#Ye24 Is Already Over

I told you so.

From what I can tell, the fiasco was already over months ago when I wrote that article. Fuentes and the Groypers have kept the charade going for three months after Kanye ghosted them.

1. The Ye Train Crashes

This is the easiest call.

By this time next year, Ye won’t be running for president anymore as a joke candidate. At some point, he will have a falling out with Nick Fuentes. The America First movement will be severely diminished by this fiasco. Fuentes has torched his own brand and will become the new Richard Spencer. It has been a difficult two years for Nick Fuentes and 2023 will be the year the wheels come off.

The future of America First is the past of the Alt-Right. I’m concerned about blackpilled Groypers going the Atomwaffen route. I anticipate a lot of turmoil is ahead as America First splinters. Fuentes has dominated the Dissident Right scene since Charlottesville and we appear to be nearing the end of his arc. As his more unhinged followers like Latino Zoomer give up on mainstream politics and turn toward Hitler and vanguardism, don’t be surprised when one of them lashes out and detonates. …”

It took no great insight on my part to predict it would end this way.

Virtually anyone who isn’t a clown could have looked at this train wreck and seen it was going nowhere. It says a lot about the America First “movement” that it degenerated to the point where a mentally ill celebrity black rapper wearing a gimp mask could be seen as the savior of the White race.

Note: Hopefully, something more serious will emerge as AF fades away.


  1. I lost a lot of faith in the “Racialist Right” and a lot of confidence in some of its leaders when they started to praise Kayne as if he was the greatest thing since White bread. Any idiot could see this was going to go South quickly and if some of our leaders are that dumb maybe it is time to clean house! Were they that desperate for publicity they hooked up with a Black rapper who has had interracial relationships? (And be the way the Kardashians are not White they are Armenians, so I am not referring to them.)

    • I never understood why those people (Fuentes, Anglin, Baked Alaska, MILO, etc.) were still taken seriously. Their version of the “movement” has always been that it should be one big joke or farce or troll. It is nihilistic.

    • “I lost a lot of faith in the “Racialist Right” and a lot of confidence in some of its leaders”

      This has given you a good indicator of who is rational and who isn’t.
      Those that looked up to Ye are just FOS.

    • “I lost a lot of faith in the “Racialist Right” .

      You have to be really selective, extremely selective !

  2. It is always the money. There are so few who will do what is right irregardless of the financial consequences, so few. But in the end, the money does not save you. You can not buy your way out of hell. Your money is no good there.

  3. In fairness to Mr. West, I doubt he really thought it through what it would be to be like Saint George.

    • I don’t think he changed his views.

      He just threw in the towel, got married, handed over everything to his new wife.

      • That’s a pithy analysis, Sir, and sounds very likely.

        All the best to Miss Renee and with her pregnancy.

        I pray she stays away from all the vaccinations, as even the old ones are loaded with Mercury – the primary cause of autism in children.

        May your child have an opportunity to grow up real and normal – instead of a sci-fi project of the Jew England Yankee Corporate Empire.

  4. Got a chuckle out of Ye liking Jonah Hill and even considered watching 21 Jump Street in my last day off as a joke.

    Ended up watching Moneyball instead which does have Me. Hill in it and he does a pretty good job in that one.

    Anyhow anti-Semitism is exploding. I think when the ADL threatened Elon Musk that may have started a wave of noticing.

    • Yep, when the Kanye thing blew up 6 months ago my instincts were to sit back and let the blacks have this conversation themselves. The average dolt is not going to like seeing whites join into this foolishness but might learn something from just observing the blacks and the censorious response from you know who. I was surprised when the blacks at work all unanimously chimed in that “they run the country” and even some liberal white kids who voted for Biden knew as well, though in a socialist, “they fleece us through the corporations” angle not really getting the whole cultural assault since they buy in on the anti-culture and anti-racism thing. I remained silent during this thing and didn’t say a word but just listened.

  5. Did anyone really think he would hold firm? Too much pressure breaks most. In los estados unidos a more subtle approach is better. Blacks and Anglos generally lack subtlety.

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