Banking Collapse

Open thread.

I will just say that I don’t have an opinion on this.

Years ago, I was following the 2008 financial crisis. I was excited, staying up late, drinking a ton of caffeine and watching the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. I got my hopes up that the financial system might be on the verge of collapse. Wall Street bankers were jumping off buildings.

Anyway, I made the fatal mistake of telling my normie parents how happy and relieved I was that the stock market was collapsing. They thought I had gone insane and took me to the hospital. When I woke up, I had been pumped up on antipsychotic drugs. I couldn’t think straight for months. It was all a huge misunderstanding because my parents didn’t understand my political views.

Fifteen years later, it is my dad who has been on YouTube and who is now retired and getting redpilled about how the system operates. He wants to discuss all the ins and outs of what is going on with credit default swaps and Silicon Valley Bank. I just shake my head, laugh and tell him that I haven’t followed it. I told him that this time he is going insane and that I am going to have to put him in the loony bin.

Note: Before I could even gather my thoughts to write about this, Joe Biden and the federal government were already riding to the rescue. “Socialism” is saving the day!


  1. I totally agree with you, Brad. The Beast must die if there is any hope at all for the future. Speaking of 2008, I made numerous phone calls to Congressional offices at the time urging them to vote against the bailout. I’m pretty sure over 90% of Americans of all races were against it.But it passed anyway. So much for “by the people”. Our owners will do what they wilt and dare the people to do anything about it.

  2. Good thing Dementia Joe has the wheel, steering the Titanic safely away from danger and right into the iceberg.

  3. Really, the only reason it got bailed out is because all the “ right people’s “ money was at stake, and everyone knows it. They won’t have done this if Trumps and Maga people had their money in it.

    • I think there is a bit more going on here at the 30,000 ft. level than your claim. The Powers Than Be know our financial system is a house of cards. They are terrified that their horrendous policies will cause a banking system collapse and they are desperate to prevent that by any means necessary.

      Of course, if they fail and the system does collapse they will blame it all on Trump, Christianity, transphobia, conservatives and all of the usual bugaboos that infest the Shitlib hive-mind. Then, having effectively smeared the usual scapegoats with the help of their MSM lickspittles they will arrogate even more power to themselves and the cycle will start again with an even shorter lifespan until the next crisis.

      • What is extra troubling with this iteration of defaults is that SVB and other banks held U.S. Treasuries as their collateral, supposedly the world’s risk free collateral. The rise in interest rates to a mere %5 crushed the value of that capital, which had an average yield of %1.78 putting SVB underwater. In 2008 banks held junk mortgage bonds that were defaulting as their collateral instead of U.S. Treasuries.

        The Fed will now accept Treasuries as collateral at par i.e. face value rather than their lesser market value. This has the accounting effect of vastly improving banks’ collateral position and making them solvent instead of bankrupt. This also effectively adds more money to the banking system and increases inflation. Once again, moral hazard is increased for short term gain as the financial system swirls the drain because of vastly too much debt, particularly non-productive debt i.e. debt used to fund U.S. Government welfare/warfare operations while neglecting long term investment.

    • Incorrect, Shadowbass. This socialism, in which the banks are proxies, for a government that is intent on providing housing or whatever via taxpayer money, is the work of the little people. It has been constructed via election of legislators who, in fashioning it, have acted within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution (which does not protect private property). In effect, the electorate co-signs loans on which, naturally, there is default (because a loan co-signed by the electorate is unconstrained by concerns of the co-signers, numberless regulations suggestive of the contrary notwithstanding).

      One is reminded of the words attributed to H.L. Mencken …

      “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

      Present-day America—burdened by debt, disintegrating physically, degenerating in manners—mirrors the proletarian households whose members are given a say in its governance.

      • Mr. Bonaccorsi you have a good point about der Volk thinking they know what they want and getting it, good and hard but there is another side to this story that H.L. Mencken et al. neglect. In a democracy like the U.S. the political system is subject to elite capture which has happened to the U.S. by a Hostile Elite. This Hostile Elite, particularly The Usual Suspects is primarily interested in looting the country through the political system and imposing from the top down their political arrangements to (they think) benefit themselves by permanently cementing their political and economic control, der Volk be damned.

        The move from isolationism to foreign entanglements under FDR, his imposition of “Civil Rights” (sic) measures under the guise of wartime emergency in WWII was an elite project, %100. There was no public outcry from der Volk for “Civil Rights” (sic) legislation after WWII either. It was imposed by court decisions against public opinion starting with Shelley vs. Kraemer (1948) ending housing covenants followed by Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) resulting in the destruction of public schools. These and other “Civil Rights” (sic) measures were literally enforced at bayonet point, against der Volk who actively opposed all of it.

