Rich Lowry: A Second Trump Administration Would Be Bonkers

I’m currently leaning toward Trump.

If the choice is between Joe Biden or Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump’s Revenge Tour, then a Trump victory is likely to produce maximum chaos and polarization. He drove me mad during his first term due to my expectations, but he ultimately did deliver on widening our national divisions.

National Review:

“If Donald Trump’s Truth Social post about his impending arrest made it feel like our politics was about to reach another level of insanity, just wait.

The impending Alvin Bragg prosecution offers a taste of what our national politics will be like post–November 2024 if Donald Trump wins the presidency again.

The Left freaked out in 2017, and that was before the Trump attempt to overturn an election, before January 6, and, we can presume, before he was indicted, perhaps more than once.

If Trump wins again via the Electoral College while losing the popular vote, it will be considered a damning indictment of our constitutional system, and there will be some new reason — some equivalent of Russian election interference in 2017 — for progressives to deny the legitimacy of his victory.

There will be large-scale street protests, making good on the threat that had cities around the country boarding up prior to the 2020 election.

The atmosphere will be fevered, and however much people lost perspective in 2017, the reflex will be to lose it even more.

The notion of national divorce will gain more traction on the left.

Trump will probably be in personal danger, and so will nearly anyone associated with him.

Security around cabinet officials will have to be beefed up, and the question won’t be if White House staff members will be harassed in restaurants and other public places, but how threatening it will be.

For his part, Trump would certainly be running an ALL CAPS presidency.

He promised as much at CPAC earlier this month: “In 2016, I declared, ‘I am your voice.’ Today, I add: I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution. …”

BTW, this is great.

When Hugh Hewitt pushed Trump on this point in an interview, asking if he would “use the powers of the presidency to punish people who punished you,” he denied it.

“I would be entitled to a revenge tour, if you want to know the truth,” Trump replied, “but I wouldn’t do that.”

Why? Because he is so beholden to propriety and institutional constraints?

The revenge tour isn’t a new thing, by the way. During his first term, Trump demanded the arrest of his enemies. Why would a second term be any different, especially given that he is angrier and more aggrieved than a few years ago? …”?

I doubt that I would vote for Trump.

I definitely wouldn’t go out to any street protests.

I certainly wouldn’t have any expectations that he will accomplish anything but settling scores.

What’s the alternative though? Ron DeSantis? We would have the same broken, deeply polarized Congress that accomplishes nothing, but the president would be a boring cornball.

Note: I don’t care for Trump or DeSantis. I don’t have any confidence in Trump. I don’t trust DeSantis. I think either one would be an improvement over Joe Biden though. Trump would cause the most disruption though. Russiagate, for example, undermined and discredited the media.


  1. I’ve been saying that a Ron DeSantis Presidency would be right back to Conservatism Inc business as usual. Because he himself hasn’t shown any real evidence that he has moved beyond lamestream conservatism, and Florida’s politics are disproportionately influenced by Jewish donorism.

    We now have some data from polling a hypothetical matchup between Trump and DeSantis, Republicans only. Generally, the whiter and richer you are, the more likely it is you are for DeSantis, while the non-whiter and less well off you are, the more likely it is you are for Trump.

    So now we see that a potential DeSantis campaign has become the handmaiden for well off white Republicans of the donorist class.

  2. Ye 2024.
    Ye is of course a retard, but if he got elected, the country would collapse, and that’s what we want, and if he didn’t, but took millions of votes from the republican party, it would burry Reaganism and neoconservatism forever, if a cartoon character like Ye took millions of votes from Trump, DeSantis and the Kosher right, preventing them from winning, rightwing politics would never be the same again, it would maximally shaking things up, suddenly the (lunatic) fringe would have to be included in the conversation.

  3. I have decided to support President Trump, because he is the trigger to finishing this period and getting on to the next.

    Other than that, I have no expectations of him.

    As to whether he gets elected or not, I have serious doubts – NOT because he won’t have the support, but, because of crooked Swing States and Dominion ‘voting machines’ – not to mention other conventional ballot-box stuffing techniques…

    Also, I will not rule out the appearance of last minute color revolution shenanigans by the Jew England Yankee United States’ Government – beyond what they are already doing, by having President Trump face endless incarceration and litigation.

