Castrating Boys… What Was Once Just Crazy Satire is Now… Realty SNL

“Whom the Gods would destroy, they would first make mad. And we must be completely mad to allow….” British patriot prophet Enoch Powell

Humor is a great weapon against our humorless enemies. Humor also keeps us sane in an increasingly insane, clown world.

New Yawk J Jerry Nadler

Here is a link to a SNL comedy sketch from the late 1980s (1st Amendment protected, presented for fair comment) which presents the crazy, insane idea that a “doctor” would castrate baby boys because he thinks boys are bad and they can become girls with an operation. Insane right? Nope that’s today’s anti Christ, anti White, anti male “Woke” J Satanic clown world



  1. I am not sure I understand American humor. We like slapstick the best I think. Mexican women love sad movies/soap operas/ and tragedy.

    I do not think I would overall like this SNL channel. I have vaguely heard of it.

    • SNL was funning back in the late 1970s and 80s… after that… there have been a few funny moments, some funny comedians like Chris Farley “Motivational Speaker”, Chris Rock and Eddy Murphy as “I’m Gumbo Damn it”. But just check out the link we put here about that insane doctor’s sketch where the doctor only delivers girls and those who need that special operation to make them girls.

      That’s become reality now, castrating little boys because of Woke politics. That’s not funny, that’s reality.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Okay. It was shocking in not only the subject material but that what was perverse could still be condemned. I am never sure when the cut off point occurred when the USA went from being too liberal to completely deranged.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Have you ever wondered why a family like mine still has money and prestige in Mexico century after century while the Anglo has lost their power in the USA? It is how you play the game.

        Subtlety is sometimes called for not bluster. Your people should take notes on how it is done. The Anglo is direct and still expects fair play.

        Since when are matters fair?

        • I agree. I pretty much agree with everything you observe and say. You are an amazing young woman.

          My people, Anglos (I’m also 25% Russian nobility which gives me a different perspective, one where my people there lost everything) have tended to suck at very important things.

          Have you read Wilmot Robertson’s “The Dispossessed Majority”? It’s the best at describing our dispossession. As I recall the book was favorable to your people.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Thank you. I notice the advertisement to the right has a white girl murdered by a black man. I really do not know much about Vermont. That is a shame however.

            Whites trying to help people getting murdered or raped. My girlfriends and I think such a crime should be punished by hedge clippers that I see gardeners use.

            I have not read “The Dispossessed Majority “. I did find it was written in the 1970’s which is amazing. That was very farsighted. The plot to destroy the creators of American society has been going on for awhile and was obvious to the author of that book.

            Very impressive.

          • We/I did some presentations of one of the most important chapters in Wilmot Robertson’s “The Dispossessed Majority” – the traitors in the ranks, the different types of White Anglo and assimilated Whites who betray our people: Grachites, Trucklers, Old believers/true believers, Pussy Footer/cuckservatives, predators.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Continuing my analysis of the Vermont girl’s murder in that Ad how may I ask would secession help preserve white integrity if a formerly all white state such as Vermont wishes to bring non whites and non christians into their societies?

            You would just end up being the same as the USA just splintered. The more conservative states generally have the most non whites in them as it is. And we?/they? breed more. I am one of 11 children as you may recall.

            Would the non anglo just become the majority not only in the Southwest but in the South as well. I think Civic Nationalism would prevail in such seceded areas just like now. You could cut back on some of the worse aspects of wokeness of course.

            But race is the main event and I do not see anything drastically changing racially by secession. However I am open to a discussion that contradicts what I wrote.

          • @Cristina…

            ” I really do not know much about Vermont. That is a shame however. ”

            Vermont is one of the prettiest places in the world – little towns here and there, nestled into little nooks between hills and valleys.

            People are the friendliest people in New England, their attitudes towards life marked by a wryness, a sense of humor, and a very practical frugal nature.

            Their universities are haunted by the same ghouls as are all in our country, and their capital city, Burlington, their only real city, is pretty much socialist mentality – arguably the original one.

            Many towns in Vermont are storybook beautiful – From Brandon and Danby Four Corners in The West to Woodstock in the east

            Woodstock is the most beautiful outdoor shopping mall you will ever see – it’s old streets covered in quaint little shoppes.

