Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale Video Released


Bodycam footage is out now.

Do you remember what happened after Dylann Roof?

If these people can pressure state and local governments to tear down our Confederate monuments, we ought to apply the same pressure to wipe out every manifestation of the “trans” cult in public life.


  1. I notice this creature lived like a pig from the condition of her room. An unkempt mind and therefore an unkempt life. Her father should have sent her from his home a long time ago. You cannot allow an adult child, who is clearly into evil and therefore a satanist, to remain in your home. He didn’t know this creature had weapons? He allowed an adult child, who was clearly on a one way trip to loserville, to live off of him. She couldn’t have been making a ton of money. An adult woman with flags on her wall. Good grief she was still an adolescent in her thinking and behavior. What her father should have done was to make it clear that he would give her a short period of time to get her life in order or she would have to leave. Parents are coddling these mental cases. An adult woman going nowhere. No plans to marry, completely immature and no surprise, completely nuts. Welcome to a society ran by Jews. Demonic, irrational and dangerous.

  2. Wonder if they were a pothead as well? Despite the lies all the potheads say about “how it makes you chill” daily users become depressed because they end up with too much THC in their system and their brain begins to function abnormally. A factor in some of these murders, that Uvalde guy for one, looked like the type who did nothing but sit in front of the TV playing video games and smoking pot. Look at that mess that was supposed to be their room? Looks like an addicts den.

    • I agree with you on the pothead angle. There are studies linking early use of pot with mental problems. Case in point, Carrie Fisher, whose insane, irresponsible mother, Debbie Reynolds, smoked pot with her daughter when Fisher was 11 years old. Carrie Fisher had mental issues throughout her life including one psychotic episode.

  3. This society is shameless – picking on children, the most vulnerable and unstable, in order to force them to fit into their ideas of playing tennis without a net.

    That will have to suffice, for what I really truly feel I cannot say online.

    Shame on us, Southerners, for putting up with this one minute.

  4. NAFO flag is telling. It means she (he?) was fully immersed in the online culture war between NATO shills and apathetic types, anti-NATO types, Ukraine skeptics, or Russia adjacent supporters. In a way Hale is a perfect representative of Spencer’s incompetent “eugenics” meme. I’d bet money he and whoever is left orbiting him are secretly celebrating this in a Twitter chat as a “two birds, one stone” thing.

    The Cuckservatives will find a way to fumble the ball. Remember Cannon Hinnant? The country is just massively leftist now. Media liberals are doing lockstep Whataboutism over this. They all privately support this shooting.

  5. Pretzels aren’t as twisted as the media is going to get trying to explain this away. It will certainly put a kink in the transgender left trying to get at your children. This stuff gets around among parents. So, very terrible a thing to happen. But their might be some positive effects because of this awful event.

  6. Yes, but it’s all so more evidence as if any is needed that the Bush Jr “Conservative” year issues aren’t working well for us now when our demographics have changed.

    Anything goes GUNS, GUNS, GUNS with no checks for crazy people – this F##*$&@# Transexual was crazy – that doesn’t make any sense.

    Paranoid 80s and 90s Right Wing Americans who say “We can’t control guns” or “if any guns are illegal, only the worst criminals and hostile government will have guns” simply ignore all the healthy, safe successful societies where military guns and all kinds of things are controlled:

    1990s Guliani NYPD controlled New York City

    Sure there are grey areas, other things are not confusing – this Tranny was crazy, Muhamed Ata the leader of the 9-11-01 Islamic terrorist suicide mass murderer hated us and should never have been let in to the USA on unsupervised student visas – think the Government of Japan would let someone in their country/society to do that?

    Mass migration of COVID, TB, AIDS, Monkeypox, Bubonic Plagued illegal aliens/migrants that’s not hard to under that this is really bad, suicide/murder for our people.

