Ex Mafia Michael Franzese Our Best Spokesman

I’d like to introduce the Occidental Dissent readership and related immigration patriot, Southern Nationalists, race realist communities to Michael Franzese – IMO he’s THE best spokesman for our people, our point of view.

Michael Franzese was once a made member of the Colombo Mafia crime family. I highly recommend all his books and videos.
We’ve been desperately searching for a strong man leader, tough guy leader spokesman to come to our rescue like other strong men leaders of the past (Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Andrew Jackson, AH, possibly Stalin and now Vladimir Putin, Victor Orban, sort of Trump).

Here is a recent Michael Franzese interview where he comes out and speaks the truth that we all have known: Our open Southern border – mass invasion of dangerous 3rd world migrants, unrestricted hard drug smuggling this THE most important issue facing our people, country. It must be dealt with now.


Here are some others of his best videos discussing the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, the Mafia’s up and down relationship with the Kennedy family, how the mob blackmailed J Edgar Hoover over his homosexuality.

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  1. Well if Whites ever go revolutionary it would be wise to learn from the only people who have experience fighting the US Government. That’s right… criminals.

  2. You’re out of your mind if you think this gangster pasta nigger is somebody Whitey should rally to.

    How in the world do you lump this guy in with men like Andrew Jackson?

    No thanks. White advocacy is finally going mainstream. We don’t need to be associated with the cornucopia of sociopaths and screwballs the Alt Right was led around by, and this dude is Paul Nehlen tier at best.

    Muh motivational speaker tho. It would be Heilgate level cringe inside of a month.

  3. The physical borders of our country, though, important, can be rectified in a matter of days.

    The mental borders, that have been crushed inside society and the individual citizens, cannot be so quickly repaired – if ever.

    • Ivan,

      Yes. You people have the power but do you have the will for victory? I currently do not see it. Nothing wrong with learning Spanish especially for those living in the Southwest.

      • Yes, Dear Cristina –

        White Southerners have been almost entirely crushed from within; our collective will having been completely extirpated by a century long vampiric propaganda campaign which cannablized our minds into seeing themselves as the extensions of the unquestioning tools of those who drink our blood, as opposed to minds which, endowed by our Creator, would further the common sense interests of it.

      • Take it from somebody who did many ,many calendar years in the department of corrections in California, where I first became racially aware at 19 years old in environmentally forced multiculturalism, criminals, are not anything like they are fictionally made out to be on television by jooz.

        Almost every single member of the Mexican mafia of the Aryan brotherhood, or any of the black or Asian gangs are all drug addicts literally..

        And all this bravado and hot air they spew about Aryan pride and white people being superior it’s all just nonsense to them if we are judging them by their actions.
        They are literally all drug addicted and everything they do is the stupidest shit you could ever imagine.
        I have witnessed more bad calls than good calls by the so-called shot callers of white gangs specifically in prison that it sickens me that I was ever a part of this nonsense.

        I watched a lot of good white guys get smashed off yards because of bad calls, mostly tied to peoples drug addictions and egos.
        Gangs are retarded..even white ones.

        Also , the the Brand (AB) literally mimic the Mexican mafia like they wanna be Mexicans ..
        From the way they talk the way they walk the way they dress and everything they do…

        so of course I never said any of this stuff while doing time when I was younger because they will kill you over any misperceive slight , but these people are not ‘good’ white people..

        They sell hard drugs to other white people

        They rob white people

        They kill white people

        They extort and prey on white people…

        And chances are in 2023 if you were in California state prison and you were white that you would literally be assaulted, maimed or killed by somebody else who is white versus another race…
        So, the Aryan brotherhood has done a complete 180 from its original purpose, which was the same original purpose that the Mexican mafia was formed to serve…
        And that was to protect Hispanic/ White inmates from the nonstop never ending predation of niggers.
        Now they are all just dope fiends and drug dealers..

        No, sir, we real readers not brutish thugs

        • Thank you, Dear James, for your fantastic testimony.

          Yes, race and tribe matter, in that functional countries are formed of such, yet, in and of themselves, they are not good indicators of an individual man’s soul.

          I am always mindful that, though my tribe is White Southern, I have to be careful to treat people in a way that our Lord would approve of.

          Thank you again for your complex and honest witnessing.

          • @ james bell
            Thx for the reality check.

            “Now they are all just dope fiends and drug dealers..”
            The jwz have been opium dealers for over 2000 years, they know its social effects, from ancient Greece to China.

        • “They sell hard drugs to other white people”

          Any WHITE who sells street drugs to a fellow WHITE is an absolute POS !

        • “Brand (AB) literally mimic the Mexican mafia like they wanna be Mexicans ..
          From the way they talk the way they walk the way they dress and everything they do…”

          To a small degree i understand that.
          Mexicans don’t tolerate black predation on fellow Mexicans, they will gang attack any black predator, WHITES won’t. There is racial solidarity among mexicans, whereas WHITES have it only in the most dire circumstances.