            Hunting and fishing is big there, like in The South.

            A large percentage of Vermonters have the original secessionist mentality, which is why these Vermonters, nearly 20 years ago, were united in an informal way with The League of The South.

            They desired to get away from the centralized control that stifles their personality, and some of them still do.

            Vermont is hard to afford – the state income tax and property tax punishing for the residents.

            The summers there are divine – breezy, florid and green.

            Speaking of green, the intensity and quality of green is breathtaking to behold.

            Many towns are centered on streams and many mountains houses built next to babbling brooks.

            The autumns are short but the most colorful in the world, because of all the Maple trees they have.

            Speaking of Maples, you will see who areas with taplines running between the Maples, this because so many farmers augment their income by selling their Maples sap to local refiners who make syrup.

            Winters are tough and brutal in Vermont, particularly on old people, because it is so easy to slip and fall to your death on the ice.

            Well, Young Lady, there you go.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            My comment wondering if a girl in social work such as the murdered girl might be helping out of possible sexual fantasy was considered that it might be easily interpreted as disrespectful by someone I showed my comment to.

            So I withdraw it.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            It appears you know that book thoroughly. Thank you for the comment removal. I remember that you do traitors of the Year. Who was it last year?

            As for Vermont? You wrote a very in depth analysis of that State. Your description was so wonderful that it was like imagining some of the scenes in the Wizard of Oz. The same awe inducing beauty with those flowers but of a different kind. The witch and the monkeys scared me when I was small however.

            Sounds like Vermont is a postcard type of state. I had always thought of the Northeast USA as like Massachusetts.

            I did not know that about there being a former strong secessionist movement in Vermont.

            Anyway thank you for such a beautiful description of Vermont.

          • I don’t see much future for the Americans… Everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?

            Adolf Hitler

            He was right about this evil empire.

  2. I have read in the work’s of ” Josephus ‘, that when our Lord’s prophecy, concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, was being fulfilled, as the R. Legion, had the Zealot’s under siege, many, many of the Zealot’s, were possessed by the so called ” trans ” Demon’s, this enemy we face, is a very, very old Evil….

      • Ivan,

        Sorry. I addressed your Vermont comment to Jack Ryan. Oh well. Pretend the heading has your name on it.

        Just like in school one has to double check everything even the small details.

      • Ivan Turgenev, It seem’s more than ironic, Ivan, kind sir, that as we live in the last day’s of the” Late Great United States ” and suffer from this ancient EVIL, this “trans” DEMONISM, our LORD, not only prophecies, the destruction of this nation, but took his Disciple ” JOHN ” into the future and revealed it too very eyes, too bare witness too……..always nice too hear from you Ivan………………..In the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC we have no KING but JESUS……………….

    • Oh come on, those “prophesies” in Mark were written AFTER 70AD when a reappraisal of reality was taking place and a new version to cope with reality needed to be founded. The futile war against Rome in 66-73AD are a good demonstration of the danger of leadership themselves being coopted by the supernatural passions of the crowd. To lead one must always be skeptical and rational to make decisions based in reality. The laws of physics refuse to budge despite the intensity of one’s “faith.” Religion might be good for dumb people but can lead to tragic consequences when smart people take claims of the supernatural or paranormal seriously with their decision making. While I agree there is a huge reduction in social stability in the loss of faith across the western world as people are somehow confused that the only reason we had our social norms was “religion.” The reality is both grew organically side by side as a Darwinianly successful social system to suppress maladaptive behavior. All this feminism and homo crap weakens societies allowing them to be conquered and pillaged by a neighboring strong patriarchal society the refuses to fall under it’s spell. This is innately being recognized across the globe as nations that formerly went along with the US hegemony out of financial expediency rush to join with Xi because when looking at the west they see the old king is dead and the new king has gone mad.

      • NIGHT OWL, ” the old king is dead and the new king has gone mad, ” excellent post sir, you make your points very well, I remain a believer in the gospel/ narrative of JESUS as taught in the King James, therefore we come too, two different conclusions, hopefully you will come too a better understanding, when the true king returns……..

        • NIGHT OWL, “A neighboring strong patriarchal society that refuses to fall under it’s spell ” that is what the SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY was about, that is what the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC ” IS ” about !!!……….