    Don’t let idiot Liberals, or Libertarian liars/utopians try to change the subject or make all kinds of excuses why we can’t do simple things like identify crazy, dangerous Transexual/sexual perverts.

    Don’t let Christian Zionists/the military industrial complex or J Neo Conservative others try to distract us from our societal collapse by offering another feel good J war for “Freedom and Democracy”, “opposing the latest Hitler”.

    Again life ain’t complicated – it’s certainly rough, scary but we ve been through worse.

    • Criminals, whether they are street-thugs or the professional ones who wear badges and operate under the color of law will never lack for guns. Living from a city (Shitcongo) where even BB guns are banned from the zeks while the Kangz and their minions walkabout with full-auto and carry out slaughter every day 24 x 7 x 365, I would have thought you would do better than to parrott some moronic talking points about crime rates of other countries who lack the massive dindu population of Murika. (Norway and Denmark are already starting to experience the joys of die-ver-city, but one hardly ever sees negroes in any of the Asian countries listed). NYC under Ghouliani was largely a media invention as even your own city’s Second City Cop routinely exposed the massive statistical falsification accomplished by NYC’s prized CompStat system, whereby outright first-degree murders are re-classified as manslaughter, accidents and the like. A good part of NYC’s fall in violent crime is due to “Hollywood accounting” practices.

      While the writer of this article goes overboard in his generalization of all cops, which was corrected by a fine response from Rockaboatus, his overall point stands. Like the military who many now ape, cops carry out orders from the oligarchs who are their ultimate paymasters. The Nashville police were professional in the latest event as the shooter was liquidated fairly quickly. Nevertheless the overall trend is that the peace officers fade away while the law-enforcement stasi grows. How many times have we seen cops stand aside as Antifa and BLM carried out violent crimes in front of them in the last three years? Too many to count.

      We already have far too many gun control laws which are Talmudically applied. As a Repuke actually had the stones to ask a worthless POS federal bureaucrat the other day: Why isn’t Hunter Biden in prison (since he perjuriously filled out the form to purchase a gun)? Despite public safety rhetoric coming from dishonest criminal politicians, gun control is ultimately about enabling criminals of all types to operate unimpeded while disarming the law-abiding from self-defense. An armed teacher in the Nashville school who knew how to shoot would have saved lives. Fast as the Nashville cops were, the old axiom still holds: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. The first gun control law was passed in NY in 1912 (Sullivan Act), to prevent shop owners from being able to shoot back when folks like your Mob guy came to shake them down.

    • Agreed. The population of this country is severely degraded. Free-for-all gun access is insanity at this point. It’s a shame that scum always have to ruin things for the good people.

    • J.Ryan could you honestly, expect to keep yourself, or whoever you care about, SAFE in a grid down scenario in a place like the Chicago or Detroit area, without being armed ? Any man, worth his own personal “SALT” know’s it’s his personal duty, too be on Armed, On Guard and ready, at any moment…….
      ..Too Smite The EVIL DOWN………

  7. I’m a relatively libertarian guy, but it should be a crime to promote radical gender ideology to children, and affirming your child’s gender confusion is child abuse.

  8. Society has always had kooks and weirdos, but we now have a ((media)) .encouraging it by amplifying it 1000 times with positive reinforcement. Consequently insane behavior has become institutionalized/normalized.

    There would never have been a hippie movement without media ((TV)) encouragement. Hippies would have been dismissed as bums and the boomers might have become a rational generation.

  9. “we ought to apply the same pressure to wipe out every manifestation of the “trans” cult”

    You don’t have the power of ((mass)) media.

  10. The primary weapon being carried is a Kel-Tec Sub2000. A folding rifle that only comes in two pistol calibers, 9mm and .40 cal.
    Easily distinguished from the AR15 in previous news claims by anyone who knows firearms.

    What’s sad is that the school didn’t have an armed guard to protect their most valuable and vulnerable.

    Reason # 4,284 why we homeschool.