          • “Mexicans don’t tolerate black predation on fellow Mexicans, they will gang attack any black predator, WHITES won’t.”

            Whites used to take collective action when one White was attacked by niggers, but since WW2 the god damned kikes have usurped academia, media and therefore government, inculcating in all subsequent generations of naive, blank-slate Whites a baseless guilt complex with non-stop jewpaganda coming from every possible direction. Today’s Whites do nothing to defend themselves en masse because they know that if they do, the weight of the entire jewed system will destroy them.

        • James Bell, I agree six million percent. I’m a 55 year old who spent literally almost half my life in the prison system. In Tennessee. I’ve seen similar things as you describe. We don’t need drug-addled cowboys, we need men of mettle, of iron-clad determination, 100 percent sober, intelligent, and men of class.

          • When i was at USP Terre Haute , i knew a couple solid Woods from TN.
            I always wanted to go to Loudon County where a friend of mine lives to visit…
            From as far back as i can recall , i always wanted out of CA.
            I grew up in foster care , so i dont really have family and i never really felt any connection to LA or Orange co or anywhere down there in liberal multicult-land.
            I dont think we will see men of “iron-clad determination”…who are 100 percent sober, intelligent, and who have class who will suddenly emerge from this kosher swamp of lies and anti white hatred thats been brewing for several decades..
            I believe the current system will have to collapse first..
            But we are well on our way!

          • “I grew up in foster care ”

            That explains your falling into bad situations. A complete lack of racial solidarity among WHITES.

      • “. You people have the power but do you have the will for victory? ”

        No, because all our leaders with intelligence and courage have been destroyed by subversive scheming infiltrators.

        Opening the gates of your fortress to scheming saboteurs with a sob story is always a mistake. The Goths of Iberia learned that, too late.

        • Arrian,

          I am trying to imagine feeling sorry for any people but my own. I tried and I dug down deep but I could not. Outside of unusual atrocities of course.

          And no sorrow could convince to give up part of my country to foreigners. Temporary sanctuary maybe? But full time? That is funny.

        • I was about to shut down and leave when I saw your response. Thank you.

          Those who lack the basic necessities of life could receive help from whites in their country, or travel to a neighboring country and receive help from whites, or with the help of whites force some of their rich people in their country to give them food and medicine. For all countries have rich people, cars, planes, tanks, hotels etc.

          There was a common denominator in the paragraph above. Hmmm what is it? I know!!! It was whites helping.

          Well the rich of each country have an obligation to help their own even if they become a little less rich. Laws and society are made for the common good NOT while selfish people eat delicacies while their fellow countrymen starve.

          The invaders who frequently risk their lives to covet and steal from other countries should use their courage to get from their own first. Otherwise it is usually a scam.

  4. At first, I thought this was a joke, but apparently not. An ex-Mafia thug as our “leader?” Seriously? Have any of you ever joined the Mafia? Do you understand the level of evil and sickness required to put aside your humanity and take an oath of loyalty to a violent criminal organization whose only reason for existence is the enrichment and power of those at the very top?

    A few thoughts on this posting…

    1. There is no “rescue” for our people and culture. The enormous tide of history has turned against us. No “leader” or movement can stop this. Our low birth rate, immigration, and the Woke mind-virus that has consumed everything from the US military to local governments is a Tsunami of hate against us.

    2. What about virtue and honor? I have read his bio: Mr. Franzese has no virtue or honor either in his personal life or his life in the Mafia. When people held up Trump as a “savior” of our people I was aghast: nothing in Trump’s past (or Mr. Franzese’s) suggests he would do the right thing when things heated up and Trump in fact did nothing to “save us.”

    3. Stalin may have been a “strong man” and no doubt Mr. Franzese is too. But if I may point out the rather obvious; it’s easy to be a “strong man” with a monopoly of violence on your side, as well as loyal policemen and lots of labor camps and death camps. Do we really want or need a Stalin or John Gotti as our leader? Seriously?

    • @Martin…

      With all due respect : in extrapolating Mr. Griffin’s use of an aspect of Mr. Franzese’s political viewpoint into a full character review. or the lack of it, of the former mobster, you’re missing the point.

      We’re talking symbols and symbolism here, and the symbol that is surely intended from the example is that even a corrupted former drugster can see what is going on and what needs to be done.

      • Ivan,

        I J Ryan am the author of this blog, not Mr. Griffin. I am just recommending OD Readers view, study Michael Franzese’ life, his videos and his books. He’s a very intelligent man, a great public speaker and I think now he is a good man on our side.


        • Alright, Dear Jaye.

          Yes, of course any scapegrace can leave that walk of life for one better.

          Even those who are not blackguards can improve with time, or not – if they see fit.

          All the best to you and yours!

  5. Yeah I’m not really looking for Sam Giancana or Lucky Luciano to lead us to the promised land either, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

    • Not gonna beg anybody. I can choose to die gracefully like anything past its time if thats my fate. In no world do I ever want to be associated with a mobster conman “born again” charlatan.

