Donald Trump Has Been Arrested

This country is a joke.

It has been a joke for years now.

At this point, the only question is how much more of this are we going to take. What is the breaking point? What is the point of no return? How long will we continue to live like this?

In just the last two weeks:

  • A “trans man” targeted and shot up a Christian school in Nashville
  • The shooter was portrayed as the real victim by the media
  • Madonna announced she was holding a concert in Nashville to stand with the LGBTQ community
  • The president refused to stand with the Christian community or to acknowledge what happened except to renew his push for gun control
  • Drag queens performed at the CMT Music Awards
  • Bud Light began to push transgenderism
  • Ricky Vaughn was convicted in his federal trial for making memes in the 2016 election
  • Finally, Trump has been arrested in Manhattan and charged with 34 felonies

Obviously, I don’t care for Donald Trump.

I also spent years clashing with Douglass Mackay.

It is hard to see all this collectively though as anything other than an attempt to provoke Trump supporters by rubbing the nose of MAGA in dog shit. Donald Trump isn’t wrong about this.

I don’t see Trump as a symbol who represents me.

The people who have lost their minds about Trump see him that way though. He is a “fascist.” He is a “white supremacist.” His supporters are all a bunch of “insurrectionists.” They have said it a million times now. They really have been trying to get him for years now.

This is a real milestone in our national decline.

Sure, it is just another data point on the same downward slope in “Our Democracy,” but until today a former president and leading presidential candidate had never been arrested. We are officially a Third World country now. This is what happens in countries in Latin America or Africa.

I don’t think Donald Trump is the same person today. Blumpf or Dump as we called him when he was the president was a lazy man who just wanted to be liked. He wasn’t an ideologue. He was content to be in power. He originally ran for president because he liked being famous.

Trump has been radicalized though by this whole ordeal. He is over on Truth Social screaming into the void in ALL CAPS these days. Trump supporters have also come a long way since 2018. They are far more open to the desirability of a National Divorce. Alvin Bragg is moving the needle for us.


  1. Trump is rich enough to get out of this, unless they truly (really) want to kill him. Then, he becomes a martyr, and that might (just might) be the catalyst that causes CWII to start.

    But I’m not sure. DJT is such a good little shabbas goy, I can’t imagine the Talmudics getting rid of him. But, on the other hand, little Ron is in the wings, just waiting his Kosher Call to Command the Goyim….

    O tempora, o mores.

    • @Fr. John+
      What are you, some kind of raging anti-semite? Hunter, how can you lower your standards to the point of letting this man spew such venomous hate towards a persecuted tribe? It’s not their fault Yahweh made them the chosen people.

  2. Like something out of Stalinist USSR – only worse as it’s anti White, BLM, ZOG.

    This was all about Donald Trump having a consensual relationship with an open prostitute/pornstar – she’s way over the hill now, but Stormy Daniels used to get paid to have sex with thousands of people.

    Look back to Russia and Germany 100 years ago – what happened then? Our people in Russia didn’t do a decent job of fighting this @*#*$&# until it was a complete J Bolshevik, homo, Communist takeover and then our side did regroup and fought a formal Civil War. My grandfather fought in that Civil War in the White Army. He/We lost.

    Same thing happened in Spain, only that time our side, the Good Guys won – that’s probably the last war the good guys/our side won.

    Germany in contrast did contest the street, contested all this J, pervert Communist, Social Democrat sh** short of an all out declared Civil War as happened in Russia and Spain.

    Look to Germany 100 years ago – what did our side do? Secret Societies like the Thule Society – street fighting crews of Frei Corp, SA – and these weren’t Christian Choir Boys.

    That’s why I recommend getting to know some White bikers – they’re not terrified of being called a few names like “Racists” or getting on the wrong side of the cops.

    Life is about to get nasty like in 2020, Petrograd and St. Petersburg Russia , Munich and Bavaria in 1919, 1920.

  3. Hunter if you have no objections, I’m going to post my blog now in draft about the comedy sketch from the 1980s presenting the then crazy idea of castrating small boys, babies.

  4. “””… What is the breaking point?…”””

    Something similar what we had back in the 1991. Inflation rises, supply chains start breaking out, food shortages etc. People get more angry. Also regime gets more desperate until it reaches breaking point.

    And then regime makes one desperate last attempt to grab control back. For defense of freedom and democracy extraordinary measures are needed. Those measures freak everybody out. 93yo Soros with his buddies are ready to take whole world down with them.

    Younger Swamp Things are not ready and then whole shitstorm goes off. I think we may see Q. Or at least his self appointed deputies from Law Enforcement who don’t want nuclear war or other apocalyptic development like full communism.

    • ‘conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election.’

      Watergate, all over again.

      “This country is a joke”
      A macabre joke.