        Hostile Elite capture of news media, particularly TV after WWII meant that opponents of the elite’s plans could be cast in the worst light possible, shutting down debate. Der Volk occasionally pushed back successfully such as the ending of conscription in Jan. 1973. This has severely limited the elite’s ability to wage wars as GWB II found out during his Iraq War II which coincidentally started 20 years ago this month. The Afghanistan and Iraq projects soured der Volk on supporting the Government’s endless wars which is now a problem for the Hostile Elites who want the U.S. to be directly involved in a war against Russia.

        The 1965 so-called “Immigration Reform” (Hart Cellar Act) was another Hostile Elite project initiated to get more of Emanuel Celler’s people into the U.S. There was no popular movement from der Volk to open the floodgates to the Third World, that was a project of Democrats harvesting votes and Republican businessmen driving down wages. Public opinion has its limitations but if it had been in power instead of the Hostile Elite there would have been no “Civil Rights” (sic) laws that destroyed U.S. cities nor Third World immigration that has turned the U.S. into a Third World country.

        • “These and other ‘Civil Rights’ (sic) measures were literally enforced at bayonet point, against der Volk who actively opposed all of it.”

          The legislators and executives who enacted those measures, who appointed the judges who decided in favor of them, and who authorized the use of bayonets for enforcement of them were duly-elected, 12AX7. The same may be said of the legislators who passed Hart-Celler and the president who signed it. The equivalent may be said of the owners of the news media: Nobody’s been forced to read, listen to, or watch their output.

          Elite Capture, it seems, is pretty easy: Vote for me. Subscribe to my newspaper.

          • The news media were an oligopoly keeping opinion within guardrails, supporting the system, there was no alternative until the internet. The same can be said of the two political parties, there isn’t much difference between them which is what allows the ruling class to ignore der Volk. Voting for one or the other doesn’t matter because the same groups contribute money to all the politicians. This is one reason only about half of voters turn out on election day, the fix is in long before election day.

            The political system is deigned to keep the same groups of people in power, against public opinion with judges making most of the rules. Choice is an illusion in the American political system.

          • As far back as elementary school, I’m pretty sure, 12AX7, I was struck that it is odd that the so-called political parties are, in effect, elements of the government. Am I missing something? Just a few years ago, this came again to my mind—as it comes repeatedly to my mind—when a liberal, in opining on some controversy or other, spoke of the political parties as “private entities” or some such thing. If they’re private entities, why does the government conduct, at taxpayer expense, the elections, the so-called primaries, in which their internal affairs—their nominating processes—play out? These so-called parties have no dignity: membership in them is not formal, as far as I’m aware. A member of the electorate simply “registers” as a member of a party, i.e., tells the government, not some “party” body, that he is a member of it. Routinely, there are suggestions, in public remarks, that, in order to disrupt the primary processes of a party whose supposed views he doesn’t share, a voter “register” as a member of that party and, having thus made himself eligible to vote in its “primary,” disrupt it, by some or another mischievous vote. I say again: The entire arrangement has no dignity and, moreover, seems unconstitutional, though I’ve never heard anyone point that out.

    • ” bailed out is because all the “ right people’s “ money was at stake, ”

      Puts the lie to the so called ‘free market’.

  4. “Jim Cramer @jimcramer of CNBC was telling people to buy SVB just a month ago. How is this guy still on TV?”

    It’s called ‘jewish privilege’.
    It’s pervasive, throughout the Western World.

    • “. They thought I had gone insane and took me to the hospital. When I woke up, I had been pumped up on antipsychotic drugs. I couldn’t think straight for months. ”

      No political event or social turmoil is worth sacrificing your health .

      “Of all things requisite for happiness, good health is the most essential.”

    • I put on the local hothead AM radio host and he claimed Cramer was put up to this so the insiders could find buyers to unload their stocks. He said banks get audited bi-quarterly so the system must have seen this coming and Cramer is the guy they turn to in order to prop up a stock.

      • “Cramer was put up to this so the insiders could find buyers to unload their stocks”

        jws working with jwz to swindle the gullible goy ?
        How can you think such terrible things ?
        You need reeducation.

  5. As we have a debased currency, they can just print money, ever lowering its value, putting us into 3rd world inflation.

    Look to brown turd Venezuela for our eventual fate.