      This is my last point of contact with the dissident right. All the rest was a waste of time and effort.

      Whitey has gone mainstream. I don’t need to be part of a cult of the meatball.

      • @IronicSockAccount:

        I was born in the late fifties. This isn’t the America I was born and enjoyed my childhood – if it ever was. I mourn that possible illusion as keenly as you do, but it’s time to stop grieving what may have been lost and start building a pragmatical approach to ways we can not only survive but thrive in our present day Kali Yuga.

        The Fourteen Words dictate that we think outside the box and build our own parallel economies and institutions instead of being vulnerable to cancellation by Pay Pal, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook. We need to get our children out of the public skool grooming systems where they are subject to racial and sexual abuse. We even need to get our children fluent in Spanish. Don’t look at my saying this as surrender, Cristina. But as another way to empower them.

        Because Knowledge IS Power. The more skills – especially critical thinking skills – we give our children, the more we empower them to take over after the inevitable collapse of the rotten Amerikwan system. Which, thanks to the incestuous nepotism of our political crime families is run by morons too stupid to exercise the soft power that was their only claim to legitimacy and must resort to thuggery while frenziedly looting the treasury for all they are worth.

        I respect your opinion but, if you will pardon me for noticing, it seems to fall into the either/or, if/then, left/right, Democrat/Republican Duopolistic trap that is ham-stringing any meaningful movement where pro-White American activism is concerned.

        There is nothing to say that you can’t take a Smorgasbord or Cafeteria approach to Franzese and his lectures by examining what he has to say, taking what would work best for White activism and disregarding the rest.

        I am dating myself, maybe they were always here but had a controlled media with no internet to expose their activities when I was young, but it seems to me that, lately, our government is openly being run by gangsters with the FBI and, to a lesser extent, the police as their enforcers: We have the Bush Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family, and now full-on flame-on the Biden Crime Family.

        There is no other way to explain the invasion at the border, the human smuggling and the drugs flooding into this country. I seriously doubt that there is a single office holder in Washington that has not been bought off by some criminal enterprise.

        Most of all, they seem intent on turning the United States into an open-air prison for Whites, particularly patriotic Whites they feel represent the most threat to their hegemonic power.

        So, while I DON’T support another fruitless search for the Great White Hope God-Emperor Leader who will go to bat for us and cave in the skulls of our enemies while we go back to business as usual, it DOES make sense to me that if you have to deal with a REAL Gangster Government running the District of Corruption, you need to THINK like a Mafioso to survive them much less defeat them.

        You seem like a very intelligent individual, albeit cynical to the point where it puts you in danger of inaction from despair. I hope you will hear the man out and THEN decide if there is anything he has to say which might be useful to you.

        • Clytemnestra,

          I caught your excellent analysis of Mexico under the Matt Walsh article and I responded but I do not know when it might post.

          • Are you referring to my “We Are All Mestizos” Propaganda created by the White Mexican elite to keep their privilege by not changing a damned thing theory? Are you telling me that I am right? I hope so, I love being right even about nonsense I don’t like. In any case, I’ll look for it.

            A young man I know recently married and introduced me to a young woman from Northern Mexico. If she has any Indio or Negro in her, which I seriously doubt, it’s tiny. She is tall and pale with auburn hair and brown eyes.

            I would bet dollars to donuts she is all Spanish though she could pass for Irish or Scottish. Then again the Spanish are Continental Celts just like the French are. My paternal side is French and when I was younger I had dark auburn hair, so with my blue eyes, most people assumed that I had Scots or Irish ancestry.

            Did not mean to come off as hostile in my statement that encouraging our young to learn Spanish is not surrender. At least I’m not hostile where you are concerned. I have bottomless hostility and resentment to those traitors who made this necessary.

            Even then, over the years, I often thought that, if we had a patriotic, responsible elite, someone MY age would already be fluent in Spanish. The majority of countries in the Pan-American continent were Spanish-speaking.
            The GATT treaty was signed in 1947 – a full decade before I was born – after the Bracero Program gave TMFIIC the idea that it was a great idea to draft White men abroad to fight for their “freedoms” while replacing them with cheaper Brown labor.

            Had there been a rational Pan-American plan in place that was not Anti-White at its core, I could see that White American children would have benefited and had great opportunities by importing/exporting, i.e. fair trade with our neighbors to the South. All I know is from casual observation, many elderly people from Mexico may live out their lives here but want to be buried there. Had there been some kind of Pan-American effort like the Marshall Plan to keep Western Europe from going Communist, I believe many would have stayed there.

            As it is, I strongly suspect that the plan to racially mix Whites out with Negroes was not going to plan. Even then, the mulattoes identify with Blacks and are more likely to marry Black than any Whites the vast majority of which are resistant to marrying Black. Not that I do not see Whites with Black spouses and Mulatto children, but they seem to stand out more because they are still rather rare no matter how much the media pushes them.

