Donald Trump Holds First 2024 Revenge Tour Rally In Waco, TX

If Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, I don’t think he will govern the same way that he did in his first term or how he would have governed had he won the 2020 election.


“At his rallies in 2016, Trump used to tell his supporters, “I am your voice.” Last night, he offered something more sinister. “I am your warrior. I am your justice,” he told them. “For those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.” …”

The Revenge Tour is going to be all about payback.

Trump is a narcissist and doesn’t have any real ideology. He sincerely believes that he has been deeply wronged though. This is how he felt about Jeff Sessions. He went out of his way to destroy Sessions. He tried and failed to do the same thing about Brian Kemp. Trump holds grudges.

Will the lazy Blumpf who is a pushover who just wants to be liked return? I doubt it. The only thing he is talking about is settling scores. He has said it over and over again. He is over on Truth Social right now screaming in ALL CAPs into the void. He is Punished Trump now.

Note: I predicted the Revenge Tour would fizzle, but I don’t know now. Trump seems to have recovered from the midterms. It is way too early to tell how it will pan out in the primaries.


  1. >Why Trump chose Waco

    He’s not the one scripting this production.

    (Never mind that Baylor is Cuck Central. See also Tulsa.)
    “The one novelist we know Hitler loved and read was Karl May, a German writer of cheap American-style westerns.”
    7909 Karl May Drive
    Waco, TX
    >“Waco” has become an Alamo of sorts, a shrine for the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers and other anti-government extremists and conspiracists.

  2. Comrade commissar Kemp is CCP for life.
    The Yenan Way.
    In Waco where the government killed a bunch of Christians with fire thirty years ago!

  3. You also said that his dinner with Fuentes was going to permanently sink him. That didn’t happen either, your batting average isn’t good.

  4. I’m not a fan of Trump because he acted in a buffonish way in the past……….but he’s surely better than Biden.

    • @Marcel…

      President Biden is better than Lincoln, Stalin or Mao Tse Tung, but, if George III was running against our current president, I doubt very seriously the latter would get my vote.

    • “Lackluster applause from the few diehard supporters attending the Trump rally”

      So the jwzish press will print.

    • Is he really? The “Biden” marionette has done more to discredit and undermine the evil empire than Trumpstein ever did. If he actually pulls the trigger for Jewkraine, which looks increasingly likely, the sight of thousands of flag-draped coffins landing at Dover AFB will cause more of the stupefied to see reality and simultaneously rid us of worthless evil whites and others who’ll obey any order from Uncle Schmuel – no matter how evil and lawless it is. Zion-Don, in contrast, wants to preserve the imperium for folks like Kang Jared, Queen Esther and his favorite Platinum Murikans like Herschel Walker. The faster and more completely the evil empire is utterly destroyed, the better chances some whites will survive to build something different after it’s done. Even direct rule under Islam or China (bad as each would be) is preferable to rule by Jews, who serve their “G_d” (Satan) almost to a man.

      Arrian below describes Cheetohead as a “blocking pawn”. I think that’s an inaccurate description of the God-Emperor of Grift. Being the ultimate grifter he is, even his alleged “blocking” moves are ultimately fake-and-gay, just as his entire administration was. Endlessly fellating Schlomo and pointing to his one accomplishment of releasing violent negroes from prison – along with enriching and enabling the Big Pharma and MIC rackets – makes up the total of his accomplishments. Cheetohead was a blocking pawn who blocked nothing – a typical Republican.

      > He is over on Truth Social right now screaming in ALL CAPs into the void. He is Punished Trump now.

      That kind of tells it all, Troof Social is an echo-chamber for Trump and the tards who worship the clown. He could return to his old fav Twatter, where some might even mention his endless list of failures and his ceaseless grifting. He could even venture over to Gab where his precious Jared and Whore-of-Babylon daughter would be described as the devil-worshippers they are. Mr. Tough-Talk can’t take the truth though. He had four years to do something to oppose the woke empire and utterly failed. The reason is obvious: It was never his intention to oppose the empire, drain the swamp, etc. It was just his biggest grift evaah. Time for Dumpf to dump himself onto the garbage-pile of history, where he belongs.

      • @Exalted cyclops……….as i said i’m not a knight of Trump who acted in a buffonish way………but he’s better than Transkids Biden and Kamala negro power Harris.
        Anyway i agree that the solution is not Trump……at this point to destroy the evil empire worldwide i don’t think we need politicians…..but other figures.

  5. I watched it.

    Like him or not, President Trump has a forceful charisma and a lock on how to communicate to Traditional Americans, above all to those White.

    It felt like 2016 – all over again, only this time he has a supporting cast of those like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.

    Come what may, from the standpoint of history, the next year and a half to the election will be exceedingly interesting, and, probably, even more so beyond.

      • Yes, Dear Arrian – as per usual you are wise beyond your years, and, as well, exceedingly well informed!

        And who knows : there is a chance Trump will get into office and be a better president than he was the first time.

        He certainly can have no illusions about what is what or who is who anymore, as he had in 2016.

        He actually thought that he could romance them into liking him in 2017!

  6. LOL. Ted Nugent kicks off Trump Rally by calling Zelensky a “queer”.

    @Brad Your pal Sessions fucked up. He came under pressure for having had a few meeting with Russians, and then decided in a flash of stupidity to allow for the appointment of a special prosecuter. Which gave the communist-socialists-anarchists the green light to attack Trump. That’s what happened, you and I both know it.

    • Exactly. Sessions cucked at the first opportunity, and when he recused himself from the fake Russia “scandal,” he set the stage for all the fake investigation that came after. No sympathy for him. Classic Republican back bencher – says all the right things when he knows nothing he says will get enacted – but give him the actual power and he immediately stabs his constituents in the back.

