Donald Trump Speaks At Mar-a-Lago


I spent years criticizing Donald Trump.

He is absolutely right about the WITCH HUNT though.

Note: We had plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Trump when he was president. I never once criticized him though for the fake piss dossier or the FBI spying on his campaign or the phone call with Zelensky or all this old nonsense with Stormy Daniels that I never cared about.


  1. Susan Estrich was the manager of Michael Dukakis, former Massachussets’ governor, campaign against President Bush in 1988.

    Professor Estrich is also a dyed-in-the-woll Democrat, much like James Carville, and she is longtime friend of the Clintons.

    Yesterday Miss Susan appeared on Judge Napolitano’s YouTube show, and her analysis of the charges was that there was nothing of substance; that they were all misdimeanors which, normally, are resolved with fines.

    As someone who has had business dealings with Manhatten and has observed the dog-eat-dog corner-cutting attitude of many business folk, up yonder, I little doubt that President Trump did these things.

    I also little doubt that there will never be another legitimate presidential election in this country until something of a very transformative nature takes place.

  2. As far as they have gone to keep him out of power, from using the power he did have while in office, i don’t see a snowballs chance in hell they let him “win” in 2024.

    It was stolen in 2020. Last years elections were thrown by the R establishment, and stolen in places. The precedent is set, and nobody will do anything about it but complain and run out the same pearl clutching talking points about double standards etc. Meanwhile they will still be pulling the strings.

    • Imagine he wins the Republican nomination, but is convicted and incarcerated in the middle of the 2024 election (!!!)

      • Sir, what is the likelihood that the nation, as a whole, accepts the results of the 2024 election?

        To me it would be a miracle if one side, or the other, did not revolt at the results.

        I just cannot see most Blue States accepting another 4 years of Trump, anymore than I can see Red States, particularly in Dixie, accepting more doctored and long delayed results – as we just saw the Hobbs/Lake contest in Arizona.

        I think we are at the end of a long road that, though it began in 1860, really got moving with the judicial activism of the 1950s and 60s.

        • I agree. I think we better start Secession proceedings, before overt war starts. With Conservative states removing Representatives as in TN, we’re already at a loggerheads with the GODLESS.

          • @Fr. John…

            This event in Tennessee was a watershed moment for Southerners.

            Despite our decadence and weakness, we are stiffening all through Dixie – gradually returning to form

            Nothing better illustrates this than the growing number of veto-proof legislatures, our political institutions, they increasingly difficult for those like Soros to buy and sway.

      • If they jail him in the middle of the election, alot of people will get mad and nothing will get done about it.

        Desantis is waiting in the wings.

  3. Karma, he didn’t blanket pardon Jan 6 protesters.

    Hey Don, how’s it feel to be unjustly prosecuted ?

    • Yes, Dear Arrian, there is a correllary here, BUT … this is far worse.

      Never forget : President Nixon was not in on the Watergate Affair, only his men.

      He went down for trying to cover it up.

      This administration, however, is in on it all – practically every violation of law – from A to Z.

  4. I lose nothing by voting for him again. I’ll have no issue supporting him in ’24.

    The more votes he gets the more discord will come of it. Win win.

    If they let him win and take office it will be so they can crash the economy on his head and blame him for it like they did with the Covid gayop.

      • But that was precisely the situation in 1775, Dear Arrian – 2/3s of the populace either Tory or too self-absorbed to care.

        The other 1/3, however made the difference.

        Same in 1860 in Dixie – secession fever not with the majority of the populace, but, the 1/3rd made the difference.

        It’s that 1/3 number, of those who simply cannot take a situation anymore, that is the kicker, and, according to polls and history professors, were are now more than there.

        But, yes, you could tell 100 people to jump off a cliff, and surely 30 would do it, while another 30 looked on and tried to figure out if they ought to…

      • Yep, too fat and comfortable, still. Won’t happen as long as they can shop, drink beer, and watch jew shows and niggerball games.

        • @Tikkun & TW…

          Yes, we, Southerners, have not just been rotten out by propaganda, but by a life of wealth and leisure that came to us by agreeing to be longterm card-carrying members of the Jew England Yankee Empire.

          This, however, is not their fault, but, ours.

          We’ve made our choices and we continue to.

          Being older, I never cease to be shocked at how different White Southerners, as a group are, compared to what White Southerners were when I was a child.

  5. Wisconsin just fell. Minnesota was already out, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Arizona, and for Trump at least, Georgia was out. There is no path to victory for Trump in this electoral college.

    He has a clear path to prison, however, which is where he belongs.

    • I agree eff Dump and eff all this kayfabe horseshit. As the astute commenter Arrian noted and I’m paraphrasing, he didn’t do shit for his dupes after they ended up pawns for the fed’s new “Pearl Harbor” but he’s still raking in their dumbshit sympathy bucks to pay for his legal defense, he can rot in jail on Dumped up charges like the rest of his dupes he effed over. American politicians are such corrupt vacuous scumbags I’d sooner vote for president the guy that picks up my trash every week.