            One of the other reasons why our elites discovered that America could not live without Mexicans is that they felt that Whites would be less likely to resist mixing with Mestizos. Indeed, the largest group of Whites who marry out marry Mestizos. So unless Whites become racially radicalized, a great percentage of them will have Castizo grandchildren by the end of this century with a rump population of any original White Heritage Americans who cannot adapt by acquiring Spanish proficiency living in the Appalachians or other areas without any amenities for POC to pursue.

            Two other things I noticed from casually observing the Mexicans in my midst in San Antonio was that many of them were not shy in stating they wanted children with “colored eyes” and that the light-skinned Mexicans acted like and were treated like royalty among their people. Holding court in the middle of public functions. Whites OTOH were quiet and unobtrusive as possible. That’s how I could tell the light-skinned Mexicans from the Whites. It was their confidence bordering on outright arrogance that caught my attention.

            Right now, we are dealing with the down side of your elites pushing their problem children on us. The idiocy of Uncle Schmucky pressured by the Chamber of Commerce AKA greedy corporations who never saw cheap brown labor or yellow slave labor they didn’t like is providing your elites with a pressure valve release by taking in any people who might cause them problems.

            It probably won’t be in my lifetime, but I ultimately think that the racially aware Whites who can adapt, be Spanish proficient and enhance their skills and education sets will see the USA end up duplicating the same unofficial caste systems in Mexico and other Latin American countries where the light-skinned “Mestizos” end up with great educations and living in palaces while the peons live in the barrios.

            Well I certainly don’t want my grandchildren to end up browning out into some barrios, to be blunt. And I don’t want them to be part of some small minority that has to worry about the Usual Suspects radicalizing those who did brown out. That’s why I never stop preaching about Spanish proficiency and even changing their surnames into something Spanish sounding.

            The one aspect of Natural Law is that we either adapt or die. The America I grew up in – much as I cherish the memory of living in a clean, orderly country with boundless opportunities – is gone. What we are going through now is a nightmare, but I want our descendants to come out on the other side a more formidable people.

        • Clytemnestra,

          No. You are not surrendering because you want children to speak Spanish. Have I surrendered because I speak English?

  6. I encourage OD readers to view and study most or all of Michael Franzese’ videos. They are still up on Youtube and he has a growing and very large following. He is an excellent public speaker, teacher – he’s also very fit.

    For those OD readers who are very much in to the Christian faith, Michael Franzese has also joined this faith and he has walked away from the Mafia life for many of the same reasons, observations James Bell made about the AB and pretty much all White, Hispanic prison gangs.

    Please note that when Michael Franzese was a mad member of the Colombo Mafia crime family his family did not allow the use of hard drugs or trafficking in drugs – other organized crime syndicates like the French Corsicans (the French connection) did – using Black A American gang leaders under them – this was discussed in the First, Original GodFather movie. Michael Franzese, the Colombo Mafia crime family and the other leader mob families did not allow any homosexuality in their organizations – but they did run homo gay parties and took photographs to Blackmail those attending these gay/Homo parties including then FBI director J Edgar Hoover.

    If case others haven’t noticed – we, White Anglo Americans – Southerners or Midwesterners (Don’t call us Yankees!) have been dispossessed (read the Dispossessed Majority). National Law enforcement, the intelligence agencies, the (in) Justice Department and increasingly the Military are now in the hands of racial, ethnic and sexual groups that hate us. The worst forms of Black on White hard core pornography, drag queens for our kindergarten children are allowed or even promoted, but our basic writes of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and even freedom of thought are being strongly curtailed. In such a terrible time – Kali Yuga, Zimbabwe when Mugabe was ethnically cleansing all remaining White British people – it’s rather foolish to be all nice, neat and law abiding.

    When the regime mandates homosexual pedophila for our children should we just bow our heads and say, think “Well that’s the law, I’ve never broken a law”.

    I suggest reading or re-reading, studying Savitri Devi’s “The Lightning and the Sun”. Her main points are:

    In dark times where barbarians or gangsters dominate (Kali Yuga) a good, intelligent man has really only two choices:

    1) The Lighting – go with the most powerful barbarian, gangster (Ghenkis Khan, Stalin)

    2) Or the Sun – renounce the current world, remove your mind, body and soul from the current dark age and become a religious purest like Egyptian King Aktenantan – the first Monotheist Sun Worshipper.

    Or a combination of the two the Lighting and the Sun – Hitler, Vishnu, Second Coming of J Christ.

    This current ZOG, BLM, Homo, UN, Soros world is not going to be successfully resisted, contested by some super clean, neat, nice good 2 shoes, Lib Libertarians etc.

  7. As the dagos say, Michael Franzese is a “schifoso”.

    Why is it these clowns like Franzese always find Jesus after they have been in jail? Not before.

    Franzese was involved in a highly lucrative, big dollar “gasoline business” with the Jew mob. Let’s not forget about his Jewish business partners, when considering any advice that Franzese is giving.