  4. Support for Trump is blindness, given his pushing of the vax. This is a kind of blindness suffered by the mainstream, the mainstream can temporarily discredit Trump and then bring him back. It’s incredible that people can’t see that the vax was dangerous and that Trump is their enemy.

  5. Desantis is better right where he is. If Donald wants to go to Washington and be a wreckingball, I’ll vote for him.

    My ideal scenario would be him winning, then refusing to go to Washington DC, ruling in exile from Mar a Lago. Refuse to sign any budget. Spend all his time organizing Governors and state legislatures to reform their relationship to the Empire. Pressuring states to recall their Congressional delegations.

    This would be a powerful signal, one that wouldn’t require conflict or violence. Refusal to be ruled or lend legitimacy to a broken system.

    Divorce has to start with separation.

  6. I seriously doubt that there will be a Biden/Kamala second term. Really, how many people are going to vote for weird sex and child mutilation? No matter who the Democrats run. Maybe they can get some Roman Catholics, Jews and Negroes to vote Democrat?

    For me to vote for Trump, he’s going to have to let us know, that he is not going to fill his administration with, Jews, Roman Catholics and Negroes. I want to see White men in power in his administration.

    Last time Trump did NOT appoint the White Protestant base to positions of power. We got the usual asortment of Roman Catholics, Jews and other non-Whites. That’s really what a lot of you are sore about! Take for example the Roman Catholic sand scratcher he appointed Secretary of Defense. He nearly got the White house burned down. Any White Protestant on here has a better family background than that Catholic camel jockey. No more Kelly Ann O’Assholes either.

    • My God, what an ass! As if Novus Ordo RC’s are any better, or saner, than Liberal UMC’s or PCUSA, or the worst, the FAG TEC!!!

      Try looking at a person’s character, instead of his denominational card.

  7. Trump would probably be the most entertaining candidate and President in a circus sort of way so there is that. He would keep his horrible son-in-law and daughter out of sight while campaigning but once he got elected, if he gets elected, he would probably have both of them right back in the White House. The guy never learns a thing.

    Our Greatest Ally’s friends in the U.S. will be working assiduously to wreck Trump’s campaign, they hate the guy with a white hot, unhinged and paranoid intensity. If elected, Trump would promptly pick up where he left off in Jan. 2021 pardoning their criminals, giving all kinds of foreign aid and risking war with Iran, all for Our Greatest Ally, which hates him.

    The guy never learns a thing. He could actually do some good by pardoning the Jan. 6th people, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden but then again, what have any of them done for him lately?

  8. Trump is the only Retardpublican presidential candidate who isn’t a free trade-corporate stooge, warmongering globalist shill and feckless, mealy mouthed surrender monkey. On the other hand he is a hopeless Zionist patsy who seems incapable of learning from that mistake, he talks a much better game than he delivers and you get the sense that he doesn’t really believe in anything but himself.

    I would vote for him again if I bother to vote at all, which is not likely. Obviously the system is now permanently rigged by DemocRats at the national level so voting is a waste of time. If the unlikely happens and Trump gets elected again the sound of heads exploding would be beyond epic.

  9. Myself, I’m just tired of all the drama around Trump. Trump worshipers are upset that DeSantis didn’t come out for Trump till the other day about his possible future arrest. The number of Trump supporters who have been sacrificed onTrumps altar is legion at this time. Why should DeSantis end up a Trump causality too. Ask all the people sitting in jails from the Trump really in Washington, who Trump never really helped out. I like Trump in many ways, but the guy is so self serving.

  10. What NR is saying is that we’d better be nice to the left and not reelect Trump. Otherwise, they’ll get angry and do bad things to us. Typical Conservative Inc. cowardice. Polarization may be ugly, but if it’s the only way any semblance of traditional American survive–then bring it on.

  11. Does anyone else think the the Deep State has been grooming a Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Authur Bremer, or John Hinckley type as a last ditch? I do not speak as a supporter of Donald Trump.

  12. They don’t give him the JFK/MLK/RFK treatment because they don’t want Civil War 2.0 yet.
    They need more numbers and millions of MIL aged males are pouring in while growing more surly by the day.
    Some beandip called me a first generation American at the CCP-Mart and I said why thank you comrade.
    We keep it civil in Constitutional Carry state.
    Just because he isn’t a card carrying member of the globalists, that doesn’t mean that Emmanuel Trumpstein isn’t in on it.