  3. Regarding when this all started. In the UK it was 1995/6. Sociology began to teach Deconstruction studies by Derrida.
    It then progressed into more and more areas. University students were being brainwashed by it, and these students became teachers and administrators, HR personnel etc.
    We are at the full blown insanity stage. Like a high tide this madness will begin to recede as life becomes harsher.
    Remember, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times, hard times create strong men.
    The good times are over. Destiny calls.

  4. Ivan,

    Not only do I thank you for your beautiful description of Vermont but I thank you for always treating me nicely. I used to be scared stiff to come on here but you always made me feel comfortable.

    You are definitely among the best representatives of what being pro white should mean.

  5. Mr. Ryan,

    I had once thought that American music was empty after the arrival of the Beatles. Evidently I was mistaken. Here is a song that is not only good but it represents what I and all girls should be.

    If it does not play it is She Is A Lady by Tom Jones.

    • Yes, I’m very familiar with Tom Jones – a rather, well Sexy White guy from Wales UK.

      Do you like Enrique Inglese? I haven’t heard very much about Enrique for many years since he started a large family with the beautiful, Nordic Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova .

      If I was a top competitive GOP Presidential candidate, I’d try to recruit Enrique and Anna on my team, give politics rallies and concerts and put the word out that Enrique would be my vice presidential nominee – that would get the women’s vote.

      “Every American single women deserves a man like Enrique. And every American man deserves a woman like Anna K, F*** feminism and faggotry and Trannie nonsense”.

      What does our young Latina have to say about my idea?

      • Sure Jaye, let’s promote nordic looking women to reproduce with brown men. You know the result? No more Annas.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Both Enrique and Anna are real attractive. Blondes are very much valued.especially. I had a more detailed response on the couple down below somewhere.

          • “Anna k and Enrique I’s children are drop dead gorgeous.”

            There’s more to humanity than external appearances.
            What’s the result in mental and character attributes ?

            Besides, many crossbreeding results won’t show in the first generation, multiple generations have to be seen, to know the real results.

          • Everything I hear is that they’ve inherited their parents great talents in music and sports. Enrique apparently can give his beautiful Russian tennis star wife a competitive tennis match.

          • So I take it that Flips are the “Aryans of the Philippine Sea” according to you?

          • The highest Filipinos rank up there with the highest Aryan Hindu Aryans, and just highest East Asians (Han Chinese and Japanese).

            The lowest Filipinos – mongrel, Muslim untermenschen on various Filipino Islands are the worst – kind of like short, squat Mayan Indians from El Salvador and Guatemala – we see these creatures all the time in Chicago.

            But, there are some real reasons that millions of woman, including White European, European American women swoon over the music and performances of Enrique Inglese and his father Julio Ingleses – these are extremely handsome, talented men – they are not ugly, Eunique untermension, not Caliban in Shakespeare’s the Tempest.

            There is a reason the most beautiful Nordic tennis player in history Anna Kournikova chose Enrique for her husband/mate – he’s extremely good looking, smart, talented and their children have inherited that from them.

            Sure, we like pure White European, European Americans like Roger Federer’s Swiss German wife and their two sets of Twins.

            But c’mon mate – what’s the alternative – Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Elena Kagan, Donna Shalayla (Lebanese)/ That crazy bat shi* insane part dot Indian, part Black Jamaican now married to a Hollywood Je* Vice President Kemala Harris now ranting and raving in Tennessee supporting the rights for Norman Bates Psycho Trannies to mass murder our little Christian children?

            It’s your time of thinking that had us wasting the 20th century fighting, slaughtering, obsessed with other White European nationalists like the Germans, Italians, Russians.

            Do you also not like sexy Russian tennis players like Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova or the #1 top Russian synchronized swimming team?

            Are you #*$&@ homo queer? What’s wrong with beautiful White and other women? Jeees

  6. Mr. Ryan,

    One of my grandmothers was born in the USA in the 1930’s. She is an American citizen and the Summer of 2020 broke her heart.

    She believes Trump is an obvious jackass but said he was still the pick of the litter. I gave her my anti Trump speeches but to no effect. Heaven and all my classmates know I love to give speeches.