    Jimmy Breslin had an amusing story about an old time Italian mafia boss who stored his ill gotten gains in a building on Roman Catholic Church property in New York City. Pimping for the Pope, would have made a good title for the story.

    • @ORANGE…

      “Why is it these clowns like Franzese always find Jesus after they have been in jail? Not before.”

      When you bottom out, and realize you are a certain kind of bozo, of your own type, you turn to God, to find out what’s wrong and how to be better.

      Or, at least, this is what you do when you face yourself – if you ever decide to do that.

      I certainly know many who do NOT ever look themselves honestly in the face, the result being that they are still doing the same stupid s$+t at age 59 that they were doing at 22.

      Nothing more pathetic than that.

      In this I am reminded of famous mobster, Henry Hill, who said that, when he gave up ‘The Life’, and became a painter, he became happier than he had ever been.

      • Please study some, a lot, all of the Michael Franzese videos still up on youtube. I do not agree that Michael Franzese has done a “born again Christian” “I’m a lost sinner” thing because he was in prison/jail. He was always in an Italian traditional Catholic Christian tradition and walked away from the Mafia criminal life because he decided it was evil and also didn’t live up to the family honor that this secret Italian Catholic Christian (criminal) society proposed it did to initiates.

        I also like how Michael Franzese hasn’t become a cowardly, forgiving Lib Christian – he openly opposes Mexican opiod/fentanyl drug traffickers and migrant human traffickers – he openly supports going to war with these cartels as in KILLING these enemies of our people/country.

        So that’s hardly a pacifist “turn the other cheek” born against Christian.

        So again, just watch the Michael Franzese – he never disputes that he was a criminal, part of a criminal secret society. But he maintains his Colombo Mafia crime family had rules and honor – not to use or traffic in hard drugs, not to kill innocent people, not to be a sexual degenerate – no homosexuality was allowed and his and other mafia families used blackmail against FBI head J Edgar Hoover and others over their homosexual degeneracy.

        At the very least, he’s an intelligent, interesting guy.

  8. Martin W announces – he’s given up – it’s hopeless, we’re doomed:

    “1. There is no “rescue” for our people and culture. The enormous tide of history has turned against us. No “leader” or movement can stop this. Our low birth rate, immigration, and the Woke mind-virus that has consumed everything from the US military to local governments is a Tsunami of hate against us.”

    In the horrible worst days of the French Revolution, reign of terror, others like us felt the same and then a tough guy from the provinces Corsica (very similar in ethnicity and culture to Sicilian Italians) arrived Napoleon and he ended the reign of terror by firing in to the Parisian mob.

    In the worst days of the Weimar Republic – with mass unemployment and mass inflation a Communist Soviet led by the J*w Kurt Eisner took over Munich and most of Bavaria and led a reign of terror – the bloody J reign of terror was put down by physical force, violence not by nice polite, well dressed Christian Conservatives – instead it was Frei Corp volunteers German and Austrian World War I veterans led by Ernst Rohm. Ernst Rohm was about as far away from a nice, clean cut Christian Conservative as any White man has ever been.

    “A Revolution is not a Dinner Party” Mao

    What’s coming ain’t gonna be a dinner party or a libertarian, constitutionalist college debate.

    We need to get to know some tough White men – bikers, brawlers, outlaws, crime syndicates etc.

    • @Jaye…

      Things are bad, admittedly, but, far from hopeless.

      And, yes, we most certainly need toughness, but, even more than that we need clear-thinking, and, failing The Holy Ghost, then, at the least, our individual honour.

    • “We need to get to know some tough White men – bikers, brawlers, outlaws, crime syndicates etc.”

      This was made clear years ago on a blog that was “shoahed.” Criminals, etc are the only ones who have experience fighting the system and it’s best we learn from them. If nothing else, learn about forensics, police procedure, etc. because the Gov’t may use the Justice system to come after you for such heinous crimes as speaking your mind.

      Oh, and this next suggestion will upset the morally uptight amongst us: Learn everything you can about serial killers and how they operate. Why? Because many of them avoided capture for years even while committing high profile crimes. In all seriousness, it could come to pass that people may be rounded up simply for wrong think and placed in camps and you may need that kind of knowledge to not end up there. We are living in a Police state and it’s best you recognize that and prepare accordingly.

      • He might have some good ideas,
        but the virtues of the criminal aren’t a success in conflict.
        Criminals operate by violating laws in civil society, if they are in conflict with equally violent forces, ie war, they are slaughtered.

    • Regarding the idea that it is over etc. I would draw people’s attention to an excellent book called, Uprising by David Irving. It deals with the Hungarian uprising in 1956 when more or less the entire country rose against the ruling elites of the communist party (who happened to be from a certain (((ethnic))) commonality).

      There is also the Killdozer method. Once the banks collapse and the food shortages begin in earnest, a new view of reality by Whites may also occur, which helps our cause.

      We are already seeing pushback in Ireland and the UK over the great replacement. Things need to get worse before we can make them better.

