. It will work next time, by dominion!

    What would Quantrill do?

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