    So I give up. I do not think voting for Trump will gain a victory but I cannot continue to be overly derisive toward Trump supporters on this website under these circumstances.

    • Cristina,

      I doubt very, very few OD readers actually support and/or believe Trump will follow through on his blustery promises.

      We just want him to be the catalyst to the inevitable breakup of the USA.

      You know the stories of The Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gamoran. Well, the USA are though, but to the to the tenth power.

      • November,

        Okay. If that is true I am relieved. If the USA breaks up it will be a scramble for land and power. Do I want that to ultimately happen? I will not say publicly.

        But for now wish the USA to be a counter force to China and Russia.

        • Christina,

          So you must be a fan of NATO, and the jewSA state department, eh? They both claim to be a counter force to China and Russia, but Qui bono?

          • November,

            I am not a fan of much. But if you wish just imagine me a NATO poster girl if that is what you think..

  7. Mr. Ryan,

    Everyone likes Enrique. A very photogenic couple automatically gains many extra votes. He lives in Florida so the Cuban voters would be in a frenzy for him. Since he has been in public for years he would know how to avoid traps like losing his temper in public or saying something better left unsaid.

    I believe many people especially young voters would support him. Sometimes the issues are less important than the image and the personality. By now most people are aware that during elections all the politicians cater and lie and say the usual:

    1 We will fight and reduce Crime
    2 We believe in a strong America and Military
    3 We will create jobs and fix the Economy
    4 We will secure our Border

    The veteran politicians who utter such beliefs while looking into the camera with that fake sincere look always amuse and amaze me. They are good actors.

  8. Christina Romana Alva.;
    I lived in Boston and visited Vermont. it is a very beautiful state, and has stunning mountains. Burlington, its main city, is comfortable, and is bordered by Lake Champlain. Very attractive, and I went to a concert on the shore. Very breezy. In New England, if you lived in Boston and were liberal, you’d move to Vermont. if you were conservative, you moved to New Hampshire. Also, in Vermont the mountains aren’t cleared off as in New Hampshire, so there is less mountain climbing because you can’t see anything at the summit. In Vermont Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, a famous liberal outfit, was based there.
    I think you’d like Lake Champlain. Supposedly “Champ”, a sea serpent, lives in its waters.
    I supported Trump, but be as derisive as you want. Your arguments are always sincere, and gives us a Latino view which is valuable.
    I still think it would be best if America broke up into two or three countries, and people would be happier with their own kind. I’m sure in Texas the Alvas would soon become a powerful dynasty, perhaps ruling from San Antonio?

    I sense Trump is the last of a kind of political system. Perhaps many in America will be happier with corporate Caudillos. I think many of us would love an emperor. A shame there might not be an empire to hold on to, but Americans are always innovative, no?
    If we have TV Caudillo, we’d be happy.

    • dargason,

      Thank you for your beautiful letter. Vermont sounds like a dream for I have generally only known hot sweaty summers. Where I come in from physical education and it is like a just took a steam bath.

      I will continue to condemn Trump when I believe he is wrong and praise him when I believe he is right. To me that is just. For him and for all of us.

      As for loving an Emperor? Perhaps an Empress? Queen Cristina has a nice ring to it. I found this interesting song. If it does not play it was Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay and the Americans.

      Does that describe Mexican girls? Maybe. But then I am not giving away anything.

      • Christina writes:

        “As for loving an Emperor? Perhaps an Empress? Queen Cristina has a nice ring to it”

        I respond:

        Hell #*$&@ no! I can think of maybe one decent woman queen, woman ruler in entire history. That was my ancestor Catherine the Great Czarina of Russia. She was a German Princess that was married off to a (Weak) Roman Czar – Russians don’t like weak rulers. Their was a coup, they killed the weak Russian Czar and made Catherine the queen. She had been an unlighted princess from Western Europe, working to bring art, philosophy, modern medicine, science to pretty backward, feudal Russia, then she heard about the French Revolution, the reign of terror, slaughter of the Germanic nobility by J atheist, Masonic mobs and she said “Hell no that ain’t happen’ here” so she converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity, became a strong Russian monarchist absolutions, fought the Muslim Turks and really put down the Communist, Anarchist, Atheist Js. That’s why the Js hate her to this day.