  9. Midnight Pineland evacuation was a shocker as it is fundamentally transformed.
    Paki Kebab Shacks where the town square is a church.
    Was going to get some gas and snacks but I’ll take my fiat Zogbux elsewhere.
    Goodfellas and Godfathers are the way and we laugh at your sticks and stones insults while giving each other ironic nicknames.

  10. @ Orange,

    I always wondered about the spelling of that as grammaw used to call us that or jidrool which is even worse.
    Thanks youse.

  11. I will accept any rules that you feel necessary to your freedom. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.

    The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Robert Heinlein.

  12. @really smart wiseguy — Michael Franzese —


    Just another dolt who can’t understand why things are the way they are. I’m sure Alex STEIN will clue him in.

    Just because reputed mobsters of the 20th century had Italian sounding names, doesn’t mean they were Italian. I’ll refer you to the Stein’s, the Bergs, the Witz’s, et all. Just because these are ethnically German surnames, doesn’t mean all who claim them are German. The most common way the jews blend in and hide under the radar in America and other English speaking countries is to take on unremarkable and common names of their hosts. What common Italian, Spanish, or French, or any White European names do jews appropriate to hide themselves?

    All we think we know about the socalled Italian Mafia is what (((Hollywood))) has shown us. Think of the literally thousands of gangster movies that the Hollywood jews have produced which have burned into our psyche the specter of Italian criminals when the truth is the Sicilian Mafia is in fact Converso Crypto jews.

    The Catholic Church’s policy of Forced Conversion led to thousands of jews who settled in Italy and Sicily to pretend to convert to Christianity, for their own wellbeing. Jews lived in Sicily from the days of the Persian Empire. Rank and file Sicilians have a drop or two of jew in them. Until the 1400s, Southern Italy and Sicily about 30-50% of the entire population were jews. The Mafia is made up of Sicilian jews converted by the Spanish. Mafia rituals are mirrored in jewish tradition. In order to be a “made man” in the Mafia, that individual had to be Sicilian.

    • Michael Franzese has an excellent video discussing the role of prominent Js in the Italian Mafia. Michael’s father downplayed the prominence of Js in the Italian Mafia – but Michael Franzese says the js were very prominent Arnold Rothstein (the Brain), Mayer Lansky, Lefty Rosenthal (Vegas), Bugsy Siegal .

      • Mr. Ryan,

        This is off topic but I posted some thank you’s to those on that Donald Trump thread who wrote to me kindly. Mr. Wallace seems to be only posting comments every day or two. So I was hoping that my appreciation to those individuals would be noted before I leave tomorrow.

        I am only here for the weekend again. The plan is I will be here for Easter vacation for a week or more.

        • Miss Christina,

          We do appreciate your charming presence here at OD. You have a greatly appreciated infusion of feminine not feminist youth and vigor.

          You sometimes derail the serious conversation as lots of men here like to flirt with you, which is understandable.

          Have a great Easter vacation – please consider marrying a nice White Anglo guy – the Hispanic wife and mother generally gets to call the shots in children’s names, church affiliation etc. Look at the children and grandchildren of the Cowboy actor John Wayne – I think he married 3 Latinas and his grand daughters are beautiful blondes.

          God bless you Miss Christina,


          • Mr. Ryan,

            What a beautiful letter you have written me. The only non-Mexicans I would think of marrying would be the Anglo. White babies are cute.

            And yes I love to flirt as well. It is our nature. My children would have to be Catholic.

            I cannot/would not marry anyone my family did not want me to marry.

            I have had 4 secrets since being on this website. They are: I come from a State that in American terms is considered hickish, I am younger than I have pretended to be, I am darker than I have implied, and that while I am pro-white my major concern is that the Beast will not just destroy white Americans but will then turn on the rest of us.

            So I have given you my honesty.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Clarification. On the darker than implied comment it just means I am not a poster girl for American white nationalism. The State where most of my relatives are from is usually listed as around half white and the other half mixed.

            So I do not look like I belong on an American reservation. I am what is considered white in Mexico. Just so you know.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            I leave in a few hours so it is time to flirt again. This is for you. If it does not play– For I share a Windows 7 with my older sister. It is Teach Me Tiger.

            i actually found this song while watching on Netflix a Russian zombie series called –To the Lake. I love good zombie movies. The South Koreans are especially good at this genre.

          • Jaye,

            Thank you for sending me that other song by April Stevens. Deep Purple. They sing better than many others that presumably became more famous.

            Yes. I always think of John Wayne first when American cowboys come to mind.

      • That’s not my point. Of course there were many jews obviously identified as jews in organized crime, but what I’m saying is that these alleged Italians were in fact were not Italian, but were jews. There are many, many, jews who live in Italy, but their names are not Goldstein or Spielberg which most Americans would identify as jews. They’re names are instead, Romano, Aiello, Pacifico, etc., but just as someone named Goldstein or Spielberg is not a German, the Romano is not Italian, and may be a jew.

