Poll Watch: Jews and Evangelicals

Nobody is perfect!

Note: Atheists dislike every religious out group EXCEPT Jews.


    • This John Hagee character is repulsive. He has made a family bidness out of his crazy, idiotic cult. His wife, son and daughter-in-law are also “preachers”, whatever that means. I guess he isn’t big on that fasting thing Jesus mentioned in the Bible either. The “Rev.” Hagee looks like he thinks fasting refers to fast food.

      It wouldn’t be surprising to hear him tell his audience some Sunday to ‘Come on down and have a glass of this special, ‘Jim Jones’ style Kool-Aid’ he has brewed up. Never mind that empty 20 Lb. bag of potassium cyanide on the floor, that’s for the rats.

      Question for Hunter, I bet he gets this one wrong.

      Q: Does the good “Rev.” John ‘bloated’ Hagee own a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Beemer, Mercedes, Cadillac Escalade or maybe a Lincoln Navigator?

      A: All of the above. He had to sell his Porsche when he couldn’t fit in it any longer.

      • are also “preachers”, whatever that means.

        It means conman. …… For all tv preachers..

        You forgot to mention that his father and grandfather were also preachers. Born into the racket.

        You didn’t mention the adultery he had.

      • Q: Does the good “Rev.” John ‘bloated’ Hagee own a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Beemer, Mercedes, Cadillac Escalade or maybe a Lincoln Navigator?

        How about his 5000 acre texas ranch and private game reserve?

    • Also Jews are the only group viewed positively by all groups. God damnit. I guess ZOG will keep on trucking on uncontested unless something big happens.

      • Wrong! Leftists and atheists, and ALL GROUPS, including Christians on the left and more treacherously, Christians on the right. After all, it would be racist and therefore sinful to want the jews to pay up. We’re all god’s children after all, and the jews are god’s chosen. Christians believe that too. LOL!

  1. I almost feel sorry for them.
    That was brilliant by the small hats to hijack a religion for their own ends.
    Those who need to know the most will be the last to find out…in a 7500 degree mushroom cloud.
    It is hard to unlearn centuries of false programming but survival depends on it.
    Failure is not an option.

  2. Yes, the overwhelming majority of Southern Evangelicals do not fathom what a ride they’ve been taken on by a systemic manipulation that began with Samuel Untermeyer and gang’s Scopes’s Bible project, but, which hardly ended there.

    Nor do they, Southern Evangelicals, understand that most Jews see White Gentile Christians, as interlopers who, too stupid to comprehend the beauties of Judaism, stole it, bastardized it, and then mistakenly persecuted Jews for something they never understood in the first place.

    This issue goes right back to the time of the apostles, one result being that most of them were ‘whackt’.

    In stating this I know whereof I speak, as I have, in so many words, unfortunately heard this sentiment expressed many times by Jews.

    For years I have simply been aghast at the political positions advocated and supported by my fellow Southerners. Worse, until only very recently, you could not tell them anything.

    That said, what occurred during the Trump Administration, and the two years hence, has begun to sober up many of them, so there may just be a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

    If my people ever truly wake up, as a group, to understand the extent to which their good graces have been abused – I would not wish to be those whom they perceive as the abusers.

    I know enough about White Southern blood to know that, though it is a sincerely friendly and honourable blood, it is also a feuding and vengeful blood that never forgets a grudge, once such a thing has been made plain.

    Southerners prefer to move slowly in just about everything, because Southerners do not fancy extremism or being rash, but, once Southerners move, you’ll not likely relocate again anytime in the next century.

    • For Occidental Dissent commenters who might not understand, as I did not understand, what you say there, Ivan, about the Scofield Bible, I’ll link the following, which I just now found via Google …

      (“The Scofield Bible—The Book That Made Zionists of America’s Evangelical Christians”)

      Probably because my personal background involved virtually no contact with or proximity to evangelical Christians—if that’s even the correct designation—I’ve not understood at all the Scofield Bible references that I’ve encountered on the internet, maybe here, at Occidental Dissent.