      Now, as far as “Trump’s Revenge Tour,” wake me up when he actually does something. The truth is that Trump’s major legislative achievement was the Kardashian Letting Black Criminals Out of Prison Early Act. If Trump had governed like he Tweeted, he might not need a 2024 Revenge Tour, and he’d be in the middle of his second term right now. Yes, I totally realize that the election was stolen in 2020. Let there be no doubt about that. But it was Trump’s lack of leadership during the Covidiocy that set up mail in voting and all of the unconstitutional power grabs that destroyed our country in 2020. Maybe a President who was less of a germophobe might have stood up.

      • @Skeptic…

        “Classic Republican back bencher – says all the right things when he knows nothing he says will get enacted – but give him the actual power and he immediately stabs his constituents in the back.”

        Yes and no.

        No, as in the the reality is that Candidate Trump, as well as the president, said many things that no major Republican figure had dared to say in decades.

        In this respect he was totally anomalous – a throwback to Dixiecrats like George Wallace.

        But, yes, in that his presidency was marred by inconsequential behavior and an inability to attend to enough detail and advance thinking to stay ahead of those whom he sought to fight.

    • Ted should have known better. But what do you expect from a flag waving idiot who still thinks he has a country?

      • Actually, Dear Tikkun – Mr. Nugent does NOT think that we still have a country.

        Though he is from Northern Michigan, Mr. Nugent’s internet chats would seem to suggest that he sees our current situation as does any Traditional Southerner.

    • President Trump is a great trumpeter, publicist, and in dealing with negotiations, a great strategist..

      His weaknesses are in his inability to attend to detail, keep his focus, and, as well, his lack of managerial skills, in particular his inability to evaluate people, something to which most of his cabinet appointments attest.

      Of all those he hired at those positions, I think only Bannon and Miller bore out well.

  7. “The screen is playing footage of cops being attacked. ”
    A couple of fed cops being shoved aside ?

    “MAGA insurrectionists attacking the Capitol.”
    Protesters busting a couple of doors to speak to their ‘elected’ representatives ?

    Oh, how the word manipulators cheat us of the truth.

    It is with words you shall destroy your enemies (gentiles)…..torah

  8. “Trump is a narcissist”

    You don’t get to positions of power by being humble and mild mannered, that’s for the storybooks.

  9. I will vote if Trump comes out in clown suit and lets the horn honk.
    Any hecklers, honk. Making a point, honk.
    Just happy, honk. Laughing at the WOKE Derp State, honk.

  10. The Dems would love for Dump to be the nominee, the weakest possible opponent.

    Bjggest question mark is who the communists (Dems) will nominate. They are rolling with three different Bidens now (and two Fettermans). Will they run one of the Bidens, or someone else? Almost surely, someone else.

    Nothing significant has changed concerning the process, Dominion, months long voting, mail in voting, voting with no id, and so on. Trump has zero chance of being President again.

    Mystery Meat DeSantis has done a Led Zeppelin (crash and burn). Kemp might step up, or Abbott. These are better choices.

  11. Unelectable. Yes he still has a cult, but it’s not big enough for the win. Plenty of lowlifes and morons who WILL vote for any marionette that has the “Democrat” stamp.

  12. I don’t know. YOU all sound like sour grapes…. the thought underlying most of the comments is “They couldn’t possibly vote for Trump again….. could they?”

    And that fear that DJT might just be a different man, and able to legally ‘kill off’ the opposition Bolsheviks, appeals to me, greatly. I’m seeing Ye go back to being the house N*&&er of the Jews, non-De Santis being nothing but the biggest shabbas goy in the land, and NO ONE ELSE is on the horizon, who is ABLE TO MUSTER THE ENERGY and the will of the People (Triumph of that Will?) than DRUMPF.

    I did read that Ted Kennedy, JR is thinking of running? But as what? His honest reporting of Fauci the Modern Mengele, his opposition to the entire COVID charade, and his name above all else, MIGHT be worth a lot… if he runs as a Conservative. If he runs as a DEMON-rat, I’m sorry, but no. THOSE BASTARDS deserve death for all they have done to U.S.

    St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

    My two cents.

    • @Fr. John…

      Though he is a Liberal New Englander, I would vote for a Robert F. Kennedy Jr ahead of all Republican known would-be candidates except fora Rand Paul or a Donald Trump candidacy

      He, RFK Jr., demonstrated a courage in this past 2 years we have been sorely lacking on the scene, in terms of political leadership.

      To my Southern way of thinking, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. grabbed the Confederate battleflag and quite literally dared them to shoot him down.

      No true Southern man can fail to love a demonstration such as that.

      Andrew Jackson would love a man like that – that I bet SpahnRanch, if he were here, would verify.

  13. > If Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, I don’t think he will govern the same way that he did in his first term or how he would have governed had he won the 2020 election.

    Disagree. There might be some personal vendettas against those who “betrayed” him, but you can be certain that he will not be ordering the execution of either of the overt Satanists in his own household. Cheetohead is the fun-house mirror-image of Teddy Roosevelt’s ideal: He brays like a jackass and carries a pea-shooter to a gunfight.

  14. Not only did God Emperor Trump hold a rally he also appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity.

    Rush Limbaugh really helped Trump in 2016 and I think that Hannity wants to be like Rush (RIP) so badly that he will try and get the Conservatives out for Trump like Limbaugh did.

    Biden has been so poor that if Mittens Romney ran against him I would vote for Romney!

  15. He can’t will 8 years later though, the democratic machines have taken full control of Pennsylvania and Michigan now and those states are write offs. Arizona is doubtful as well.

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