        There are no English Jews, French Jews, American Jews. There are only Jews living in England, France, and America. — CHAIM WEIZMANN, Co-Founder state of Israel.

        “We are not hyphenated Jews (i.e., German-Jews, Italian-jews); we are Jews with no qualifications or reservations. We are simply aliens; we are a foreign people in your midst, and, we emphasize, we wish to stay that way. There is a wide gap between you and us, so wide that no bridge can be laid across. Your spirit is alien to us; your myths, legends, habits, customs, traditions and national heritage, your religious and national shrines, your Sundays and holidays… they are all alien to us. The history of your triumphs and defeats, your war songs and battle hymns, your heroes and their mighty deeds, your national ambitions and aspirations, they are all alien to us. The boundaries of your lands cannot restrict our movements, and your border clashes are not of our concern. Far over and above the frontiers and boundaries of your land stands our Jewish unity… Whosoever calls the foreign (Gentile) land a fatherland is a traitor to the Jewish people … A loyal Jew can never be other than a Jewish patriot… We recognize a national unity of diaspora Jews, no matter in which land they may reside. Therefore, no boundaries can restrain us in pursuing our own Jewish policy.” — Jakob Klatzkin, Crisis and Decision, 1921

        • ” There are many, many, jews who live in Italy,”

          That was true 2000 years ago. Lucian and Ovid complained that Rome was no longer Roman, it had become a city of Persians and jwz ( i wonder how many of those ‘Persisns’ were actually persian jwz).

          Venice had a flood of jwz in the middle ages. The Warbergs of Germany had formerly been the Debancos of italy. Mayor LaGuardia’s mother came from a long line of Italian rabbis and bankers.

        • Dicarlo,

          I find the Jewish attitude truthful. To me a Jew is a Jew no matter what. And a Catholic is supposed to be a Catholic no matter what the artificial boundaries of nationality.

          In Catholic belief all Catholics are joined together spiritually by being part of the Mystical Body of Christ. So I understand the Jewish viewpoint that you quoted above.

          You did well to remind any civic nationalists how foolish they are. I am Mexican no matter where I go.

          For what it is worth the Jews in Mexico look to me to be whiter than the average Mexican. And yes they are whiter than most of my relatives including me.

          I am not doing a hit and run but if you reply after late afternoon I will not see it until Friday or Saturday.

          I believe you know that I am not supporting Judaism as a religion by anything I wrote above. I am aware of the power and unity that Jews possess.

          • First of all, “White” is a universally accepted racial terminology that commonly refers to White Europeans. Whenever it is to their advantage, jews pretend to be “white” members of mainstream America, or apparently wherever they live, and then automatically switch at any moment to being “oppressed” members of a victim class. The fact that you can pass for White, despite not being White, does not mean you’re the same as an ethnically White person. Many Turks and Ashkenazi Jews can also pass for White, but they are genetically distinct from White Europeans.

            Secondly, Jews are a tribe or a race, not a religion. Jewishness is genetic, because there is no other way to explain how jews who haven’t been religious for two generations still behave totally jewish. Jews are jews because of their ethnicity. Anyone who reads the mission statements of jewish organizations will find that, in Israel, and around the world jews are defined in ethnic and racial terms, not their religion, which is in fact a racial supremacist belief system, not necessarily defined by any god. The jewish “religion” is in reality an evolutionary strategy disguised as a religion. Judaism’s main purpose is to protect and advance the ethnic interests of jews by instilling loyalty to the in-group and regulating interaction with the out-group for the benefit of jews.

        • @DICARLO…

          “There are no English Jews, French Jews, American Jews. There are only Jews living in England, France, and America. — CHAIM WEIZMANN, Co-Founder state of Israel.”

          The reality is that this applies to everyone. It’s why I correct some who are close to me, when they refer to those those of no- European blood as ‘Americans’, in saying that, ‘No, Honey – they such and such a nationality, living here.

          Same for European Gentiles, too – for, to me, someone like Sebastian Gorka, will always be a Hungarian, living in America.

          That’s fine, as we are not an ethnostate, BUT, we ought be careful not to refer to someone in a way that defers the basics of their blood.

    • @DiCarlo …Yes!!!
      Al Capone and John Gotti were both “nice” jewish boys.
      The mafia has always been super kiked out…
      There is a reason the pope wears a yarmulke …Italians are a heavily “jew infiltrated” group IMO.
      Same goes for the Cubans down here where i live now in FL.
      I’d say about 15-20% of them are crypto kikes hiding behind their fathers name…
      After all, isn’t that why joo lineages are traced via matriarchy?
      Because even in our modern times they hide their demonic genetics to stay camouflaged in goyim society?

      “All we think we know about the so-called Italian Mafia is what (((Hollywood))) has shown us. Think of the literally thousands of gangster movies that the Hollywood jews have produced which have burned into our psyche the specter of Italian criminals when the truth is the Sicilian Mafia is in fact Converso Crypto jews.”

