Secular Talk: “Sinful”: Biden Rips Anti-Trans Bill


This is where the “Populist Left” is at now.

Note: Steve Deace is right about these people.


  1. Secular? It is a subsect of the cultural Marxist religion.
    Their salvation comes when they burn down the world for Karl and Satan.

  2. Trans pedo-groomers

    “Moshe, do you think we’ve gone too far ?”

    “Abe, if the goy will tolerate race mixing, they’ll swallow anything, just look at the porn we make.”

  3. I don’t trust ‘the science’, especially on culture war issues like these, because big pharma and progressive NGOs fund much of the science, and most medical scientists are themselves leftists or left leaning.
    Progressivism is an ideology, it’s the notion that straight white male traditionalism, republicanism and nationalism are evil and need to be replaced by their utopia.
    They begin with that assumption, and all their work is tainted by it.
    That being said, even if you follow the science, Kyle is still full of it.
    From wiki:

    “Studies have reported higher rates of desistance among prepubertal children. A 2016 review of 10 prospective follow-up studies from childhood to adolescence found desistance rates ranging from 61% to 98%, with evidence suggesting that they might be less than 85% more generally.”,to%20as%20many%20as%208%25.

    So the vast majority of kids reverse or at least stop transitioning.
    In other words, for most of them it’s a phase.
    So what’s with this rush to mutilate kids?
    Where does that come from?
    There’s something else going on here, something diabolical, is it just about money and power, or something even more demented like population control, grooming or Satanism?

    So Kyle is either lying, or he’s willfully ignorant, either way he’s an ideologue, a propagandist who’s not worth a damn, not the journalist he pretends to be.
    Most of them are hypocrites, they don’t actually care about the science.

    • @Karl…

      “I don’t trust ‘the science’, especially on culture war issues like these,”

      Quite right.

      ‘The science’ usually reflects those who fund it’s ‘research’.

      Many of today’s scientists act as did bishops of the Medieval Age – rubber stamping political leadership and sanctifying accompanying evil.

      Today’s priests no longer wear collars or take confession but, all the same, not much has changed.

  4. All well and good. First order of business is to remove your kids from the demons’ hands. Homeschool or die. It’s that simple. I don’t care where you are or if the public schul is all white. The teacher unions and the feds control the whole thing down to the local level. How many times have klowns running for the Gay Old Politboro promised to abolish the Department of Edumacation? They’re not even bothering to make that promise any more. Now they say they’ll make the entrenched gang of jews and negroes there stop pushing CRT – another bullshit promise they know damned well will never happen. Nothing happens until this circus collapses. As someone noted down the hall, too many stupid fucks getting free 30 pieces of fake-and-gay silver from Uncle Schmuel.

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