Bibi Netanyahu Squashes Embarrassing Anti-Christian Bill

OUR GREATEST ALLY is back in the news and has been creating embarrassing headlines for Christian Zionist evangelicals and the Israel Lobby in the United States.

ABC News:

“JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said he would prevent the passage of a proposal by a powerful ally in his governing coalition to punish Christian proselytizing with jail time.

The proposal had raised an uproar with evangelical Christians — one of Israel’s strongest and most influential supporters in the United States.

The bill was introduced in January by a pair of ultra-Orthodox Jewish lawmakers, including Moshe Gafni, who heads the parliament’s Finance Committee. It says soliciting someone to convert their faith should be punishable by one year in prison and solicitation to convert a minor would be punishable with a two-year sentence.

“Recently, the attempts of missionary groups, mainly Christians, to solicit conversion of religion have increased,” it said. …”

Share this one with your Christian friends.

They desperately need to be educated about this issue.

This anti-missionary legislation has been proposed for over twenty years, but has never gone anywhere in the Knesset because Israel has never had such an ultra-Zionist government. Bibi had to block this for obvious reasons. There is too much at stake for Israel to allow this to move forward.

Note: Imagine the headache this is causing for Bibi. Enjoy your day!


    • (Hint: They’re not Christian.) HW, the takeaway here is not that they had this bill ready to go and ‘changed their minds, it’s that they have had it IN their minds for over two decades. As you said, Bibi knows which side his kreplachs are buttered on. We need to mandate that Isra-HELL no longer receive ONE SHEKEL of US Money.

      Because this is how they ALL think over there in Talmudistan.

    • Same here ..
      You can show them the interracial crime data, but they will still just call you a racist for noticing..
      I gave up awhile ago on trying to convince everybody i know that the country is antiwhite, and that our country’s new ‘gods’ are jooz, fags & black criminals.

    • @TW…

      “My Christian friends and relatives would just blow it off as some kind of fake news.”

      Everywhere I have gone, I have seen that folks struggle to see the truth, and not necessarily what they want to see.

      In fact, some people are downright bad about that.

  1. Yep, this is too obvious.
    They’ll do it by more surreptitious means.

    I read about a nun who visited israhell and an old rabbi on the street kicked her in the ankle so hard that it permanently crippled her.
    Of course, there was never any prosecution of the rabbi.
    They have other ways.

    • A Popish nun, eh? Crippled by a Jew? Sounds right up the alley of the faggot oranges who fly the Israeli flag. I’m surprised they haven’t chimed in yet to blame this on Irish Catholics.

  2. Hopefully this type of legislation keeps coming. The more outraged White Evangelicals are at Jews the better.

  3. It won’t be easy to rein in these rabid rabbis whom “Bibi” has nurtured and emboldened all these years.

  4. Wouldn’t want the goyim to wake up to reality.
    They can’t handle truth or reality anyway.
    They will shelve it for now.

  5. We don’t want to try to solve the JQ by converting all ethnic J, biological Js to some form of Christianity. This has been tried many, many times. It doesn’t work. If the Catholic Spanish Inquisition couldn’t stop these people from practicing racial Judaism and becoming nice White Converse Christians, what do some Southern American Evangelical Christians think they will do.

    Plus this will just give more ammunition for ugly racial Js to date, marry beautiful White Nordic Christian Gentile women like Christie Brinkley or so many beautiful, but fallen Hollywood Shiksa Gentile actresses.

    Imagine how many more beautiful, uncorrupted White European, Gentile woman the likes of Harvey Weinstein would have sexually abused if they could use the cover “See we’re now nice Christians like your grandfather”. Ha Ha>…

    That’s a NOPE.

  6. Speaking of anti-Christian, DeSantis has now called Putin a war criminal. I respond by noting that Ron DeSantis is not a real American. Look at him. He is some kind of mystery meat. The wife too.

    • The ICC named Putin a war criminal and wants him arrested. Intentionally or not these war mongering psychopaths just upped the ante. Putin knows now he is literally fighting for his life making the war libel to last longer and get bloodier.

      • @More of The Same…

        “Putin knows now he is literally fighting for his life making the war libel to last longer and get bloodier.”

        No, with respect, the motion of the ICC against Russia’s leader is like throwing a cocktail glass against a Tiger tank.

        Moreover, there is nothing desperate about this situation for Russia, for not only is the military situation well in hand, so, too, is the economic and political – vis-a-vis both internal domestic unity and international coalitional shifts that reflect a large scale international support for Russia.

        No, Sir – whatever drama is here is in the Ukrainian lines or in Kiev.

  7. Whether the Jews want to hear it or not, there is only one way to over come the sinful nature of Jewish blood, only one way. And it is not by killing a goat.

  8. People are a little too happy to see Netanyahu under fire in Israel by Soros leftists claiming he is becoming a ‘dictator’

    Not that Netanyahu is some angel, but for his fellow Jews, Bibi is much more democratic than the Soros gangs opposing him

    The Soros LGBT etc mafia has been ruling Israel thru Soros judges and courts who perpetuate themselves … Netanyahu is trying to grab power back for the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, where religious types are now the majority

    It’s the Soros people and leftists in Israel who are the dictators, demanding rule by a cabal of leftist judges, the same sort of Bidenite libshites we have in USA

    Netanyahu for all his flaws, is the friend of rightoid ethno-nationalistic types like Viktor Orbán in Hungary

    • @Balticus…

      “Netanyahu for all his flaws, is the friend of rightoid ethno-nationalistic types like Viktor Orbán in Hungary”

      Ja, Sie haben die Lage völlig begriffen.

  9. Christians in Israel have received shabby treatment from the locals for some time. This law will not dampen the “Judeo-Christan” enthusiasm for Jews and Israel by one iota.

  10. You can tell folks about in incidents like these over and over – it never makes any permanent impact. They just don’t want to hear it.

  11. Gently red pill your zio-cuck Christian family members and eventually they will see it and then never be able to no see it.

  12. The Enemy is becoming more and more brazen. Maybe most modern Christians really are made of jello with the moral insight of an avocado and the worth of a cow patty.

    I am not going to frustrate myself trying to help people who refuse to help themselves. I fly out today but I will bring this to the attention of my class on religion. Probably my teacher already knows.

    Something to remember is that a Catholic on earth is traditionally considered to be the Church Militant. That means we are always supposed to be at war with evil.

    Religiously, racially, socially, one should be tough and never let your guard down.

  13. I wish Dixie had a leader like Netanyahu, for he cares for his own people and does right by them.

    This is just another case in point – he heading off a really stupid move by the Likud/Ultra-Orthodox wing of his land who are too blinded by pride(like German Nazis were ) to realize that they need lots of friends, and that some of those friends will not necessarily be those whom they like.

    Politics makes for strange bedfellows’

    Yes, someone, whose name I can’t remember, said that.

    Longfellow, perhaps?

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