      I think the same thing about the Mexican cartels as well…..
      What we “know” about them is what hymiewood depicts, nothing more and nothing less…
      Who could possibly logistically move metric tons of narcotics all over the globe?
      Sounds like a job for Schlomos MIC…
      Of course our jewed out ZOG has to blame the real pandemic, drug use, as a foreign problem done by evil fictional boogeymen.
      Do Mexican drug gangs exist?
      Are they the apex of the drug trafficking networks as they are depicted in jewish movies and tv shows?
      anyways, my 2 cents

  13. “the Romano is not Italian, and may be a jew.”

    Very likely.
    Jws often take place names as surnames
    Irving Berlin
    Leon Britain
    Irving Deutsche
    Roman Polanski

  14. You guys remember the character played by Bruce Willis in the Tarantino hit Pulp Fiction? I’m talking about Butch Coolidge, the boxer who made the deal with the gangster boss but didn’t throw the fight. And who later even saved the life of the gangster boss despite the fact that the boss had been pulling out all stops to kill Butch for his deal-breaking.

    Remember Butch’s gold watch? The one that had been passed down from great-grandfather, to grandfather, to father and eventually to the little boy who grew up to be a deal-breaking but obviously damn powerful boxer? That watch, the one which had been hid inside men’s buttholes through 2 world wars, tasked to strangers for delivery to the next generation of Coolidge males when the Coolidge men were unable to do it themselves… and dutifully delivered… meant a whole lot. It was a physical symbol of virtue. Of doing the right thing even when you’ve nothing to gain from it. I won’t go into it further because any of you can look into why that gold watch was important, at least concerning Butch Coolidge and by extension anyone coming into contact with him in the movie.

    My point is this: Where’s Mr. Franzese’s gold watch? Does he have one? It goes without saying that I’m not referring to an actual gold watch, but I feel it necessary to say so anyway. We should understand that people aren’t always predictable. We shouldn’t come to conclusions about people so easily. That even applies to what we believe about ourselves. Despite my earlier comment, I’m not counting out a cowboy with a dodgy history. Not until I determine for myself if this one (or any one for that matter) has something of immense personal value perhaps overlooked.

  15. I suggest we all try to get to know some White or near White biker clubs – understand who, what they are about. Maybe try to clean them up a bit, get some good looking, wholesome Christian home school girl to date, marry, reform one of the best fighters, leaders – this was the main theme of the classic 1950s Elia Kazan directed movie “On the Waterfront” staring Marlon Brandon as the tough, ex fighter the brother to a connected organized crime accountant on the New Jersey Waterfront who leaves the mob and testifies against them thanks to the influence of a pretty Christian girl Edee and a tough Catholic Priest played by Karl Malden.

    I Note that White winer clubs were amongst the very few Whites that contested BLM and Antifa tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus


    One of my main points is that we have to somehow find, recruit work with tougher Whites and near Whites that are not cowards and who have physical courage and are not totally scared that “the system” will treat them as outlaws.

  16. Clytemnestra,

    I now have time to go through your article above thoroughly.

    Your first paragraph is significant. When the Marxists won the twentieth century Mexican Revolution the first thing they did just like all good Comrades is attack race and religion. They got rid of racial classifications and attacked the Church. This was 1922.

    Until 1990 if I remember correctly it was against Mexican law for a priest to wear his garb in public. The law only changed when a conservative government had brief control.

    The Cristeros who revolted openly were crushed. One priest told me that even in the 1960’s the Mexican government was still hunting them down.

    However, the families still remained in power. We know how to adapt. The first paragraph concerning Mexico is not wrong. It now works better for us.

    You are true about our confidence. I submitted an article that showed we are the most confident people on earth last week somewhere on here.

    While my girl friends prefer Mexican males we still like anglo guys. A guy with blue eyes and blond hair would be a king at my school at least where girls are considered. Unless he looked like Frankenstein. I however do not want us blended out either. Your whites should be saved for the obvious Mexican candidates. I have been flirted with at the Texas school I attended by anglos.

    You are one of the few white nationalists around who recognize reality. Someone like me is the best you are going to get.


  17. Dicarlo,

    I disagree that only artificial lines drawn on a map determine who is white and who is not. There are hundreds of millions of whites who live in northern Africa and Asia. That is commonly accepted and is true regardless of what some accept as “commonly accepted”.

    I will not argue with you because I like you and it is pointless.

    Everyone I know consider Jews to be white except for the obvious exceptions of course.

    I have never heard a Mexican or Mexican American refer to Jews as anything but white.

    So a polite disagreement with you.

  18. Mr. Ryan,

    As for cowboys I found this song while watching an American cowboy movie so I looked it up. It is My Rifle My Pony and Me and it has the ultimate cowboy in it John Wayne. Ricky Nelson is a dream.

    That old man was funny.

    • Sorry Miss Christina – I could never accept Dean Martin as a serious cowboy actor or just any of his shtick. I never liked the other people in Sinatra’s Rat Pack.

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