        Her first son was the start of my Russian family.

        I can’t think of many, any other decent female rulers, Queens Prime Ministers. Margarette Thatcher was OK, but still rapped up in the foolish Cold War with our kinsmen the Russians.

        Look at the terrible woman pols in the West recently. Angela Merkel, Terresa May, Hillary or our own Libby Dole, that Indian dot head convert to American GOP Conservative Christianity who tore down all the Confederate monuments and was pushed out to represent the Israeli Likud Party in the UN.

        Now she’s running for USA GOP President like that Dot head Indian Conservative Torry Party Prime Minister of England, UK.

        Sorry Miss Christiania, no way are you or any female going to be our Queen, President ruler. Better work on those home economics skills, get a man, keep your man and have some little men, groom your sons to be heterosexual tough, Hispanic saviors like Gen Pinochet, Gen Franco or that new President of El Salvador.

        And please don’t ever make any more feminist comments here on OD -or we will tell you what (Shakespeare) Hamlet Prince of Denmark told is soon to be ex GF Ophelia.

        “Get thee to a nunnery”.


        • Mr. Ryan,

          Have you forgotten Isabella of Spain? Anne and Elisabeth of Russia? Or Elizabeth and Victoria of England? Margaret and Elizabeth of Hungary?

          The mother of Francis of France in the 16th century was a power behind the throne. Many others both christian and non christian. Surely there are Viking queens out there in history as well.

          Zenobia did quite well. Unfortunately for her she had to go up against a great warrior, Roman Emperor Aurelian I believe. And that magnificent Roman Army. Her military material was less impressive. Like a great football or soccer coach can only do so much with their material.

          It is said that Isabella of Spain stated there are really only 4 beautiful sites on earth—a soldier in the field, a criminal hanging from a gibbet, a priest saying mass, and a beautiful woman in bed.

          Or is there not a saying that goes “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World”.

          I am somewhat surprised that my jest was taken in earnest.

          My goals are more modest that an imaginary crown. Remember what I said a lady should do when encountering opposition?

          So imagine me smiling at you graciously right now while continuing to pursue my goals.

          • Isabella of Spain was very good, I think she deferred to royal, military and church male advisors/leaders – she/they did expel bot the Arab Muslim Moors and the Js, or put the remaining Js under the Catholic Inquisition.

            Good for her.

            As for English/British Queens like Elizabeth R, Victoria – it’s a miracle things worked out as well as they did. Henry the 8th was beheading so many of the bossy English queens, social/political intriguers, don’t really think they were making government decisions more like …. well just causing trouble as the “fairer sex” always seems to do.

            Cleopatra (grand daughter of Alexander the Great Greek General ) in Egypt was well, pretty much using her feminine charms to sleep her way in to Roman Politics with pretty much all leading Roman men – Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony etc.

            I prefer the view of a later 19th century Germany Kaiser – when confronted by uppity German feminists he replied, here’s what your going to get, here’s where your going to be, here’s what your gonna do:

            “Kinder, Küche, Kirche , or the 3 Ks, is a German slogan translated as “children, kitchen, church” used under the German Empire to describe a woman’s role in society.”

          • How could I forget Maria Theresa of Austria?

            Even in the 18th century some prominent Englishmen were concerned about lack of Jewish “rights” in Austria while being oblivious to the lack of Catholic rights in Great Britain and Ireland.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I was tempted to play you “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar” by Helen Reddy but despite it’s catchy tune the song really does not say much. And I found it more amusing than profound. Besides no need to give you any more anxiety.

          So this song reflects my views more than I Am Woman.

          If it does not play it was Ava Maria by Deanna Durbin. There are many fine examples of this song out there.

          As for a nunnery? My thoughts lean strongly toward legitimate earthly pleasures.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          While my comment to dargason on ruling was in fun surely everyone on this website has imagined themselves as a leader and how they would reign. I am no exception.

          In religious and history classes for several years we have discussed such matters. You do not think I have been educated by government schools do you?

