The Soul of Our Nation

It has been a busy week.

It also isn’t even April Fools’ Day yet.

1. Transurrectionists Invade State Capitols

After a “trans” shooter killed a bunch of kids in a Christian school in Nashville, transsexual insurrectionists are storming Southern state capitols while being celebrated in Minnesota.

2. The National Weather Service Is Queer

The weather is queer.

This is our official established state religion now.

3. Transsexuals Are The Real Victims

In spite of what you may have heard, transsexuals are the real victims here. They are shaping the very soul of our nation. Transsexuals are “made in the image of God” by rejecting their biological sex. Also, you would be mistaken if you assumed that the president, the political establishment, major corporations or the media would be “standing with the Christian community” in the wake of this mass shooting.

4. Donald Trump Is Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Trump was finally indicted.

He is also guilty until proven innocent.

Meanwhile, criminals who terrorize New York City are simply released from jail and don’t face any consequences. The legal system is only wielded as a political weapon.

5. Douglass Mackay aka Ricky Vaughn Found Guilty For Making Memes

Ricky Vaughn was also found guilty of election interference in New York for making memes which made fun of Hillary Clinton.

6. California Entertains Reparations For Being a Free State

$5 million each isn’t enough for “foundational black Americans” who were never enslaved in San Francisco or California.

7. U.S. Military Bases Are Renamed

Closer to home, Fort Benning and Fort Rucker are among the military bases that are being renamed due to being associated with Confederates.

It is a lot to digest.

This country has been a joke though for my entire life.

Note: BTW, the South was right and we need a National Divorce.


  1. Look up Anita Bryant if you most likely do not remember. And how her career was destroyed. Florida has apparently long been a queer haven.

    • The Left has been successful because they can bring to bear a concentrated cultural/financial/legal attack on their enemies, especially when their enemies are not united. This more than compensates for the small numbers of people on the Left driving things. This is equivalent to a “Force Multiplier” in military parlance. This is possible because the Left controls the institutional high ground in the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire such as the Lügenpresse, universities and most importantly, the money, money, money.

      Anita Bryant was fired as the spokesman for Florida Orange Juice because The Usual Suspects could threaten a corporate level boycott against Florida orange juice producers. They also mounted a public relations campaign against Anita Bryant at the same time characterizing her as a wacko nut job religious extremist while portraying fags in a favorable light. This made Anita look like the villain. This was possible because the Left controlled the Lügenpresse, especially TV and could cut off funding to companies while vilifying them on TV for supporting a neo-Nazi.

      The overwhelming majority of people in the country sided with Anita Bryant, not the Left but this didn’t matter ultimately. By threatening a corporate boycott, not a public boycott (which would have failed) and waging a long, disreputable, repetitive propaganda campaign they destroyed Anita Bryant and elevated the image of fags. This was before the internet so there was no effective public response possible at that time.

      When the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire’s money goes bad, the Left will collapse. Their True Believers are insane or just grifters profiting off of the current ruling class. Their numbers are tiny but powerful but they rule through fear, bribery and public scorn, not a recipe for long term power or loyalty. Unfortunately, everyone else will also suffer when the USD goes tits up, a process underway now and unavoidable. Those responsible for the failure will just move on to someplace else, never held accountable.

      • “The (((Left)) has been successful because they can bring to bear a concentrated cultural/financial/legal attack ”

        They’ve had centuries of practice in refining their methods of subversion and infiltration.

        In 72 AD they learned they couldn’t destroy their enemies by direct confrontation, so they developed methods of internal destruction, like a bacteria invading a body and eating the flesh of its host.

        We are being consumed.

      • ” Those responsible for the failure will just move on to someplace else, never held accountable.” — Yep, just like town/city/county managers, school superintendents, college and community college presidents, chiefs of police etc. All well networked gypsies of gross incompetence, treason and thievery that help each other find the next gig down the road at $150K plus (and rising with Bidenflation) every two to five years.

  2. You are being baited. And I got news for those who are doing the baiting. It is not going to work. But it sure is funny as hell.

    • Of course not. This is replacement therapy for collapsing Empire. When Saudis and he rest of the world abandoning USD so financial system and Jew power with it goes down in flames, then they compensating this by locking up Trump and sodomizing children.

      Nazi Germany went down by same way. They compensated losses on the front with more virtue signaling in remaining territories. When Red Army crushed entire Eastern front in the operation Bagration, Nazis answered by replacing military salute with party salute in the remaining army.