      As I was reading the article I’ve linked above, I recalled that fundamentalists were among H.L. Mencken’s targets-of-scorn when he was writing in, I guess, the 1920s. The article gives me the impression the Scofield Bible spawned what is called fundamentalism or evangelicalism in the present-day United States. You, of course, will have, with respect to that, an understanding far better than mine.

      • Thank you for your comments and clarifications, Dear john.

        Yes, I think the Scofield Bible affair, which is still having great effect, is one of the great unknown scandals of this country.

        In essence, it was an auspicious beginning to a brilliant campaign that resulted in the mental subversion of an entire people – my Southern People.

        Yet, as you well know, most wars of conquest are won without firing a shot – something to which you recently referred n your comment about, if you wish to win a war without firing a shot – go to a Jew.

        In fairness, the Brits got pretty good at that, too, particularly after studying with the Rothschild League for a couple of centuries.

    • “Scopes’s Bible project”

      Oh, yes, – error – ‘The Scofield Bible Project’.

      Right of you to make the gentle correction, Dear John.

      • I’d figured your slip, Ivan, resulted from an association, in memory, with the Scopes trial.

        PS Years ago, an elder of mine referred to an old photograph that supposedly captured the day on which another elder of mine had moved out of a residence. When the photograph was found, it was dated three years before the time of the move. Eventually, we discovered that the photograph did, indeed, capture a “departure” from that particular place, but it was the departure of another relative, who’d come from the Midwest for a brief visit there. The photograph, in other words, was filed, in my elder’s memory, under “departure,” “[Such-and-such] Street.”

        Similarly, with your slip: “SCOpes trial,” fundamentalism. “SCOfield Bible,” fundamentalism.

        • Excellent analysis, Dear John.

          Your civility, conversationality, and depth of understanding is a credit to this site.

          Thank you for being here.

          • You’re too kind, Ivan—but I’m glad you thought my comment worth something.

  3. Hagee, that pulpit pig.

    Yes, you got the perfect picture of the creep getting ready to service his ‘chosen’. In Thailand they have Soi BJ for that service, in America it’s any fundamentalist church.

  4. “Jews having a favorable of -40 for Evangelical Christians while Evangelical Christians are +39 towards Jews will never stop being funny. ”

    Funny ?
    Tragic, is the better term.

  5. Why do they love those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent??

    Money Dollar Bill Y’all

    Dollar dollar dollar dollar dollar bill y’all

    How can you sell yourself to the enemies of Christ? What kind of Christian does that?

  6. Every Christian has a little voice in the back of their head telling them that belief in Christianity is irrational. Getting them to stay Christian requires you to silence that voice.

    When you do, you don’t just disable their mental defenses against Christianity. You also disable their mental defenses against all kinds of irrational nonsense.

    Or, to put it simply, Irrational beliefs lead to irrational behavior.

    • Thus the White masses offer no major resistance to the nonwhite/mongrel invasion of their nations or their women because the altruistic teachings of Christians — love your enemies, and turn the other cheek, have thoroughly warped their survival instincts.

    • That’s the reason doubt iz so strongly condemned as sin and faith is extolled as the highest virtue, oblique thought blocking.

  7. I like the Dual Covenant theology that some fundies espouse. Jews don’t have to accept Jesus to be saved and go to to heaven. They are essentially saved by their blood. Sounds legit.

    • ” Jews don’t have to accept Jesus to be saved and go to to heaven.”

      Jwz don’t believe in heaven.

      You can’t tell fundies anything about jwdism, they know it all, without knowing a damn thing. They’re steeped in stupidity.

  8. Evangelicals and Conservatives on the right — Christians, one and all, worship the jews.

    Non-believers, on the other hand, those on the right are overwhelmingly jew wise, and those who are leftists, work with the jews. Both liberals and Christian conservatives support the jews. Leftists are just mentally insane and need to be removed to asylums. What they’re about it’s against nature — totally unnatural. Human beings don’t need religion to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong.

    Leftists don’t believe in race realism. Now, there may be more leftists who are atheists, it would seem, but how can one know for sure? People on the right simply lie about whether they “believe” or not. They’re dishonest because they don’t want others to know because they are status seekers and money grubbers. And you would rely on polls? (((Pollsters))) lie and those being polled, if anyone is being “polled”, lie, but you don’t seem to get it because you repeatedly use poll results to make your point.