    • That’s why the military gets the Lion’s share of the US budget. Military power is now the only thing upholding the Dollar. But the morons in charge are even now ruining that institution with all their Wokeism, Diversity, and production of an unhealthy, idiotic population. So yes, this country is sewer-bound.

      • Our bloated and increasingly reckless military does NOT get the Lion’s share of the US budget. $800 billion is too much money but things like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security get a much bigger slice of the $6.5 trillion pie. The discretionary part of the budget is a minor part now. Pervasive “entitlement” spending to buy votes and create dependence on the Administrative State is why there will never be a popular revolt in this country. The thoughtless drones and abject suckers who make up most of the voting public will never give up their subsidies, at least not until the whole place collapses and falls apart like the Soviet Union. The question is when, not if.

        • Those looted inadequate services are almost entirely funded by taxpayers out of paychecks.

          And the military budget is actually 1 trillion. The 800 figure does not include dpt. of energy, which has the nuclear weapons, or the sprawling intelligence services, etc.

  6. Barry and Brandon burn it all down bigly. (honk!)
    All great nations are destroyed from within by Long March quisling traitors.
    Maybe Bwarney Fwanks can come back and save the banks? (honk!)
    I’m surprised it has lasted this long after the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the 2008 wipeout.
    The Long March has its own impetus as comrade Lenin said of all revolutions.

  7. If they continue to raise interest rates there will be a global systemic banking collapse. If they lower them and print more money we enter into the crack up boom identified by Von Mises.

    Neither outcome is good for the average person. We are at the endgame.

    There is also the possibility of a large scale cyber attack on the banking system, which would deflect all those awkward questions people are starting to ask.

    Anyone who listens to that rat Jim Cramer deserves everything that happens to them.

  8. When a market is topping it goes into what’s called a distribution phase, when the institutional investors and other professionals look to sell their holdings to the unsuspecting public. It’s the job of flacks like Cramer to convince the rubes that the market has nowhere to go but up, so they will end up being the ones holding the bag when the crash occurs.

  9. No Great Reset Leap Forward without WWIII, economic collapse, plandemics, hybrid civil/race WAR.

  10. Our beloved leader Leonid Ilyich Breznev had 6-8 strokes and heart attacks. Doctors bailed him out so many times that most of the Soviet Union believed that this time, propaganda tells the truth and our beloved leader is really immortal.

    But last bailout failed.

  11. Don t put all your eggs in one basket .

    The system economy has generally done well , recovered from periodic melt downs

    Invest in other things like healthy White children .

    The current preferred barter items are TP and 22 bullets

  12. A key thing to note about ‘money’, is that most of it does not exist as cash or amounts in a bank … but as ‘credit’, something almost floating in air, the ability to borrow … and credit is like a balloon, getting bigger (good times) or smaller (bad times)

    Trump would say, your wealth is not what’s on deposit, it’s what you can lay your hands on if you make a few calls

    The ‘credit balloon’ dynamics can partially offset ‘money printing’, which is why the dollar keeps holding up better than many expected

    Fun old Jamaican reggae video, ‘The Day the Dollar Die’, hoping that –

    The day the dollar die, Things are gonna be better
    The day the dollar die, No more corruption

  13. Amazing how the government just casually disregarded the $250,000 FDIC limit and decided to use YOUR taxpayer money to cover uninsured multimillion-dollar deposits in SVB when Jews like Mark Cuban and blacks like Oprah Winfrey were affected.

    It’s pure theft… and YOU just got robbed, white taxpayers.

    • Banking rules were altered in early 2020 – during the teleprompter readership of Cheetohead the Clown. They do whatever the hell they want to, living up to Crowley’s four-word anti-gospel: Do what thou wilt.

      > Trump would say, your wealth is not what’s on deposit, it’s what you can lay your hands on if you make a few calls

      True. As I have remarked many times: There is no free market. Like the “our democracy”, the “free market” is as fake and gay as the “Federal Reserve” or the “Holy Roman Empire”.

    • The only time I ever had a problem with a financial institution was with a bank by the name of Wells Fargo. Big time rip-off artists. Cute little antics like charging you a “service fee” on your savings account if you let it sit for a “rainy day” but don’t show any activity – assume more deposits. They had their own bail-in system.

      I switched to a credit union and haven’t had any problems since.

      I might add that the credit union was created by a Roman Catholic priest for the immigrant community at around the turn of the last century so that they could park their savings or take out small loans with reasonable interest rates rather than being forced to go to predatory lenders who would charge them outrageous usury fees.