      This is the end of 400 years Jew Power.

      • @Juri…

        “This is the end of 400 years Jew Power.”

        I think, Dear Juri, you are being a bit rash here.

        Jewish Power is so well-entrenched in multi echelons, that you could try to blow it out, as engineers do to create foundations for skyscrapers in Manhatten, and you would not get to the end of it in decades.

        On the other hand, if you mean to suggest that they way Jewish Power is currently organized, is taking a lot of hits, and that they will be forced to reorganize it, this in order to salvage it, I do agree.

        The 20th century was The Golden Age for Jewry, despite some obvious setbacks.

        The 21st century will be a gradual sunsetting on that – if we, Humanity, actually survive that process.

        Dr. Janos Drabik, the Hungarian expert on The Jewish World Order, said last year, being interveiwed by Torockai Laszlo..

        ‘They’re slipping. You can feel it.’

        • “Jewish Power is so well-entrenched in multi echelons,”

          Is that ever true !
          Especially in the top tiers.

  3. Couple of guys from Serbia that work with me are telling me to come visit with them this summer..

    I may never come back to this disgusting fucking excuse for a country

  4. In all brutal candidness, I just don’t know what to make of this festering fuckpile of a nation, if not this world, anymore. I don’t want to be a nameless, unthinking, hyper-atomized barcode living in a ~200 sq foot pod working a demanding, yet underpaying job, existing on an artificial diet of bugs, soy, soulless pop/nerd culture from both sides of the Pacific/Atlantic, and a steady stream of 1984 style right-think indoctrination all the while as the world outside turns into an uninhabitable crime-ridden garbage heap.

    Within me, a nihilistic, furious animosity towards all of humanity, driven in large part by my failure to thrive as a human being and regardless of any distinguishing characteristic, brews. There is no real desire within me to go to college or get a job. Why? I don’t want a bunch of woke judeo-Marxist atheist professors to basically open up my cranium and shit in it, and then get a degree that will turn out to be meaningless and get me a meager job that pays a meager wage that will afford me a meager living standard that will only plummet/shrink as this joke of a country further unravels, our citizens become dumber, the rule of law erodes, the streets become awash with Negro crime, and foreign economies begin dumping the dollar en masse.

    Call me a doomer, but these days I find myself wishing that the situation in Ukraine would just escalate all the way up to a full-blown, nuclear WW3 and give all of us complimentary baths in atomic hellfire, or the development of nascent AI tech would accelerate to the point of AI gaining self-awareness and going full SkyNet on us

    • Christian, your rage is completely understandable, but please consider that nihilism and despair only serve our enemies. Channel your outage into constructive action to build a counter-community of love, honor, and loyalty.

      Our enemies are Satan and his followers. God has ordained and predestined their ultimate defeat. Seek God, and you will find Him.

    • Much closer. Financial system is complete mess and may collapse any time. Also, puppets like Saudis and others already jumping the ship.

      Those puppets are well informed and if collapse were decade away, then Empire could bomb them many times. Puppets are sure that now they are bombing proof and color revolution proof. This means only that we are very near to collapse.

  5. Understand that gulags are coming in the next 5 years. You will likely have to fight for your life from your doorstep, or get hauled off to be tortured by niggers and faggots for life.

  6. How it fell into decline USA……..i hope that you good americans will be able to free yourselves from this madness people.

    • Oh, dear. We are still a long way from the summit.

      Be brave. Find some humor in the absurdity of it all. Realize others have faced collapses in the past. Keep your loved ones close; know you “fight” for them.

  7. Shameful, pitiful, what a bunch of messed up young people, in this messed up country………the u.s.a has become a ” Hissing ” among the nation’s, how do we justify allowing ourselves too be ruled over by such filth ?

    • “how do we justify allowing ourselves too be ruled over by such filth ?”

      Because they have solidarity and we don’t.

    • Very problematic, Dear Terry, and yet I think Saint Paul covered this…

      “Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.

      Romans 1 – 28

  8. Growing up I thought the left were just a bunch of laid back, pot smoking hippies who just wanted to be left alone.
    They wanted big brother out of their lives.
    Insofar as they wanted more government, it was to hold corporations more accountable, not Joe and Jane average.
    They wanted corporations to take better care of their employees and consumers.
    To stop dumping toxic chemicals into rivers and lakes.
    You know, pretty common sense stuff most people could get behind.
    That’s why I used to vote for the green party back in the 00s and early 10s, I thought that’s what the left was.
    Boy was I wrong.