    Practically all Christians on the Left and most of the mainstream Right, who are conservative money grubbers, and would never dream to admit they don’t believe in a god, support and defend the jews but people on the right who don’t care about religion, which has nothing to do with the Right or left, are extremely opposed to the jews.

    • @DiCarlo…

      “Evangelicals and Conservatives on the right — Christians, one and all, worship the jews.”

      Not true, not by a long shot, but, yes, too many do.

  9. I have grudgingly come to accept this as a truism. It was taught to me when I was Roman Catholic boy. It was denied when I flirted with and sojourned to Protestantism for about a decade in my 20’s, and it was made even more clear after looking and being in Orthodoxy, ever since. Protestants, by & large… Are not Christians.

    They may have a Christian consensus, they may think they’re worshiping God, they have a truncated Bible, graceless sacraments, and an imposter pastorate, but they’re not Christians. And those who follow the dispensationalist, Christian Zionist theology? Rank Heretiks -no Grace no Holy Spirit
    no Christ no salvation….. know nothing.

    I have stated on other fora, That I fully believe the reason why so many white evangelicals have some solace from their protestant assemblies, is due more to their elect race, then it is to their false religion.
    “ For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.” – Rom. 11:29

    There is no other rationale that can be applied. This hatred by the antichrist race… The Jews… Against any and all Christians, comes both from their guilt at crucifying Jesus, as well as from the envy that they are not God’s elect, and they somehow know it in the deepest recesses of their Damned souls. So, the child-like faith of most evangelicals irks them no end.

    But our nation is being destroyed on both fronts: by the Jews, whose greed and perversity knows no bounds. And by the fundamental evangelical Heretics, who “think they are doing God service.”

    • “This hatred by the antichrist race… The Jews… Against any and all Christians, comes both from their guilt at crucifying Jesus, as well as from the envy that they are not God’s elect, and they somehow know it in the deepest recesses of their Damned souls.”

      It’s a shame that this fact will be ignored by all the idiots on this website that attack Christianity, especially the “(((they))) are not Gods elect” part. They argue in bad faith, literally.

      • …or it could be they simply hate Christians for worshiping a false messiah and a heretic who told the jews they were no longer god’s elect. Religion is fun.

        • IF HW will let me say it, I will. GOD DAMN YOU TO HELL.

          Blasphemer, and antichrist Bastard. Anathema.

    • I saw the website of a Trad Catholic group where they call for the restoration of the pre-1955 Good Friday liturgy, in which prays are made for the conversion of The Jews. (I am familiar with most of the Trad Catholic movements but cannot recall whose website I had seen calls for this restoration of the pre-1955 liturgy.)

      That being said, I like the trad movements. The only way forward for The Church is an ultimate rejection of the Vatican 2 slop and nonsense. Pope Bergoglio and everyone else knows that, which explains Bergoglio’s tolerance for promotion of novelties and errors while coming down hard on trads.

  10. I never run into any of these so-called “Evangelical”/Judeo-Christians, I’m not sure they really exist, except on the internet.

    Now good traditional Roman Catholics like Hunter Biden, we know he exists.

    • I don’t think there are many Christians who do not support our most cherished ally, Israel. Apparently there are some, and I would applaud them, who stand up to their philo-semitic preachers and think for themselves.

      The jews sure get a kick out of it though ……. “Many of our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed Christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the Christians’ stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagating them as their own. Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every ‘Christian Church’ in America.”–Harold W. Rosenthal – 1976, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts

  11. Southern Whites are very black-wise, but among the least Jew-wise people of the world due to embracing Jewish Dispensationalism , which is a heresy. I don’t know if they can be saved from themselves.

  12. I have a question regarding this topic. I’m a Trad RC and lack familiarity with the “Evangelicals worship the Jews” topic and its source (Scofield Bible??). However, I have very dear relatives (a couple with wonderful children) who adhere to this viewpoint. Can someone point me to a web site that charitably refutes this belief from a Protestant Evangelical perspective?

