Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!

It has been a busy morning and afternoon. I am finally back from church with my wife and son … and my second son who will be born in October.


  1. Happy Easter to you Hunter and your lovely wife, son and (God willing) your next son. Happy Easter to all our loyal OD readers.

    Jaye Ryan
    Left Behind Outside Chicago

  2. Is Jesus a Mossad agent ?

    Never let your guard down!

    Easter was an ethnically European religious celebration of rebirth and virtuality!

    Never forget get your true heritage

    Renegade Tribune is leaving a mark on me positively!

    I want to Win!

  3. He is risen

    Praise Him our Lord and Saviour in this hour of darkness

    God will save the South, Deo vindice

  4. Hope you and the family had a blessed Easter. Congratulations to you and the missus on your future arrival.

  5. I’ve tried to connect to Stormfront.org – the USA’s longest, largest, most effective White Nationalist forum for a couple of days, it’s down. Does anyone know what happened?

    I heard that Don Black had some health issues.

    Seems like it’s a time of reorganization, out with the old, in with… who knows what.

    2024 looks to be like 1968 with way worse racial and sexual demographic, media realities.

    My Chicago (I’m outside of Chicago now) has been taken over by THE worst BLM, Soros funded, CTU Communist Teachers Union, ZOG, homo Antifa, also J realestate interests, this motley crew somehow just got the rights for the 2024 Demorat convention to showcase this anti White, diversity, ZOG, BLM power.

    ZOG, BLM, “let the B Brothers shoplift and loot” , Do “Social Promotion” so all poor Black students get promoted to the next grade, doesn’t matter if they can read and do math, of course everyone is supposed to go to college and law school for free.

    Anybody that objects is a beyond the pale RACIST.

    Walmarts and Targets in my old integrated, U Chicago neighborhood, Obama’s former base of operations are now closing thanks to rampant shop lifting and looting.

    “Whom the Gods would destroy, they would first make mad and we must be completely mad to…..”

    To pretty much do everything. All we need is a nuclear war against our European Christian kinsmen the Russians to make this insanity complete. Vladimir Putin’s “United Russia” party has apparently declared most/all forms of American sexual degeneracy including “Feminism” to be forms of mental illness.


  6. I just got back to Colorado from visiting some friends in Evergreen, Alabama and was struck by what a beautiful state you live in. Your children could not be more blessed than having you as their father and being raised in such a beautiful environment. I hope you and your family enjoyed Easter as much as we did in Evergreen.

  7. Glad to see that this website has also risen again. It was down for a couple of days for me. What happened?

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