    Alex Jones introduced me to another side of the left I could’ve never imagined in my wildest dreams or nightmares.
    And 2020 confirmed everything he said about the radical left.
    The left of my youth was gone, instead I saw Antifa and BLM burn neighborhoods to the ground and force white people at restaurants to chant BLM slogans and apologize for ‘hate crimes’ they never committed.
    I watched the MSM demonize and try to destroy the lives of Kyle Rittenhouse and that couple just for defending their neighborhoods from terrorists.
    2-3 years of lockdowns, masks, social distancing, tracking, tracing and forced inoculations (what happened, I thought the left was supposed to be apprehensive about big pharma?).
    Brainwashing toddlers into believing they can be the opposite sex, that puberty blockers, steroids, cutting off body parts and sowing on fake ones is a good thing.

    And now this, trannies with guns?
    Trannies……with guns, shooting up schools?
    The left celebrating them instead of empathizing with the 6 Christians who were murdered and their families.
    No science fiction film or TV series could prepare me for what I’m witnessing today.
    What the hell is going on, who the hell are these people?
    What happened to the hippies?
    And punishing ordinary people for carbon emissions instead of corporations for actual pollution.

    Now when I think of the left, I think of guys like Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab.
    I think of low carbon, no not low carb, low carbon diets, replacing meat, eggs and fish with synthetic, lab grown sludge, RFID chips and transhumanism.
    I think of a hostile, invading force from another planet.
    And if there’s one thing Hollywood has taught me, it’s what to do when a hostile ET shows up at your door.

    I get it now, what happened was the radical left (wealthy Jews from eastern Europe + wealthy Yankees), who control Hollywood, brainwashed me into believing they were just a bunch of pothead hippies, but that’s just a small subsection of the left who have little-no power, the reality is they’re the richest and most powerful people on earth.
    They were hiding their true colors, waiting for the right moment when the WW2 generation were dead, boomers retiring and millennials preparing to takeover the reigns.
    Now they’re letting their true colors shine for all with eyes to see, to see, and they are demonic.

    It was always the rightwinger or someone bipartisan who was the villain in those movies, never a lefty, I get it now.

    • Yes you indeed get it. All we’re seeing now is the mask falling off. <a href=""Stonetoss tells the truth in a single two-framed picture.

      Gregory Hood gives a decent summary, flawed only by AR’s standing refusal to mention those who must not be named. Even the one-note tune Jared Taylor helps in exposing some of reality (though he assiduously avoids mentioning the more important part). Interesting how Taylor – the son of missionaries raised in Japan – seems to have rejected Christianity but retained the Darbyist heresy thereof popularized by Cyrus Scofield.

    • Not to mention trying to destroy Donald Trump and Bret Kavanaugh with Russiagate and #metoo lies, and bringing us closer to WW3 over the Donbass of all places, a sliver of land no one’s even heard of before yesterday most people couldn’t locate on the map, a predominantly Russian place fighting for its survival and independence from Ukraine, and the imperialist west.

      • Speaking of Ukraine –

        Jewish Ukraine President Zelensky has just arrested top Christian Metropolitan (archbishop) Pavel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

        Classic Jewish over-reach, not holding back on anti-Christian hatred

        Photo of Ukrainian police humiliating the archbishop and putting a monitoring device on Metropolitan Pavel’s ankle


        Al Jazeera:

        “A court in Ukraine’s capital has sentenced a top religious leader to house arrest, according to his church, amid hearings into whether he glorified invading Russian forces and stoked religious divisions.

        In a statement on Saturday, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) said the Kyiv court also ordered Metropolitan Pavel to wear an electronic bracelet.”

    • A lot of people just don’t understand the influence of the various Trotskyite groups, some of which are fairly large, have on American politics. The Trotsky types see themselves as professional revolutionaries, and they are involved in every radical political movement, and deeply involved in the union movement.

      You add in the various communist, socialist and anarchist groups to the Trotskyites and we have a real problem in the US.

      Plus, all of the above mentioned groups have long time alliances and connections with Christian and Catholic Churches.

  9. In 1972, Edmund Muskie, a liberal Democrat, was running for the Presidential nomination. An aide asked him about speaking to a homosexual organization. Muskie angrily replied that “I’m not going to pander to sodomites”. We’ve come a long way, baby.