  13. The alternative is outside of Zog. Any candidate winning a nomination for president is a zogbot. There is no solution from the national elections. It is tightly rigged

    Listen to what is happening. The president of Poland says Poland will declare war on Russia after Ukraine is defeated. Top Generals around Milley told the Washington Compost last week that America will declare war on Russia if Ukraine i0s defeated.

    Listen to what is happening. The petrodollar is disentegrating rapidly, and that has led to the ongoing collapse of Zog’s banking system. They will have to nationalize them this time.

    Few know it, but it is well known in military circles, and on the public record, that Russia has an artillery system like HIMARS, only far more advanced (HIMARS is 1980’s technology). Up to now they have not used that system in the war. With targeting within 1 meter at 100 miles it is a devastating rocketized artillery system, and they have not used it, until yesterday.

    Massive explosions in western ukraine, all kinds of railroad depots, troop HQ, ammo warehouses, all destroyed. Russian MOD said “long range artillery” is the cause, with some targeting help from some drones, and a few Onyx missiles were sent as well. It just keeps escalating. Pray for war.

    Elections are not completely rigged in some states. Texas comes to mind. The banks are collapsing, WWIII has already begun. Secession in some states is possible soon.

    Remember the greatest Soviet dissident, Shafarevich? He titled his 1976 book denouncing Soviet and all socialism “From Under The Rubble.” A new nation a new Russia would arise, from under
    the rubble. And it did.

    We are going to inherit a veritable wasteland, a nation reduced to rubble from a ruined currency and a lost world war, and of course, the 150 million black and tans, who will go beserk as soon as their gibs lose buying power.

    Trump/DeSantis is like Andropov/ Gorbachev. I am not interested. One state. One state declaring independence. That is what we need.

    • “The president of Poland says Poland will declare war on Russia after Ukraine is defeated. Top Generals around Milley told the Washington Compost last week that America will declare war on Russia if Ukraine i0s defeated.”

      I don’t buy it. Blustering idiots who won’t back it up when the time comes.

  14. “What’s the alternative though? Ron DeSantis? We would have the same broken, deeply polarized Congress that accomplishes nothing, but the president would be a boring cornball.”

    It seems to me impossible that anything more valuable about the upcoming election season will be said between now and election day 2024.

    • Trump and DeSantis are going at it now.

      I haven’t felt moved to write anything about it. I just don’t care.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        I agree – it’s totally uninteresting.

        Trump, barring something cataclysmic and unforeseen, is going to win the nomination, anyway.

  15. It was through the ballot box that South Africans of European descent lost their nation to a hostile, anti-white majority. It will be through the ballot box that European-Americans will lose their nation to a hostile, anti-white minority led by the two party duopoly. Without a change in mindset, the white founders of this nation will vote themselves out of existence. The only possible way to stop the Great Replacement is through thinking outside of the two party system and seeing very clearly that the current choices at the ballot box are, for all all intents and purposes, enemies of the white majority of Americans. We cannot vote our way out of this mess.

  16. “Currently leaning toward Dump”, there fixed it for you. “Intelligence community” rag nashitanal review, says Dump xyz J6 and it was totally not legit to question an election with mass dead rising to vote democrat, swing state polls all closing in unison, ballot dumps from sports cars in the middle of the night,…uh, anywho, Dump did have a legit case to review the election but then the “FED”surrection and that immediately derailed.

    • Ad hominem is not debate. It’s depressing to be ready to attack a Rich Lowry, always deservedly so, only to run up against children from the Johnny-is-a-doodyhead school of politics.

  17. Let’s face it, Trump’s not going to get re-elected. It’s simply not going to happen. A) there’s not enough MAGA deplorables in this country. There are a LOT of shitlibs and bugmen in blue states, while Trump states are mostly low-population states with few electoral votes. B) the Republicans are simply not going to give him the nomination. C) he is going to be arrested and will be a defendant in perhaps multiple trials during the campaign. D) If I am wrong about A , B, and C (which I am not) and Trump were to come close to winning, the final outcome will be fraudulently rigged against him; and E) if, despite all that, he were to somehow miraculously win, I literally think the CIA or the FBI would kill him, probably with the assistance of the Secret Service. This government is corrupt enough that I believe they would actually do that.