      Since then the savings and loans had its financial scandal under George Herbert Walker Bush – Potus Number 43 and, of course, there was the Great Depression. But never, ever was there any problems like we saw with the S&Ls and even again with the banks in 2008 and again in 2023. Interestingly enough, the Banks have made a concerted effort to shut the credit unions down behind the scenes, but are wary about being too open about it. They probably see no need because more people than not put their full faith and credit in banks and the FDIC.

      Assuming that the banking industry can get around this one without going on another nation-wrecking binge and somewhat plug the leaks and right the ship ahead, I would highly recommend quietly transitioning your accounts to a reputable credit union then closing your bank acounts altogether.

      While I don’t recommend a bank run, I would also suggest creating a safe place on your property to stash cash, and taking twenty out every pay period to stash. If this occurs again in a couple of years, you could have close to $1000 emergency cash to lay hands on. If more time goes by, you can buy gold and silver coins with some of it and build an emergency cache that way.

      We on-line here see articles like this, tend to gripe about the situation and then get distracted by our lives rather than being proactive at the time and having a plan in place. Thus we always end up being reactive and herded like sheep ambushed by wolves to where we can be slaughtered.

  14. Silicon Valley Bank was bailed out because 500 Israeli tech startups would be affected by loss of their shekels had the Zionist occupied government in Washington, D.C. not had the jewish Federal Reserve Bank have their money printer go brrrrrrr.

    • November,

      I do not know nada about banking except I receive money every month tax free for some reason.

      Anyway I give you this song for Gracie.

  15. Bro Nate has a great video about this “collapse” (wink) and it looks like an earlier commenter has seen it!
    Some of those small hats seemed to know the wipeout was coming and sent some money overseas or award themselves huge bonuses.
    What a coincidence.
    Also were there any POC or other indispensables working at this woke bank besides the Pajeeta? (rhetorical)

    • A billion was siphoned out to two Israeli banks before the FDIC shut SVB down.

      E. Michael Jones lays it out in the midst of his very fine article on Unz:

      > A little over a week before Blinken gave the woman of the year award to a man from Argentina, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen exhibited the same sort of behavior. On February 27, Yellen met with Vladimir Zelensky to announce that the United States was giving the Ukraine “another $1.25 billion in economic support”[9] at the very moment that Israeli computer criminals were siphoning funds from the soon to go bust Silicon Valley Bank to banks in Israel. Neither Yellen, nor Garland, the man responsible for prosecuting financial crimes, did anything to stop two of Israel’s banks engaging in criminal activity which contributed to the second biggest bank failure in American history. The Times of Israel reported that:

      > Israel’s two largest banks, Bank Leuimi and Bank Hapoalim, set up a situation room that has been operating around the clock to help firms transfer money from SVB—before it was seized—to accounts in Israel. Over the past few days, teams at Leumi Tech, the high tech banking arm of Bank Leumi, have been able to help their clients transfer about $1 billion to Israel, the bank said.

      SVB is one of the most woke banks in the country. All sorts of the right folks had lots of money parked there. Of course Yellen will be bailing out any fellow jews. The ones who siphoned off their money to Israel will probaby get to double-dip. Probably some of the big-name shabbas-goys (Orprah, Harry & Meagan) will get their loot back as well. As I mentioned before, the banking rules were adjusted to accommodate Talmudic rules under Zion-Don in early 2020.

  16. Mr. Wallace,

    I do not understand how a 25 year old man can be committed to a hospital against his will. You are to be praised for addressing this issue honestly.

    For what it is worth i think almost all Americans are crazy. How can you be otherwise when you live in such a society?

    • @Cristina…

      It’s true that many of us are, to varying degrees, mentally unstable.

      If it were not so then 53% of my fellow countrymen would not need psychotropic pills to get through the day, not to mention all the alcohol, cannabis products and other carious-n-sundry drugs.

      That said, many of us are neither crazy nor on drugs, and, to address your opinion of us, I will say this – we live in this country now very uncomfortably.

      40-50 years ago this was a very comfortable country, for most of us, now it is not.

      At this time tens of millions of Americans, who have been in denial about this, are coming to grips with it.

      As of yet, however, they have not figured out what they would like to do about it – not most.

      All the best to you and you family.

      • Ivan,

        As always I thank you for giving me information. I did not know that more than half of Americans are on pills to get by.

        Also, looking at my comment again it could be misinterpreted as disparaging our host. That was not the intent.

        I usually weigh my comments cautiously before writing them. I did so on this one as well. Yet because it expressed opinion compared to fact my original comment might be a little shaky.

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