    • Look up Chuck Baldwin. He was a dispensationalist for years and only by re-reading the Bible and studying the writings of the early fathers discovered the serious heresy he was caught up in. Cyrus Scofield’s wicked bible-commentary did much to spread the lies, though he was not the actual origin – just a con-man who made lots of shekels by selling the snake oil. Although few of the heretics will openly state it, the bottom line of their theology is that Schlomo Shekelstein, Jeffrey Epstein and their fellow devil-worshippers have a special back door to heaven because of their bloodlines: saved by race, not by grace.

      There are other variants of the heresy which holds that the Synagogue of Satan will all suddenly convert at the end – perhaps retroactively for the dead ones. There is no standing organized denomination in the west that even will acknowledge Christ’s own description of them as the Synagogue of Satan. As we’ve seen with Brad’s discoveries about the LCMS, all major organized Christian churches are no longer Christian in any meaningful way. A remnant always remains though, probably in small independent churches and home churches that are not on the government’s tax rolls.

        • Any traditional Reformed author should do the trick, but books by Rousas J. Rushdoony, Dr. Gary North, George Grant, David Chilton, and the Christian Reconstruction crowd will help clear the air. Also, Ralph Woodrow wrote a book denouncing the Dispose. And, ‘The Church is Israel now’ by Provan is a good book to give those mired in error. It’s just Scripture quotes.

  13. An “ anti semite “ in 2023 is not someone that necessarily hates Js it s someone the Js hate .

    Js háte pretty much any and all White Conservative Christians/Gentiles .

    Shakespeare presented this reality with the J money lender Shylock in “The Merchant of Venice “ . The Gentile/Christian Italians in the play try to be nice to Shylock , try to invite him to dinner and socialize with him and his daughter mostly because he s rich . Shylock doesn t accept their kindness he hates them same as J Hollywood , Schumer and Schiff hate us a d the Russians.

    • Yep, Shylock even preferred the pound of flesh to the money. Whoever wrote those plays had to be well traveled as there were no Jews in 16th century England. The Stratford grain merchant who was attributed authorship after the English Civil War certainly wasn’t the author, all clues hint that the Stratford man was illiterate, never left the country, and only had a similar name to the moniker used by the actual author.

  14. Christianity, (all brands and flavors), derive from a Jewish heretical sect. A bitter pill for most, I know.

  15. It’s not possible to understand so-called “Christian Zionism” without recognizing that the originators of these sects have been allies with the Jews for at least the last 400 years.

    There is no difference between American Nietzsche worshippers and Christian Zionists. Politically and ideologically they are the same. Antisemitism and true Christianity (the original Catholic Faith) are the worst sins. Their pretense to having thoughts and ideas are irrelevant. What matters is their politics. The people in the South only voted for Trump because he was a blonde Presbyterian. The people in the North only voted for Trump because he wasn’t a fake evangelical with a Southern drawl.

    • People voted for him because he said the right things. Of course he didn’t actually do any of those things he said he would.

  16. Like with Romney style LDS Mormons – a lot of this is just Cuckservatives going with the flow, going with the $ money. Since the Js dominate the USA media, and run our Central Banks, Goldman Sachs, Harvard and Yale – these Cucks what to be where the successful people are, they instinctively feel, fear that if they ever say or do anything against Israel or just the J establishment they will lose their jobs, houses, cars and become pariahs like well real RACISTS. And they are probably right.

    When Jesus Christ the King of the Jews, the Messiah talked to some young rich J guy who said he wanted to follow him, Jesus told the rich young J that he would have to give up his wealth. And this rich young J said he didn’t want to do that.

    Jesus shook his head and said “Sooner will a camel make it through the eye of a needle than a rich man make it in to heaven”.

    Most, pretty much all White honest readers of OD, Amren, Vdare dismiss those remaining Whites in Conservative Ind – (Sean Hannity, the Romneys, Paul Ryans, Bush families, Cheneys, race denying heads of extremely wealthy tax exempt churches or Hillsdale College in MI – dismiss them as cowards, prostitutes, idiots, traitors, but these people and their friends, families don’t see it that way:

    They are “successful”. George W Bush was Governor of Texas and two time President of the United States. The Romney family – father was governor of Michigan and a big contender to be the moderate GOP candidate for USA President before he foolishly took the Black Negro Communist rioters side in the 1967 Detroit Black riots. Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts a Harvard Grad – fabulously rich CEO of Bain Capital. Mitt Romney has a beautiful large White family – he and his family, friends don’t think he’s a loser, people want to be like the Romneys, Bushes, even Sean Hanniity .