    None of this is a commentary on whether I think Trump is a good or bad candidate, whether he was a good or bad president, or whether I personally like him or not. It’s just an objective, impartial statement of the facts as I see them. You can’t vote your way out of this.

    • @X & Tikkun Olam…

      “If I am wrong about A , B, and C (which I am not) and Trump were to come close to winning, the final outcome will be fraudulently rigged against him”

      Yes, I agree.

      I cannot see President Trump, or anyone like him, being ever again allowed to enter The Oval Office again, except as someone doing contractor services, such as carpeting, woodworking, painting, pest control, or janitorial.

      I think it’s metaphorical for where White-Rural Smalltown folks are in this nation today.

  18. Yes what’s he doing about White people being openly attacked in America? ” lowest black unemployment”?? seems that diversity hire “lawyer” doesn’t appreciate Trump help them ?

  19. Partisan conflict is the most contentious aspect of our society. Balkanization will follow the pattern.

    Trump getting indicted will be huge.

  20. H Hunter,

    I have a blog ready to go regarding ex Mafia made man Michael Franzese. Please look over then publish. If I don’t hear anything in a day or two saying “No” I’ll publish.

    Thanks Hunter.

    • You would be better off posting anything by Jimmy Breslin or Gay Talese.

      Too bad Breslin isn’t around to be Trump’s offical biographer.

      Franzese in my humble opinion has too big of a mouth for what he claims to be.

      There are all kinds of Mafias, like Italian Ivy League, Alabama Ivy League, Hillbilly Ivy League, you get my drift?

  21. “wins again via the Electoral College while losing the popular vote, it will be considered a damning indictment of our constitutional system”

    What does this compound nitwit know ?
    The Electoral College was devised as a further protection between our rights and mob rule, democracy.

  22. “Trump will probably be in personal danger, and so will nearly anyone associated with him.”

    A covert call to violence.

  23. This is your website, Hunter. We want your take on things, not republished articles from these other losers. Your site shouldn’t be a platform for them.

    • You’re right.

      It has been a very turbulent month in a good way in my personal life. I have been distracted by everything that is going on.

  24. Tucker Carlson has plenty of time to declare his candidacy; at least eight months, maybe as much as a year. All he needs to do to secure the nomination is pitch his voice a couple of notes lower and get rid of that cringe laugh.

  25. Some people have short attention spans, but I don’t hear either Zion Don nor Zion pledging or calling out for the elimination of the ADL’s domestic shin bet aka FBI. They aren’t the only ones that have moved on from defunding or eliminating the FBI. The GOP congressional movers and shakers aren’t even mentioning it anymore.

    I will not vote for any candidate that supports the continuation of the FBI or DHS.

    Difficult times ahead no matter who farts in the Oval Office..

  26. Rather than revisiting the whole Schmitt theory on friend/enemy, let us simplify things. In political warfare, a friend (Lowrey) who fails to recognize the enemy is himself an enemy and should be treated as such.

  27. You all seem to think that you will not suffer if: a) the economy collapses, b) we have civil war, c) the lesser races go berserk. All the while pretending you are so, so, far above the average ‘normie’ out there. Well, sorry, but that ain’t gonna happen, and no one is going to listen to you, if it does. WE ALL have to be united against the Jews/Biden Coup, and, if that choice ends up being d) DJT, then so be it. Or e) we take up arms, and fight like hell to be the victor, and f) go along with FTN’s National Socialist America model- or Martin’s secessionist South. But if we move to Dixie, we will still have to deal with the niggers and spics, towards a final solution…

    But, anyway you slice it, we are being judged by the Almighty for our collective sins, and when stuff like that happens, Dear Lord, help!

  28. They create the chaos and then say “Oh, but he will bring the chaos back.” No. You who brought it the first time will bring it back. We know that and you know that. We are not so stupid that we don’t know when you are lying to our faces.

    As to those clinging to covid as an excuse for his not serving the second term he was elected to serve…he had no better information than any of us did at the time, so although it’s satisfying to play Monday morning quarterback, the truth is, few if any of those writing about that could have done the job he did with all the pressure that was on him and his family, even half as well….but nice try.

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