  10. In the early decades of my life I was so GRATEFUL TO BE AN AMERICAN, because of all the opportunities and security afforded me.

    In the last 25 years, however, all that has been lost, to the point where, NOW, the only thing I FEEL is a kind of siege-mentality that comes with CONSTANT FEAR.

    As a White Southerner, I feel like me and mine on constantly in the crosshairs – our lands flooded by strangers, our culture, history, and values being ravaged and annihilated, our bodies and minds ravaged by a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual poisons.

    Worst of all – my fellow Southerners have become a kind of zombie-sheep, unwilling to stand up to anything, other than spray Round-up on some weeds attempting to encroach on the house..

    We have lost the most essential thing necessary to any man – the will to fight for ourselves and those whom we love.

    We’ll fight for any cause but our own.

    The problem is : we are under a kind of assault the likes of which we have never seen.

    The entire system we, White Southerners, created, with New Englanders, so long ago, is reeling, to the point where we may rely on nothing.

    Even elections seem no more valid.

    The Lawfare that overtook The League of The South in 2017, has overtaken even a former president.

    NO AMERICAN IS SAFE – anywhere.

    The question is : will The Normies ever realize it?

    We are just a hop, skip, and a jump from mass political prisons for every class of person – particularly Whites.

  11. The Left is terrorizing and jailing their political opponents.

    The Right wants to be peaceful, moderate, optical, diverse, inclusive, and libertarian while supporting Israel and the Military Industrial Complex.

    The Right complains IT’S NOT FAIR! but at the same time the grifters can’t stop promoting the Based Black Conservatives, tax cuts for corps, smaller government, and cutting the safety net all while protesting they support Israel/Jews more than Democrats.

    The Right has little to zero power in the culture, media, academia, and national security state but gets a tiny bit of federal political power and holds meaningless hearings while going gung ho for funding Jukraine and WWIII with Russia….

    And none of this will change because the Right intrinsically knows it’s over and it’s not worth fighting for anyway. If some power can be gained it’s better to grift for the most gibs to get as far away from the scrum with as much padding as possible.

    • Yes,
      the majority of the ‘right’ just want to dip their fingers in the till, while mouthing words that placate their constituents. Their isn’t a solid core anywhere in most non-left politicians, just mush.

  12. I read again this morning an article about the US military being unable to meet its recruitment goals.”Good,” I thought, “No nation whose soul is shaped by trannies is worth dying for.”

    Read the headlines. See what this nation stands for, and then be glad that young people have the brains and the good sense not to squander or risk their lives, youth and health fighting and dying in the military.

    • Be careful, before you celebrate.

      They may use the shortage of recruits to bring in more immigrants.
      How would you like to face down a military filled with alien muds ?

  13. “One Nation Under Satan, Disivible, With Liberty and Justice For Protected Classes”. LOL, so true. Clown world.

  14. OK, this is horrible, but not unexpected. It’s now an American tradition that we have pretty much permanent National Presidential elections, permanent national, state and local elections similar to J Bolshevik Leon Trotsky/Lev Bronwtein’s call for “Permanent Revolution” . It’s all about racial, ethnic, sexual Identitarian group power – everybody against us with the J puppet masters being on top inciting the mob hatred and violence – showing carefully edited video of some Black heroin, meth, crack dealer or Black low life trying to kidnap his bastard children from his baby momma, fighting with the police, trying to knife the Po Po and getting his as* beat, shot by the Police.

    All sides are still disputing the last 3 Presidential Elections (Russians stole the election for Donald True, Russian Collusion” and the idiot conspiracy Right Wing nut cases saying “We’re going to reverse the election of Obama because he wasn’t born in the USA – he was born in Africa (yeah right). Or Bill Clinton will be impeached for getting a consensual blow J from Monica. Now ex President Trump and GOP front runner Trump has been indicted for paying a pornstar/prostitute Stormy Daniels. He apparently didn’t even have sex with this prostitute/pornstar.

    The Antifa, BLM, CRT, Tranny, ADL, ZOG, Islamists understand that all their riots, threats of riots, mass looting in 2020 … it worked for them, worked against us – American First President Trump was defeated, removed Antifa, J Hollywood, Homintern, BLM, CRT, the Deep State, Cuckservatives ZOG are back in power and they are starting early again 1 year and a half before the next Presidential, National election – they’re even agitating for World War III against our kinsmen the Russians and Hungarians, Poles for throwing off J Communism and resisting Homo CRT New World Order.