      Legions of troops at the presidential inauguration.
      Massed citizens storm the nations capitol
      Former leader under indictment for petty issues.

      Yep, very third worldish.

  5. I’m very sorry for President Trump that he and his family that he has to go through this.

    But … he has now become an honourary member of The League of The South, and, thus, will be treated to an ominous chain of neverending litigation, lest he agree to remain in his house watching American Movie Classics.

    However, this is the best possible thing for the country, so that now everyone, including many tens of millions of people who have long wanted to think that country can be fixed with a few good elections or that, failing that, it’s decline will not affect them, can no longer delude themselves.

    Nobody is safe in this republic, and now this consciousness is no longer the exclusive domain of The Far Right.

  6. This DA Bragg looks and sounds as dumb as a stump. The Usual Suspects are playing him like a fiddle to get their boy, Herr Trump. If there is blowback because of prosecutorial malfeasance he will be the one to get it in the neck. If this ridiculous indictment were to be successful in tipping over Herr Trump (%99.999999 chance the indictment is quashed) The Usual Suspects would come out of the woodwork to celebrate and claim credit. Their legal theory of the crime is straight out of the NKVD manual: “Show Me the Man and I will show You the Crime”.

    The irony is Herr Trump thrives off of chaos and controversy. This is a billion dollars of free publicity and bolsters his argument that this is a political show trial like the USSR ca. 1936 only this time as comedy. He is now an object of sympathy and his claims of Deep State persecution are given credence by this idiot Bragg’s bogus prosecution. Once again Herr Trump is sucking up all the oxygen in the room because of his enemies’ blunders. DeSantis and ridiculous wogs like Nimrata Haley are barely mentioned now.

    Not that it would do much good if Herr Trump were to win in 2024. He would just concentrate his energies on vengeance against his enemies, real and perceived, not understanding the best vengeance would be putting an end to GloboHomo Shopping Mall. The shaky dollar and economy, with oil prices rising again may very well take care of that anyway.

    • Actual shopping malls are filled with ghetto blacks. White have been ethnically cleansed from shopping there. Kind of a good analogy for America aka The Great Satan.

      • “shopping malls are filled with ghetto blacks”

        Malls in America are failing, malls in Asia are thriving, what could be the difference ?

        • Mall of America in Minnesota, a great of example of diversity in action. How long can they stay open with the rampant crime there? I guaranfuckingtee there are signs in the stores there proclaiming the wonders of diversity and flying the fag flag too. They deserve whatever they get.

  7. Trump is a useless neo-liberal (notice how he always refers to the ‘radical’ left as the enemy). Meanwhile the traditional democrats are going republican.

    He is surrounded by Ivanka & Kushner, and people like Kimberly Guilfoyle (she’s half black on a pro-black mission), and did nothing really useful, but yet pondered to blacks throughout his term and campaign but never condemned BLM for example. He tried to replace the “far right” white vote with black and hispanic votes but fell short. That’s why he lost the 2020 election despite the “fraud”.

    It should be clear by now that Trump and all the political parties are useless and can’t solve this. This mess is a result of forced multiculturalism and white women having certain rights that they shouldn’t. And white men let this happen by not stopping them. Therefore, the only way to fix this is for whites to find and island and build a wall around it and not let women have certain rights. It’s that simple.

    And I think the Trump era was mainly just a data collection operation. Just as Trump says – they’re coming after “YOU”. He’s just the salesman.

  8. Steve Sailer is almost surely right. The dems prefer the unelectable Trump as their opponent, and are working to make him more popular.

    The assertion that Trump has changed is just absurd.

    I understand that the goyim are still pushing the FBI narrative on the Nashville hoax. That is why they call us cattle. Nashville has been a huge success for the FBI. Turn the script around a little bit and the cattle fall right into line.

    Surovykin has taken the city of Bakhmut, which is a 500 year old city founded by the Russians and called Bakhmut by the Russians for 450 years. The Soviets remamed it after some Jewish Soviet apparatchik. The Russian name for Bakhmut is…..Bakhmut.

    Interesting that both Surovykin and Prighozin continue to call Bakhmut…Bakhmut. the Kremlin is using the Jewish name.

    Any hope we have for a future hinges on this war. Medvedev just stated that Russia saved the USA twice, once at the Revolutionary War and once at the Civil War, and he is right about that. But he said Russia won’t save USA a third time. Not interested. We will need their help, and the Chinese too.

    You haven’t covered the inclusion of Finland into NATO, which is assumed by goyim to be an anti-Russian move, but it is not. It is designed to flank Poland so to prevent a resumed Polish-Lithuaniuan Commonwealth after the EU fails.

    Poland expelled every single Jew from their country in 1968. A massive war is planned against Poland as punishment for that. ZOG is securing the flanks for that future war.