          So my following beliefs and goals:

          1. The banning of abortion, homosexual marriages, and transgender operations
          2. The abolition of the Monroe Doctrine. This arrogant Doctrine assumes that the USA rules all the Americas and has since WW2 been extended to the whole planet.
          3. Strict censorship. No one has the right to promote evil. Evil is defined by the violation of christianity, reason, and natural Law
          4. Prevention of illegal immigration by force if necessary. Illegals caught in the USA from any nation are put in prison and forced to work hard. At the end of their sentence they receive some pay and sent back outside of rare exceptions of course
          5. The vast majority of US soldiers around the globe brought home
          6. Deadly force against rioters such as occurred in the Summer of 2020
          7. Massive campaign against unhealthy food and promotion of organics etc.
          8. Death penalty for certain crimes
          9. With rare exceptions no foreign aid. Rare exceptions such as food, medicine are okay. Building up countries like China and then pretending to be surprised they have a will of their own is ridiculous
          10. I am strongly against equality outside of basic God-given rights. The idea of having billionaires in a society while many citizens desperately need help is an obscenity. Universal Health Care is in order

          That is a start. Or you can continue to support those evil idiots who are always the main candidates.

          After all they are men.

          My vacation ends after Easter.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          That German slogan Church, Kitchen, Children. I actually in general agree. The vast majority of women should do one or more of those options.

          For me? Children and Kitchen. I love to cook and i want children.

          • God bless you Miss Christina Latina. May the good Lord bless you with many, many healthy children. I give you my permission to boss your little men sons around and discuss, teach, lecture, hector your little men sons about history, politics, music, culture – pretty much anything you want. If you go through the time, pain to give life to a healthy male, well that’s very Goddess like – either pagan goddesses or the Virgin Marry. God bless you Miss Christina.

            Jaye Ryan
            Left behind outside of Chicago

          • “Children and Kitchen. I love to cook ….”

            With the advent of the internet, the potential for women is unlimited. Being at home no longer restricts their growth, they can earn and learn without limit, if they have the good character to pursue it.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          Reply buttons are starting to become scarce. Thank you for your incredible and sweet response. I leave tomorrow. I am not sure what weekend I return.

          • Thank you for all you have done for us here at OD. You give us hope.

            But talk is cheap Miss Christina. It’s about time for you to get married and start having those Hispanic, Latin strong men sons like El Cid, Franco. Pinochet or some super handsome love singer with decent politics like Enrique.

            Your fans on OD (and you have many) want to make this happen. Let us know what we can do.

            We trust your leadership in very feminine not feminist ways.

            God bless you and all that you represent. You give us some hope.


        • @Jaye Ryan and Cristina:

          The best Queen was Isabel of Castille. But that was only possible because she was smart enough to marry Ferdinand of Castille. This royal couple is a prime example of what the New Testament was talking about when they said Believers should be “equally yoked.” They came from similar enough countries populated by the same language and phenotype to effect smoother assimilation and their countries were equal in size and importance. Most importantly they shared the desire to rescue all of formerly Christian Spain from their alien occupiers.

          Isabel was a brave and brilliant woman, going so far as to defy her half-brother and elope with Ferdinand rather than submit to a union that would see her married to the heir to the throne of Portugal. However, none of her accomplishments would have been possible without Ferdinand as her muscle. Isabel gets a lot of well-deserved credit for her success, but Ferdinand is ignored, I guess, because he was a strong man doing what a strong man is supposed to do. Nothing remarkable then, I guess. But he stands, head and shoulders over the emasculated male leaders of the West.

          • Clyemnestra,

            Yes. I love Isabella. Of course without male guidance and efforts she could not have accomplished what she did. The average man can build a shed but could I?

            On the other hand I understand certain basic ruling principles like–always have a well trained army, outside of being invaded never be in a war that you might lose. Let other countries do the fighting. Try not to alienate any powerful country outside of a moral imperative etc.

            Care for your subjects as family. Rule with a tight hand in some areas and very relaxed in other areas. What areas those might be would be based on your society.

            The more history I know the more i believe that Sparta and Prussia were on the right path. It was once said of Prussia that “Prussia is not a State with an Army but an Army with a State”.

            Of course of what use is an Army if a country allows themselves to be invaded by millions of unarmed people who are given loans and many times citizenship.

            The United States will serve as an example of what not to do for future generations of historians. In class we analyze such matters frequently.

        • November,

          I will have to study her more thoroughly. Here is a catchy song not from Argentina but Chile. Their flag looks like the Texas State Flag. Their helmets/uniforms look German.