  11. Look at the filth in that room.

    How can someone spent so much emotional energy on creating a fictitious identity for themselves, yet have no energy to remove the trash and filth from their living space.

  12. Unlike other school shootings, it’s nice to see the police actually go in and do something instead of waiting. I recently went to Nashville for a dance, and this is sad, for it is a very good city.
    Then, I heard a ‘conservative’ talk show host here in St. Louis said he hoped we would ‘respect’ all people, and not ‘blame’ those who are LGQBT, or those who are gay, or gays who have adopted children, or gays who have married, because they are all good people, and even trans people are good…we mustn’t ‘judge.’
    This from a real gun-loving, vet-loving, Biden hating ‘conservative.’
    Conservatism…talk radio…both have outlived their expiration date.

    • Gropey Joe announced today we will be spending 9.5 billion to strengthen “democracy” around the world. American “democracy” is nothing but jew/black/LGBTQ worship and promotion of race-mixing everywhere.

      • Yes, Dear Tikkun, by ‘democracy’, those in charge of The United States’ Government mean erasing all boundaries between people everywhere.

        It’s Professor Karl Popper’s dream come true – back to pre-Babel, or so it would seem.

  13. Is that it’s bedroom? Holy fuck!! You’d think it was occupied by a swarm of rodents and druggies! Has it never heard of a trash can to remove such waste?

  14. I have a British Flag hanging in my Den!

    Being Adolescent has its fountain of youth if you can sale it gracefully in aging!

    Listen to the song 5th teen agin by the British band Suede!

    Or the London Suede!

    With the coolest music you can Win!


  15. Miles Mathis offers another explanation, as he always does, that this is a fake event, done by actors. why, he said in his recent posting, would the video be released so soon? And why would there be such thoughtless, defiant rhetoric in defense of the killer’s actions issued by the trans movement? Mostly because all these “activists” are actors to encourage an emotional swing to the right, so next election the right will swamp the left and come into power…and the deep state, ruling class, the Phoenician navy (what he calls the Jews), will stay in power by taking our minds off the real problems…the Covid deaths and cessation of political liberties, as well as an obvious breakdown of this class’s control of things. As Jeffery A. Tucker said, control “by an egregious and criminal mismanagement of the social order,” and a radical cleansing of this order will be forestalled by electing a “conservative” like Trump or Trump again, and so keep the wrong people in power for a while longer, much like they elected Teddy Roosevelt as a Progressive. (“Progressive? Hah!” says Miles).
    We’re all pretty aware how Covid was stage directed, as was BLM. So, caution is needed. How did Tom Luongo put it? The new motto should be “distrust but verify.”
    Miles states this ruling class is weak and falling. We have a chance to get rid of them, but we’d better hurry up before they recover and make a new game plan.

  16. The Covenant Presbyterian church-school complex where the ‘trans shooting’ took place, was involved in a child molestation scandal 10 years earlier

    Given the timing, it’s possible that the accused ‘shooter’ was a young victim in that scandal

    Courthouse News – ‘Church Accused of Covering for Molester’
    24 Oct 2013

    This kind of connection is sometimes a part of these events – the two boys in the 1999 Columbine High School shooting of 1999, are said to have been raped by local gay policemen … the shooting a lashing out of their trauma

      • ““Journalists” are trying to blame the school for the shooting.”

        Reality inversion !

        There’s a tribe of people who always practice that form of narrative, i just can’t remember who they are.

  17. I understand that everyone here believes the narrative right off. If it’s on tv, well that’s how it is. No one questions it. But almost all of these mass mass shootings are FBI hoaxes.