    • You know, Dear Terry, when I see our Christ pop up next to President Trump it seems strange.

      Then again, they say politics makes for strange bedfellows, as you have so duly noted!

  6. The worst, most evil, criminal, perverts, sadists are coming out of the gutter to pile on ex President Trump when he’s down. In particular the worst Blacks always do this get a White man down that try to stomp on his head in a group attack. This was done in a infamous basketball game in the early 1970s when an all Black thug basketball team the University of Minnesota of all places (Minnesota was like 3% Black A American in 1971) played an overwhelming White Ohio State Team that was up 10 points with less than a minute to go.

    The talented, but fair play White center for Ohio State Luke Witte went up for a layup and was fowled hard by the Black Minnesota player. Witte was on the ground when the Black thug criminal U Minnesota player offered him a hand to help him up in a false display of good sportsmanship. The Black thug University of Minnesota player then proceeded to knee Luke Witte in the groin/balls while Luke Witte was on the ground in extreme pain, some other Black Thug University of Minnesota players including future great New York Yankee player Dave Winfield proceeded to stop on his face causing permeant eye injuries.

    Here’s the horrible video of my first exposure to criminal thug, anti White Black A Americans being accepted in Big 10 College Basketball horrible anti White racist attacks.

    Now with Ex President Trump temporary down and on the ground the former (Stone Cold Guilty) Central Park 5 rapists, wilding attackers are coming out of the sewer to diss Donald Trump and show off some of the $ millions they extorted from NY tax payers thanks to the work of Race Hustler Rev (Not) Al Sharpton and then Je* Manhattan DA Morganthall (yeah that Morganthal family as bad as the Jacob Schiff, Adam Schiff J family)

    My fan (not) Ann Coulter wrote honestly about this horrible Central Park Gang rap case – I was living in NYC at the time and got a very hard hitting letter to the NY Post published. Donald Trump took out full page adverts in the NY Post demanding the death penalty for these rapists.

    We live in evil, fallen times please note and act accordingly. Love your spouse, significant other, love your children and your parents, mentor a young person. We’re in the Latter Days. Don’t give in or give up, we can always move, regroup somewhere else like Orania SA.

    Here are some links to the Central Park Jogger rapists, wilding attackers then and now.

  7. Expecting the useless GOPe in the District of Criminals to defund or reform DOJ & FBI is a fools wish. Half of DC is in cahoots with the Deep State and the other half is terrified of it. Trump of all people should know this.

    On an unrelated note, isn’t it strange that Mumbles McConnell has been MIA since his alleged pratfall and the media seems completely incurious about that. Maybe he’s having secret meetings with his Chinese handler.

    • McConnell’s wife is from Taiwan. Are the Chinese the new Muslims? Why can’t we live in peace? Because of miserable rotten fuxcks like you, right? Who’se your handler?

  8. I wonder if there are any Plan Trusters left. There were quite a “thing” from the 2020 election until Jan. 6. The election was to be overturned, the traitors hanged, etc. I remember one claim that Hillary had been secretly executed at Gitmo by a “white hat” faction of the military.

  9. Because of Trump millions of people have lost “faith” in the media, are openly discussing “Globalism”, and talking about America First. Trump smoked out the neo-cons from the GOP and forced the “Bush” wing Republicans to rip of their masks. No one else would have done that, would so clearly drawn important lines. .Does anyone think we can rely on DeSantis to keep the faith or to speak as boldly as Trump has?

  10. The coal burner has a unique take on the revenge tour.

    She’s still looking at everything from a purely partisan perspective though, one fully confident in the legitimacy of the two party system, even if this is a 4d chess take that is far from the most parsimonious explanation of the indictment. It still presupposes that the Republican party is some kind of opposition or resistance to this regime.

    So long as the two party system is considered legitimate, it doesn’t matter what candidate runs when or for what party. We don’t set the agenda, or make the policy.

    Our benefit can only be achieved through balkanization and decentralization.

  11. Happy Easter holiday to Hunter and family and everyone here

    Regarding Hunter’s thought about possibly migrating this blog to Substack –

    The ADL and Elon Musk and his Twitter are now partnering to ‘shut it down’

    ‘Antisemitism, False Information and Hate Speech Find a Home on Substack’

    ‘Twitter now disables likes, replies, and retweets if a tweet has Substack links’

    • @Fr. John…

      My wife and I are independents in NC, which means we can cross over into the Democrat Primary and support this brave New England Yankee.

      If RFK Jr. has the guts to confront his own government, he deserves support from every Dixiecrat, as his uncle once got, so long ago…

  12. I used to think the liberal weirdos and their Republican nellies were just really stupid and criminally irresponsible, I’ve begun to think recently that the worst of the leftist creeps are out and out evil and demonic. Like who would defend the queer who killed nine year olds in Nashville, it turns out there are a fair amount of demented crap asses that will do just that.

    Horrible is the only word I could use for it.

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