    Kind ofnice in a way, seeing that maggot Trump in the dock! Even though we know it is all theatre. Trump never turned against them. Not once. A more obedient front man was never found! ALL CAPS! Wow!

    By the way, it is traditional to fast on Good Friday.

  9. This may not work out as they expect. I really don’t care. The American system is nothing but a joke and bad entertainment for me anymore.

  10. I’ve lived my whole life knowing the other shoe was just about to drop. Born in ’87, I remember the Rodney King riots and Waco on TV. That cunt Janet Reno. The absolute embarrassment I felt over Bill Clinton and the blue dress jew Lewinski. Clintons gun ban. Desert Storm.

    The hits have been coming all my life and people just keep taking it. There seems to be no limit to what people can overlook.

    It took the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression to push Germany past the Weimar era, past what the Germans could tolerate and into an era of radical reform.

    For all the hell I’ve seen here in my lifetime nothing has even remotely approached that. But I could still swear the other shoe is about to drop.

    The communists of the weimar era were no less corrupt and hated by normal folk than our own leftists are today.

    Its hard to know what could finally spark the anger of Whitey and the normies. I just don’t know.

    I have nothing but hate and contempt for this transgressive worldview, these queers and feminists and baby killers, but we gotta keep our powder dry. We are no vanguard. People are more likely to do the opposite of what the dissident right would encourage, just because of how toxic and retarded the Altright was.

    Whatever happens, we aren’t likely to have a part in it.

  11. This is all about the kikes & commie race traitors showing the “Flyova racist white trash” that they had safely & totally frozen out of all national political & cultural power until their champion loudmouth Dump came along that they are now frozen out again – and this time, will remain so forevermore (so they think). They’re doing it in the most gleefully humiliating way possible, attacking on all fronts: arresting Orange Jesus, portraying a troon freak mass murderer & the fag scum “community” as the Real Victims. All designed to impel feelings of impotent rage.

    But it’s all good. Everything is going the way we’ve said it would for 20+ years.

    This usurper kike/billionaire-built house of cards stuck together with nigger shit & fag cum must and WILL fall. Soon we’ll be able at long last to take our revenge on them all, then build a true nation explicitly on the foundation of race.

    So let the chaos & the cleansing fire come.

  12. A rubicon has been crossed today because Trump refused to cross the rubicon when he had the chance. As crazy as this is, we should also keep in mind that Trump brought this on himself for kicking the bees nest and not doing anything else with it.

  13. They all say nobody is above the law. But what is the law and who makes the law is it God or is it man? And which of the two can be corrupted and which can not be?

  14. Why did the White Christian Red State South decide to go to war against the Muslim Middle East when NYC was attacked in the ‘CIA-Mossad’ psyop of 9/11?

    We even lost French Fries for a while there because we were defending ‘Freedom’……

    To the White Christian Red State South:

    Your enemy is not in the Muslim Middle East. Your enemy is not in Russia. Your enemy is not in Iran. Your enemy is not in China.

    Your true enemy is in NYC/DC.

    NYC/DC has shown you what they truly are for the last 6 years.

    The Heart of Evil. They hate Whites. They hate Christians. They want you erased.

    Act accordingly, Brothers.

    • Truer words have never been written here. The six million shekel question continues to stand: Why do the targets of such lies continue to believe them, despite massive evidence to the contrary, especially in places like the south? One of the results of this false consciousness is the continual ‘election’ of less than worthless creatures like Lady G, Pink Palmetto Princess of South Carolina. Jaye Ryan asked this question a decade ago but there seems to be no easy answer. Some possible answers are:

      * Elections in SC are a total sham. This includes outright fraud when needed, but rigging the system so only members of the club are permitted to run accomplishes the job for the most part.

      * The whites in SC are totally gaslighted and brainwashed.

      * The replacement which commenced in 1965 has accomplished its objective in SC.

  15. This will have 0 effect. In a normal country this would initiate a revolution but USA is not a normal country. It’s the cuck on the map.

    • The real tragedy is that it had to spread that cuckery across the rest of the Western White world.

  16. We were third world long before this with the ascension of the MIC and CIA and the murder of JFK. This is a faggy episode of pro wrestling by comparison.

  17. I’m sure Trumps fellow Stupid Party politicians will come to his rescue with sound bites, hand wringing, feigned outrage, looks of consternation and plea’s for campaign donations. Talk and empty promises is all you get from these surrender monkey clowns.

    Clearly this bodes ill for us plebeians though. If they can do this to the high and mighty just imagine what they have in store for the rest of us. Maybe we should all get in the habit of wearing winter clothes year round and carrying toothbrushes and soap bars at all times. They don’t give you that kind of stuff in the gulag.

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