    They don’t want to be …..

    Like US

    These White traitors are mostly White pussyfooters, cuckservatives or sometimes trucklers and Grachites. It’s almost impossible to turn White American pussyfooter, cuckservatives, Trucklers with sweet reason, books etc – they’re in it for the $, for power, social acceptance.


  17. Which way Western man?

    In Eastern Orthodoxy there are still prayers for the conversion of the jude.

    Converting the plastic demons of destruction empties their minds of talmudic madness and is very helpful.

    It is clear that Christian’s have a viable alternative in Eastern Orthodoxy.

    Become a prayer warrior and assist the Crusade / Special Military Operation being under taken by Mother Russia against the Globalist Clown Worlders.

    Today the dastardly I.C.C. issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir The Great. They tried that non-sense with Slobodan Milosovic and he turned their kangaroo court into a circus live on CNN . Today Serbia is dotted with statues dedicated to him.

    Clown World shall fail!

    • Eastern Orthodoxy? You are kidding? Worship Mary and pray to all the dead so called saints? I’d rather not.

      • Alright, Dear David – at your behest, we’ll take the Protestant point of view.

        Thus, we will regard the Bible as something that was not written by the men of the church; assume our Salvation cannot be lost, no matter how many times such a view is contradicted in the bible, and, as well, continue to think that we understand how to celebrate and live Christ better than the church that developed around Him.

        Yep, that sounds like some real progress, doesn’t it?

  18. Christianity is drunk on philosemitism and anti-white neoliberal wokism. Where do I sign up? LMAO.

    • November,

      I always hunt you down when I am here. My oldest brother is an officer in the army so I asked him who was the best tactical general in WW 2. He said hands down it was Von Manstein.

      With what little I know about such matters it does seem to me that military genuises are lacking on both sides on the current war.

      My brother said that the Ukrainians should not be tied down on holding territory like it is WW1 but should keep the battles fluid.The Russians are shockingly inept.

      If you reply after Sunday afternoon I will not see it until the weekend before Holy Week.

      • Cristina,

        I agree with your oldest brother’s evaluation of Field Marshal von Manstein. In his memoirs were some spoiled grapes in relation to Chancellor Hitler’s strategy on the Eastern Front. Hans Guderian is probably a close second in my opinion. Rommel was extraordinary too, but I do not like how he is praised by the (((Western All-lies))).


        In regard to the Ukrainian military strategy defending Bakhmut, from what I have been able to ascertain, Bakhmut contains a vital logistics juncture for their operations in the Russian oblast of Donetsk, so they are attempting to keep the Russian Amry and Wagner PMC from taking it. It certainly appears that Bakhmut will be the Ukrainian’s Stalingrad.

        In the matter of Russia’s strategy in their Special Military Operation, it appears that the Russian high command underestimated the ability of the NATO trained and supplied Ukrainian forces. Russia has also used ‘kid gloves’ in attacking areas with civilians even though Ukrainian forces have used civilians as “human shields” in many urban battles. Russia at this point is fighting a war of attrition that Ukraine is losing disastrously. The best trained and equipped Ukrainian soldiers are already dead or gravely injured. Ukraine’s mobilization has become a fiasco and farce of literally grabbing teenage boys, young and old men off the street or classroom, and with little to no training are sent to the frontline.

        On a side note, because the collective West cut off Russia from their banking system, Russia is not affected by the financial turmoil in the US and Europe. haha

      • @Cristina…

        Yes, your brother is right about Manstein being great – particularly on the counteroffensive.

        He has rivals, however, in defensive warfare from other German generals- Schorner and Heinrici.

        In Russian generals he also has rivals – Rokossovsky and Zhukov.

        Never forget that these two generals absorbed all of Manstein’s lessons, and then gave them back to him, and then some.