          I know less than I should about Chile. This is Adios My General

        • November,

          I had a couple of kind responses but I was having trouble with the computer and they did not take. Yes, I think you are right. My role is best in a supporting position for a powerful man.

          I am no St. Joan of Arc.

  9. There is another big, unspoken decline in American life related to the ghettoization of America, the decline in the quality of the dog population. Just like how the civil rights movement led to the destruction of our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, parks, general quality of life it has also resulted in the proliferation of pit bulls and other vicious fighting breeds. It’s to the point where the shelters nationwide contain nearly nothing but pit bulls and pit bull mixes that are unfit for adoption. Most Americans are unaware that you can’t find a good pet in these shelters and still buy the whole propaganda campaign that you should “never purchase some pure breed of dog when there are so many unwanted animals in the shelters who need a home.” Sadly this isn’t true, outside of actual specific breeds created by breeders, the “mutt” population is completely contaminated by fighting breed DNA due to blacks keeping vicious dogs. A generation back the shelters would put any pit bull types coming in down because they knew they were to dangerous to put back into the community. But thanks to one of the main driving forces enabling America’s decline, naive white women, the “no kill” movement now wants to adopt these things out to unsuspecting families with frequent, disastrous consequences. These bleeding heart animal nuts also lie about the breed of the animal and it’s temperament. Same crap you see with the way white bimbos want to nurture vicious ghetto children in the school system with your tax dollars, this time their misplaced altruism is directed towards vicious dogs. You can see the faces of these nation destroying white women in this article over on a dog attack website:

    They are trying to manipulate politicians into removing any restrictions on these vicious predators that are just one step short of being like keeping a Lion in your home. They also don’t want insurance companies to be able to raise your rates if you chose to contribute to this vicious dog problem by adopting a fighting breed mutt instead of buying a cocker spaniel or poodle. I know this problem is real, back in 2014 I used to work with a guy whose sister volunteered at the local humane society. He told me she related that the local shelters are no longer a good place to adopt a dog because there are nothing but pit bulls and pit bull mixes in there. Ghetto culture has not only pushed weed and bastard childrearing lifestyles onto the greater community, but now pit bulls as well.

  10. I’m really sick of these damned pit bulls. They are dangerous, kill children, and here in St. Louis people get these dogs, and sponsor “adopting” them, and if you disagree that these dogs can hurt people, people, especially women, attack you like the ones who make you wear a mask.
    I miss seeing beagles and nice dogs like that. I don’t really like dogs, but I’ll take those.

    Cristina Romana: If you don’t want to be an empress then try poetry. Certainly Mexico produced Sorjuana Inez de la Cruz, on of the best baroque poets in Spanish, and she was remarkable. She was very well-learned, wrote poetry, plays, etc. I always wanted to translate Amor es un Laberinto into English. A Mexican friend of mine had a crush on her.

    The legacy of Pinochet in Chile is mixed. Some hate him, others praise him.
    The Monroe Doctrine should be revoked, but in reality, it was null and void when we entered WWI in Europe, because once we intervened, the deal of Europe staying out of the Americas no longer applied if we were interfering in their world.

    • dargason,

      Dogs are one of the few animals i really like. Of course that excludes vicious ones.

      Of course I never have given up my wanting to influence matters. It is only that probably it will end up in a supporting role. My religion has always supported the fact that a woman can inherit wealth, power, land, and a throne.

      I do get uneasy as a general rule when women run for political office. There are exceptions of course.

      As for Pinochet? No one is universally loved. After all way less than half of the world’s population do not love God and reject Him.

      Your comment on poetry was interesting. However my poetry skills are limited. In Texas I did learn the Roses are Red type poetry.

      Kind of like “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I love beagles and so do you”.

      I doubt that I could package such poetry and sell it not even to my own family.

      • clarification: -Comment should read that way more than half the world’s population reject God not way less than half.

  11. Mr. Ryan,

    May I go off topic again? Somewhere on here it was mentioned how as far back as the 1970’s Anita Bryant was brought down because she was against homosexuality.

    So I looked her up. She is a good singer. I am putting out Paper Roses to honor her. Hopefully it plays.

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