    Our situation is very, very similar to the situation in Germany, Austria, Central Europe and Eastern Europe 100 years ago after Germany and Germany Allies (stabbed in the back) surrendered in World War I and there was the horrible period of the Weimar Republic.

    J Bolshelvic Communist a Bavarian Soviet actually came to power in Munich and Most of Bavaria under the horrible leadership of the J Kurt Eisner which was only put down by Ernst Rohm led Friecorp that morphed in to the SA army.

    OK, so that’s what’s happening now with these CRT Tranny invasions of many State capitals. In many ways our situation is worse than in Germany 100 years ago because our demongraphics are worse and Germany didn’t have a total ZOG monopolized television video media. Nationalists could fight back against Communists and perverts in Germany and not get video taped, edited, doxed, betrayed by Cuckservatives like we are.


    This is another reason I advocate networking with rougher, less nice, quasi criminal White and sort of White groups like Bikers, Mafia – they are less likely to simply give in at being called names or threatened with being arrested, having Cucks and enemies talk to their employers.

    Yeah, hoist those Black pirate flags and look to Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks then and now also biker groups then and now like the HAs that did a good job of security at the Rolling Stones Altamont CA concert in 1969. Some uppity Black N guy with a White mud shark coal burner was repeatedly stalking the RS stage brandishing a gun and White HAs had to fight him, kill him with a knife which they did. Good for them.

    We need HAs and other Bikers now and yeah, SAs, not Stalheim or LDS church folks dressed in sweaters and suits who’ve never had a beer or kissed a woman that’s not their wives.

    Prepare for a year and a half of street anarchy, sexual degeneracy mob violence and mob Black mail and all kinds of Cuckservatives, Libs, Libertarians, Christian Zionists trying give in, buy off, throw us under the bus.

    That’s life.

  15. They gave my local Fort Lee (I hadn’t heard about Fort Pickett, which is a little ways down the road) a hyphenated name after two blacks, which, considering the type that come through there and the effect they have on the area, is probably more reflective of the reality of the current situation.

  16. Hawley can’t be trusted much further than you can throw him. But he’s a safe pair of hands. He’s also dealt with the Ferguson Effect directly. Probably not happy about the war with Russia.

  17. Please make a list state and local who’s doing these Tranny invasions, these drag shows for kindergartens. Get names, photos, addresses, job and social information. Learn to dox. Contact neighbors of these perverts.

    Also and this is more important. Do the detective work on who’s funding, enabling these Tranny state capital invasions. Yes we know George Soros, but who’s delivering the money, proving transport for out of state Antifa etc.

    And who are the cuckerservative GOP governors and other not doing anything to resist – where do they live, hang out, play golf. Get in their face.

    I’ve been doxed and I’ve doxed. Doxing works.

    Let’s all try to get off the internet, turn of SEC basketball and football and get out there. There is work to be done.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need to network with rougher White folks like bikers that aren’t afraid to get in to a fist fight. Get to know them, try to help them. Here’s something that works – have really good looking virgin White Christian girls fall in love with some of the better rough bikers – offering these guys a future love, marriage. That s what happened in the movie “On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando directed by Elia Kazan.

    • I would like to have a list made of the ‘judges’ who have kept people in prison for over two years after being accused of trespassing. This is sick, and every judge who has participated in this should be fired and disbarred.

      Maybe this is something Tucker Carlson could look into, he’s one of the few that have even mentioned these poor slobs, him and Marjoriie Taylor Green.

  18. I just visited more than 20 alt populist sites. Not a single one has mentioned a word about today being Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week.

    Perhaps some sites mentioned it, but I didn’t see any. The conclusion is sure, that the alt media is completely worthless. Execept this site.Hunter does cover things from a Christion petspective, and is a secessionist as well. Gab is a technical dumpster fire, but Torba is righteous. I didn’t look at his site today, not until he fixes it.

    Today, Sunday, April 2, is Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week. Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord!

  19. Not even HBO is safe-

    >Protected Classes

    “Their focus has long been to entertain mainstream audiences rather than HBO’s affluent coastal crowd.”

    also in trouble:

    “Tupperware isn’t capitalising on the zeitgeist.”

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