        Also, in city sieges, nobody was the equal of Vassily Chuikov.

        Also, nobody was smarter in tactics than Douglas MacArthur.

        If you want to see military genius at work, you can study MacArthur’s counterattack in Korea – a few years later.

        In compares extremely well with any of Manstein’s victories, in patching the German lines, in place like Kharkov.

        One thing I also must mention – Manstein never comprehended city sieges well, for his management of the siege of Sebastopol in the Crimea was a disaster for which, ironically, he won his marshal’s baton.

        Please convey my remark to your brother.

    • November,

      Jews are the Synagogue of Satan by Catholic standards. All of them who reach the age of reason–roughly 7 years old are responsible for their terrible sins and religion. Do not be misled by some of the churchmen of the modern Catholic Church.

      Cantate Domino (1441): “The most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics, can have a share in life eternal; but that they will go into the ‘eternal fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels’ (Matthew 25:41), unless before death they are joined with Her; and that so important is the unity of this ecclesiastical body that only those remaining within this unity can profit by the sacraments of the Church unto salvation, and they alone can receive an eternal recompense for their fasts, their almsgivings, their other works of Christian piety and the duties of a Christian soldier. No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one, even if he pour out his blood for the Name of Christ, can be saved, unless he remain within the bosom and the unity of the Catholic Church.” The same council also ruled that those who die in original sin, but without mortal sin, will also find punishment in hell, but unequally: “But the souls of those who depart this life in actual mortal sin, or in original sin alone, go down straightaway to hell to be punished, but with unequal pains.”[30]

      This is defined dogma based on the statement –believes, professes and preaches and bounds all Catholics to obey. So do not be deceived into thinking that all of us are pro-jewish worms.

      • Hola Cristina,

        Well, if that chart above is accurate, just 29% of Catholics have a positive view of jews with is imho 29% too many. What is extremely odd though is that Catholics have a higher opinion of jews than mainstream Protestants. I mean whatever differences there are between Catholics and Protestants both consider Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, while jews believe he is in hell boiling in feces and urine.

        The Catholic cannon-doctrine is from 1441 that’s almost 700 years ago. When was it last enforced from the Holy See and observed by the RCC laity?

        Of course, not every Christian is a philosemite. In my own experience, “White-Hispanics” seldom flinch when I utter what the US government, ADL, SPLC, et al would deem a anti-semitic truism or speak truth about negro pathologies. Too bad their culture is second in violence and crime to blacks.

        By the way, I fully support the president of El Salvador on his effective crackdown of gang violence using both police and military. To be honest, I hope he doesn’t stop and just imprisoning those subhuman sociopaths, but lines them up in front of firing squads, until the prisons are empty. There is a shortage of fertilizer after all..

        • November,

          Remember our rape rate is lower than the USA. That is because of our macho society.

          Besides the cartel violence will not affect my family or others like us. I am quite safe in Mexico.

        • November,

          The ruling 700 years ago has been many times repeated before and after by Divine Dogma. You have nothing to worry about.

          I am not one of the 29%. I have a negative view of jews.

  19. “Atheism” in the US and Europe is purely contempt for Christianity only. They love and defend the right to exist literally every other religion. I criticize Christianity but I would much prefer it over all the other shit religions by a huge margin.

  20. More White shame. Slobbering over a people who despise and continuously undo them. So simple, inattentive, and unthinking.

  21. The thing rattling the more conservative pastors now is the recent revival at Ashbury University in Kentucky. By the own admission (the originators of the Ashbury revival) admit the revival was first started by an LGBT faction at the at the university! A Christian university has an LGBT faction?

  22. After spending decades in Christianity before exiting, I have no doubt that at least 50% of so called believers stay only because of the ingrained fear of going to hell.

  23. We have to go through a little more of this so the new generations can bear witness to the psychotic nature of those who seek to rule the world. The more time that goes by, the greater the awakening. Humanity will be prepared to no longer be deceived as the parasites lose control. Not everyone is going to make it, all the plastic processed red, white and blue true-believers are just as sick and weak inside as the bolsheviks. Only people who care to learn something will get out of the maze.

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