    • “But almost all of these mass mass shootings are FBI hoaxes”, I agree. This shooting has some weirdness. It’s going around that the shooter apparently had 2 different kinds of shoes, like when it entered it appeared to be wearing black and white Pumas but after the cops lit it up it appeared to be wearing red, orange, and black flaming vans, didn’t see any blood when the gestapo killed it either. Where were the victims shot? The usual never letting the public see the crime scenes anymore for our own good, just believe the government and media that lies about literally everything to assure you that people died. When the police were searching for the shooter, the school appeared abandoned, seemed drill like. Then the obvious government organized gun confiscation political theater at the Nashville capital building damn near the very next day. These media bonanza shootings are always so damn SUS. If they do release the “manifesto” and it has redactions from the FBI, than I call bullshit on this whole thing. Btw, the “intelligence community” has been actively recruiting these weirdos for years now. The article I linked is from 2017.

      • I forgot to add that transgenderism is backed by all multinationals and depopulation/climate cult zealots because it’s probably assumed that if your transgender you most likely won’t reproduce synergized with unlimited abortions it seems obvious what the organized motive truly is.

  18. The shooter went to that school I see. Brilliant job the Christcucks are doing in raising the next generation of Christian children!

  19. Some folks here seem more concerned with the sloppy room that the six murders. Confession: My house is pretty messy as well.

  20. I wonder if this satanic faggot golem creature was on SSRI meds like every other mass shooter in the history of America??
    Of course, big Pharma will never be blamed for anything

  21. Yet another example of the war on Christianity. These Christians was all targeted because they was Christians. Nothing more and nothing less. This is what the homosexuals, lesbians, and other nasty sinners think about Christianity. They hate us every single one of us. This is why every single Church and School in this country should have armed security, teachers, coaches, and administrators. This is the real World and this kind of evil is around every second. If I had it my way every Church and school would have security with AK47s in front of every single one of them for protection. It’s time people get serious about security. Stop being safe targets. 2nd Amendment up for God, Family, Race, and Nation. Deo Vindice!

    • @Brian Pace…

      Unfortunately, many Christians have not yet learned that God is not going to thwart the exercise of freewill, that belongs to others, even when that exercise disgusts God.

      Many Christians still think that this country was built by word-prayer, when the reality is that it was built by blood, sweat, and tears – prayers of action

      Too many Christians, of this day and age, think that God is a verbal sort, not the action sort.

      They do not realize that action/inaction is a prayer, and that, above all, God answers that.

      That’s why, when I was a child, Southerners used to say : ‘God helps those who help themselves.’

      So, yes you are right – God has blessed us to tend to our own security, and that we ought do.

  22. There have always been dysgenic and dysmorphic Whites who felt inferior and rejected by the more eugenic White mainstream.

    In the past, they embedded in countercultures of alternative music, radical academia, art, and drug culture.

    People in Right Dissident spheres actually appreciate some of their historic musical contributions however hard that is to admit.

    With the absolute complete degenerate breakdown of our society along with the decrease in testosterone levels and the ubiquity of garbage food this latest crop of dysgenic dysmorphic Whites are increasingly latching onto the Trans Rebellion.

    This is a cultural hypothesis which might be erroneous but I think there is data to support.

    The evidentiary Ukraine flag alongside the Trans flag which is becoming increasingly common bears signs of the past punk anti-social violence and social graffiti.

    The youth have always needed an avenue for rebellion and the current demonic elite are happy to push them off the cliff as they seek the complete destruction and transformation of the entirety.

  23. Jaye,

    May I call you by your first name? I am a woman now not a girl so I ask this.
    Yes. Gun control worked in Mexico. After the 1968 gun laws Mexican murder rates dropped fantastically until by the 1980’s they were approaching American levels.

    And then? The cartels hit. Still before Mexican gun laws the murder rate was twice what it is now with the cartels. Remember the cartels got off the ground by getting their firearms from the usa.

    Now? They still do to an extent but they have so much money I think that now they can buy some guns anywhere.

    I am aware that because gun control worked in Mexico does not automatically means that it would work in the USA. Different laws sometimes for different societies.

    My family is somewhat powerful but without Federals we can not cross them so in my State and other States they are in control.

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